YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else?

Around the world, there are regulations for "influencers". Those regulations make sure that if someone is paid to endorse a product, they have to declare that payment to the people watching. But why does no-one on TV, or film, or anywhere else have to do that?
Written and performed by TOM SCOTT
Script assistant ANDREA MARKS
"Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight" by Rose/Broom/Breuer (1924), arranged for orchestra by BENJAMIN SQUIRES
Filmed safely:
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00:00 Intro
00:58 1. Payment and Control
05:47 2. You Have To Declare It
09:17 3. No-One Else Has To Declare It
18:03 4. We're Going To Disney World
24:47 5. The Land Of The Free
31:15 Outro


  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott26 dagen geleden

    "Influencers have to declare sponsorships clearly and up-front. Why doesn't that apply to any other medium?" would have been a much more accurate title, but alas, NLdron titles have to be short and catchy!

  • Niels De Stickere

    Niels De Stickere

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    Niels De Stickere

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    Niels De Stickere

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    Niels De Stickere

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    Niels De Stickere

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    @Bonjour O. .u

  • Beargamer
    BeargamerUur geleden

    Is it weird that i want more of Tom Reacts.....

  • JXRDY.
    JXRDY.3 uur geleden

    I can’t believe influencers are the most oppressed people in 2021 who would’ve guessed

  • Ameliorata
    Ameliorata5 uur geleden

    Vat19: *starts sweating profusely*

  • Elijah
    Elijah6 uur geleden

    rip your sponsorships lmao

  • KorliWolf
    KorliWolf6 uur geleden

    Tom: "is this an advert?" NLdron: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Skrapion
    Skrapion7 uur geleden

    Amusingly, NLdron played a Disney ad for me after this video.

  • djredrover
    djredrover14 uur geleden

    i feel like this guys voice doesn't match his face.

  • CroydonVlogs
    CroydonVlogs15 uur geleden

    This video was Sponsored by the white cliffs of Dover

  • Khaltazar
    Khaltazar16 uur geleden

    I see lots of NLdron channels being sponsored not ever declaring it. No mention of the sponsor in their thumbnail, title, description, video, or audio. Those channels have over a million subscribers each. NLdron plays favorites for sure. Meanwhile channels that accidentally forget to add that the video was sponsored one time get punished harshly, but those that never declare it are fine.

  • A Spooky Child The Kneecap King
    A Spooky Child The Kneecap King17 uur geleden

    "Is this an advert?" _TurboTax ad plays_ Never change, Tom

  • FalcoGer
    FalcoGer18 uur geleden

    Wow... that was... amazingly accurate xD

  • Ahmed Matsuura
    Ahmed Matsuura21 uur geleden

    Your voice sounds exactly like Mehdi Hasan

    NYANUAR23 uur geleden

    20:03 what you all came for

  • Hat to a kitten
    Hat to a kitten23 uur geleden

    Even you made a joke about asbestos, you should be careful of how stupid humankind is. Maybe someone clips out the part and use it as away to troll people and some poor family goes there and gets sick. You could be hold accountable. Like how many stand up comedians repeat the frase "It is a joke" because a person will rather blame someone else instead of realizing it was thier own fault. Remember that someone might find this really offensiv in 10 years or maybe tomorrow and will try to end your creative way to explain how stuff works. And that is why you have these obvious This is an ad or sponser stuff. Anyway keep up the entertaining , you are doing it well

  • mochi lochi
    mochi lochiDag geleden

    i got an ad of a dude talking about a product and i thought that was part of the video

  • neondroolz
    neondroolzDag geleden

    jeez i love reaction channel tom

  • RedXWasHere
    RedXWasHereDag geleden

    Wait broadcast television can't curse between 6a to 10p? So that's why the political news channels are boring

  • soulmin
    soulminDag geleden

    this video is not sponsor by raid shadow legends

  • May Nyan
    May NyanDag geleden

    Americans really just think saying brand names is humour?

  • OhNoNotFrank
    OhNoNotFrankDag geleden

    Play with the same rules? Journalists, reporters, musicians, influencers, reality-tv stars, Disney, actors... all the same rules? Bad idea.

  • Joris Geleijns
    Joris GeleijnsDag geleden

    did you know that bad guys in movies never have I-phones cause it looks bad?

  • Beamy Breezy
    Beamy BreezyDag geleden

    no visible ads

  • Lamarr The Headcrab
    Lamarr The HeadcrabDag geleden

    This video: exists Verified NLdronrs: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Andy Pollard
    Andy PollardDag geleden

    One of the best you have done. Imoo. How do you managed to explain this so easy. 👍

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  • A. Jay
    A. JayDag geleden

    That's how economic slaves are treated in all aspects of life.

  • EvelynNdenial
    EvelynNdenialDag geleden

    how much money does the industry have to bribe politicians is the difference. are you a millionaire? no? so you have to declare your ads.

  • Skorp
    SkorpDag geleden

    Yep, we Germany don't have as much advertisement problems. Except for politics... xD A working lobby register is currently under discussion :)

  • Lucy
    LucyDag geleden

    My god I want a subway now

  • Chill Bro
    Chill BroDag geleden

    If 0 is the perfect number, America is at 10 moving towards 0, Britain is at -10 moving towards 0. We want similar things but are working towards the middle from separate directions.

  • GlitterBot 5000
    GlitterBot 5000Dag geleden

    I hate how I'm always trying to me sold something I hate jt

  • Frazer Kirkman
    Frazer KirkmanDag geleden

    Are the white cliffs of dover product placement while talking about the strengths of living in the UK?

  • Max Albertson
    Max AlbertsonDag geleden

    “It’s time to play is this an adver-“ “USAA!!!”

  • Peter Marsella
    Peter MarsellaDag geleden

    Idk why but "if this glamorizes vaping, I have failed" is so funny to me

  • Mirjan Bouma

    Mirjan Bouma

    20 uur geleden

    Same 😂

  • Robbie B.
    Robbie B.Dag geleden

    Tom Scott is a very ethical AI.

  • Frederic Wielinger
    Frederic WielingerDag geleden

    Question to 8:55 When I post a selfi of me with a Gucci Shirt and hold up both thumbs, is this a Productplacement

  • TheKamiBunny
    TheKamiBunnyDag geleden

    Wait wait. If you post a music video with product placement then does it fall under FTV guidance for ad placement?

  • Neltharak Arudin
    Neltharak ArudinDag geleden

    Wow, that was a great video, but before we get to my comment, have you heard about Raid : Shadow legends

  • Thomas Caswell
    Thomas CaswellDag geleden

    that react video was amazing

  • Jānis
    JānisDag geleden

    FYI in several countries in EU this has been adressed and now in TV series and movies at the moment where product placement happens need to showe specialized message ("product placement" etc.).

  • OOD2021
    OOD2021Dag geleden

    In some countries tv series have to declare there is product placement for example

  • j g
    j g2 dagen geleden

    Another case of lawyers destroying society.

  • Big Tricky
    Big Tricky2 dagen geleden

    nice video, cleared up a lot of what i thought on this

  • SeRgEaNt RaNdOm
    SeRgEaNt RaNdOm2 dagen geleden

    Liked the video as soon as Tom ripped into NLdronrs that promote predatory mobile games

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions2 dagen geleden

    This video made me unsubscribe.

  • Sheng He
    Sheng He2 dagen geleden

    I watch Techmoan and VWestlife and they review electronic devices. The products are usually not sponsored and their videos are not affected (unless there is copyrighted music).

  • Uki Malefu
    Uki Malefu2 dagen geleden

    This comment is NOT sponsored, and it should be. Because I'm broke AF

  • Shawn P
    Shawn P2 dagen geleden

    TV is SO Boomer!

  • Cryptix FTW
    Cryptix FTW2 dagen geleden

    yes, but they don't have to do it at the beginning of their video, they can get to the point if they want to and save their ads for the end, or else they look like they are just doing it for the ad sponsors and not for their viewers at all

  • John Nugent
    John Nugent2 dagen geleden

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  • jp kellerman
    jp kellerman2 dagen geleden

    Interesting how subtle placements can effect sales. This was clearly not a advert for subway yet I saw that one bit and am now hungry for a sub :)

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy2 dagen geleden

    "Threatening senior politicians" That's a bit terrifying... The new guys can get scared off without repercussions, huh?

  • walter soares
    walter soares2 dagen geleden

    Lie to sell a product can be understood as breaking a contract. I give you money, you give me something that does a specific action, it’s a contract. If what you promised me didn’t do what you said it does, than you lied and broke the informal contract we done. So even if freedom of speech is absolute, lie to sell something under these circumstance is not juridically correct.

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh dear I love how the majority of the comments talk about the Ads that appeared at a very specific part.

  • James NotmyLastName
    James NotmyLastName2 dagen geleden

    thank you for leaving the vape choke in.

  • MrGermandeutsch
    MrGermandeutsch2 dagen geleden

    "Don't vape, kids" -Tom Scott, 2021 (colourized)

  • dsp4
    dsp42 dagen geleden

    9:37 Did Apple pay you to say that?

  • MultiCappie
    MultiCappie2 dagen geleden

    Actually when I was in my teens and I realised the newspaper wasn't buying the cars in the test drives, I abandoned ever wanting to buy a car.

  • Oli Minion
    Oli Minion2 dagen geleden

    ill be honest this is probably my favorite episode yet.

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    Liked instantly after that amazing top satire at the beginning -- just top tier

  • Petter Källman
    Petter Källman2 dagen geleden

    Pet peeve of mine. Thanks for putting the spotlight on it. I hope it brings discussion and opinion everywhere.

  • B A
    B A2 dagen geleden

    Us constitition: pls not step on freedom of speech McCarthy: how bout i do anyways

  • negomistar
    negomistar2 dagen geleden

    Tom, why is your greenscreen Evan Edinger's bedroom?

  • Thick_propheT
    Thick_propheT2 dagen geleden

    I think inciting imminent lawless action might actually be protected now

  • B A
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    Didnt essentially everyone drive around in a volkswagen in jurassic parc new world or another one

  • épinards & caramel
    épinards & caramel2 dagen geleden

    12:28 Your gameshow ideas are getting weird! 😀

  • épinards & caramel
    épinards & caramel2 dagen geleden

    9:54 Ouch, that burn. To be fair the clip is ridiculous.

  • LagavulinMTG
    LagavulinMTG2 dagen geleden

    We need sponsored content to be 100% banned from NLdron/Instagram/TikTok and all the other ones. Adsense is more than enough to make a liveable wage.

  • MrGermandeutsch
    MrGermandeutsch2 dagen geleden

    *_Oh dear_* I love how the majority of the comments talk about the Ads that appeared at a very specific part.

  • LagavulinMTG
    LagavulinMTG2 dagen geleden

    I wish the BBC and American had rules like that today... I can't stand brand control...

  • Bille994
    Bille9942 dagen geleden

    They're still making Ant and Dec's Chavurday Night Takeaway?! Jesus! ITV really is grim haha

  • Wendy G
    Wendy G2 dagen geleden

    How's about just always assume you're being advertised to.

  • Gibbon 27
    Gibbon 272 dagen geleden

    11:41 *COUGH*

  • SZ3R0
    SZ3R02 dagen geleden

    Well because you DONT need to do money from it :) They need to do. Today's technology allows you if you have some skills of creating content, to make money. Apparently only some people have this right :)

  • Locke Pinder
    Locke Pinder2 dagen geleden

    I just realised there's no link for merch. "Asbestos Land - 100% Safe!" should absolutely be on some merch I can buy!

  • A Spooky Child The Kneecap King

    A Spooky Child The Kneecap King

    17 uur geleden

    I looked for it too, and I'm sad to say that I don't think that Asbestos Land actually exists

  • Misanthropic Servitor of Mars
    Misanthropic Servitor of Mars2 dagen geleden

    The best ads on NLdron are when the creator does a creative ad while subtly insulting the sponsorship.

  • Pilbo Mags
    Pilbo Mags2 dagen geleden

    Sounds like a YOU problem

  • 김경호
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    Nerd_ Guy_Lol2 dagen geleden

    Never thought I’d see gucci gang in a tom scott video

  • stephen hartley
    stephen hartley2 dagen geleden

    theres a law for the rich and a law for the poor

  • onee
    onee2 dagen geleden

    What you're saying depends on the country. It's not just NLdron. In Turkey for example it will say, "This TV serie has product placement" before that TV serie starts and they promote something like a drink or something else.

  • Unimportant Account
    Unimportant Account2 dagen geleden

    lmao lorraine's tax evasion

  • Christophe Beaulieu
    Christophe Beaulieu2 dagen geleden

    I wonder what Tom Scott is like offscreen. Maybe a douche. Probably not tho

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    There was an ad before this video.

  • Sarato
    Sarato3 dagen geleden

    Is no-one going to talk about that awful dubbing at 10:39? They explicitly put it in there afterwards.

  • Caerys Nyx
    Caerys Nyx3 dagen geleden

    “Disguised Gambling Game” yes xD

  • jon sacbibit
    jon sacbibit3 dagen geleden

    i straight up thought that bit in the beginning was a sponsor and was all mad that my sponsorblock plugin didn't do anything.

  • Jamie_JD
    Jamie_JD3 dagen geleden

    Tom being off centre is so powerful

  • Butter Bitch
    Butter Bitch3 dagen geleden

    I disagree with one point that the viewer won’t be able to discern between a paid name drop or a natural one. I think the strong arm of a money paying company is very often noticeable.

    JOZOPO3 dagen geleden

    2k dislikes dang you guys really dont like vaping

  • mat
    mat3 dagen geleden

    One thing that still confuses me to this day was those "viral video advertisements," those videos that was obviously set up to be a video with a lot of sharability and then at the end it would turn out to be an ad for some movie that was coming out. To me they always seemed kinda malicious since despite it being obvious it was an ad by the end, during the video you would have no idea you would be advertised to since most people wouldn't expect a viral video to be and advertisement, since the nature of youtube videos isn't the same as a movie or television show. I don't know if anyone else ever felt that way, and I personally haven't seen any of them in a while so perhaps something was done about it in some way, they just always stood out to me as a shorta sketchy way to advertise

    「CELLO KID」3 dagen geleden

    Tom's becoming old

  • Molly Eck
    Molly Eck3 dagen geleden

    It’s time to play is this an advert **ad plays***

  • Msuni
    Msuni3 dagen geleden

    NLdronrs have to make it clear that a video is sponsored but do they need to do the same if they are uploading part of their livestream if the livestream is sponsored as well?

  • hen ko

    hen ko

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    The BBC are always advertis

  • Punished_
    Punished_3 dagen geleden

    The difference is they're big, your small.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

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    "It's time to play, Is This an Adver-" ad plays from paramount+ saying "This is Paramount+"

  • Frostbyt3z Gaming
    Frostbyt3z Gaming3 dagen geleden

    the words 'probably isn't' shouldn't exist in rules.