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    @Jupke 1 **fards with religous intent**

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez2 uur geleden

    5:09 the only yummy thing in that restaurant.

  • Clara Nadine
    Clara Nadine7 uur geleden

    The description had me dying 😂 Whoever writes the titles and stuff for this channel is an absolute legend

  • Ꝗ Qynz Papaya
    Ꝗ Qynz Papaya9 uur geleden

    why the camera looks like its from 2009 ?

  • Sarah
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    Whoever runs this page , needs a raise 🤣🤣🤣

  • N. Ap
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    When you hire millennials to generate promotional material

  • Adam D. Bowden
    Adam D. BowdenDag geleden

    "Canned salmon caviar mixed with mashed potatoes." *DA FUCK??*

  • hey_it’s_a_person
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    I would be a sad weeping mess if I was getting judged by my boss, coworkers and Ramsey himself.

  • InfiniteSession
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    TBH the mousok(idk the name) looked good. I think Gordon was just being a little nitpicky there.

  • Dreaded-Flower
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    4:10 the neighbour table is laughing about his statemant while eating the same dish 🙃

  • The Wafls
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    2:03 Her name is actually Karen

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    “For with God nothing shall be impossible” Luke 1:37 God gave you life and created you Jesus died for you and your sins and mistakes God bless you and your family.


    5:04 "17.95" Gordon's face = LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL



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  • TheNw1218
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    When he called the canned crab fresh frozen. Pinto was in the kitchen before him.

  • Cheems The Dog
    Cheems The Dog5 dagen geleden

    when the rat meat is bussin better than the actual food

  • colourful skull
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  • OG Fiyah
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    “We keep a good eye on that” while she smirks like it’s a joke

  • OG Fiyah
    OG Fiyah5 dagen geleden

    If Gordon went to ny and ordered more then 1 meal off the specials then they wouldn’t give him any food until he pays upfront.

  • OG Fiyah
    OG Fiyah5 dagen geleden

    I hate girls like that. Always wanting attention when it’s not about you. “I don’t know why I’m crying just give me attention and I’ll stop” You a grown as woman and this what you doing ? Crying because someone doesn’t like SOMETHING??🤣😭 “somebody said something so the world will end”

  • Keepers of Light
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    Wtf is that thumbnail? Fucking hilarious.

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S5 dagen geleden

    @12:56 Gordon's aftermath shock reaction is priceless 🤣

  • La Kicia Hughes
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    When the food is bussin...OUT MY ASSHOLE💯😭🤢

  • himikoworld
    himikoworld6 dagen geleden

    if gordon ever compliments ur food consider yourself a god lmao

  • David Mikhailov
    David Mikhailov6 dagen geleden

    The only Karen, who looks like a Karen, but yet is reasonable and nice

  • Berkeley Creager
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    8:10 dont fuck with me

    ANIME TV6 dagen geleden

    Tht can stuff actl fking disgusting

  • aaron hancock
    aaron hancock6 dagen geleden

    Wtf does that even mean?

  • Liam Munat
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    I dare u to respond

  • La Galleta XD
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    What’s the point of “bussin” in the title, our generation would watch this solely because it’s Gordon either way

  • yappa08
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    Seriously, a single pineapple on a fillet Mignon plating.

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  • Jamison Colwell
    Jamison Colwell7 dagen geleden

    Do owner and chefs not taste their food to see if it’s even good or not

  • Sebastiansmain
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    Me eating my McDonald’s sandwich: yeah you tell em Gordon

  • Kakashi 01
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  • - R i c e -
    - R i c e -8 dagen geleden

    Whoever is making these titles, you have my full respect

  • Blizzard Winds
    Blizzard Winds8 dagen geleden

    Whoever runs this channel needs a raise there I said it

  • Coach Frank
    Coach Frank8 dagen geleden

    Gordon was pretty proud of himself for the “moo suck” joke lol

  • SwedishStudios Gaming
    SwedishStudios Gaming9 dagen geleden

    I think it's Oscar Ramsey, That made this title.

  • 3D Savage
    3D Savage9 dagen geleden

    For once the Karen IS the manager

  • Trelly45
    Trelly459 dagen geleden

    Bussin to me mean good I thought Ramsey learned some slang😂

  • Moggy Ψ
    Moggy Ψ9 dagen geleden

    Shou sheeeeeeshh

  • J ,
    J ,9 dagen geleden

    I’m so hungry rn I'm welling to eat some of these unbussin dishes

  • Mike Cynic
    Mike Cynic9 dagen geleden

    C O M E S F R O M T H E T A N K

  • sunny
    sunny9 dagen geleden

    4th reuploud of this clip

  • Efan Dang
    Efan Dang9 dagen geleden

    I gues the downside of being a super good chef is that you can't really enjoy normal food anymore

    KENYA10 dagen geleden

    4:07 I love how that old man starts dying after after that remark 😂

  • Gary M
    Gary M10 dagen geleden

    The waitress in the second one is sexy

  • Minion kid 3756
    Minion kid 375610 dagen geleden

    That first girl has the most Karen haircut Edit: her name is Karen to perfect

  • Rayan Saad
    Rayan Saad10 dagen geleden

    4:24, something tells me he’s not from Greece, but I can’t just put my finger on it 😂

  • Pauly Ohh
    Pauly Ohh10 dagen geleden

    “Even though it died, it’s good” 😂

  • RB gamer
    RB gamer10 dagen geleden

    0:49 he looks like a actor from Harry Potter

  • Akris Lin
    Akris Lin10 dagen geleden

    The plain stop presumably depend because class counterintuitively strip through a fretful leek. pushy, instinctive garlic

  • Louis Acevedo
    Louis Acevedo10 dagen geleden

    Bussin? Chillll 🤣

  • Nasos Vasileiou
    Nasos Vasileiou11 dagen geleden

    "fresh frozen out of the can" *logic has left the chat*

  • Keraph
    Keraph11 dagen geleden

    I love that one elderly couple sitting next to Gordon, just curiously observing him mercilessly tearing into the food

  • yi yang
    yi yang11 dagen geleden

    the chef : rubs her neck She: It’s hot back here 😂

  • Mave
    Mave11 dagen geleden

    i didnt know we were mocking AAVE now too

  • Pro Odermonicon
    Pro Odermonicon11 dagen geleden

    every third video is gold

  • Antonio Lima
    Antonio Lima12 dagen geleden

    Gordon: "you must be busy" The waiter: 7:52 LMAO 💀💀💀

  • MrCavs1990
    MrCavs199012 dagen geleden

    Mary is cute

  • JP5
    JP512 dagen geleden

    4:11 the guy in the back😂😂

  • Phillip Petersen
    Phillip Petersen12 dagen geleden

    I don’t know how Sake landed that wife but well done man.

  • imCheeky
    imCheeky12 dagen geleden

    „Fresh frozen out of the can“ - i mean what the fuck did you just say?

  • Soda Pop
    Soda Pop13 dagen geleden

    Why was that girl crying at the beginning? Compared to other videos nothing happened, nothing even did happen

  • Mike n Chantel
    Mike n Chantel13 dagen geleden

    Check out Cold ones. They got The Bussin memes going for Gordon Ramsay

  • Ruhel Miah
    Ruhel Miah13 dagen geleden

    Bruvvvvvv she looks like a Karen with the hair and her name is Karen

  • Tahirih McLean
    Tahirih McLean13 dagen geleden

    I'm sorry... "BUSSIN"?! Matilda, Jack. Is that you?! 😂

  • Orca Reqiuem
    Orca Reqiuem13 dagen geleden

    GOD I feel bad for the waiters

  • Made In Heaven
    Made In Heaven13 dagen geleden

    You’re a fuckin menace, you know that?

  • Ruby Collett
    Ruby Collett13 dagen geleden

    I absolutely adore Gordon Ramsey, he scares me but I love how he comments ab people and their food like the stuff he comes up with is hilarious

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis13 dagen geleden

    “Fresh frozen from the can.” -Saki

  • Mithun Nathan
    Mithun Nathan13 dagen geleden

    A Greek tragedy dude is too good with the insults

  • Commander Turtle
    Commander Turtle13 dagen geleden

    5:30 Owner: "Fresh: Frozen, out of the can" Me: 🤮😂

  • Sanjay bailey
    Sanjay bailey13 dagen geleden

    I know a lot American food may taste nasty but Gordon is cringy

  • David Lavrinovich
    David Lavrinovich14 dagen geleden

    Fresh frozen out of the can💀💀😂

  • elitebose
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  • Yes
    Yes14 dagen geleden

    I thought bussin was a good thing

  • Anas benchikar
    Anas benchikar14 dagen geleden

    Mary is a baddie

  • Jjorei
    Jjorei14 dagen geleden

    Masak...masuck. *grins as drinking water* that was great

  • Alice Jones
    Alice Jones14 dagen geleden

    I love how the greace owner forgot where he was from for a second like “HOW DO YOU FORGET WHERE YOU ARE FROM”

  • Loon Loon
    Loon Loon14 dagen geleden

    Canned teriyaki

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green14 dagen geleden

    Fire that traitor Karen

  • Jason Green

    Jason Green

    14 dagen geleden

    Ohhhhhhh shit her name is actually karen. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahaha

    BEASTDBA 2114 dagen geleden

    Gordon = 💩

  • Fan of Death
    Fan of Death14 dagen geleden

    5:15 Gordon Ramsay: “it’s all caned” The women: “yeah am surprised” Gordon Ramsay: “am shocked” That got me dead laughing 😂

  • Chris Hydro
    Chris Hydro14 dagen geleden

    Tiki platter? SHITTY PLATTER

  • Billy Butcher
    Billy Butcher15 dagen geleden

    What about part 4: ‘’when the food might not be bussin’’

  • Antonio Oso
    Antonio Oso15 dagen geleden

    4:07 the old guy in the back laughing at Ramsay’s joke is everything 😂

  • MR Cuddlesworth
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  • Joshua Archard
    Joshua Archard15 dagen geleden

    “Fresh frozen out of the can” hahaha

  • Logan Myers
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  • Blake Mcl
    Blake Mcl15 dagen geleden

    2:01 Her name is Karen and she has the Karen trim, certified Karen right there.

  • Freezeher
    Freezeher15 dagen geleden

    Imagine going to a restaurant for the first time and Gordan shows up to taste the food. Immediate panic.

  • Julie wright
    Julie wright15 dagen geleden

    Love Gordon Ramsey he is very honest

    GTD DARK16 dagen geleden

    Look at the description please

  • Samael ThePoison
    Samael ThePoison16 dagen geleden

    Waitress: "canned" Gordon: *POISON*

  • AcediasYT
    AcediasYT16 dagen geleden

    Gordon might’ve written the bible

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright16 dagen geleden

    Saki sounded so threatening when he asked if anyone wanted a shot of tequila

  • Poetess N.
    Poetess N.16 dagen geleden

    Lazy Cooks and Lazy Chefs enough said