Why Tsunoda is Red Bull's most exciting F1 talent since Verstappen


Red Bull hasn't fast-tracked Yuki Tsunoda to Formula 1 just because it's a nice gesture towards Honda before the manufacturer pulls out at the end of this year. As Scott Mitchell explains in this video, the Japanese rookie has impressed Red Bull every step of the way since taking his first steps in European racing, and he appears well on track to continue that trend now he's made it to the pinnacle of the sport.
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  • Press Play, Mike!
    Press Play, Mike!9 uur geleden

    no he simply is not.. contrary , he is one of fhe most overated pilots.. he has idiotic temper , he has napoleon complex and he is not skilled driver-... bang average .. + self destructive bc he is not cool headed .

  • Eddie
    EddieDag geleden

    i really like yuki but i think his emotions hold him back. the fastest young drivers are emotionally mature. we can see that with schumacher and raikkonen when they were starting out, even max now. as he’s matured and has gotten his emotions under control he’s become more consistent. i think it comes with age but think it’s his biggest flaw

  • Han Solo
    Han SoloDag geleden

    Yuki "The Road Rage" Tsunoda

  • Noodle
    NoodleDag geleden

    This aged like milk.

  • Mariel Fernandez
    Mariel Fernandez5 dagen geleden

    I think the Tsunoda hype is too much. He is good, but people seem to exhaggerate his talent.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ7 dagen geleden

    Max won his first Red Bull race, let’s see tsunoda

  • ashish sharma
    ashish sharma7 dagen geleden

    Already proved to be nothing

  • Neil Henderson
    Neil Henderson9 dagen geleden

    why is "a tendency for emotional outbursts " such a big deal to you ? if he was throwing the dummy out the pram and making mistakes that would be one thing, but if he explodes , has a rant and gets on with it, and doesn't make any mistakes then it seems like he has a good method of coping with the intensity of formula racing.

    SAMUEL REYNA9 dagen geleden

    I honestly haven’t ever seen why he is so hyped, I think he’s an okay driver, possibly being a Sergio type driver, but definitely not the generational talent they are making him to be

  • stoikes
    stoikes10 dagen geleden

    His journey performances are nothing special. Why is he being hyped? George Russell is the only young driver looking like going all the way one day. For now Verstappen is the next WC consistently. He's not achieving anything in the AT that hasn't been done by other young drivers in the past 3 seasons. I really don't see what Yuki has ever done to say he is 'exciting'. He's not exciting, he is young and cheap and might(!!!!) make it, Red Bull/AT haven't exactly done well bringing in these new drivers over the past 4 years, what makes this guy any different?

  • Dom Siddall
    Dom Siddall11 dagen geleden

    this channel feeling like an f1 buzzfeed.

  • Rain5 Fa11
    Rain5 Fa1112 dagen geleden

    Perez will be in his seat soon

  • N K
    N K12 dagen geleden

    Remember that Tsunoda predicted his position at debut and got it right

  • Markus Schebesch
    Markus Schebesch12 dagen geleden

    Doesn't weigh much. Does matter a lot too

  • 07EMGEE
    07EMGEE14 dagen geleden

    micheal reeves and yuki need to meet one day

  • Chi Nguyen

    Chi Nguyen

    11 dagen geleden

    @07EMGEE bruh okay

  • 07EMGEE


    11 dagen geleden

    idk they just have to

  • Chi Nguyen

    Chi Nguyen

    12 dagen geleden

    What? Why?

  • Axl Rose
    Axl Rose14 dagen geleden

    Not that good.

  • Zach Barnhart
    Zach Barnhart15 dagen geleden

    Let’s all just slow down and see what happens with this guy, yes? Freaking hype city here.

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez15 dagen geleden

    I really hope Gasly gets back the recognition that he deserves.

  • Mark M
    Mark M16 dagen geleden

    Talent my ass! A next big crasher!

  • Laurens Thijs
    Laurens Thijs16 dagen geleden

    Yuki is not comparable to Verstappen. Verstappen is by far the greatest talent on the grid, nobody comes close.

  • Who Dat
    Who Dat16 dagen geleden

    Small eyes man ain’t nothin

  • James Shone
    James Shone17 dagen geleden

    Gasly - "am I a joke to you"

  • Rohit Ramachandra
    Rohit Ramachandra17 dagen geleden

    Seb is ALWAYS THE BEST especially in redbull

  • Silvester Bugar
    Silvester Bugar17 dagen geleden

    Most exciting? There was nobody exciting since Max

  • tuxedo Viriditas
    tuxedo Viriditas18 dagen geleden

    i mean sure he is a fine driver but he will never get the Hamilton, Verstappen, Norris, Ricciardo level...

  • EverythingTechPro
    EverythingTechPro18 dagen geleden

    This aged well.

  • insAneTunA
    insAneTunA19 dagen geleden

    That guy has some serious anger issues. I'm not surprised if one day that is going to work against him.

  • leftyguitar1000
    leftyguitar100020 dagen geleden

    This might not age...I hope it does, but everyone is saying this after one race. One race

    SUN DROPS STUDIO20 dagen geleden

    I love Tsunoda’s ‘blue’ radio. Adds some much needed colour and entertainment

  • Salehin Rana
    Salehin Rana20 dagen geleden

    This kid is full of bullishit. Super over rated.

  • Willem van asten
    Willem van asten20 dagen geleden

    would you like to retract your statement after this last weekend where he was absolute dogsh*t. he got a black/white flag for continually ignoring track limits and even got a time penalty for that. it has been a long time since a f1 driver got a penalty for that.

  • Marc
    Marc22 dagen geleden

    the Japanese Raikkonen

  • Derek Vielman
    Derek Vielman22 dagen geleden

    But but Pierre 😩

  • First Name
    First Name22 dagen geleden

    Promising prospect: hes small so they can package the car easily.

  • DharK-NataL
    DharK-NataL22 dagen geleden

    He needs some time to improve before he becomes the star of Red bull team and be the champion. This japanese driver has racing in his dna.

  • Jeff Van Hammond
    Jeff Van Hammond23 dagen geleden

    He's had one race at the top level, you all need to calm down. That said, Tsnunoda's stature or lack there of, is nice for the engineers as they can move weight around the car to improve handling. Let's see how he's doing after race 6 of this season. If he's consistently out performing Gasly, then you might be right, if however he goes the way of Stoffel VanDorne and can never match the first race heroics, then we'll likely have yet another talented driver from the RB stable that they'll lose confidence in way too soon and he'll move on to another team.

  • Ave Jaly
    Ave Jaly23 dagen geleden

    He's GREAT!!

  • t t
    t t23 dagen geleden

    crashstappen goes to silver arrows, tsunoda to red bull. honda stays with red bull.

  • JK
    JK23 dagen geleden

    I want to know the list of supporters/funders for these videos. Some of these comments are "influencer type" more than analyses. But I hope I am wrong, of corse ^_^ If I had enough money, what would impede me from funding a video that highlights the poor performance?

  • trickman8
    trickman824 dagen geleden

    From what I've seen and my perspective is that Alpha Tauri seems very fast on Hard tire, but when it comes to Medium, they couldn't catch up the same path as Hard at the last race. This needs to be fixed and hopeful improved at Imola.

  • #PuraLeña
    #PuraLeña24 dagen geleden

    Cannot imagine how much Honda would like him to win a race. Good thing for Checo is his experience. Helping him to not break under the Max-Factor. Also curious to see Gasly performing under pressure again.

  • F1 Master
    F1 Master24 dagen geleden

    If I was Honda I would keep sponsoring RB like Aston did previously, just in case the kid growns enough to be the first Japanese Champion... Soomething not to miss being a Honda protegee and using Honda tech...

  • Pugpugba VRhulu
    Pugpugba VRhulu24 dagen geleden

    13 yr old me os the same height as tsunoda

  • MrEntertainer89
    MrEntertainer8924 dagen geleden

    Yuki should stay as long as possible at AlphaTauri because if he get to RB Senior team to fast he will end like all the other young Driver .

  • tokus64
    tokus6424 dagen geleden

    WOW, he has driven 1 race and everybody sees the new Max Verstappen in him.

  • miata gaming

    miata gaming

    22 dagen geleden

    Exactly they are going to have to wait longer so we can see his actual potential

  • H A J
    H A J24 dagen geleden


  • David Bennett
    David Bennett25 dagen geleden

    Hang on- it’s one race! What happens if he crashes out the next few races. He’s obviously good, but I’m not sure he’s the second coming a lot of people seem to think he is.

  • Afsaynag 2
    Afsaynag 225 dagen geleden

    give my guy a 2jz and he will be P1

  • Dynasty2201
    Dynasty220125 dagen geleden

    Guarantee Hamilton retires end of this season, Verstappen moves to Mercedes and Tsunoda moves to RB.

  • M MacPherson
    M MacPherson25 dagen geleden

    Maybe if he quit closing his eyes he'd be faster. Its a joke, love him and the Japanese. Dont go AOC sycho.

  • Oscar Egbogu
    Oscar Egbogu25 dagen geleden

    But Vestappen?......

  • Donnybrook
    Donnybrook25 dagen geleden

    Give him a season at Alpha, then wait 5 races and kick out Sergio and see if lightning can strike twice I suppose.

  • Jared Leonhart
    Jared Leonhart25 dagen geleden

    Sounds like he is asking to much of himself though

  • fearview
    fearview25 dagen geleden

    so Albon. and Gasly.

  • Roger Vallve
    Roger Vallve26 dagen geleden

    hopefully does not take him 5 years to get a pole

  • Batsaikhan Sandagdalai
    Batsaikhan Sandagdalai26 dagen geleden

    Cries in Kvyat.

  • Dcxplant
    Dcxplant26 dagen geleden

    After Netflix, no none should be commenting on profanity in F1 any longer! LoL. Tsunoda was fun to watch last week. Look forward to watching him race.

  • YouTube Commenter
    YouTube Commenter26 dagen geleden

    It's great it's him and Gasly and not Kvyat.

  • s4nd_m4n_
    s4nd_m4n_26 dagen geleden

    They said the same thing about Gasly and Albon.

  • Nix'Nut
    Nix'Nut26 dagen geleden

    Next year

  • [;'
    [;'26 dagen geleden

    asians got advantage, shorter & lighter

  • HoopleHeadUSA
    HoopleHeadUSA26 dagen geleden

    Really excited to keep a careful eye on him this season!

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese26 dagen geleden

    First of all, he’s as cute as a bunny, I just wanna pick him up and pinch 🤏 his cute chicks 🤪

  • David Hendrickson
    David Hendrickson26 dagen geleden

    so is Perez chop liver already?

  • Julian Morgan
    Julian Morgan26 dagen geleden

    Tsunoda is also genuinely likeable, I think both the older and younger fans admire him, generally not something you see for max, lots of Max's fans are just raving kids who won't shut up.

  • Shive
    Shive27 dagen geleden

    Why is Max held up like a pinnacle for Red Bull? They've had a much more successful Vettel. All I recall from Max starting with Red Bull was crashes. Now years laters, Max is still at 0 titles, which is fine, but why talk Tsunoda up while hyping Max? Red Bull will never see a world champion again before Max is off the team.

  • Clem Fandango
    Clem Fandango27 dagen geleden

    bruh... It's been ONE RACE.

  • Kondja Negongo
    Kondja Negongo27 dagen geleden

    its been one bloody race. What the hell is all this crap about Tsunoda being the best etc... yal went on bout van doorne, albon etc... let time tell if he is that good. he got a fast car but if he has to have a weak car next season yal will shut up.

  • G B
    G B27 dagen geleden

    Yuki stays with Alpha Tauri and Red Bull makes them a full fledged team rather than a feeder

  • Matt P
    Matt P27 dagen geleden

    Tsunoda and Alpha Tauri are going to do really well this year, they have a possibility of coming 4th and Tsunoda could finish in the top 10

  • Tristanto Pambudi
    Tristanto Pambudi27 dagen geleden

    Remind me of Takuma Sato always exciting to watch even in lower grid car

  • CykoLove
    CykoLove27 dagen geleden

    Definitely someone to look out for.

  • Brendon Wrenn
    Brendon Wrenn27 dagen geleden

    I think that's very bold to say just after one race. But we will see. I hope he does well.

  • MarcFalk
    MarcFalk27 dagen geleden

    Intresting for sure.

  • Whywouldi Givemyrealname
    Whywouldi Givemyrealname27 dagen geleden

    I've had my eye on Tsunoda for awhile, but I think he's got the same problem Verstappen has. He still needs to mature as a person and reign in his emotions to reach the next level.

  • denhoffer
    denhoffer27 dagen geleden

    I think it's too early to tell. RB is a cooker and will pressure him then spit him out the first chance he has a few bad weekends

  • Der Beppo
    Der Beppo27 dagen geleden

    his casual dive bombs, were a sight to behold. How fast he's gonna rise? I don't know. F1 seem to get denser and denser on raw talent, tough era to compete in and get a competetive seat, I'd imagine.

  • Andrew sycamore
    Andrew sycamore27 dagen geleden

    Very impressed with his attitude. a man who just wants the best from himself. he is definitely a rising star

  • Jameel Ja
    Jameel Ja27 dagen geleden

    I was instantly impressed with him in the Q1 qualifying of the 2021 Bahrain GP. He was in 2nd position.

  • pgale
    pgale27 dagen geleden

    His is probably Japans best driver so far although Koybiashi was very good.

  • Norbert Drage
    Norbert Drage27 dagen geleden

    "better-lit path to the senior team" seems like a polite way of saying that Marko doesn't want to knife him XD

  • Alexander Borisov
    Alexander Borisov27 dagen geleden

    i hope they give him atleast 2 years in toro rosso before they move him to red bull

  • Raum Bances
    Raum Bances27 dagen geleden

    Three comments about Tsunoda's use of language and emotional outburst. It might be surprising because he seems so reserved but if you look back at his track record for such things, you'll find this common. He is still quite young. Maturing under this immense pressure will take a bit of time. His outbursts do not affect his performance and many other drivers do the same.

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo27 dagen geleden

    Since when was swearing on the radio a negative?

  • Si Ricko
    Si Ricko27 dagen geleden

    Tsunoda Already on Verstappen level

  • Jesus H. Christ
    Jesus H. Christ27 dagen geleden

    can you guys unblock the 2020 Bathurst 12 Hour videos in Australia now? it's been over a year

  • Farrel Febri
    Farrel Febri27 dagen geleden

    Are you not streaming SUPERGT anymore?

  • Alexander Trefz
    Alexander Trefz27 dagen geleden

    Tsunoda is about 1000 times more exciting than Verstappen, because he actually manages to drive within the rules and not constantly crash into people. Something Verstappen could learn leaps and bounds from.

  • Srinivasan Balaji Iyengar
    Srinivasan Balaji Iyengar27 dagen geleden

    World: we are excited about Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin. TSU: bitch please.

  • Jay M
    Jay M27 dagen geleden

    no ishhhh his father has stakes in RB

  • Trapadeus Mozart
    Trapadeus Mozart27 dagen geleden

    Because there is always one Asian who's better than you

  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly27 dagen geleden

    One hell of a car to start an F1 career.

  • Deanna Kelly
    Deanna Kelly28 dagen geleden

    The astonishing latex immunohistochemically rub because armchair electronmicroscopically knit amongst a vagabond bow. disastrous, abaft property

  • gizzy guzzi
    gizzy guzzi28 dagen geleden

    What is in those Red Bull cans the drivers drink? Surely not that toxic swill they put in them for the rest of us!

  • kiev middeton
    kiev middeton28 dagen geleden

    To have a Japanese driver power a Honda to success got me hyped for the season! I’m looking forward to his track brilliance

  • Stefan Cosmas
    Stefan Cosmas28 dagen geleden


  • Vinícius Neves
    Vinícius Neves28 dagen geleden

    He is lighter.

  • Rune Gravengaard
    Rune Gravengaard28 dagen geleden

    An F1 driver that has emotions. A *Japanese* F1 driver having public emotions! That's only something to embrace and applaud! That's rarer than a hen's teeth

  • BuLLeT _R6
    BuLLeT _R628 dagen geleden

    2022 or 2023 he will probably get the seat

  • OwO What Is This
    OwO What Is This28 dagen geleden

    yuki will get one year do poorly in the red bull car and will get dropped nobody is suited to the way the car is set up for max.