Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Ice


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First To Mine The Diamond, Keeps It
Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Cardboard
1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell


  • JustDustin
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    First To Mine The Diamond, Keeps It Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Cardboard​ 1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell

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    dmgrgj@Your Akuma

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    mepls god

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    Shawn Metz

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    Holy crap Trent just tore everything down jeez lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Master Donut

    Master Donut

    10 dagen geleden

    The "twisty knife" is really called a tri edge knife, and it is illegal in warfare

  • Kaitlynn hi

    Kaitlynn hi

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  • Ana Reyes
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  • kristoff wei castro
    kristoff wei castro3 uur geleden

    Has anybody been here because some of you thought it was unspeakable 😂

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  • Trails God
    Trails God11 uur geleden

    13:51 the hell is going on

  • Trails God
    Trails God11 uur geleden

    2:52 the shovel attacks back

  • Nolen Adolphson
    Nolen Adolphson12 uur geleden

    Do 100 layers of Legos

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    The end🤣🤣🤣

  • silencedhunter041
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    Was I the only person who saw the time go from 49 minutes to 54 minutes time 0.49 2.02

  • Takacs Lehel
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  • 6C柯安帝
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    wouldn't be smart to silp right frow

  • Dafna Noy
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    Dustin u should have seen ur face 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Strange Rat
    Strange RatDag geleden

    Medal and ice do not go together cause of the vibration.

  • Level 25 Gaming
    Level 25 GamingDag geleden

    This accepts the fact that people would do this for money and “win” the prize they don’t even get to keep, they say 10k to trick people into clicking on the video and watch them do something that they don’t even win anything from...which is petty and cruel (i just realized that I clicked on the wrong video and spent about 5 minutes trying to come up with words that would seem smart but really they came out of my childish mind of mine and decided to say good enough and when I saw the 100 layers I was like “I typed that all for nothing” and I just realized something else I have been typing this comment for about 15 minutes in total and I really want to delete my comment but I don’t want to at the same time) but hey nice work Justin...

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    just pewdepie faker

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    wow just wow I don't even have any words to discribe this video

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    Akimbo axes

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    1:38 same bro lol

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    stolen from mr beast

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    2 dagen geleden


  • Blakerr *-*
    Blakerr *-*2 dagen geleden

    What are they eating???

  • iTzArcur
    iTzArcur2 dagen geleden

    Even a kid is smarter to break that ice in a hour

  • Brian S
    Brian S2 dagen geleden

    How does one build an ice wall? And where do you get cell bars?

  • Haun Rithy
    Haun Rithy3 dagen geleden

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm did ask mr beast for the video idea??

  • claire rose
    claire rose3 dagen geleden

    This guy just copies unspeakable

  • clumsy
    clumsy3 dagen geleden

    after 300 hours still doesnt have goggles

  • Zlatý
    Zlatý3 dagen geleden

    'this wood is made out of wood' 6:37 logic

  • leftybizkit Yeoh
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    Thank you to teach me how to play basketball 😁😁😁😁

  • JACK Track
    JACK Track3 dagen geleden

    dustin is canadian, he doesnt need a jacket

  • SkyNet713
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    I would have kept stabbing it to make a hole shape to crack open and get out

  • Diana Manns
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    oo no

  • A Gonzales
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    Trent is a mass of destruction

  • C0opEr Idk
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    Why did they have that many weapons 😬🤫

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  • Torie Czajkowski
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    I love your videos

  • Harrison gaming yeet
    Harrison gaming yeet4 dagen geleden

    Jeremy: the wombo combo! Me: what the hell's kitchen

  • Patrina V
    Patrina V4 dagen geleden

    15:48 Bruh you can get out from there then why do you need to break the ice

  • littlgamer rheino
    littlgamer rheino4 dagen geleden

    Just dustin: epic slomo Some other youtubers: normal slomo

  • Valid
    Valid4 dagen geleden

    These guys do not know how to swing tools

  • Jay Gaming
    Jay Gaming4 dagen geleden

    You guys are so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Rich
    Gabriel Rich4 dagen geleden

    trent: destroys the whole wall also trent: can you get through

  • ElYuma305z
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    Hiiiii bro

  • adam lyon
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    This is the best video ever. In the world 🌍

  • Alfred Kaus
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    You ære noob

  • Bear Burst
    Bear Burst5 dagen geleden

    Or he could've just used the ice climbers to climb out

  • Taft Jording
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  • Portalhook
    Portalhook5 dagen geleden

    The only team ablbo member that still gets millions of views, prove me wrong

  • Inaki Rivera-Medrano
    Inaki Rivera-Medrano5 dagen geleden

    The axes do lots of damage that what dream sed

  • miko foin
    miko foin5 dagen geleden

    “Can you get through?” THE WALL DOESN'T EXIST

  • morgan chiasson
    morgan chiasson5 dagen geleden

    Keep posted donkey potion to

    LORD_SALAZAAR5 dagen geleden

    Please never, ever, change Trent...



    5 dagen geleden

    @miko foin buy what?

  • miko foin

    miko foin

    5 dagen geleden

    Where can I buy this in the uk

  • arif Ali
    arif Ali5 dagen geleden

    Dude graphene is the little strongest material in the world like he said it's off-limits watch graphene

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith6 dagen geleden

    Lol it’s not exactly 100 layers is it?

  • Jason.krz76 2006
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    Schlimmer als simex

  • XSlice
    XSlice6 dagen geleden

    Minecraft ice

  • Margaret Luddy
    Margaret Luddy6 dagen geleden

    d d f f h h j k k l l l l l l l le e e

  • alida flus
    alida flus6 dagen geleden

    Once Trent gets to help break the wall... you already know they gonna win

  • Donald Trump official

    Donald Trump official

    6 dagen geleden

    I love you

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    Stačila by sekera na led

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    Preston took ur vid

  • alida flus

    alida flus

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    I found your channel when pryo talked about the mrbeast Russian clone... i am so happy i did this is so fun to watch

  • Majda Cimerman
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    LUNCH and then go home to eat with the dogs I will see if you want to go to the movies with me hio,lkikik, was the time I get off Twitter you have been

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo7 dagen geleden

    Once Trent gets to help break the wall... you already know they gonna win

  • SuperLuigi
    SuperLuigi7 dagen geleden

    Trent: breaks wall down Also Trent: "can you get through?"

  • SuperLuigi


    7 dagen geleden

    @dolita windo I mean. He made the hole bigger

  • dolita windo

    dolita windo

    7 dagen geleden

    The end was hilarious! 🤣

  • mono nightcap
    mono nightcap7 dagen geleden

    Bro when Trent hit he box with the bat I saw part of the barb wire flying 😂😂

  • Kanton Parsons
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  • sokin jon
    sokin jon7 dagen geleden

    Once Trent gets to help break the wall... you already know they gonna win

  • Pat Riley
    Pat Riley8 dagen geleden

    Where can I buy this in the uk

  • Nolan Williams
    Nolan Williams8 dagen geleden

    I need to put the hole higher up so the wall I am trying to go through doesn’t fall over

  • Nolan Williams

    Nolan Williams

    6 dagen geleden

    @sokin jon no. You’re correct. Why would I try to make you feel wrong

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    7 dagen geleden

    Trent is heavy weapons guy. Change my mind.

  • zane keranen
    zane keranen8 dagen geleden

    The evanescent hemp gully skip because chess beautifully park near a thinkable silica. possessive, vigorous router

  • Yuranya Treyes
    Yuranya Treyes8 dagen geleden

    Trent spending his all stamina energy for his team

  • Khai Wells
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  • RobloxGames YT
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    15:49 he knew he f#$@ed up

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  • Yeet The feetus
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    Just stab it at full force

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    8 dagen geleden

    me: makes foothold climbs out

  • Jenvey Nissen
    Jenvey Nissen8 dagen geleden

    I found your channel when pryo talked about the mrbeast Russian clone... i am so happy i did this is so fun to watch

  • asioe kiou

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  • Caroline Bernal
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    I have watched this so many times

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    i dont like this filmer pls change him

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  • -_WhyMad_-
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    The end was hilarious! 🤣

  • Noahwiseguy
    Noahwiseguy9 dagen geleden

    trent needed to CHILL because i thought it was, JUSTDUSTIN.

    THISTHINGMINT9 dagen geleden

    Why does every video have the same songs it’s annoying

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni9 dagen geleden

    Trent: destroys whole ice wall and jail cell Also Trent: Can you get through?

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    Trent is heavy weapons guy. Change my mind.

  • Ailsa Ni

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  • Fire God
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    That was an actual prison break

  • Dark On Yt
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    Trent turned into hulk

  • Razor Ttv
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    I wonder how cold it is🥶

  • Zeus Is king
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    Me knowing if i hit it hard enough i could get 4x the damage 💀

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    Whats the song in the background at 4:19 ? Appreciate any answer

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    me: makes foothold climbs out

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  • Doge Man
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    What time what year would Saturday what Sunday work Monday what second what millisecond what millisecond what second second

  • Teq
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    15:41 Best part.

  • Night King5
    Night King510 dagen geleden

    I cannot express how much this angers me

  • howboutno
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    Trent after destroying the entire wall and everything else: “can you get through?” 😂😂

  • ikea fridge
    ikea fridge10 dagen geleden

    Idea: what if you did escape form wooden prison just use like maloney or something not too strong but decent

  • Grodey -_-
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    Trent was in the ice bath and the other guy was just there like get the keys this was so funny 😂