USA vs Mexico 3-2 Highlights All Goals CNL Finals 7.06.2021


  • Azzura Heavenly
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  • KeyArs767 Willhelm
    KeyArs767 WillhelmDag geleden

    see you in the final of the gold cup, corrupt

  • KeyArs767 Willhelm
    KeyArs767 WillhelmDag geleden

    as always concacaf receiving the money from the USA

  • Ajaay Shharrma
    Ajaay Shharrma4 dagen geleden

    What a rollercoaster ride this match is😳🔥

  • K L
    K L5 dagen geleden

    Well done USA!

  • Landry Etoundi
    Landry Etoundi9 dagen geleden

    USA beats mexico !Thanks god !USA!USA

  • Peace O
    Peace O10 dagen geleden

    And soccer is not even a major sport here in the US. Well, maybe after bull riding. What does that say about a country like Mexico that's supposed to be futbol crazy?

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    6 dagen geleden

    @Peace O Of course, I know football in every region except latin America. And Africa doesn't have better facilities than China, Japan and South Korea.Japan and SK have the facilities, just not the culture, that's how there's a fair amount of Japanese and Korean footballers in top leagues. In fact they have more good players than most African countries lol (despite African countries having a boost with how many young people migrate to Europe at a young age)

  • Peace O

    Peace O

    6 dagen geleden

    @Zlatan Ibrahimovic Okay. That makes sense. That's why there are more Africans in European clubs, supposedly the gold standard of soccer, than Asians. Because Africa has better facilities than Asian countries like, Japan, China, or South Korea.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    6 dagen geleden

    I'm not Mexican but that's kinda unfair to them. There's lots of factors to consider. If there's a football culture, how long it has existed, and if the country has the facilities. Most countries have the football culture yet most can't even think of playing in the WC or continental cup. In Indonesia if you're a boy you play football, same for our neighbours like Thailand, Vietnam, etc yet the best player from here is not even a silver card in FIFA. Because football became big recently compared to South America or Europe with 100+ years of developing their society with football. Same reason why Africa is better than Asia, even they had a headstart compared to us. We don't have facilities either. The US may not have the culture but their facilities are elite.

  • Alexandro Sandoval
    Alexandro Sandoval11 dagen geleden

    Guardado checks his closet and under his bed for Ethan Horvath 🇺🇸💯

  • Socorro Morales
    Socorro Morales11 dagen geleden

    Solo así ganan con ayuda del estupido árbitro cuánto le pagaron,porque USA no da una solo con ayuda y trampas.

  • Danilo Mayorga
    Danilo Mayorga13 dagen geleden

    I want the us 🇺🇸 goalkeeper for the Ecuadorian team

  • KeViN
    KeViN13 dagen geleden

    pense que mexico era mejor F

  • YT_Gumball
    YT_Gumball15 dagen geleden

    This final gave me chills-

  • Dreezer
    Dreezer16 dagen geleden

    This is the worst football I've ever seen

  • Santos Gonzalez

    Santos Gonzalez

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  • K2SoaP GG

    K2SoaP GG

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  • Ivo Djangradovic
    Ivo Djangradovic16 dagen geleden

    Funny Tacohead, hehehe

    LEE CHANG FENG DAVID16 dagen geleden


  • Allan Alva
    Allan Alva17 dagen geleden

    I am American and Peruvian, happy to see Peru make it to semi finals in Copa America and it is awesome to watch the USA get better and better. This was a great win, against the most competitive team in Copa de Oro. The intensity of the game was as if they were playing the World Cup. God Bless the USA!

  • Hibban Official
    Hibban Official17 dagen geleden

    Gw kesini gara² tik tok njir😅

  • vgv


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  • Luntau Sintan
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  • Harry Nightingale
    Harry Nightingale17 dagen geleden

    English person here and usa goalkeeper was on point id be surprised if I don't see him in the Premier league after that game pure class

  • Alex Waterman

    Alex Waterman

    12 dagen geleden

    he's signed to forest

  • yaboibow
    yaboibow18 dagen geleden

    who else miss tim howard best gk in american history

  • Alfredo Hernandez
    Alfredo Hernandez18 dagen geleden

    Le.metienro el.chilillo a mexico

  • James Watadza
    James Watadza19 dagen geleden

    Since the US women's team is "so good" and "the best in the world" they should play the men's team and teach them a thing or two about football/soccer.

  • yeetus fetus

    yeetus fetus

    13 dagen geleden

    The US women team got destroyed 5-0 by 15 years old kids

  • Xbox4 Life
    Xbox4 Life20 dagen geleden

    Dam from the highlights I can tell this game was intense !

  • Iwan Bottos
    Iwan Bottos20 dagen geleden

    I am from Holland and I wished that our national team had half the heart that these guys posess . An incredible match that deserved a better highlights video . Great match by two top teams .

  • Dead Last
    Dead Last21 dag geleden

    Best decision by the coach to replace the GK. Because the starting GK suck he let 2 easy one in

  • Cynthia Martin
    Cynthia Martin21 dag geleden

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  • Randolph Julian
    Randolph Julian22 dagen geleden

    Anyone think it is unfair that Mexico get the advantage of playing the finals in Colorado? The Mexicans play at high altitudes in MX and the Azteca Stadium is at a high altitude. This is one of many examples of how the US Federation screws over our team. They have never gone after a single promising Mexican American player. The Federation makes the team play where there is a large home base for the other team ie playing Porto Rico in Jersey to sell more tickets instead of playing in Ohio.

  • Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet

    12 dagen geleden

    Not really an advantage since America spent time in Europe in the mountains of Switzerland

  • Raflex97
    Raflex9723 dagen geleden

    Wtf 👌usa

  • Cartoon Entertainment
    Cartoon Entertainment23 dagen geleden

    best game I ever watched

  • Jogo no Smart
    Jogo no Smart23 dagen geleden

    Estados Unidos como sempre com goleiros muitos bons

  • Sitchi G
    Sitchi G24 dagen geleden

    pulisic reminds me donovan

  • top score
    top score26 dagen geleden

    Horvath won the game bro idc who scored.

  • lil nugz
    lil nugz27 dagen geleden

    Usa was on fire tonight congrats usa and dam mexico my family was drinking and making mango with tajin for you😂

  • Alan Tanner
    Alan Tanner27 dagen geleden

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  • DeepBlue
    DeepBlue28 dagen geleden

    So many great games!! USA vs MEX FRA vs SWS CZR vs NLD Did I miss any?

  • Emmauel Benoit

    Emmauel Benoit

    26 dagen geleden

    The Dutch played horribly against the Czechs

  • Samuel Sir
    Samuel Sir28 dagen geleden

    Tim Howard: you ready? Horvath: yea

  • Michelle Theissen
    Michelle Theissen29 dagen geleden

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  • Justin Horn
    Justin Horn29 dagen geleden

    This was a great game

  • Luis Segovia
    Luis Segovia29 dagen geleden

    Nunca vi un equipo tan grande como México.. Solo por debajo de argentina y brasil... Ojalá que mi selección juege alguna vez como ellos... La. Copa América no es nada!!!! Saludos desde chile

  • Luis Segovia

    Luis Segovia

    13 dagen geleden

    @Ariel Von der Heide ironía captada.... Felicitaciones por el título de América... Fueron el. Mejor equipo

  • Ariel Von der Heide

    Ariel Von der Heide

    13 dagen geleden

    @Luis Segovia JAJAJJJJAJAJA

  • Luis Segovia

    Luis Segovia

    13 dagen geleden

    @Ariel Von der Heide el nivel de los jugadores de México es lo más elevado que vi... Un ejemplo es cuando el chavo juega con kiko en la vecindad...

  • Ariel Von der Heide

    Ariel Von der Heide

    13 dagen geleden

    La seleccion de mexico es lo mas bajo de conmebol si estuviera, como se nota que no mirás futbol

  • Fernando Balina
    Fernando Balina29 dagen geleden

    No hay más pecho frio que México... pobre Tata.

  • Supermassive Black Hole
    Supermassive Black HoleMaand geleden

    Good to see United States doing well from UK👍🏻

  • Angel Solis
    Angel SolisMaand geleden

    USA will get much better than Mexico. We are now interested in soccer. More resources for players

  • K2SoaP GG

    K2SoaP GG

    15 dagen geleden

    Your team beat Mexico in 2002 World Cup before. Not surprise lol

  • Ruben Dario Forero Carrillo
    Ruben Dario Forero CarrilloMaand geleden

    todos los goles muy buenos... a mi personalmente me parecio un golazo el de austria

  • Douglas Batista
    Douglas BatistaMaand geleden

    Coitado do México, é só levando lapada dos EUA até no futebol, e jogando muito melhor.

  • harimau liar
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  • Limb Rubcri
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  • Maelodas
    MaelodasMaand geleden

    I’m looking for the idiot who said “no Mexican player has won the champions league.” When Rafa Márquez won one with Barcelona against Arsenal.

  • vbhfh tuyth
    vbhfh tuythMaand geleden

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  • Irawan Irawan
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  • Alberto Soto
    Alberto SotoMaand geleden

    no debio cobrar penal

  • Alexa Hepple
    Alexa HeppleMaand geleden

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  • BigFoot
    BigFootMaand geleden

    Los periodistas Mexicanos hablan de estar al mismo nivel que Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, etc etc y luego perdemos así, dando lástima, contra Estados Unidos, un país que ni siquiera clasificó al mundial.

  • Ricardo Garcia de freitas
    Ricardo Garcia de freitasMaand geleden

    Valeu estados unidos voceis mereceram ganharam bem jogaram bem valeu

  • U
    UMaand geleden

    The fact that the US fans barely celebrated that last minute goal shows how far behind they are in football.

  • U


    Maand geleden

    @Andrew Segura can you not read.

  • Andrew Segura

    Andrew Segura

    Maand geleden


  • Sherlock H.
    Sherlock H.Maand geleden

    Congratulations USA for winner to Mexico , Mexico isn’t concacaf giant . USA is mi favorite team. I am Mexican 👍

  • Eduardo Perez Duran

    Eduardo Perez Duran

    26 dagen geleden

    Yo tambien le voy a USA, y soy mexicano

  • Lone Star
    Lone StarMaand geleden

    Congratulation to all of you USA team, we are proud of you beating a very dedicated team. Mexico always has the one of the best team. Bravo USA.

  • Nur Mohmad
    Nur MohmadMaand geleden

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  • Anton Yang
    Anton YangMaand geleden

    makes me regret not watching the whole match!

    SPHY KHIDMaand geleden

    USA goaly did amazing and fantastic

    SPHY KHIDMaand geleden

    What a match, Goosebumps

  • robert osei
    robert oseiMaand geleden

    It's a grown man's goal!....what kind of commentary is that?!

  • Trippi Bethea
    Trippi BetheaMaand geleden

    I like that Mexico got that PK at the end. It was the right call, but also i felt like them getting one last shot was fitting given that we went ahead on a PK and how close a match it was.

  • Seyha - KH
    Seyha - KHMaand geleden

  • A K
    A KMaand geleden

    This USA team has guts to face any team from world

  • phamvangam nguyenganga
    phamvangam nguyengangaMaand geleden

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  • F Bakjer

    F Bakjer

    Maand geleden

    Lost in translation

  • Bumardinhos
    BumardinhosMaand geleden

    There’s Ochoa on both teams

  • Callum Corrigan
    Callum CorriganMaand geleden

    Do u call it soccer or what like its football

  • Stanley Elvondo
    Stanley ElvondoMaand geleden

    There's nothing as amazing as a tactical coach...I was wondering all of the 1st half if The USA didn't have a goalkeeper.. This starter seems like a Mexican supporter

  • 富永翔史
    富永翔史Maand geleden

    Wow, what a drastic game. I couldn’t watch this game on time but I know I should do that, must be moved!!

  • KausaRockCom
    KausaRockComMaand geleden

    The US team is full o young player but with a lot of experience

  • Derick Ochieng
    Derick OchiengMaand geleden


  • Christian Arbulu
    Christian ArbuluMaand geleden

    Intense games like this one does not happen pretty often between concacaf’s nations. What a game that was! Good for USA, the future surely looks bright.

  • A AA
    A AAMaand geleden

    100% soccer

  • LR Julián
    LR JuliánMaand geleden

    México perdió por que así lo quiso

  • BoM 123
    BoM 123Maand geleden


  • gary johnson
    gary johnsonMaand geleden

    Commentary sound like it's WWE 🚶🚶

  • Sherpa Youth
    Sherpa YouthMaand geleden

    Good job USA

  • Luis Zarricueta
    Luis ZarricuetaMaand geleden

    Que les pasó a los que se creen los mejores del mundo???jajajaja

  • Tony Santos
    Tony SantosMaand geleden

    Parabéns! Parabéns! Estados Unidos. 👏👏👏

  • Kariana Yuditee
    Kariana YuditeeMaand geleden

    Asi sus periodistas hablan que spn lpos mejores perdierpn aqui jajaja

  • Shamel A
    Shamel AMaand geleden

    Imagine them in the euros...lmao

  • yeetus fetus

    yeetus fetus

    13 dagen geleden

    Even North Macedonia and Turkey would beat them

  • John Doe
    John DoeMaand geleden

    What a goal keeper omg stunning saves

  • Che Palino
    Che PalinoMaand geleden

    More US and Canadian players should try hard to play in Europe, then we'll see real competision vs south America

  • Ashfa Creations
    Ashfa CreationsMaand geleden

  • michael kryvanis
    michael kryvanisMaand geleden

    I'm obv very happy the US won but can we ever have a team that doesnt give a goal in the first 5 mins in a big international match?

  • arlén robles
    arlén roblesMaand geleden

    Si en realidad estuvieran en contra de la verdadera homofobia hubieran hecho algo en contra de Rusia y Qatar pero no ahí sí se callan y no hacen nada! La FMF le sigue la corriente a la FIFA por miedo, no argumentan nada que de verdad pueda servir, alineados a lo que la MALDITA FIFA corrupta, hipócrita y Mercenaria quiera. Con más razón #SiAlGritoDePuto!

  • redfhg rghy
    redfhg rghyMaand geleden

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  • arlén robles
    arlén roblesMaand geleden

    Si Al Grito!!! Por que NO se hace por homofobia, quién lo está haciendo ver por homofobia es la FIFA y los borregos, Intransigente es lo que está siendo la FIFA y el Mercenario de Infantino 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Anıl Uner
    Anıl UnerMaand geleden

    I love My Beautiful USA more than myself.

  • dalogo6310
    dalogo6310Maand geleden

    A qué hora van a correr al Tata de la selección de México

  • Barbaro Garcia
    Barbaro GarciaMaand geleden


  • Marcelo Ferreira
    Marcelo FerreiraMaand geleden

    No pênalti

  • Jean-Luc Picard
    Jean-Luc PicardMaand geleden

    Double... Level 😂

  • Marcos Aviz
    Marcos AvizMaand geleden

    BRASIL 🇧🇷👏

  • Brigitha Ninu
    Brigitha NinuMaand geleden

    Video. Hot

  • OR AZ ZA
    OR AZ ZAMaand geleden

    Mexico FAKE

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  • Luis Maciel
    Luis MacielMaand geleden

    México pocho

  • Luis Maciel
    Luis MacielMaand geleden