When your stealth skill level is maxed out...


A short gaming skit about how it feels when you play a game with maxed out stealth stat points. It almost makes the game too easy to play lol
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  • NoxaN
    NoxaNUur geleden

    Payday 2 stealth system be like

  • MC Fawful
    MC Fawful6 uur geleden

    The fact he can keep the same neutral energy the entire time is incredible

  • Krabbyster
    Krabbyster14 uur geleden

    _Knew that Potion of invisibility would come handy_

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker918 uur geleden

    Hy skedadudlers

  • Mr. Doggo
    Mr. Doggo20 uur geleden

    Man, that guys quick

  • zen- quickzy
    zen- quickzyDag geleden

    Me in skirim

  • Melvin Burns III
    Melvin Burns IIIDag geleden


  • Lucifer Morgenstern
    Lucifer MorgensternDag geleden


  • Xcempttv
    XcempttvDag geleden

    Me in fallout 76

  • Dinesh Malhotra
    Dinesh MalhotraDag geleden


  • Christina Bauer
    Christina BauerDag geleden

    Must of never looked down

  • LeoTock The Wolf
    LeoTock The WolfDag geleden

    Me: *is stealth 100 and needs extra gold* Skyrim guard: *sees me* Gaurd: STOP RIGHT THE- Me: *crouches* Guard: must’ve been the wind and casualy walks off.

  • GR Head
    GR HeadDag geleden

    Gta sa memories intensifies*

  • AnesYTG
    AnesYTGDag geleden

    Payday 2 in a nutshell

  • callmetot
    callmetot2 dagen geleden

    What are those things you use to build guns and stuff called

  • Morgan Finlayson
    Morgan Finlayson2 dagen geleden

    Literally fallout stealth armour

  • Bryce Xavier A. Español
    Bryce Xavier A. Español2 dagen geleden

    Pov your a minecraft player that crouching

  • kuma playz
    kuma playz2 dagen geleden

    Their poses xD😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jitter
    Jitter2 dagen geleden

    Poor Steven...

  • Big Head Studios
    Big Head Studios2 dagen geleden

    Guard: Your gonna die!!! (Crouches) Guard: Don’t worry, we’ll find you!!!

  • Lapidot43
    Lapidot432 dagen geleden

    This is my new skyrim goal

  • JungleINSECt Spikewall
    JungleINSECt Spikewall2 dagen geleden

    Must have been the wind

  • Arleta Kliszcz
    Arleta Kliszcz3 dagen geleden

    It’s just yourself

  • smirty meme
    smirty meme3 dagen geleden

    drink water to been invisible because water is almost visible, and crouch to be stealty because spy crouches

  • L
    L3 dagen geleden

    Skyrim reference 😂😂 This also kinda happens in fallout sometimes but it isn't funny

  • Fly trap EV
    Fly trap EV3 dagen geleden

    This is actually a real thing you can do in Assassins Creed 5

  • Second Farm
    Second Farm3 dagen geleden

    Are you holding a sugar cane?

  • Lenny face
    Lenny face3 dagen geleden

    I never tought that stealth was an option

  • FrostyyzK1lz
    FrostyyzK1lz3 dagen geleden

    What is this Skyrim XD

  • Giovanni Egidio
    Giovanni Egidio3 dagen geleden

    Real ogs already got the shadow perk at 100 and don’t need a potion 😈(Skyrim)

  • The Everything Channel
    The Everything Channel3 dagen geleden

    Im the 239001 liker

  • Moth Man
    Moth Man3 dagen geleden

    stealth boys in a nutshell:

  • ECHPlayz 2
    ECHPlayz 23 dagen geleden

    Do speed next

  • Gorgest
    Gorgest4 dagen geleden

    "Just a rat"

  • Frank axe
    Frank axe4 dagen geleden

    Misson failed he killed and alerted people

  • Super Mom
    Super Mom4 dagen geleden

    Bro if you stay crouched you would have gotten that sneak crit.

  • walter
    walter4 dagen geleden

    Must have been the wind

  • 私は女性を尊重します
    私は女性を尊重します4 dagen geleden


  • DaMeeks1 Gaming
    DaMeeks1 Gaming4 dagen geleden

    Nice Pink Floyd poster 👍

  • Sneaky Rat
    Sneaky Rat4 dagen geleden

    Must have been the wind

  • You will suffer
    You will suffer4 dagen geleden


  • JTAwesome92
    JTAwesome925 dagen geleden

    This was actually pretty genuinely funny.

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar5 dagen geleden

    Try playing payday 2 Once you get used to it, it's easier than breathing

  • sᴇʟᴇɴᴀ ᴍxɴᴛᴇss
    sᴇʟᴇɴᴀ ᴍxɴᴛᴇss5 dagen geleden

    What game is this lmao

  • Foxgirl1963
    Foxgirl19635 dagen geleden

    Me sees the Beatles poster: Ayye!! Let’s Go!!!

  • Emmett
    Emmett5 dagen geleden

    Pay day 2 with 3 concealment be like

  • Reality Is often disappointing
    Reality Is often disappointing5 dagen geleden

    Far cry 3

  • Wah Moo
    Wah Moo5 dagen geleden

    Lol 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • SuperTeamX
    SuperTeamX5 dagen geleden

    It's so weird how some games make it so if you crouch your complety invisible

  • SuperTeamX
    SuperTeamX5 dagen geleden

    Luckily I have this potion It's just water but it works

  • DaDyck Stick
    DaDyck Stick5 dagen geleden

    I never knew how overpowered the sneak skill was in Skyrim, until I was on my cousins khajiit account and was walking into people while sneaking and them not noticing. Best game ever 15/10.

  • Yuxng Diamonds
    Yuxng Diamonds5 dagen geleden

    Every Spider-Man Game Ever Let’s be honest I’m not wrong

  • fancy little Waffle
    fancy little Waffle5 dagen geleden

    Literally the AI in Dishonored

  • Think Gacha
    Think Gacha5 dagen geleden

    You’ll never see it comin bun un you’ll see that my mind is to fast fir eyes

  • UnPrankAble 666
    UnPrankAble 6665 dagen geleden

    If the max is 100, and the potion brought it up to full, and it said "stealth +100", that means his stealth was all the way down, so he would definitely have needed that.

  • 0rbital
    0rbital5 dagen geleden

    “It must have been nothing.”

  • Ribbie
    Ribbie6 dagen geleden

    This is metal gear in a nutshell

  • TheRealCanadianSpartan
    TheRealCanadianSpartan6 dagen geleden

    Elder scrolls in a nutshell

  • Zach Zorn
    Zach Zorn7 dagen geleden

    You forgot the part where you can shoot a gun within 10 feet of someone and they’ll forget about it within 3 seconds

  • Sharaf Rogers
    Sharaf Rogers7 dagen geleden

    Rose players in MW be like:

    DAREZ7 dagen geleden

    This gives me skyrim vibes

  • jake the snake
    jake the snake7 dagen geleden

    When you hide in grass in assasins creed

  • Scarlet Beans
    Scarlet Beans7 dagen geleden

    skyrim b like

  • Tripp Tigelman
    Tripp Tigelman8 dagen geleden

    I died in this video

  • DogePL11
    DogePL118 dagen geleden

    Guard's in Aragami be like:

  • Fan kung
    Fan kung8 dagen geleden

    Guard see me Me : drink stealth potion Guard : understandable have a great day

  • Lobod Dnevna
    Lobod Dnevna8 dagen geleden

    THERE HE IS!! *crouches* dat boi is sus

  • I4265
    I42659 dagen geleden

    Me when i have vortex armour:

  • SteLaCo
    SteLaCo9 dagen geleden

    Gta online Casino Heist is exactly this

  • Stealth
    Stealth9 dagen geleden

    This makes me think of Cayo Perico lmao

  • Indoraptor
    Indoraptor9 dagen geleden

    Snake "YESSSSSS" You " ok " Me ( hopefully a sniperscope doesn't kill him

  • animarrow gaming
    animarrow gaming9 dagen geleden

    Nah in days gone as long as your crouched your pretty much good

  • Hassan Abbassi
    Hassan Abbassi9 dagen geleden

    GTA Five be like

  • Fresh J'rrell
    Fresh J'rrell9 dagen geleden

    When your invisible when crouching in Last Of Us😂😂😂

  • cavespirit
    cavespirit9 dagen geleden

    Its always this damn dude in my shorts bruh I be seeing juice wrld shorts I SCROLL DOWN AND YOU'RE THERE like what

  • kleenex
    kleenex9 dagen geleden

    Ya gotta do more of these

  • Alexander Gonzalez
    Alexander Gonzalez9 dagen geleden

    Alternative Title: “When you roll a Nat 20 in stealth”

  • kevondre Christopher
    kevondre Christopher9 dagen geleden

    What where did we go

  • banana
    banana10 dagen geleden

    In assassins creed theres a skill where you literally turn invisible

  • Braydenoid
    Braydenoid10 dagen geleden

    Plot twist: he was playing Skyrim

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet10 dagen geleden

    What game is this supposed to be, because im thinking Skyrim even though it is probably wrong

  • India Plummer
    India Plummer10 dagen geleden


  • San Hasan
    San Hasan10 dagen geleden


  • Tyler Sinnott
    Tyler Sinnott10 dagen geleden

    This guy is too funny 😭😭

  • Radiical
    Radiical10 dagen geleden


  • PilotTwist
    PilotTwist11 dagen geleden

    payday 2 stealth in a nutshell

  • FlankyDong
    FlankyDong11 dagen geleden

    The Chinese stealth suit from fallout 3 lmao

  • Britney S.
    Britney S.11 dagen geleden

    Gives me the same vibes as: *Huh? What was that noise?* and *Whose footprints are these?*

  • Brock Ford
    Brock Ford11 dagen geleden

    Fallout 4 stealth build in a nutshell

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf12 dagen geleden

    *Has an arrow sticking out of their head* “Must’ve been the wind”

  • Varijo The tree
    Varijo The tree12 dagen geleden

    *teleports behind you* "WHAT THE FU-"

  • keitharojames corpin
    keitharojames corpin12 dagen geleden

    *Without killing anybody* _later_ starts beating life out of a poor guy (uhh he did not killed him he just made him knocked out im an idiot)

  • NuggetXD
    NuggetXD13 dagen geleden

    I have no fear but that thing it scares me *crouch* *button*

  • real_josh playz all_the_others_are_fake
    real_josh playz all_the_others_are_fake13 dagen geleden


  • Mr Zug0
    Mr Zug013 dagen geleden


  • danimal4you
    danimal4you13 dagen geleden

    Guy is Michael Cera's smoked out stunt double

  • _Jay_
    _Jay_13 dagen geleden

    In all my years of gaming. I have never seen something so true.

  • YT DallasBoy05
    YT DallasBoy0513 dagen geleden

    Da wind is brutal 💨

  • NookieDaBoi !
    NookieDaBoi !13 dagen geleden

    Sneak 100 be like

  • Neo 47
    Neo 4713 dagen geleden

    They would have said “Must have been the wind” after they see a dead body