Why Do So Many Great Drivers Fail at Ferrari?

Just driving for the most famous team in the history of F1 and one of the most iconic brands in the world is an achievement within itself, but although Ferrari is hungry for success, countless great drivers and champions in other teams, have failed to bring championships back to Marranello. In this video I look at why some of the greatest drivers of all time failed at Ferrari, and if the team as still doomed to repeat history if they don't change

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  • eric Rotermund
    eric RotermundUur geleden

    You have the question phrased wrong Why do Ferrari fail so many great drivers. Bad strategy terrible engines Stupid suspension that the drivers don’t like. Idiots standing in front of the back tire. The race team suffers from getting paid to much for losing syndrome. Lol

  • harold danny
    harold danny7 uur geleden

    As a kid I really thought F1 stood for Ferrari 1. Formula just makes it sound like mathematical

  • MonetShot
    MonetShot15 uur geleden

    Yes on the Prost era Ferrari dysfunction video.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden16 uur geleden

    I think that Ferrari is sinc Schumacher left simply not a top team anymore. They have the resources, they have the passion. But they certanly dont have the right way to do things in this modern era. Like Lauda said: "the car is shit" he then put an hard amount of work to get them winning again. Then there was a long period after Lauda without success. Schumacher too needed a long time before they were winning again. Today its simply not possible anymore to complettly reduce performance gaps so big inside one more or less static regulation period. There is simply not enough room inside the regulations to alter the car from one year to another. So either Ferrari gets the 2022 car done properly or there wont be a ferrari title for a long time again... No matter the drivers

  • Axl Schu
    Axl Schu20 uur geleden

    All is fine up until sec 0:41 when u mentioned 💩

  • Aditya Rai
    Aditya Rai20 uur geleden

    Honestly speaking Fernando out drove those Ferrari

  • Juan Esteban
    Juan EstebanDag geleden

    "The client is not always right" - Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari doesn't conform to their drivers the way Red Bull & Mercedes do to Max & Lewis respectively.

  • darkalman
    darkalman2 dagen geleden

    I still can't believe that Alonso managed to drag that F2012 to within 3 points of winning the championship... The Death stare picture said it all.

  • nizar legacy
    nizar legacy2 dagen geleden

    Ferrari that fail to give competitive car to their driver

  • Terblanche Jordaan
    Terblanche Jordaan2 dagen geleden

    The question should rather be - why does Ferrari fail so many great drivers? Although Ferrari has a great pedigree, there is no doubt in my mind that they will NEVER win a drivers or constructors championship again. Too much internal politics, and too little inclusivity - the days are gone where the Italians could think that everything and everyone should be Italian and that's why Schumacher was a success.

  • Ed Rome and bros sports and collectibles channel
    Ed Rome and bros sports and collectibles channel3 dagen geleden

    Ferrari in F1 is the equivalent to the New York Yankees in MLB, some players or drivers perform great at other teams but once the put those pinstripes or enter the cockpit on that red racer with the prancing horse on they’re doomed to fail you have to be super mentally tough to succeed on both NYY and Ferrari

  • Chris L
    Chris L3 dagen geleden

    This shows that just how awesome Michael Schumacher truly was...

  • Chris L

    Chris L

    13 uur geleden

    @Specky Ferns absolutely I agree 100 percent. Now today's drivers lack that ability that Schumacher had IMHO.

  • Specky Ferns

    Specky Ferns

    13 uur geleden

    Yes truly. His personality, his ability to form a close relationship with those around him. AND yet the tifosi gave him shit for his 'conducting' move on the victory stand when the Italian anthem was playing. He did this out of joy - but they had some issue with it. Never seeing those days again - I wonder how them remember this now.

  • Eakamjot Singh
    Eakamjot Singh3 dagen geleden

    Vettel was the only one who challenged mercedes in the hybrid era in early Ferrari years

  • Rhoxwen
    Rhoxwen3 dagen geleden

    Alain: *wins with Williams* see? Ferrari sucks *proceeds to retire*

  • Doug Godsoe
    Doug Godsoe3 dagen geleden

    Who wrote your script? Was English their mother tongue? Or, have they stopped teaching grammar in the UK because it is racist? Just wondering. I know, I know, racers is good and Ferrari are worser, but dems the good guys and is that the points? Nose? I thought yesses! Becauses words are having no means. I’ll be fuchsia off now. Unsuggest both don’t not recommends. It’s like a scene from Mad Max.

  • Em Elle
    Em Elle4 dagen geleden

    nothing to do with the drivers - just the timing of the lottery - Alonso would have won 00-04 like Schui did and Schui would have failed like Alonso did 08 onwards (just as he failed at Merc at the time). Same goes for Prost and the rest of them - its just what car happened to be there at the time - complete and utter lottery.

  • raulv04
    raulv044 dagen geleden

    Well, it's not the drivers all the time, 90% of the time is the car.

  • Insan Lemah
    Insan Lemah4 dagen geleden

    Because ferrari car is Not fast.. Vettel, fernando, massa is great driver but cannot win championship. Ok bye

  • Dev Grohl
    Dev Grohl4 dagen geleden

    the people at ferrari secretly hate alonso because he gave schumacher a hard time

  • Ann O Grady
    Ann O Grady5 dagen geleden

    Sorry for all the messages, can I ask you what do you think of Germany 2018, Seb took all the blame himself for crashing out, but Seb was on the radio for ages. Telling them about the tyres and the temperatures, asking them to get Kimi to let him by, do you remember they didn't ask Kimi properly, then the rains came and Sebastian was on wrong tyres, what do you think, sorry for all the messages,

  • Ann O Grady
    Ann O Grady5 dagen geleden

    Ferrari are still tripping them up, look at monoco this year, car wasn't checked properly for Charles le clerc,

  • Ann O Grady
    Ann O Grady5 dagen geleden

    In his first year with the team, Seb finished third in the championship, wow Seb, Sebastian vettel was Ferraris first win in the hybrid era, all of 2014, Ferrari had no win, when Seb came in 2015, he won third race,

  • Ann O Grady
    Ann O Grady5 dagen geleden

    Kimi Raikkonen Ferraris last world champion,

  • Ann O Grady
    Ann O Grady5 dagen geleden

    Maurizio arrivebene always went to podium celebrations, he was always there for Seb, there is a video I think it's Hungary, where Maurizio is hiding in the sidelines while Seb us doing his interviews with Britta, they see each other, bug smile big hugs, good times,

  • Ann O Grady
    Ann O Grady5 dagen geleden

    Worst mistake Ferrari made, was replacing Maurizio arrivebene with mattia, Maurizio way better leader, team were happy, car was good all the time, they had very few mechanical issues, no botched pit stops, only thing I Remember was time Kimi had the accident in the pit lane, some people say that Maurizio was all for Kimi, I never noticed it or felt it, as a Seb fan, Seb was happy too as well as Kimi with Maurizio, all mattia did was divided up the team with his obvious favouritism towards Charles le clerc,

  • Sharp931
    Sharp9315 dagen geleden

    Vettel got exposed hard.

  • Hayden Lau
    Hayden Lau6 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the Great video. Only comment (and i know this is gonna sound very nitpicky) is there is so much "uhhh"s after some of the words you say. It got very obvious after watching it a few minutes in... 13:03 What he was giveen-uhhh 13:08 - returning champion-uhhh in Kimi Raikkonen-uhhh 13:13 - Twenty Fourteen-uhhh 13:20 - even back then-uhhh 15:39 - when team principal was fired-uhhh

  • davidca96
    davidca966 dagen geleden

    does anyone else notice no matter what word is used, this guy puts a "eeehhhh" at the end of it?

  • Simeon Chappell
    Simeon Chappell6 dagen geleden

    Omg the way you speak is pure pain. You put an additional "a" on the end of words. Please man. Great content. Lose the spazzy inflection.

  • E N I G M A
    E N I G M A6 dagen geleden

    Not everyone is hamilton to win in every car

  • Wan Muhammad Nabil Wan Ali Saifuddin
    Wan Muhammad Nabil Wan Ali Saifuddin6 dagen geleden

    Why Arrivabene didn’t make Raikkonen outright no 2? Simple. Because in truth he likes Kimi more than Seb because of Kimi ability to drive fast & while maintaining his composure when under pressure something that Seb didn’t. USGP2018, Bahrain 2016 demonstrate that. That’s why Arrivabene can’t make that difficult decision in managing 2 alpha male in 1 team. Mattia Binotto on the other hand is not a Team Principal material. He can be a James Allison but needs a good no.1 to control the team especially on the political side something which Mercedes were good at with Toto Wolff & James Allison as his right hand man.

  • Bill Andre
    Bill Andre6 dagen geleden

    Kimi Raikkonen, still the last ferrari f1 champion

  • Carlos González López
    Carlos González López6 dagen geleden

    In my opinion, Alonso is top 5 best drivers of F1's history, he won Schumacher 2 times and outperformed every teammate in the exception of Hamilton, who is also a top 5 F1 driver.

  • h g
    h g7 dagen geleden

    First of all, Ferrari is Italian. Stubborn, short sighted and utterly chaotic. Always searching for someone to blame instead of searching for issues and correct it. They won when they had mentally strong drivers who really led the team, like Lauda or Schuhmacher who were supported by competent managers like Montezemolo or Todt.

  • Corona Virus
    Corona Virus7 dagen geleden

    Real reason : They have Slow button Onnnn 😂

  • gibu002
    gibu0027 dagen geleden

    I am dead CERTAIN that a big factor in the friction at the end of Seb's time a Ferrari was the team cheating with the fuel flow cheat and Seb's distaste for competing that way. It was just a few comments he made when asked about it during that whole secret agreement period and the fall out the following season. It would be VERY interesting to see if more comes out about all that and if Seb ever has more to say, perhaps after he retires someday maybe?

  • Victor Nalin
    Victor Nalin8 dagen geleden

    Yeah... Vettel is undoubtedly a great talent, but he will only stand out when absolutely everything goes his way.

  • Dutch Gerbie
    Dutch Gerbie8 dagen geleden

    The same reason too many great football players fail in Italy. Because there are too many Italians at the team.

  • ga ki
    ga ki9 dagen geleden

    One flaw of this video is how you made it look like ferrari is the only team that does this mistakes, sure ferrari has done many but that's because more time in the sport means more chance of error if u look at McLaren for example they haven't been good for this entire decade, whilst ferrari did compete for titles and in 2017 and 2018 had the best cars.

  • Johnny Roberts
    Johnny Roberts9 dagen geleden

    “It’s a Ferrari!” “It’s a shitbox!”

  • Jason Jansen
    Jason Jansen10 dagen geleden

    60 percent of the time, Alonso goes to the wrong team.. every time.

  • Tuppoo94
    Tuppoo9410 dagen geleden

    Ferrari is such a bureaucratic mess that it's no wonder drivers get caught up. Mercedes is so dominant because everything revolves around Toto Wolff, who has the last word in every situation. Binotto simply isn't in the same situation.

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson10 dagen geleden

    Well done.

  • julia taylor
    julia taylor10 dagen geleden

    neither Prost Mansell Arnoux or Alonso failed at Ferrari, the team failed them especially Alonso with a terrible pit call. Prost had to be punted by Senna.

  • Iz Mc
    Iz Mc10 dagen geleden

    I think this video should be called: to Whom Ferrari has failed!!

  • Ramone
    Ramone10 dagen geleden

    Did the fail or just put against someone better? Alonso had Vettel Vettel had Lewis Porset had Senna

  • stenbak88
    stenbak8810 dagen geleden

    As a Vettel guy Ferrari fucked him over

  • ka1lash
    ka1lash11 dagen geleden

    Imagine if Mercedes never left f1 for like an eternity Ferrari wouldn’t have a lot of these records.

  • Mike Lloyd
    Mike Lloyd12 dagen geleden

    I'm dying to see Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari now. that would truly put the system to the test!

  • Isaac Lam
    Isaac Lam12 dagen geleden

    Ferrari is something like the Red Bull driver academy, but for well-established F1 veterans instead of potential F1 drivers

  • Alex Lazebat
    Alex Lazebat12 dagen geleden

    i wouldn't of said 2013 was a bad year for ferrari things got buggered after Silverstone which benefited Red Bull and notably they use team orders rather late in the day get him pass quickly.

  • Alex Lazebat
    Alex Lazebat12 dagen geleden

    1 of the problems of Prost was that Enzo was dead and Nigel was the last to be picked by him. 1 wonders should Nigel of led the team would John Barnard stayed. Prost wanted to start Spain 91 on slicks ferrari said no. Prost went on to finish 2nd so who knows. And 3/5 of His race wins he benefited from Senna's problems Brazil crash, Mexico tyre, France bad pitstop and that how Prost wins in f1 5 retirements kill Alboreto chance of Ferrari WC, 86 Mansell tyre, 89 Senna's bad reliability. 93 being the only driver in a decent car no real opposition as Senna was using Customer Ford engines.

  • Gareth Beedie
    Gareth Beedie12 dagen geleden

    Because they didn't have Ross Brawn.

  • fdger ghft
    fdger ghft13 dagen geleden

    The spiffy male informally stare because swallow undoubtedly bomb midst a kindhearted tune. flippant, lyrical jasmine

  • Riyol Lewis
    Riyol Lewis13 dagen geleden

    Even nikki lauda once said ferrari makes crappy cars🤣

  • MrCapi55
    MrCapi5513 dagen geleden

    What made lost Seb´s self-confidence has a man Name: Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton.

  • MrSaintRaptor
    MrSaintRaptor13 dagen geleden

    I think Alonso is overrated to be honest.

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez13 dagen geleden

    I really like the Leclerc/Sainz pairing.

  • Petar
    Petar13 dagen geleden

    Prost had car problems, Alonso is overrated and Vettel is a crybaby. And the last 2 always had the better car than their teammates, in every team they drove for, no exception.

  • Oblio1942
    Oblio194214 dagen geleden

    Easy answer: Because its ferrari. Kinda why schumi won so much with them, the team management wasnt so at the time

  • Kuromori
    Kuromori14 dagen geleden

    Someone once said something along the lines of "You look at Ferrari from the outside and wonder why they don't win everything, you look at the inside and suddenly you wonder how they win anything."

  • Vhf
    Vhf14 dagen geleden

    8:53 good-uh? What dialect is this

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan14 dagen geleden

    The Italian culture is more chaotic than is the German culture. Vonce zey have oh-der, zey is bettah.

  • Hashem Alrawashdeh
    Hashem Alrawashdeh14 dagen geleden

    13:55 who have Heard an iPhone Notification 😂👌🏻

  • ecos18 last18
    ecos18 last1815 dagen geleden

    The reason why Enzo Ferrari always wore sunglasses was because he spied on people viciously and hid his eyes looking sideways. Thats why insiders called him “Enzo the Camelion”! An extremely unpleasant individual!

  • wad316
    wad31615 dagen geleden

    By 2014 Kimi stopped caring and just happy to get money again after that woeful ordeal with Lotus. 2018 was pretty good for a guy doing it as a hobby though.

  • Yeshuah de Nazareth
    Yeshuah de Nazareth15 dagen geleden

    Two words to explain Ferrari's failures : italian management.

  • Ben Silveston
    Ben Silveston15 dagen geleden

    I think that Ferrari's best-ever period was during the Todt, Brawn, Bryne and Schumacher era (1996-2006). Together over those 10 years, all those four people formed an incredible team and changed both the culture and dynamic of Ferrari. In a way that had never been seen before. Once all of them left, Ferrari had no real direction as to where to go next. Hence the numerous hiring and firings of team principals and other team members in future years. Sadly both Alonso and Vettel partly suffered from this lack of direction and progress and hence why they both ended up being frustrated with the lack of performance from Ferrari as a team. That's not to say of course that both of those drivers were flawless. They both made some bad errors. Alonso with his outspoken views on and off-track and Vettel's numerous mistakes on-track for example. But with a team as badly organised and wayward like Ferrari, you can't blame them both entirely for what they did. The same can be said for Prost during his time with them. Ferrari despite the early progress this season are a long way from winning another WDC and WCC. Even Ross Brawn himself said that. And the latter part tells you everything!

  • F BN
    F BN16 dagen geleden

    3人の中でベッテルだけは 左遷や

  • Paul Lewis
    Paul Lewis16 dagen geleden

    The Italian media is very critical of Ferrari, so drivers have to be careful with what they say Ferrari: *hires Kimi*

  • gaming world miles
    gaming world miles16 dagen geleden

    I really wish Ferrari notice this video and actually learn their mistakes... And also great work man.. You really put in good research

  • Rj D
    Rj D16 dagen geleden

    Kimi is the last world champion for ferrari

  • Sheila Sheila
    Sheila Sheila17 dagen geleden

    The kaput clarinet pathophysiologically imagine because lynx genotypically interrupt barring a smiling badger. bitter, afraid believe

  • Dillon Paul
    Dillon Paul17 dagen geleden

    The berserk buzzard lilly fasten because hovercraft conformably kill excluding a learned sturgeon. voiceless, miscreant hen

  • Roman Tkalec
    Roman Tkalec17 dagen geleden

    Prost didn't exactly fail. Senna rammed him.

  • Andreas Chlapek
    Andreas Chlapek18 dagen geleden

    When Schumacher came to Ferrari in 96 they were a crap team. Schumi alone made them.

  • 81casperflip
    81casperflip18 dagen geleden

    Really wish Hamilton would go to ferrari so he'd stop winning

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez18 dagen geleden

    16:43 finally someone say it

  • richard verney
    richard verney19 dagen geleden

    This is why Schumacher is so great. He won at least 2 WDCs for Ferrari, when Ferrari were not the best car on the grid. When you add in his time at Benneton when the Williams was clearly the better car, Schumacher managed to win 4 WDCs when not driving the best car on the grid.

  • Eric DuLyon
    Eric DuLyon19 dagen geleden

    Great work

    NAME NAME NAME20 dagen geleden

    Fernando dragging the F2012 into championship contention is still mind boggeling

  • Shankhodeep Mondal
    Shankhodeep Mondal21 dag geleden

    Prost , Vettel , Alonso were not failures, they just couldn't make the cut

  • adnileb xxyyzz
    adnileb xxyyzz21 dag geleden

    Schumacher ...

  • James Hisself
    James Hisself21 dag geleden

    Why? Because Italian management is complete shite. Check who was managing when they were winning in the last 30-40 years. Their art and performance are exquisite, but they manage like the keystone cops.

  • Ramses Rizal
    Ramses Rizal21 dag geleden

    Sounds like driving for Ferrari is like living in a country ruled by dictator. The more vocal you are the more chances you'll get fired.

  • Misha Mili
    Misha Mili22 dagen geleden


  • Peter Hall
    Peter Hall22 dagen geleden

    Ferrari are so hung up on being Ferrari to actually be a team

  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich22 dagen geleden

    who's here after Leclerc failed to start in Monaco

  • Devilfish6666
    Devilfish666622 dagen geleden

    Prost didnt fail to be fair, he was robbed (rightfully so because of 89) but technically he did all he could to win the championship. Alonso did the same in 2010 and got robbed by his own team. Vettel is the only one who had championship cars in 2017 and 2018 and couldnt even get close to it due to a lot of mistakes.

  • josezandy
    josezandy22 dagen geleden

    In all fairness Ferrari are looking good for Charles and Carlos

  • Max Chavelev
    Max Chavelev23 dagen geleden

    Prost & Ferrari would make a must watch video

  • christian baumgartner
    christian baumgartner23 dagen geleden

    And Alonso is not that great either. The Renault he'd won in was not conform,just like Schumacher's Benetton. Cheat cars don't count.

  • christian baumgartner
    christian baumgartner23 dagen geleden

    Because they are maybe not that great. There's nothing great about Vettel. He can only win when he has the best car and nr.1 status. He constantly makes beginners mistakes. In my view he is no world champion at all. But a spoiled brat instead

  • Roberto Vezi
    Roberto Vezi23 dagen geleden

    Fuck, you mispronounced all the Italian words 😰

  • steven simpson
    steven simpson24 dagen geleden

    Goes to show why michael schumacher was the greatest f1 driver because he knew how to set up a car, iwhich some drivers could not tame the tiger , Ferrari expect the best and so they should they are the best

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan24 dagen geleden

    Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are the biggest Ferrari jokes EVER.

  • Andy Sedgley
    Andy Sedgley24 dagen geleden

    I wanted to watch the whole video, but I simply couldn't get past-uh the narrator's over-enunciated-uh style-uh.

  • Harshith Sadhana
    Harshith Sadhana24 dagen geleden

    i was so eager, had so many expectation for seb & Ferrari to win a championship title.

  • Khanya
    Khanya24 dagen geleden

    Why you lying? The mclaren Lewis won with was mad fast ! He just got his ass kicked

  • Giui Stefan Jr
    Giui Stefan Jr24 dagen geleden

    You missed Eddie Irvine runner up in 1999 championship Ferrari didn't support him even though M.Schumacher had his leg broken in Silverstone . Again Kimi Raikkonen in hus 2nd Ferrari decade missed a lot without a proper technical equipment. Alonso the same. Not to mention the 90s Jean alesi with an awful car with just 1 victory. So that is a resume of Ferrari blaming drivers