Tyron Woodley altercation with Jake Paul Team at the Fight


Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul have words about a bet and goes back and forth with boxer J'Leon Love at Triller Fight Boxing
Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul
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  • james evans
    james evansUur geleden

    Mma woodley wins, boxing love wins, street fight woodley wins.

  • Joey E
    Joey EUur geleden

    Boxers really think they can take MMA fighters in a real fight? Tyron could literally dump that Joker on his head anytime he wants.

  • kuban mangos
    kuban mangos5 uur geleden

    Slater lol 😆

  • DynamiteECP
    DynamiteECP5 uur geleden

    J.Leon Love is the living Definition of a Clown "i got my belts too" tf u talking about the only belts u got is the one u used to get beat with as a kid stupid ! Woodley could literally kill the whole room if he wanted to..

  • Scott Michael
    Scott Michael14 uur geleden

    You could hear the ticking time bomb going in Woodleys head.. he was ready to hurt some fool.

  • Gregory Kay
    Gregory Kay20 uur geleden

    Dumbest thing Stevens ever said on television... I hope

  • Andrew Diaz
    Andrew DiazDag geleden

    I love boxing and will always back a boxer over an MMA fighter. Except J'leon love, I hope woodley knocks him out.

  • Lamb Sauce
    Lamb SauceDag geleden

    Lol imagine if this guy spoke like that to masvidal or one of the Diaz brothers, the locker room would’ve turned into the octagon lmao

  • Travis Toole
    Travis TooleDag geleden

    Leon talking trash!! 😂 😂 he knew he wasn’t gone thrown no hands though!! 😂

  • Toejam Unlimited
    Toejam UnlimitedDag geleden

    It's crazy how big headed J Leon and Jake Paul are getting. So disrespectful, how about J Leon get in the cage with Tyrone😂😂and Jake. They won't at all, Ben is not even a striker lol. Shid what JLeon know about those MMA gloves tho💤

  • Nut Buster
    Nut BusterDag geleden

    This is like two school kids saying I know you are but what am I no I know you are but what am I I know you are but what am I

  • PerfeccLaineyy
    PerfeccLaineyyDag geleden

    Leon would put hands on Woodley Trust me

  • jk Sureiya

    jk Sureiya

    Dag geleden

    If jleon and tyron got into a fight tyron would beat the life out of jleon

  • Tammy Owen
    Tammy OwenDag geleden

    All that talking he was doing...somebody southpaw this dude

  • ORKA _ SD
    ORKA _ SDDag geleden

    Ol boy just actin hard cuz he with his homies... chump

  • Rashard Haynes
    Rashard HaynesDag geleden

    Get mike Tyson trainer with Jake

  • Wes Craven
    Wes Craven2 dagen geleden

    Song name?

  • Juan cisneros
    Juan cisneros2 dagen geleden

    A guy talking shit but still calling him champ...lol

  • BackwoodBandit 666
    BackwoodBandit 6662 dagen geleden

    ‘Signed to Al Haymon’ Bruh ain’t had a fight in how long? Main event? J Leon Trash 🗑

  • Alfredo Barragan
    Alfredo Barragan2 dagen geleden

    Boxers talk big like if they're belts mean anything a college wrestler would kill canelo ground and pound

  • Eric Brandon
    Eric Brandon2 dagen geleden

    Tyron kills this guy, easy work!

  • SDALiiON
    SDALiiON2 dagen geleden

    J. Leon love, what a disgrace to boxing, this idiot is a professional cheerleader now enjoy your "belts" champ

  • Jake Vaud
    Jake Vaud2 dagen geleden

    “You don’t know bout these” *holding 12 oz’s* Mma fighters wear *4oz* gloves

  • Stephen R. Bigelow Jr.
    Stephen R. Bigelow Jr.3 dagen geleden

    TWood would Homicide everyone in that room. They got lucky. That clown JLove would run from TWood in a street fight.

  • Joseph Gutierrez
    Joseph Gutierrez3 dagen geleden

    That dude don't shut up he want attention so bad

  • Noe Garcia
    Noe Garcia3 dagen geleden

    Yeah Yup he says that when Jake tells him to bend over.

  • Dayne Upperman
    Dayne Upperman3 dagen geleden

    When are these boxers going to start stepping in to an octagon?

  • PyrexWrx617
    PyrexWrx6173 dagen geleden

    When someone voice start cracking you know they heart rate through the roof .. he trying to play cool, we can all see who the real Alpha was in this situation

  • w!1d3r


    3 dagen geleden

    You don't know about theeeeese 🤣

  • Todd Shaw
    Todd Shaw3 dagen geleden

    J’Leon Love lmao same guy who got knocked tf out at the palms casino in Las Vegas ????

  • Kike Santos
    Kike Santos3 dagen geleden


  • Kike Santos
    Kike Santos3 dagen geleden


  • Sam R
    Sam R4 dagen geleden

    Hold on!! Leon Love, running up his mouth to Tyron Woodley, while holding a huge tub of Vaseline??? Cant really take him seriously.

  • tony neal
    tony neal4 dagen geleden

    Crazy how j Leon training the Paul brothers but he was signed to the money team. He’s was Floyd’s fighter and Floyd’s champion that Floyd mayweather brought up

  • tony neal
    tony neal4 dagen geleden

    T woodley don’t know who he talking to

  • El Panda TV
    El Panda TV4 dagen geleden

    The paul bros n their team are fkn clown 💯🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 50centAintenough X
    50centAintenough X4 dagen geleden

    Know y’all here to hate in Jake Paul but J. Leon Love is smoking Woodley in a boxing bout. Lmao woodley should’ve just called Dana.

  • Godiskingofall Jesusismysavior
    Godiskingofall Jesusismysavior4 dagen geleden

    This whole group gonna get fucked up

  • Christopher Withers
    Christopher Withers5 dagen geleden

    The utter disrespect towards world class fighters right now is insane. Grow up children.

  • Brandon Sba1990
    Brandon Sba19905 dagen geleden

    Jake acts like he actually fights real fighters lmao dude you fought a 5'6 midget retired nba player and a washed up ufc fighter with no stand up who the fuck are you dude? My cousins have been fighting there whole lifes and would sleep you in a fucking coma dude

  • BuckShot
    BuckShot5 dagen geleden

    Paul and his whole crew some clowns

  • Jack Son
    Jack Son5 dagen geleden

    Seeing him get knocked out brings joy to my Life lol

  • V T
    V T5 dagen geleden

    Man stfu J.Leon watever you are, you ain’t nobody! Don’t be talking down like dat . How’s about go in the cage wit Woodley. Pretty sure you won’t talk after dat. Smdfh tf!

  • Marcelino Mares
    Marcelino Mares5 dagen geleden

    At 1:49 their home boy on the right was like... I don't know man! 😕

  • Emerson E
    Emerson E5 dagen geleden

    J Leon is a scrub

  • laatee104 _
    laatee104 _5 dagen geleden

    1s that tlk the most always gets whooped

  • Giancarlo Loiotile
    Giancarlo Loiotile5 dagen geleden

    Is jaylon love the guy that manhandles Jake during stretches or the one that puts Vaseline on him??

  • The Roid Raged Trex
    The Roid Raged Trex5 dagen geleden

    Look like a real shady bunch. Aint about the fight, about making hype and money.

  • knicks4life11
    knicks4life115 dagen geleden

    Idk if I’d say T. Wood is a HOFer. He’s the 4th or 5th best in his division all time. GSP, Usman, Colby, Gilbert.Woodley is overrated!

  • Pastor Black
    Pastor Black6 dagen geleden

    J Leon love, you've lost your belt. You don't have a damn belt clown. You are not championship caliber. As soon as you lost your second fight Floyd dropped your dumb ass

  • Party Favors
    Party Favors6 dagen geleden

    Tyron would beat the crap out that Dude like seriously!

  • ChubbThaGOAT 216
    ChubbThaGOAT 2166 dagen geleden

    They act like people care about boxing. Boxing is dead. Their biggest events involve MMA fighters

  • ChubbThaGOAT 216
    ChubbThaGOAT 2166 dagen geleden

    Woodley would murk both those clowns at the same time.

  • Summer 1724
    Summer 17246 dagen geleden

    T'Wood: I got my belts JL Love: "I got my vaseline and u don't know about this"

  • Raybombs
    Raybombs6 dagen geleden

    Twoods patience was tested and he passed. ✔

  • Worldwide Boxing HQ
    Worldwide Boxing HQ6 dagen geleden

    How much is Jake Paul really paying this dude tho for him to be acting outta pocket like this over a NLdronr 🤣🤣🤣

  • Samwise Gamgee
    Samwise Gamgee6 dagen geleden

    Give khabib location

  • mikemillionaire81
    mikemillionaire816 dagen geleden

    This man J Leon love is trash can water! He just lose his last two fights and got ko by David Benavidez. Man if this dude don’t go sit down somewhere, lookin like a full Fledge heavyweight

  • Khan Spade
    Khan Spade7 dagen geleden

    J'leon love has never been a champ

  • solarg2b
    solarg2b7 dagen geleden

    I dont even like Tyrone but I was hoping he would spanked one of these clowns

  • Randy M
    Randy M7 dagen geleden

    He's not going to fight any real fighters I'm confused why everyone cares ?

  • The 54th
    The 54th7 dagen geleden

    Did J say he has his belts too? Since when? 😆

  • Reece Davis
    Reece Davis7 dagen geleden

    Woodley would probably kill all of them lol what they playing at 😂

    EVERLYSHADY STUDIOS7 dagen geleden

    J Leon love would embarrass Tyron Woodley and DC and any other MMA star in the boxing ring

  • Giancarlo Loiotile

    Giancarlo Loiotile

    5 dagen geleden

    Lol 1 like. Gtfo with that bs

  • H P
    H P7 dagen geleden

    2:14 da fuq

  • CiniRice
    CiniRice7 dagen geleden

    Idk if boxing gloves would ever save u in a real fight..

  • Happy Bee
    Happy Bee7 dagen geleden

    It’s like jake paul went around looking for the biggest idiots for his team. He succeeded.

  • Arch Dawgg
    Arch Dawgg7 dagen geleden

    F the gloves! See me in The Octagon.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez7 dagen geleden

    I don’t care for Tyrone’s personality, but Jakes dude got No clue with whom he’s jackin around!

  • Aricram Snika
    Aricram Snika7 dagen geleden

    Your for sure doing it for clout JLeon 🙃

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy8 dagen geleden

    Twood would wreck that J'Leon Love dude.

  • GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent
    GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent8 dagen geleden

    “You don’t know about these champ 🥊 “.... And you don’t know about getting slammed on your neck

  • Stanky Fishing
    Stanky Fishing8 dagen geleden

    Why is he even in there lol he’s just getting gassed. That whole team is professional shit talkers

  • D J
    D J8 dagen geleden

    AC FUCKING Slater

  • sêth RS
    sêth RS8 dagen geleden

    Tyron would beat em both, at the same time.

  • LaNarian Wilson
    LaNarian Wilson8 dagen geleden

    One on one tyrone woodley would eat them alive.

  • the Star Casino of Western Sydney
    the Star Casino of Western Sydney8 dagen geleden

    Nothing wrong with being humble. Im jus saying, no need to act like that. Big props to twood for not losing his cool

  • GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent
    GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent8 dagen geleden

    I bet he gets down with that Vaseline

  • Aza Kem
    Aza Kem8 dagen geleden

    Never liked woodley but who is the clown cheerleader of jake paul needs a slap

  • hruaia khawlhring
    hruaia khawlhring8 dagen geleden

    Man wasn’t confident enough to bet tho lmaoo

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan8 dagen geleden

    God damn that guy is ungodly annoying.

  • D C
    D C8 dagen geleden

    Real tough with all his boys around him u know for a fact we wouldnt be talkin like that in a dark ally. Fake gangster

    SLIME GANG8 dagen geleden

    Dude inna yellow ....NOBODY KNOWS YOU DAWG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jusaisrae
    Jusaisrae8 dagen geleden

    Tyron’s stock did go down. He’s no longer champ. Love is right, Tyron is not a great Boxer. Not sure what ya’ll are on.

  • jk Sureiya

    jk Sureiya

    8 dagen geleden

    Jleon really can’t be talking.He straight up lied about being a champ.Shit at least tyron won a belt and proved that he’s a top fighter in his sport.

    THEE KINGIONAIRE's9 dagen geleden

    This dude is supa clout chasing. If you want a piece of TWood, getcho ass in the octagon. He not talking about no damn boxing. Get in the octagon since you so charged up. These youtube dudes doing to much.

  • Brian Perry
    Brian Perry9 dagen geleden

    Tyrone Woodley doesn't even wanna waste time. That guy talking all that nonsense. Tyrone Woodley would put SMACKDOWN on the guy. And Fake Paul, Lol!!!!

  • TheEnd
    TheEnd9 dagen geleden

    Leon love I like that guy 🤣

  • Andre diaz
    Andre diaz9 dagen geleden

    What is the song in the first clip???

  • Ayu Kum

    Ayu Kum

    3 dagen geleden

    Bearson - go to sleep syre remix

  • Jlash 90
    Jlash 909 dagen geleden

    I'd love for someone to challenge these MMA guys to a straight up fight before acting all hard...

  • Anthony Romani
    Anthony Romani9 dagen geleden

    But tell they ass to get in the octagon! A real fight 💯 but everybody ohhhh can’t box of course ! Mma is not boxing and boxing is not mma . Mannnn

  • Triplows
    Triplows9 dagen geleden

    How is a failed boxer now youtubers groupie trying to start beef with a beast lmao

  • Swindle Nation
    Swindle Nation9 dagen geleden

    That’s my boy Jlove ! the 1st person to beat me. Tell’em JAY! “We do it this! “ he don’t know nothing bout them 🥊😂

  • DrummerJacob
    DrummerJacob9 dagen geleden

    The actual fight wasnt anything more than an altercation.

  • Victor Ramos
    Victor Ramos9 dagen geleden

    Boxer talking shit to a legit legend MMA champ. Stfu my man. Boxing is a joke compare to what these mma fighters do.

  • Bugzzy
    Bugzzy9 dagen geleden

    J Leon Love acting like he's some kind of an exceptional boxer when in fact he was just a B fighter throughout his career. Woodley could silence that arrogant in an instant.

  • International Tang

    International Tang

    7 dagen geleden


  • Mike Mempin
    Mike Mempin9 dagen geleden

    Jake Paul is Charlie Zelenoff with money

  • AcS
    AcS9 dagen geleden

    Boxing is fighting....but MMA is FIGHTING.

  • XXX Encryptacion
    XXX Encryptacion9 dagen geleden

    Who is that clown ?? Boxer LOL talking shit to tyron

  • Mattt Alllen
    Mattt Alllen10 dagen geleden

    I can’t believe woodley thought Ben was gonna win that makes me question his knowledge of fighting

  • beachbum Lifestyle
    beachbum Lifestyle10 dagen geleden

    Jake Paul made all you real fighters look real stupid 😂😂😂

    NUDDA HUNDO10 dagen geleden

    Street fight tyron would wash him ....

  • Tony DeanDriskell
    Tony DeanDriskell10 dagen geleden

    Woodley would give Love the business in a real fight! I've NEVER once seen Love in war or in a exciting fight.