when the food is straight up bussin | Kitchen Nightmares


EDIT: Moments where Gordon LIKES THE FOOD, if it wasn't obvious.

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    oh my god.

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    Hey hello chef Ramsay can say you something do you really know how make food okay let me explain me one recipe okay and make my front off side show me your fucking knowledge after the i will show you my knowledge fake video making man you make someone fool really you kill somebody

  • Jas Bataille
    Jas Bataille15 minuten geleden

    The poor chef's face when he walks in with his beautiful burger and the owner straight up comes to the table first with just the meat and cheese and then gets CRUSHED it is SO satisfying :D "medium-rare burger" Jesus Christ no

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    what the fuck did i just read?

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    second waiter is a vibe

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    I want some of that carrot cake xx

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    bread cake guy's day was made

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    I physically had to do a double take on that title LOL

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    When you're enjoying the vid while scrolling down through the comments and some bitches started arguing about races and where whatever shit they're talking about originated is a total mood destroyer smh

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    "What's the strong taste I'm tasting?" "Yeah ... It's the strong taste of defeat"

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    Who runs this channel

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    12:34 i finally found the source of the meme

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    bruh her name is also candice

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    who tf titled this lmao

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    who tf is uploading the videos....?

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    I fucking love the title so much bro hahahahhahahahahhaha

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    Who ever is running this account needs a raise. Like the titles are amazing.

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    "Why the swamp decor?" "Ever seen Shrek?" "Understandable, have a nice day"

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    How stupid do you have to be as an owner that you get mad if your employees do a good job.

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    Wow Such A Legend He Hearted All The Comments Replies

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    17:01 bless her, she is so happy!

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    Wait, is her name... Candice?

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    dutch van der linde? 3:53

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    That owner and his wife with their damn wagyu meat LOOL so salty about Gordon loving the chefs burger 🙄some delusional haters! He works for you!!

  • Funny Valentine
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    Gordon: "eats poor people food that taste good to not fancy and rich people" Also gordon: not very good How normal people hear it: bland bland bland bland bland bland i not know english me speak only bland bland bland bland

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    You need to fix your ears if that’s what you are hearing

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    OK but when the owners think the food is so great.... why is their restaurant not doing well? Why have they reached out to Gordon Ramsay's team?! The giraffe tongue chicken was approved by the owner. Wow

  • Sadad Erlangga
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    "Some things are okay frozen" Yeah if it's for a pub or a hangout place but you're in a restaurant. Where's your standard?

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    Mother Mary was so adorable getting that kiss seeing how Ramsey enjoyed her meal out of all things :')

  • Filip
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    2:06 why are you throwing away the food? If you don't like it give it to someone who is hungry, even homeless people. You don't have any around? This is why I hate this posh mumbo jumbo kitchen programs. You want to improve the food? That's fine, but stop wasting it. I'd rather believe that restaurant chef saying oysters are delicious than someone saying every single dish he gets is nightmare, just so the show looks better...

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    her name's Candice

  • We:Live:In:A:Simulation
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    I don't get it.... "when the food is straight up bussin" don't bussin means "great"?

  • kenneth paulsen
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    things are never fresh if its been frozen

  • William Gone
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    Frozen food sucks

  • OfficialQueenOfSwaga
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    Loved the moment he kissed the momma on the cheek shows how much she cares about his opinion and was soo happy and how appreciative he is off true amazing cooks

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    That bread pudding guy was so humble

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    12:20 The legendary quote.

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    This is the result of entrepreneurs who do not know how to perform but know how to borrow money and remain in debt.

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    i am fully convinced they let a gen z run this fucking channel

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    2:29 got you

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    i love you

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    Sheeeeeesh it's bussin respectfully

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    Respect for that title hahaha

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    14:40 her face omgggg lmaoo

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    Kitchen Nightmare is a joke. All the hotels are closed now 😡😡😡 just made for TV trp and ratings

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    i am forever happy for the bread pudding guy

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    ''He is crazy'', the best cook in the world,,,? Really ? Love the mature lady, different class.

  • Dougie Roberts
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    Some crazy people, mental, nutcases,,,, but rest assured,,if Rambo tells you it isnt good, you can take it to the bank and bank it.

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    SHEEEEEESH respectfully

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    Borat in the second clip 😂

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    Anyone know what episode the last ones from?

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    0:29 I found Candice

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    Uhhhh bussin means "very good". Why are these meals he says are crap? Don't try to use slang you have no idea what the definition is. Is the person writing these descriptions drunk or just completely incapable of using google?

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    Plot twist Gordon runs this ytb channel😂

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    >This is a verified channel >Title has Bussin >The pinned comment

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    14:37 *I have an unbelievable amount of respect for this man* "You're not a meat expert, all you know how to do is sit in front of the computer and change menus. That is what you do." DAAAAAAAMMMMNNNN

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    I thought bussin meant good? He hates the food

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    WhO’s CaNdIcE

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    this has become more of a meme channel than anything

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    Hii candace

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    It’s funny how the owner says “oh that’s our worst thing” to one of the dishes but instead of trying to make it better just proceeds to sell shit food

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    He wasnt the head chef. He does what he’s told to. If you dont have somewhere else to go you cant put your job in jeopardy

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    bussin bussin... SHEEESSHHHH.... food got the drip

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    Kitches nightmares are being controlled by a child💀

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    What genz is the owner of this but absolute legemd

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    The cute spear retrospectively tire because ravioli exemplarily double outside a gleaming caterpillar. inconclusive, awesome vase

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    i beat my wife xD

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    Darryl meed some taste buds

    KILL ME PLSSSDag geleden

    I love Gordon

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    Chef: “I hated the carrot cake” Gordon: “ that’s fucking delicious”

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    Gordon: what’s your name? Waiter: Candis Gordon: Candis? Waiter: yea, candis stick in yo mum?😂

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    11:15 shitlins lmao

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    6:04 the chef has a bigger ego then sebastians dream to have his pizzas in shops

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    Excellent compilation and zany background noises toned down

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    The owner of this account is a memester

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    There is always one thing Gordan does and i will always 100% respect that from him Chef - tear them limb from limb Owner - tear them limb from limb Manager - tear them limb from limb Waiter/waitress give them the god dam respect they deserve , these are the people who bring you the food , they dont make it , they run back and forth and do most of the hard work and are front line to take the crap , so 100% respect man for being a decent humble human being to them Oh I dont care about the rest he can tear the top 3 to shreds , they are the reason he is there in the first place

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    her name is candice......

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    Joshua Weissman has taken over the Kitchen Nightmares channel

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    Come on you only clicked on this video because the title said bussin.

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    the last one always makes me smile

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    ok so like who runs this channel

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    The guy who runs this channel is carrying 2021 lol

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    The Food He likes Is Always The Food The Owners Have No Control Over.

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    Shut up Meg

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