Top 30 Unknown Galaxy S21 Ultra Features!


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    Saki how much is nordvpn for one year... I know you endorse it but do you truly truly truly believe in it, I do not like being tracked.

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    Amazing video, SOOOOOO much information (and work) in a single fantastic video (it'll take me a few times of watching to soak it all in! Also, great to "meet" another Christian content creator :)

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    Which Bible app do you use?

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    @King Mugg1n Thanks, you too!

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    @Techisode TV Oh ok... Thanx! Have a blessed day

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    @King Mugg1n Oh, it's customizable when you first place it. You can change the color, transparency, version, and I think one other parameter.

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    @Techisode TV Yeah, i use that one also. Your widget just looks different then mine

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    YouVersion. Excellent app :)

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    I got the s21 ultra today and so far I'm impressed with it.

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    Did nobody tell you what they wanted to see next? I liked the video. It was helpful, for sure.

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    Way too fast. Slow down, buddy

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    I don't see any "focus mode"

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    Fantastic video! Thank you.

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    At 12:49 u tall about an AR phone finding app. Where can I find it amd what is it called?

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    One of the most complete I watched so far

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    I have the s21 ultra and it only let's me keep 3 apps open! Do you know why that would be?

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    Excellent video. Well done. Great job!

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    great vid but please speak a little slower for us NOT tech savvy

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    So this video is about a phone so what's with the bible verses, l can understand that your proud of your faith but do you really have to put it front an centre like that

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    This is the best one yet thanks for the time and patience really appreciate it. I'm so excited you have taught me so much just from watching the wonderful clip it's very useful ☺.

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    I didn't read down, but the S21 will only keep one app "open" all the time.

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    Jb4 what car you drive ???

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    Nice! Q50 was a good choice! That car looks great 👍

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    @Techisode TV nice nice I got jb4 for my q50

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    Kia Stinger. Super fun car :)

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    This was not the video to put on to fall asleep to! Bookmarked like 4 things to do and did another 2 immediately and now its 5am😅 Thanks for the great video man! This phone is such a beast compared to my previous s9 so some help is much appreciated 😁

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    Double press the power for flashlight turns on accidentally every time i take the phone out of my pocket

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    with the S21 you can have one application in open mode

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    Being a Power User, I've been using Galaxy Device since last 10 years and still didn't knew some of them! Awesome!

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    Thank you for this clear and useful video

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    June 27: Now i know that message has arrived

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    My father has it and he only receives and makes calls on it and sometimes whatsapp other than that he does nothing on it I don't know why he is using it 🥲

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    Cant believe that my Note 20 Ultra died and Samsung send me a S21 Ultra, so........ i hope its worth it

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    Focus mode what a waste of tech.

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    I got my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on Friday I love it this video helped out alot thank you

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    Most comprehensive tutorial I’ve ever seen! Thank you!

    ALICE EMaand geleden

    I’m upgrading from a fully functional S9+ to the 21ultra …hope I’ve made a good decision!

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    Just went from an s8 active to the s21 ultra and it's unbelievable how much more stuff there is

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    Me too! So far I'm loving ultra!

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    33:01 I have the same problem, all my contacts are duplicated...

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    How can I get to that feature to finde near devices seen at 12:50min? Cant finde that...... 🤨

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    12:49 woah woah woah You can't just casually mention such a feature like that in a few seconds, I own an #S21_Ultra and I don't know where to find/activate this function!

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    @Techisode TV Thanks a lot for your response 👍

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    Lol sorry. Go to notification shade -> "devices" text -> SmartThings icon in upper right -> scroll to bottom and select "SmartThings Find " -> select the device you're trying to find, then tap "search nearby" 👍

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    Funny that you call it "iPhone style navigation", whereas it's been actually invented on Android first

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    Very nicely explained and I really got a lot benefit for my s21 ultra and some powerful features I didn’t know so thanks a lot and I subbed too. Please suggest an app for wireless transfer large files from phone to Windows PC via wifi.

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    Have been thinking of getting one of these phones, and after watching your video I think I shall. It's amazing all the different things that can be done with it. Thankyou for a well presented video.

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    Note 10 can only lock 3 in recent apps. Thanks for the tip tho. ✊🏾

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    Macro shot also can be used with ultra wide

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    How do you use phone finder ?

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    I have the S10plus just upgraded to the S21 Ultra the S10plus does lock the apps open too

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    It's only 3 apps we can keep open on S21 Ultra

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    Great video really helped me thank you very much! I have a question and I would love for you to answer .. Where do I get the background of your lock screen?

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    Hi. Do you know how to restore the default shares when sharing? Coz I altered it and missed messenger in usual sharing app. Now, I can't share screenshot in my Messenger.

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    I had Samsung galaxy s 21 and I only keep open in one app

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    My first smartphone was the Galaxy S1 then S2 - S4 - S6 - S8 - S9+ - S10 and now S21 ultra and i will never switch 💯📱

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    How is the most powerful feature some Terrible 1 star rated app not made by samsung?

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    I will be creating a list with a set of features which I will be losing if I would move from Galaxy Note to Motorola Stylus. And Bixby routunes features sound pretty good

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    @Raveen- D They have more memory.. but they are also more unstable....

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    Perhaps the most novel feature is pairing the phone to your PC or Tablet/note then controlling the camera remotely to take a rear camera selfie etc. Put the camera on a tripod outside , aim at the moon/sky and even on a chilly night you can sit inside (stay warm) and adjust pro settings and take evening sky shots .

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    Hi, are you or is anyone able to show me where I can find wall paper for phone pictured in video thumbnail. All I was able to find was " Astrology FF5105" online???

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    I have the S21 Ultra. I can only lock 3 apps on my quick access. (TS 00:30) Great tutorial. Most of this was new, although I did know a few of the tips. I love how powerful so many features are. I had a hard time reading my Samsung Notes by hover to see options like calculator. I can do calculator only through trial and error. (TS 36:47) Not sure why writing then hovering isn't working. Seems to be a step missing? I love all the things you covered. This will make using my new S21 Ultra even more amazing. I appreciate all the time you took on this tutorial. I rewatched several segments (TS marking makes it so easy.) I also shared with family members

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    Go Into developer options, quick settings developer tiles

    ABO ZAYED2 maanden geleden

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    Thanks to your video I discovered how powerful my S21 Ultra really is. But you missed one very little known feature, having Power Saving mode on AND 120 Hz screen refresh rate at the same time.

  • Marco S.

    Marco S.

    25 dagen geleden

    @Brashaad Taylor It can be found all over the Internet, simply search for it. Sakitech on NLdron has even made a short explanatory video for this little trick.

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    Brashaad Taylor

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    Please explain how lol

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