Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom on Harpsichord #shorts


Vengaboys on Harpsichord - boom boom boom boom #shorts
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  • Senhor supremo de marte
    Senhor supremo de marte9 uur geleden

    Orgulho de ser brasileiro nessas horas

  • Corrie De Beer
    Corrie De Beer12 uur geleden

    i want thy in myth roometh

  • Di Se
    Di Se16 uur geleden

    "Ну где же ручки, ну где же ваши ручки.." российская группа "Руки вверх"

  • RavenNevah
    RavenNevah21 uur geleden

    full version, please

  • Luigi Viking
    Luigi VikingDag geleden

    I'm sure this is possible but can you do the last fight scene song from the movie Bloodsport the original 80s movies

  • Hans von Hochtann
    Hans von Hochtann2 dagen geleden

    From which Harpsichor maker is this wonderful instrument? And from which original was it copied? I thank you most kindly for a reply

  • Olivia The Flute Girl
    Olivia The Flute Girl2 dagen geleden

    Bwv 116 ficaria bem da época

  • Øyvind Svanevik
    Øyvind Svanevik3 dagen geleden

    Boom, boom, boom, boom!! I want you in my room Let's spend the night together From now until forever Boom, boom, boom, boom!! I wanna go boom boom Let's spend the night together Together in my room

  • p1rgit
    p1rgit3 dagen geleden

    also, sir, mylord, can you do beatles on harpsichord, please? what you think suits best the instrument. P.S. Eternal Dreamers did some, but i do not like it very much... i am sure you, mylord, do better - if it is possible :)

  • p1rgit
    p1rgit3 dagen geleden

    at least you tube algorithm reads my comments :) i just told that mozart sounds better on harpsichord and it so concluded that everything sounds better on that. well... not totally wrong.

  • Anton Mahoney
    Anton Mahoney3 dagen geleden

    Play that at 0.5 speed

  • Michael David
    Michael David3 dagen geleden

    Sounds like an 80's song on a video game

  • PaoloMG
    PaoloMG4 dagen geleden

    Imagine traveling back in time and playing this song on an 18th century masked ball in Venice

  • The_Oracle


    Dag geleden

    "I guess you aren't quite ready for that yet.. but your kids are gonna love it" 😂

  • bartekokot
    bartekokot4 dagen geleden

    This video made my day. And made me finally subscribe to your channel. Thank you!

  • Bartek Drewnowski
    Bartek Drewnowski4 dagen geleden

    I want full version

  • Al M
    Al M5 dagen geleden

    Wow, you really can do all the classics! :-D

  • Emese Bartók
    Emese Bartók5 dagen geleden

    Imagine Bach come up with something like this.

  • Anindya Miskovic
    Anindya Miskovic5 dagen geleden


  • BuddySteve
    BuddySteve5 dagen geleden

    You should do more songs like this! You could have a much larger following if you did complete songs!

  • MB Matheus Brazil
    MB Matheus Brazil6 dagen geleden


  • KronosVengence
    KronosVengence6 dagen geleden

    Why the hell does this sound so catchy to me? Like, I know the original song, but there’s something about how you play it that just makes it better

  • Sven H. BPM
    Sven H. BPM6 dagen geleden

    the 90er are back! cool. ♪♪♪

  • Rodolfo Enrique Aviles Zafiro
    Rodolfo Enrique Aviles Zafiro6 dagen geleden

    And this is how the style would be heard in the age where Thomas Edison lived

  • pinguimmendes
    pinguimmendes7 dagen geleden

    Maaaaaaaaiiiiii queremos maaaaaaiiiiiisssss, quem quer mais da like pro vinheteiro ver e fazer maaaaaaaaaiiiiiissssss o cravo é sensacional

  • Dávid Berki
    Dávid Berki7 dagen geleden

    I just want to drink a RedBull.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty7 dagen geleden

    again and again and again :-) why is it so short? ;-) Dankeschön

  • Emma Larsson
    Emma Larsson7 dagen geleden

    If that cembalo was alive it would say: Kill me now!

  • Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV
    Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV7 dagen geleden

    Wow! Great short video👍my friend. Hope we are friends?

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards7 dagen geleden

    Do "We Like to Party"

  • S I O M A I
    S I O M A I7 dagen geleden

    Thanks now I can't get it out of my head

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    7 dagen geleden

    Boom boom boom boom

  • Daniela Vecchio
    Daniela Vecchio7 dagen geleden

    Great!!! It would be nice to have a video where you make a mashup dance the 90s on cembalo

  • Valeria Martucci
    Valeria Martucci7 dagen geleden

    Full version please!

  • João Victor Penariol Baracat
    João Victor Penariol Baracat8 dagen geleden

    Que caralhos ser isto? 😁

  • Erick Cazares
    Erick Cazares8 dagen geleden

    Can we get more like this 👍

  • Fabricio Kirsch
    Fabricio Kirsch8 dagen geleden

    Boom boom boom boom, batatas com atum, ketchup com maionese, depois o que tu queres?

  • Santiago Ribs
    Santiago Ribs8 dagen geleden

    Cara, muito legal essa versão, parabéns!!!

  • JustJesseツ
    JustJesseツ8 dagen geleden

    It sounded really good!

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    7 dagen geleden

    Já passa a partitura

  • Celso Bjj
    Celso Bjj8 dagen geleden


  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    7 dagen geleden

    I bet you can’t do the fat man! Fats domino

  • modelllichtsysteme
    modelllichtsysteme8 dagen geleden

    more #shorts please!

  • Михаил Чураков

    Михаил Чураков

    8 dagen geleden


  • Lucy Esteller
    Lucy Esteller8 dagen geleden


  • Patrick Ribeiro Edelman
    Patrick Ribeiro Edelman8 dagen geleden

    You guys don't understand how much Vinheteiro loves and cares about his fans And that's why this is pinned

  • Shem Junior Naidu
    Shem Junior Naidu8 dagen geleden

    Where is the staring contest?

  • Bumbu Elias
    Bumbu Elias8 dagen geleden

  • Albert Fiter
    Albert Fiter8 dagen geleden

    Boom boom boom boom

  • Carlo Pagnozzi
    Carlo Pagnozzi8 dagen geleden


  • Z.S Junior
    Z.S Junior8 dagen geleden

    nldron.infomJ2xoYJQpf8?feature=share Air on the g string

  • same ne gamer
    same ne gamer9 dagen geleden

    can u play soviet march pls

  • Laurie Penner
    Laurie Penner9 dagen geleden

    Full version please!!

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni9 dagen geleden


  • Ryan the pianist

    Ryan the pianist

    8 dagen geleden

    SWAG4LIFE9 dagen geleden

    Why is the top part of the Harpsichord moving by itself?

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez9 dagen geleden

    I bet you can’t do the fat man! Fats domino

  • Eloá Santos
    Eloá Santos9 dagen geleden

    Já passa a partitura

  • Bames Jond
    Bames Jond9 dagen geleden

    People partying in the 17th century be like :

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    9 dagen geleden


  • Carlos MS
    Carlos MS9 dagen geleden

    When you bet with somebody you are going to do something nobody has done before

  • Gamunu Bandara
    Gamunu Bandara9 dagen geleden

    J. S. Bach joined the chat.

  • Remeris
    Remeris9 dagen geleden

    Was expecting some John Lee Hooker

  • 5boi Henry Stickmin A.K.A The Bee Named Jolly
    5boi Henry Stickmin A.K.A The Bee Named Jolly9 dagen geleden

    i want a full version of this.

  • Shade ON
    Shade ON9 dagen geleden

    De onde é essa música, ja ouvi

  • Walter
    Walter9 dagen geleden

    Cembalo has a wonderful sound but maintenance is a pain.

  • Tom Br
    Tom Br9 dagen geleden

    We want moar harpsichord!! Really cool

  • Ryan the pianist

    Ryan the pianist

    8 dagen geleden

  • Freddie Jones
    Freddie Jones9 dagen geleden

    Now do Dr Dre on a harpsichord

  • The Mozart Thug
    The Mozart Thug9 dagen geleden

    Bach, deep down........was a venga boy

  • Swag Cat
    Swag Cat9 dagen geleden


  • Swag Cat

    Swag Cat

    5 uur geleden


  • chloe devereaux
    chloe devereaux9 dagen geleden

    boom boom boom boom my harpsichord go zoom, lets spend the night together my clavinet and mahler :D

  • Haley G
    Haley G9 dagen geleden

    the vengacarriage is coming and everybodys jumpin

  • J Ad
    J Ad9 dagen geleden

    So THIS is what Otto does when he's not playing table tennis!

  • Ryan the pianist

    Ryan the pianist

    8 dagen geleden

  • Dyatlov
    Dyatlov10 dagen geleden


  • Arthur 05
    Arthur 0510 dagen geleden

    Play System of a Down on Piano please !!!

  • Wifibitz -
    Wifibitz -10 dagen geleden

    I am politely begging for a full version because I’ve been listening to this on loop for like a half hour now

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    5 dagen geleden

    the 90er are back! cool. ♪♪♪

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    5 dagen geleden

    I can't believe it. Finally, after years, this song is back again. let's cheer about this.

  • Daniel Castro Machado
    Daniel Castro Machado10 dagen geleden

    Tem que arrumar uma roupa de época

  • resireg


    9 dagen geleden

    Em 96 no meu colégio, a moda era o moletom ou camisa do Hard Rock Café ou Planet Hollywood, com o nome da cidade (pra mostra que vc era uma pessoa viajada ou que tinha parentes que compravam presentes no exterior). Também tinha a camiseta Big Johnson. Eu pedi pra minha mãe e ela ficou horrorizada pq era vulgar demais (mas essa era a graça), ou camisetas das baladas de Cancún como Señor Frogs, Carlos n Charlies. Eu nao tinha nada disso e paguei o preço por ser mal vestido.

  • Vojtěch Varmuža
    Vojtěch Varmuža10 dagen geleden

    Boom, boom, boom, boom on the cembalo? This is baroque version this song. Wow. Super video.

  • Roberto Varani
    Roberto Varani10 dagen geleden


  • PianogirlA
    PianogirlA10 dagen geleden

    Just noticed that the harpsichord key colors are the opposite of piano keys. Isn't it hard to tell those black keys apart?

  • Tito Rosado

    Tito Rosado

    9 dagen geleden

    No, not really

  • Pete the Norwegian
    Pete the Norwegian10 dagen geleden

    Please perform this in a musical theatre

  • Ryan the pianist

    Ryan the pianist

    8 dagen geleden

  • MrOhyeah23
    MrOhyeah2310 dagen geleden

    Is there a video of Vinheterio playing Insomnia by Faithless?

  • Ansa Lee
    Ansa Lee10 dagen geleden

    Hallo! Ich liebe diesen Kanal! 💓 könntest du vielleicht mal ein Video mit Intermediate Songs machen ? Das wäre großartig 🌺💓😁

  • Сергей Дёмин
    Сергей Дёмин10 dagen geleden


  • Ismaele Caleca
    Ismaele Caleca10 dagen geleden

    Joplin in harpsichord plz

  • Александр Беляков
    Александр Беляков10 dagen geleden

    НУ ГДЕ ЖЕ РУЧКИ.... фейспалм)))

  • Ryan the pianist

    Ryan the pianist

    8 dagen geleden

  • Renato Morais
    Renato Morais10 dagen geleden

    Sim, e o master? Morreu mesmo?

  • Wonka_123
    Wonka_12310 dagen geleden

    Please Beethoven on Harpsichorp

  • World War kid 2
    World War kid 210 dagen geleden

    Idk why but he looks like rainn wilson

  • Isaac
    Isaac10 dagen geleden

    Hey dude, I know you probably won’t read this and even if you do your most likely won’t do it but could you play changes by xxxtentacion on the piano

  • Robert Palfrey
    Robert Palfrey10 dagen geleden

    Anyone else getting Armstrong & Miller vibes ? :D

  • TheGuy
    TheGuy11 dagen geleden

    I can't believe it. Finally, after years, this song is back again. let's cheer about this.

  • Ryan the pianist

    Ryan the pianist

    8 dagen geleden

  • Paulo Prieto
    Paulo Prieto11 dagen geleden

    Mestre Lord, eu imploro. Faça uma Homenagem ao André Matos!

  • Massimiliano De Santis
    Massimiliano De Santis11 dagen geleden

    Please do something with Robert Miles

  • AF Bergen
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    Flavio Santos Lorenzo11 dagen geleden

    Top hen vinheteiro . Parabéns.

  • Super Loser
    Super Loser11 dagen geleden

    Toca jojo

  • DJ Smith 2021
    DJ Smith 202111 dagen geleden

    How about Have you ever heard Baby Shark in a Minor Key?

  • Sarp D.
    Sarp D.11 dagen geleden

    very good.

  • Amy Sanchez
    Amy Sanchez11 dagen geleden

    Thank u for all your videos.... I love then ... especially the ones with that beautiful lady... ✌️✌️Keep them coming

  • Nime otaku
    Nime otaku11 dagen geleden

    All the pianos have passed the century, the harpsichord is our choice. Пианино прошлый век, клавесин наш выбор.

  • Kaye Anne Valerio TV21
    Kaye Anne Valerio TV2111 dagen geleden

    Wow Sir 🎵🎶🎵🎶 !!!!

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    "Boom Boom Boom Boom" that title is so me

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    So strange of me

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    You're everywhere 😳

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    silvia dunch

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    Hurry up and boom boom boom I’m tired of paying taxes

  • People said my Username was Offensive

    People said my Username was Offensive

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    Boom Boom Korea

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    Diego Barbosa Andreoli

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    The best kim

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    Snickers Eats Cookies

    9 dagen geleden

    I agree

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American11 dagen geleden

    While I'm a bigger fan of their song We Like to Party (because of Mr. Six), this song on the harpsichord is still a fine work of art. It actually sounds even better on it

  • Salva T

    Salva T

    9 dagen geleden

    stop following me pls

  • Belal Abu Sultan

    Belal Abu Sultan

    11 dagen geleden

    this cover gave me the impresion that the song was deeper than it actually is lol

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    This is when the camera pans around to a Nokia 3210

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    You stink?