We go FOUR months without seeing the sun | SVALBARD long winter | Cabin Trip 4K

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I finally got to see the sun again for the first time since October, and it was nothing short of magical! Check out this last part of the cabin trip to see us enjoy the sun and drive on some sketchy glaciers.
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Music Epidemic Sound:
Pillow Tears - Cospe
New Dawn - Cospe

Wool Thermals: www.urbergskandinavien.se
Sleeping Bag: rab.equipment/eu/morpheus-3

Camera bag fstop tilopa:

Camera gear:
Sony a7iii + Tamron lens
Sony ZV-1 + Zhiyun Crane M2


  • Gina Herold
    Gina HeroldMaand geleden

    OMG the drone shots with the gorgeous golden light and the wind streaming the snow over the landscape are just awe-inspiring ❤️

  • Mad Musicologist

    Mad Musicologist

    29 dagen geleden

    Tusen takk, Cecilia, for your informative and beautiful videos from Svalbard, and this episode is one of the most gorgeous clips of yours. My ties to the archipelago are more "spiritual" though, never having been there in my life, but watching them gives me a sense of orientation as if I'd see clips from my nicest travel. Amazing.

  • Mathias Gradin

    Mathias Gradin

    Maand geleden

    Loved the drone shots + the first light shots :)

  • Paneerak Wilkins

    Paneerak Wilkins

    Maand geleden

    @zapfanzapfan Absolutely, it's gorgeous! >big thumbs up< ! :-)

  • zapfanzapfan


    Maand geleden

    BBC natural history unit level right there!

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden


  • Miriam Moriarty
    Miriam MoriartyDag geleden

    I COULD NOT go 4 months without sun.

  • Tatiane Grellmann
    Tatiane GrellmannDag geleden

    That looks like a wonderful place to visit. Greetings from Brazil!

  • Kinda BatGirl
    Kinda BatGirl4 dagen geleden

    Cannot get over how FAST Grimm is!! (and the cheek for cutting you off!)

  • atnfn
    atnfn5 dagen geleden

    When did people settle svalbard? I mean it must have been impossible to live there before the invention of electricity. At least permanently, you would have to leave before winter.

  • dachshunds channel
    dachshunds channel11 dagen geleden

    oh hello sun :)

  • Robin Clark
    Robin Clark12 dagen geleden

    so gorgeous, that drone shot was breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Laurie Graham
    Laurie Graham13 dagen geleden

    Wow yes the drone footage with the long shadows!

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie13 dagen geleden

    I was today years old when I learned to just stuff my sleeping bag. I’ve spent so many years of angst rolling it. Thanks for the life lesson!!

  • Elena P.
    Elena P.17 dagen geleden

    I would LOVE to visit this place in winter. Are they coming some tourists for experience this long darks days?

  • Advocate 2
    Advocate 225 dagen geleden

    I'm from sunny Arizona, we have more than 320 days of sun in the year. Love your videos and your lives are fascinating, kudos to you for loving the Arctic cold. When it dips to 50 degrees here we get cold. I couldn't make it without sun and gardening, even here in Phoenix we have trees everywhere, and cactus, and a few rattle snakes on the hiking trails when it's hot, lol. The beauty of Svalbard with it's majestic snowy landscape is wonderful.

  • Kristy B
    Kristy B25 dagen geleden

    Soooo beautiful!

  • Ji Ba
    Ji Ba26 dagen geleden

    I live in Poland. I can understand you very well when the sun is comming back. In Poland most part of winter days are cloudly and when spring is comming... you have not words to describe the joy and the bright colours. So nice to see you again. Keep safe.

  • Cindy Crump
    Cindy Crump26 dagen geleden

    Simply lovely ....

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    26 dagen geleden

    Thanks a lot 😊

  • lok WY
    lok WYMaand geleden

    Spectacular scenery! Thanks for sharing

  • Sandy Humby
    Sandy HumbyMaand geleden

    Loved this video so much 💙 Question, do you have to take Vitamin D supplements since you don’t have any daylight for 4 months of the year?

  • Andreas Börjesson
    Andreas BörjessonMaand geleden

    Trots att jag ”lider” av en synskada som ger mörkerblindhet så är detta ställe min dröm.

  • Diva by Dezine
    Diva by DezineMaand geleden

    The drone shots are amazing! I love that I can travel thru your videos all the way from Florida. 😂😂

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    Aww thank you!! 🙏🙏🤩🤩

  • Tales From Wyrdwood
    Tales From WyrdwoodMaand geleden

    And här we are, living in the mitten av Svea Rike, speaking Swenglish and weeping när solen goes ner klockan four in the eftermiddan.

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    Hahahah fantastisk swenglish 🤣🤣

  • Janis Penka
    Janis PenkaMaand geleden

    It is crazy that polar bears can attack cabins. Never knew that!

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    If they want to get inside for some reason, they will walk through walls quite literally 🙈

  • Janis Penka
    Janis PenkaMaand geleden

    Grim looking from beneath the table 4:56 🤣

  • Justine Guevara
    Justine GuevaraMaand geleden

    I love your content. Living vicariously through your videos 🤍

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    SO glad you like them! 😍😍

  • Tom Cumming
    Tom CummingMaand geleden

    How about a cabin-build update!!!

  • alien monkey
    alien monkeyMaand geleden

    just noticed you started to upload the videos in 4k 😍

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    Yeah!! I always film in 4k so I don't know why I didn't post it in 4k! :D So most videos will be 4k from now on 😍 Glad you noticed 😍

  • Shriek Pyro
    Shriek PyroMaand geleden

    my mental health would not be able to take that I find it hard in Ottawa lmao

  • Swagata Paul
    Swagata PaulMaand geleden

    The excitement in her face says it all

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden


  • JohnB
    JohnBMaand geleden

    I think a video with just polar bear action is in order

  • meikoblock
    meikoblockMaand geleden

    Can I come visit this place? I’ve Ben vaccinated

  • veer
    veerMaand geleden

    Really interesting! You've got a new subscriber 😊

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    Thanks and welcome!! 😍😍😍

  • Chau Crunch
    Chau CrunchMaand geleden

    4 months in the dark is insane !

  • Patty Gosselin
    Patty GosselinMaand geleden

    Magnificent video! It’s easy to forget that Grim is a super hero in his own climate! Quite the worker and always (nearly) loving to be outdoors.🐾Your footage of the sun really showed how emotional it is to be reunited with a lost friend!😊😎☀️

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    🤩🤩🤩 haha yeah Grim is in his right elements here! 😍

  • greekchickie
    greekchickieMaand geleden

    Everything about your life just fascinates me. It's such a lovely way to live ~ away from the strife of crazy city life. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of your life with us!

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    I'm so happy you enjoy my videos! 😍

  • moira chalmers
    moira chalmersMaand geleden

    Rab - a wonderful British label, good choice 😁👍🏼. I’ll be visiting there in September, can’t wait 😁😁😁

  • Annemarie Van Horik
    Annemarie Van HorikMaand geleden

    What a beautiful trip and location where the cabin is!!!

  • Steve Flanders
    Steve FlandersMaand geleden

    Hi Cecilia! Been watching your videos for about 4 months now! Save them for my days off to watch with my morning coffee! Your life is such an adventure! You must take such pride in your editing work as it's fantastic! And when those drone shots came up today I was almost overwhelmed! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Please could you teach us some Norwegian (if that is your first language). Take care. =)

  • CL Lewis
    CL LewisMaand geleden

    I'm telling my grandkids this is Anna and Kristoff lol but seriously love the channel!

  • Jonathan McCready
    Jonathan McCreadyMaand geleden

    could you make a video about your video equipment, camera, drone, editing, etc? Many thanks!

  • Jessie Foley
    Jessie FoleyMaand geleden

    Amazing video! Thank you! Rab makes a great down jacket too. My favorite under layer for -5F ski days in NH USA

  • Rim H
    Rim HMaand geleden

    This is fantastic ! Thank you

  • Gretchen Smith
    Gretchen SmithMaand geleden

    Well that was SUPER FUN!!!!

  • Andrea T
    Andrea TMaand geleden

    Amazing and beautiful!!!!!

  • Zoe K
    Zoe KMaand geleden

    Svalbard is stunning in the sunshine and you capture it so well. What a videographer/photographer’s dream to see it, especially after all those months without. It must be a boost to your spirits.

  • Teagan
    TeaganMaand geleden

    Hi Cecilia! Great video. Could you make a video talking about the cost of living in Svalbard? (Food, water, gasoline, etc)

  • Monica Corr
    Monica CorrMaand geleden

    Lovely dog I think he wants to be tied to a sleigh, I think it can be good feeling for him

  • Tay Trent
    Tay TrentMaand geleden

    Wow!! You guys are amazing. I lived in Alaska for 3 years but this is beyond anything i have ever seen.

  • waterfallsandrain
    waterfallsandrainMaand geleden

    The gold sun on the ice, and all the blue tones, it makes the area look like a Maxfield Parrish painting.

  • Shawni Ysais
    Shawni YsaisMaand geleden

    Hello from California! Your sun shots are beautiful.I appreciate your cold-weather gear. I'm freezing in 50F, I realize because I dont dress for the weather, like a dum-dum wear light clothing year-round and depend on "air conditioning." But I imagine I would pay more attention if my life depended on it. Thanks for a great channel!

  • Melissa L.
    Melissa L.Maand geleden

    Amazing video 🌞

  • C s
    C sMaand geleden

    Just came upon your videos today, I really found them beautifully entertaining. I live in Wisconsin where it was very cold this winter.. not like yours tho..where did you learn to speak such good English? enjoy the sun :)

  • Olle Lammers
    Olle LammersMaand geleden

    beautiful drone footage!

  • Sarah
    SarahMaand geleden

    We LOVE Grim!!!!

  • Ann Delle
    Ann DelleMaand geleden

    Jäklar vad fint Cia! Grymma drönarbilder!

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    Taaaack ❤❤❤

  • AgataK
    AgataKMaand geleden

    What a views! What a light! What a colours!

  • TrekerT
    TrekerTMaand geleden

    Hey Cecilia, this is your best video yet. At about 11:20, the ground snow into the sun on the horizon is so special. Keep up the great work. I keep inviting people to your channel, and I often get thanks back for the tip. I'm curious; are you speaking Swedish or Norwegian when you talk to Grim? Would love to visit Svalbard someday!

    ART ENEMaand geleden

    I feel you, I haved the same feeling 4 days ago :))

  • Celia Gisbert
    Celia GisbertMaand geleden

    The dron shots are amaaaazing! They are totally breath taking! And Grim running reminded me so much of dolphins swimming in front of a boat 😂 He is so cute 🥰

  • risingsun49
    risingsun49Maand geleden

    How much does it cost to live there? What currency do they use. Are you American?

  • Salil Sahani
    Salil SahaniMaand geleden


  • Martin Ahlman
    Martin AhlmanMaand geleden

    Sol! Stort hurra!

  • Anne Turner
    Anne TurnerMaand geleden

    Grim living his best life! His joy makes me smile so much. Your videos are amazing. Thank you.

  • Alone backpacker
    Alone backpackerMaand geleden

    your video is really awesome . love

  • Erik Sundström
    Erik SundströmMaand geleden

    Det verkar som en bra tid att äta kötbullar och potatis efter sådan skoterresa!

  • Lay's right dimple
    Lay's right dimpleMaand geleden

    Your shots are amazing, they get better and better, you're very talented Ps. I love seeing Grim living his best life ❤️

  • Sophie Price
    Sophie PriceMaand geleden

    Cecilia, you have many beautiful drone shots in your videos so far...but seriously, those snowmobile shots at the end of this video 😯😍 my jaw was on the floor. Goosebumps! Just stunning and the music could not be more of a perfect match. Thank you so much ❤

  • Kim Brasileño
    Kim BrasileñoMaand geleden

    Gorgeous golden light.... and Grim!!!

  • Andrea Richardson
    Andrea RichardsonMaand geleden

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing!

    VTBCRMaand geleden

    WHOA! The drone shots were amazing!!

  • Bertrand Bouillon
    Bertrand BouillonMaand geleden

    superb video !!!

  • Clarence Mills
    Clarence MillsMaand geleden

    It was nice seeing Grimm run.

  • FelineRM
    FelineRMMaand geleden

    1:50 what music is this? :)

  • FelineRM


    Maand geleden

    oh and this too 10:50 :) those sunset colors on the snow are insaaaane

  • Marco Bezoet de Bie
    Marco Bezoet de BieMaand geleden

    Why is there metal wire outside the cabin, also against polar bears? Love this episode and the joy of first light

  • MORA
    MORAMaand geleden

    Why your boyfriend never showed on camera. He should have his own experience to share.

  • Carol Roldan
    Carol RoldanMaand geleden


  • John Geronimo
    John GeronimoMaand geleden

    That drone shot was fantastically beautiful!!! Got tears in my eyes. Thanks!!!

  • Nilofar Bawa
    Nilofar BawaMaand geleden

    Welcome the Sun! ☀️ Thank you for another amazing video! Loved to watch Grimm enjoy the sunshine and the run through snow land. Breathtaking! Hope to return to Svalbard one Spring or Autumn, either to welcome or to say goodbye to the sun. Have a wonderful week ahead! And as always stay safe. 🐾☀️🤍

  • Wim Schoenmakers
    Wim SchoenmakersMaand geleden

    Nobody forced you to live on the Nordpole! 🤣

  • Gene Kelly
    Gene KellyMaand geleden

    Can you get a sunburn in Svalbard?

  • Mark Rosenberg
    Mark RosenbergMaand geleden

    Awesome and breathtaking.

  • Lisa N
    Lisa NMaand geleden

    Breathtaking views.

  • Naji Osman
    Naji OsmanMaand geleden

    So sweet ...you are Grim playing! Welcome back sunshine 🌅

  • lynne ireland
    lynne irelandMaand geleden

    Would polar bears chase a moving object like your snow mobiles? The good thing I would imagine about using drones is that you scout out polar bears in front of you, and possibly cracks in the ice too?

  • Bubba X
    Bubba XMaand geleden

    After 20 sec. I got a scratch in my ear by that voice...

  • Elena Draghiceanu
    Elena DraghiceanuMaand geleden

    Hey, Cecilia! Firstly, I wanted to thank you for the work you put in creating such great quality and informative content! Secondly, I was wondering if you could answer two questions I have after watching this video: - why is it not recommended to stop while driving over a glacier? Are there any risks of ice collapsing underneath? - is it more comfortable to have a snowmobile for each of you or is it actually impossible for a second person to ride as a passenger on a snow mobile? Take care and keep up the good work you do! ☺️

  • Kendi Judy
    Kendi JudyMaand geleden

    Seriously so magical. That drone shot with the blowing snow and the sun took my breath away. Thank you for sharing this with all of us !!!

  • Nathali
    NathaliMaand geleden

    Make sure to get tan😊 you had a beautiful day. May you have more days like it!

  • Elisa
    ElisaMaand geleden

    "Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say...", The Beatles! I can't stop signing, lol Grim is the luckiest fur baby in the world. Christopher rides the Best snowmobile in the world! The SKIDOO!

  • Rick Green
    Rick GreenMaand geleden

    When I drive home I deal with pothole. You have glacier cracks.

  • Susan Alsembach
    Susan AlsembachMaand geleden

    Waking up to one of our last cold mornings in Ottawa (-20) and loving your video, the cold doesn’t bother me but I can’t imagine going without sun for 4 months, its nice and sunny here and going to take our dogs out!

  • CTD D
    CTD DMaand geleden

    Thank you. You make my day relaxing every time you upload. A little bit of dreaming and enjoying nature and your adventures. Thank you for taking us with you. Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Mark Goddard
    Mark GoddardMaand geleden

    I saw the sun once.

  • Gerda Snitselaar
    Gerda SnitselaarMaand geleden

    How nice to see you have sunshine 🌞again! Do you also have a vet on the island? Just thinking about Grimm. Do you take extra vitamins during the winter?

  • Jenny Harrison
    Jenny HarrisonMaand geleden

    Woohoooo! Happy Sun-day (literally!)

  • Bad Santa
    Bad SantaMaand geleden

    TIL, I take having sun everyday for granted,

  • Mariek du Toit
    Mariek du ToitMaand geleden

    Hi Cecilia, interesting to see Grim has his own little cart attached to the snowmobile as on other videos his only running next to you. How many of the 80km does he run by himself? Does he have the cart because its so far or because of safety (glacier) or when its extremely cold? Enjoy the sun!

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    Yeah I got him a "sluffe" 😍 It is mostly for his safety and comfort when we go on longer trips because my current snowmobile has such a narrow seat! He runs for a few kilometers now and then along our trip. I would say he does about 10km in total on a longer trip, with a few stops 😊

  • J. Lawrence
    J. LawrenceMaand geleden

    Your Dog ♥️ So beautiful there!

  • Zeppelin
    ZeppelinMaand geleden

    Best of the Best! - them all videos till now...

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden


  • Stuart M.
    Stuart M.Maand geleden

    That was fun! Thanks for the ride!

  • PD Motors
    PD MotorsMaand geleden

    Your joy at the new Sun is very infectious. Living in Southern Europe I guess we take it very much for granted, but your clear blue skies and general scenery are truly stunning.

  • Claire Deare
    Claire DeareMaand geleden

    Looks like you had a magical weekend!

  • Cecilia Blomdahl

    Cecilia Blomdahl

    Maand geleden

    It really was! 🤩🤩

  • Mira Marity
    Mira MarityMaand geleden

    OMG ... the moments when Grim was running next to you on the road, looked back at you, sometimes slipping across in front of your sled, it was pure freedom itself. And when you sent up the drone and we saw the wind chasing the snow on the snow field and the whole landscape rippled and the horizon flashed in divine colors ... it was simply so overflowing that I had to cry ... it was the catharsis of my day, so I am very grateful for it.