Tiger the Artist


Tiger has one of the most imaginative minds of anyone in golf. He never ceases to amaze. As of this video's creation his 2020 debut is highly anticipated.


  • Gus Lascola
    Gus Lascola2 maanden geleden

    As of posting this many details are unknown but thoughts are with Tiger and his family. Horrible news.

  • Pete Benson

    Pete Benson

    2 dagen geleden

    @Naomi was not the rest 4

  • Pete Benson

    Pete Benson

    2 dagen geleden

    @Naomi read 🙌♥👏📚👌❤

  • Pete Benson

    Pete Benson

    2 dagen geleden

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  • Joe Hesleys

    Joe Hesleys

    2 dagen geleden

    82 PGA wins, if that’s not talent idk what it is..

  • dragon ballz

    dragon ballz

    13 dagen geleden

    @EspressoMachine stfu and learn a joke

  • Cole Johnson
    Cole JohnsonDag geleden

    Too bad he’s such a POS

  • tim robbins
    tim robbinsDag geleden

    After watching a lot of these videos I concluded this Tiger Woods kid is pretty good

  • Yuck Foutube
    Yuck FoutubeDag geleden

    Anyone else notice the announcer say "Tiger then went on to drain the 8 foot birdie putt" even though it was like 12-14 feet lol

  • Jonathan Johnstone
    Jonathan Johnstone2 dagen geleden

    I actually love tiger!! These shots will be watched in 50 year's time!

  • Scrub Dubby
    Scrub Dubby2 dagen geleden

    Wow he should really go pro I bet he'd have an awesome career.

  • ShaneCasserly
    ShaneCasserly3 dagen geleden

    There will never be another golfer like Tiger

  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim3 dagen geleden

    my mind went blank after the announcer said 3 iron bunker shot... different game this guy played.

  • Little Britches
    Little Britches3 dagen geleden

    The way it goes in at 4:14.. that’s destiny, written in the stahs

  • Jerry M
    Jerry M5 dagen geleden


  • kbarrett63
    kbarrett635 dagen geleden

    Tiger must have an earbud with him privately saying to the announcers, "Just watch this !!"

  • luca bombaci
    luca bombaci6 dagen geleden

    Jks on tiger i hit that first shot unintentionally every time i play

  • eggs panda
    eggs panda6 dagen geleden

    the tiger ninja master jedi

  • Joe Beuselinck
    Joe Beuselinck6 dagen geleden

    3:55 the best shot ever played.

    AMIT KUMAR DAS7 dagen geleden

    Nobody wearing mask back then

  • Sperm Heli
    Sperm Heli7 dagen geleden

    0:42 they really confident that accident wont happen

  • Soz Saeed

    Soz Saeed

    6 dagen geleden

    After watching this video i would be too

  • SealAngel
    SealAngel7 dagen geleden

    John Daily is the greatest of all time but Tiger is talented.

  • Steve L
    Steve L7 dagen geleden

    When I worked in Shanghai I had the pleasure of being on Tigers security team. Ive appreciated golf every since.

  • THulk
    THulk7 dagen geleden

    Greatest Golfer ever!

  • ButholeBandito
    ButholeBandito8 dagen geleden

    i wish every ball had the trail like on 3:00

  • patron40silver
    patron40silver8 dagen geleden

    I played a round of golf 🏌️‍♀️ with a woman 👩‍🦰 and, as we were walking 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ down the 4th4️⃣ fairway, she told me that she had been stung by a bee 🐝. I asked her, "when did this it happen?" She said, "somewhere between the first 🥇 and second hole ⛳". I told her, "if you would just close your stance 🤸‍♀️ a little, that wouldn't happened 🚫". 😳

  • Spy
    Spy8 dagen geleden

    3:45 "Tiger then went on to drain the 8 foot putt." Shows like a 13 foot putt. Lmao.

  • The Obscure Ninja
    The Obscure Ninja8 dagen geleden

    I think there are two sides to him. One Tiger is always messing the shots .... getting the ball behind trees and into bushes etc. The other Tiger just has to keep bailing him out 😄

  • 99 Peons
    99 Peons9 dagen geleden

    The only time I’ve heard a golf commentator say “that was SICK” 😂

  • Duck Hunter Gaming
    Duck Hunter Gaming9 dagen geleden

    The hilarious thing is he did all this using sub par Nike equipment.

  • Jesse Davis
    Jesse Davis9 dagen geleden

    Amazing 💥💥💥💥

  • Richard Wyatt
    Richard Wyatt9 dagen geleden

    He's definitely an artist, at getting out of hazards.

  • jacob anus
    jacob anus9 dagen geleden

    Tiger is a scum bag

  • CapnRiggs2k5
    CapnRiggs2k59 dagen geleden

    No one could manipulate the ball better than Tiger. That bunker shot with the goofy follow thru is one of the best shots I've ever watched and I remember seeing it live. I don't play golf myself but I watch and watching him was such an experience

  • A. Nilla-or
    A. Nilla-or9 dagen geleden

    I don't care what others say, he's the all time best in my book. he's second to none, and never will be.

  • usgamechamp
    usgamechamp10 dagen geleden

    Only golfer I got excited to watch

  • Poose McPoose
    Poose McPoose10 dagen geleden

    Now do his dash cam vids

  • 난나야
    난나야10 dagen geleden

    골프 황제가 아니고 골프의 신이다

  • 이물개
    이물개10 dagen geleden

    2:36 퍽나서 갤러리 맞으면 어쩌려구;;

  • 樫村直樹
    樫村直樹10 dagen geleden


  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins10 dagen geleden

    That shot looks like his leg now

  • nibba ugay
    nibba ugay10 dagen geleden

    @4:14 that ball seen to many movies

  • TTV AXLR88
    TTV AXLR8811 dagen geleden

    that is fantastic, fucking moron its not even on the green

  • TTV AXLR88

    TTV AXLR88

    4 dagen geleden

    @Gus Lascola its insane that it didnt go on the green xD

  • Gus Lascola

    Gus Lascola

    11 dagen geleden

    I hope you're being sarcastic because that shot was absolutely insane

  • Oliver Cole
    Oliver Cole11 dagen geleden

    Absolute 🐐

  • joeashbubemma
    joeashbubemma11 dagen geleden

    It's all LUCK. ;)

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V11 dagen geleden

    Not bad for a black guy

  • TooFast Hart
    TooFast Hart11 dagen geleden

    he probably using cheat codes.

  • Matt Pereira
    Matt Pereira12 dagen geleden

    Only golfer I ever watched that i enjoyed. Golf sucks without prime Tiger

  • CaptCovfefe515
    CaptCovfefe51512 dagen geleden

    I watched that Masters chip live. I was 10. To this day one of the greatest finishes I’ve seen in sports.

  • Alan Hunt
    Alan Hunt12 dagen geleden

    he was such a great player its such a shame he couldn't live up to it in other aspects of his life... as a role model to young aspiring players.

  • Yeah
    Yeah13 dagen geleden

    2:42 possibly the most awkward fist bump in existence

  • John Sheffield
    John Sheffield13 dagen geleden

    For some reason the white pants on Tiger reminded me of the time Obama got harassed for wearing a beige suit.

  • Hangfire
    Hangfire13 dagen geleden

    I never get tired of watching this...

  • Ben C
    Ben C13 dagen geleden

    when will see another legend take up this game? Last one was Tiger, might be another 30-40 yrs... who knows.

  • Ryan McClure
    Ryan McClure13 dagen geleden

    The annoucing and the camera work on the chip that dropped in slowly in masterclass work at its finest, from Tiger to the producer to the cameraman.

  • SteveO Rules
    SteveO Rules13 dagen geleden

    One of the best ever, I wish his life off the green was as good✌

  • Guillaume le cam
    Guillaume le cam13 dagen geleden

    The most ecocide sport ever

  • Rohan Banerjee
    Rohan Banerjee14 dagen geleden

    I like how the commentators are like "this is impossible" or "if he gets this within 10 feet, that's good' then he fucking dunks it.

  • Navy Seal
    Navy Seal14 dagen geleden

    Ridiculous , fantastic

  • sun sunsun7
    sun sunsun714 dagen geleden

    골프의 신입니다!👍👍👍👍👍

  • Silvermane777
    Silvermane77714 dagen geleden

    If you don't think the one that starts at 3:54 is the best golf shot you've ever seen, you must have a different subjective opinion to mine. But DAAAAAAAAAAYUM! What a shot! Great editing job here, also. Love to see Tiger's reactions in time with that slow burn.

  • Brian Pex
    Brian Pex15 dagen geleden

    3:45 8 feet??? What is Tiger - 2 foot 7?

  • jmr1068204
    jmr106820415 dagen geleden

    Now we need to get him to learn how to drive like he plays golf. Keep it within the vicinity, not going off the road.

  • Bünzli Chäs
    Bünzli Chäs15 dagen geleden

    2:44 nooo

  • Tenzin Lee
    Tenzin Lee15 dagen geleden

    3:46 "8 foot birdie putt"? It's at least twice that far but ok.

  • bradywalker414
    bradywalker41415 dagen geleden

    2:43 lol been there 😆

  • Official Puvve
    Official Puvve15 dagen geleden

    Greatest of all time, undeniably.

  • a a
    a a15 dagen geleden

    Still can't believe his wife got HALF. For doing what? This great man who revolutionized a sport banged chicks because his frigid wife likely didn't put out and she gets BILLIONS.... what a scam.

  • Mr DFK
    Mr DFK15 dagen geleden

    His power is nuts.

  • MJG
    MJG15 dagen geleden

    4:36 "unbelievable". 4:45 "CaN YoU BElIeVe IT?"

  • Pascal Schwarzer
    Pascal Schwarzer15 dagen geleden

    4:15 when I play Golf, the ball usually stays there.

  • 23jakesmith23
    23jakesmith2315 dagen geleden

    5:33 is an underrated call

  • dragon ballz
    dragon ballz15 dagen geleden

    Makes me smile watching him play through the years. "Remind you of anybody? One guy... that guy"

  • Ann Sowers
    Ann Sowers15 dagen geleden

    He truly is an Artist. Unless Charlie plays we may never see another Tiger.

  • swatkat2009
    swatkat200915 dagen geleden

    lazy ass stupid sport

  • Salvador Sanchez
    Salvador Sanchez15 dagen geleden

    The last shot is my very favorite Tiger shot.

  • Leandro Silva
    Leandro Silva16 dagen geleden

    3:55 Lol, seems cartoon stuff XD Biggest play on this sport so far...better than any eagle.

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper16 dagen geleden

    Tiger is so good he makes the commentators think 25-foot putts are 8-foot putts.

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper16 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: these were all from the same round.

  • Gianni
    Gianni16 dagen geleden

    I have no clue why this video and “tiger the engineer” show up in my recommended once a week but you best believe I watch them every time. Great video

  • Alex Gawthrop

    Alex Gawthrop

    13 dagen geleden

    @Gianni I did I'm sorry

  • Gianni


    14 dagen geleden

    @Alex Gawthrop did you re-read it?

  • Alex Gawthrop

    Alex Gawthrop

    14 dagen geleden

    @Gianni yes I am sorry

  • Gianni


    14 dagen geleden

    @Alex Gawthrop are you special needs?

  • Alex Gawthrop

    Alex Gawthrop

    14 dagen geleden

    Artist lol

  • kurt woyma
    kurt woyma16 dagen geleden

    I like how desperately he watches the ball like he can't believe he's doing that either lok

  • Samurai’s Garden
    Samurai’s Garden16 dagen geleden

    1:37 can I get a yellow pepper?

  • E R
    E R16 dagen geleden

    That was a lot more than an 8 foot birdie shot

  • AmazighArabe
    AmazighArabe16 dagen geleden


  • Johnny Dough
    Johnny Dough17 dagen geleden

    Too bad he couldn’t control his life like he did a golf ball.

  • Nigel johnson
    Nigel johnson17 dagen geleden

    Those very top sportsmen and I'm encompassing women in that statement - it's a shame that many of our words for other people seem to derive from the masculine - at their peek seem to transcend what they're doing and the technique required for their particular application to sport, crosses over in to something else. Objects under their control and even other opponents, they seem to have the ability to contort and their will is almost imposed upon their surroundings. It's a cross between logic and artistry, quiet concentration and entertainment. The two aspects of physicality and method, inspiration and imagination that they seem to be able in some way to combine seamlessly; those opposites of the same branch into an alchemy. It's something inside them that they choose to project at times. I'm sure that that probably, more than likely applies to more than one aspect of human achievement. And God bless them for trying because it makes life so much better.

  • Tornado Crew Storm Chasers
    Tornado Crew Storm Chasers17 dagen geleden

    Probably the best ever

  • JR Tha’Godd
    JR Tha’Godd17 dagen geleden

    Damnn Tiger get well ❗️💪🏽

  • Mark anthony Almendra
    Mark anthony Almendra17 dagen geleden

    the GOAT of PGA👍

  • Leo M.
    Leo M.17 dagen geleden

    Doesn’t it remind you of anybody?...yea, that guy!!...lol

  • Michael McCreery
    Michael McCreery17 dagen geleden

    Greatest golfer ever to walk this planet

  • Sing Spud
    Sing Spud18 dagen geleden

    The number of amazing shots >> number of majors and wins

  • G M
    G M18 dagen geleden

    Tiger has the skill, the brains, and the balls to make all of these shots work

  • Jorge Arturo Hernandez Cepeda
    Jorge Arturo Hernandez Cepeda18 dagen geleden

    4:00 i do not have words

  • Bob Marlowe
    Bob Marlowe18 dagen geleden

    Definitely an artist and an engineer. I've never been a fan of the game, but I've always enjoyed watching Tiger.

  • kdmc40
    kdmc4018 dagen geleden

    Dont know why this is recommended to me, I don't play golf. Looking at I don't know why everyone is clapping. The black dude played mostly badly and ended up in the trees or sand thing. Then he hit the ball again and almost every time he missed the hole. Surely the objective is to get it into the hole?

  • W M
    W M18 dagen geleden

    Keep mind the garbage shot that got him into these predicaments

  • ばいおにうむ
    ばいおにうむ18 dagen geleden

    He is my HERO.

  • Swankypants
    Swankypants18 dagen geleden

    as a golfer those spins are truly unbeliavable.. :D

  • illegal Lemur
    illegal Lemur18 dagen geleden

    “Tiger would end up winning the tournament” in this video is the least informative sentence I’ve ever read

  • j
    j19 dagen geleden

    It's sad what has happened to tiger

  • Maximus M

    Maximus M

    14 dagen geleden

    No it isnt, No one forced him into these irresponsible decisions he keeps making, he is lucky he didn't injure anyone else or kill someone with his careless driving. Amazing golfer no doubt, but Tiger is a irresponsible ass off the course.

  • j
    j19 dagen geleden

    This is why tiger is the greatest golfer ever

  • grenade grenade attention les jeunes
    grenade grenade attention les jeunes19 dagen geleden


    VAN-MTB & FLY FISHING- LIFE19 dagen geleden

    If you think he's good wait till you see his son. Oh my God 😳

  • Matyas Fadi
    Matyas Fadi19 dagen geleden

    I know he is super good but how did it get in these shit positions in the first place.