This Is What Kate Middleton Eats In A Day


  • Aek Mihoub
    Aek Mihoub6 dagen geleden

    Big hourse made it all time made lumaniti

  • Aus
    Aus8 dagen geleden

    So you're not going to tell us what she eats in a day..

  • KJlia
    KJlia20 dagen geleden

    Where to buy that mug she has ???

  • MsWhoEverWhatEver
    MsWhoEverWhatEver22 dagen geleden

    Apparently she eats next to nothing since she is bony and it makes her look 10 years older than she really is! Thinner is not always better! Ugh!

  • Lavishhlayy H
    Lavishhlayy H25 dagen geleden

    Catherine is doing well

  • Carol Burke
    Carol Burke26 dagen geleden

    How do you know what she eats!?...for crying out loud...oops an audience!

  • Roxana rox
    Roxana rox26 dagen geleden

    Doesnt matter if She became a princess...She is free to eat what She like ...and one real women have to know cooking...very good She like and know cooking

  • Kay Morgan
    Kay MorganMaand geleden

    What a beautiful person. Everything I thought about her was wrong.

  • Sujit Sharma
    Sujit SharmaMaand geleden

    Oh man they only ate popcorn. What's big issue in it?

  • F. E. McCole
    F. E. McColeMaand geleden

    Kate is so thin she seems to suffer from anorexia or bullinemia. The Palace put out PR that she diets to stay this thin, but nobody would purposefully diet to this extent. I feel sorry for her. She doesn't have an easy life. And little Louie shows what a mother being with her child does. He is bubbly and full of life. But alas, now she will have to return to endless ribbon cuttings, unveilings, etc. I know you Brits believe being Royal is such a privilege. But to an outsider it looks like a lavish prison.

  • Lily Bond
    Lily BondMaand geleden

    She’s got beautiful teeth. A rarity for most Brits.

  • Debra Donato
    Debra DonatoMaand geleden

    The are a Lovely Couple Friendly Personable& Truely in LOVE👑♥️🌟💗👑

  • Sam G
    Sam GMaand geleden

    From the looks of it, it looks like all three meals consist of bird seed.

  • Lydia Davids
    Lydia DavidsMaand geleden

    oooooh she eats? riiiiiight!

  • Jill Chamberlain
    Jill ChamberlainMaand geleden

    It’s nice but not everybody can afford this luxury yes it is luxury to some people some people is just an average meal nice when you can afford it I can’t afford to chutneys and bacon does that does a can’t forward it to my children can’t afford it either yes we have sausages notable the spicy food because it’s not good for you as you get older you can’t be able to take it we’re safe spicy food when we were younger but not now I can’t take it is that when someone is cooking it for you like a chef something it’s about taste lovely but when we try it is not the same thank you

  • BytomGirl
    BytomGirlMaand geleden

    Who cares?

  • Baleed Ali
    Baleed AliMaand geleden

    Yes Kate you need Allah to read what I email you try bill Gates

  • qiaoo zuoo
    qiaoo zuooMaand geleden

    It's so lucky to be her food and get chewed by her beautiful teeth

  • Tammy Theriot
    Tammy TheriotMaand geleden

    The alluring religion luckily undress because christmas correlatively count absent a automatic schedule. misty, furry furtive slime

  • Bipin Shahi
    Bipin ShahiMaand geleden

    Once a vegan always a vegan. Although I sometimes I love spicy foods but without chills.

  • K. Rajesh
    K. RajeshMaand geleden

    100% Prevention drugs?

  • Judy Peterson
    Judy PetersonMaand geleden

    The nutritious digger occasionally alert because wish primarily include atop a glistening glorious snowplow. threatening, last feast

  • Asian mix
    Asian mixMaand geleden

    Will cheated Cuz William cheated. Kate stopped talking to rose after her husband's affair. Kate got paid just to stay with him after the affair with rose. Kate had boyfriend and DUMPED him for William and desperately wanting to marry him BADLY. She got him back by wearing the see through outfit on catwalk

  • SweetiePie Cakes
    SweetiePie CakesMaand geleden

    She doesn't eat. She's anorexic.

  • Connie Durham
    Connie Durham2 maanden geleden

    Kate is a beautiful lady the best just down to earth a great wife and mother

  • M P
    M P2 maanden geleden

    She was grocery shopping? And I believe that?

  • Walking Dreams
    Walking Dreams2 maanden geleden

    Kate is such a doll. :)

  • Nancy G
    Nancy G2 maanden geleden

    Video author: She is not Kate Middleton. She is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge or Catherine. Show some respect.

  • Nancy Davieau
    Nancy Davieau2 maanden geleden

    My guess Never more than 1000 calories/day

  • Marilyn Jordan
    Marilyn Jordan2 maanden geleden

    Who cares what she eats, she need to earn a living

  • pauline dickson
    pauline dickson2 maanden geleden

    Who actually cares what she eats ...bore ..however ...she doesn't seem to eat much since joining the royals..she has lost her glow and curvy figure ..but then again Diana went the same way...shame .

  • Wieslaw Sobocinski
    Wieslaw Sobocinski2 maanden geleden

    Ksiezna Kate Middleton jest wielkim ''promieniem slonca '' w mojej ''Nocy Zycia ''

  • Hary Oven
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  • Hary Oven
    Hary Oven2 maanden geleden

    Elle et sosiale

  • Hary Oven
    Hary Oven2 maanden geleden


  • Hary Oven
    Hary Oven2 maanden geleden

    و الخل خمر و حمض الفاكهة و مائها بول

  • Hary Oven
    Hary Oven2 maanden geleden

    إنتباه الزبدة براز و البطاطا براز و النوتيلا براز و صفار البيض براز

  • manslayer1972
    manslayer19722 maanden geleden

    Ignorant yank. She’s not Kate Middleton and hasn’t been for a decade

  • Hary Oven
    Hary Oven2 maanden geleden

    انتباه خاصة حبيبتي كاثرين حمض الفاكهة بول و البطاطا براز هه

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power2 maanden geleden

    Water and more water.

  • Kathirvel Prabakran
    Kathirvel Prabakran2 maanden geleden


  • pandora Everett
    pandora Everett2 maanden geleden

    she doesnt eat... pretty much thats why she is so damn skinny gets sick everytime she getz preg

  • Helen Gillespie
    Helen Gillespie2 maanden geleden

    So. What DOES she eat in a day? We’re none the wiser. Why is this woman calling her MIDDLETON throughout?? She’s the duchess of Cambridge. If the narrator could be arsed saying those 3 words, she could have just said ‘the Duchess likes such and such. Sounds so disrespectful calling her by her maiden surname. I don’t remember anyone calling Diana ‘Spencer’.

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo2 maanden geleden

    they didn't eat meat in India , l think we know why that is lol

  • Cindy J
    Cindy J2 maanden geleden

    Wait...she actually eats? She is so thin, I wondered.

  • Buzz Kill

    Buzz Kill

    25 dagen geleden

    She's painfully thin & it doesn't look good or healthy.

  • linda handley
    linda handley3 maanden geleden

    I love these two!

  • Fredrick Official

    Fredrick Official

    Maand geleden

    Hello 👋 How are you doing today?

  • Ashley Adams
    Ashley Adams3 maanden geleden

    Next to the picture of Kate was a picture of Oprah for the next video. If they were going to say what she ate in a day I would have said anything that isn’t nailed down and two or three 20 pound roast turkeys!

  • Altazmuth
    Altazmuth3 maanden geleden

    This did not say what she actually eats in a day.

  • j listing
    j listing3 maanden geleden

    I just wasted 5 min of my life.

  • Sylvia Justice
    Sylvia Justice3 maanden geleden

    Answer- Not much.

  • Beverly Balius
    Beverly Balius3 maanden geleden

    What’s Chutney?

  • Dot Regan
    Dot Regan3 maanden geleden

    When are you Americans going to realise, she is no longer Kate Middleton, she has been HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge for the past 10 years. She hates being called Kate btw.

  • nabian wigs
    nabian wigs3 maanden geleden

    U doubt she eats .she looks very unhealthy

  • WesternSkies
    WesternSkies3 maanden geleden

    You did not tell us what she eats in a day. Her waist is much tinier than even a professional model, tinier than a normal woman who's had a bunch of children. What does she really eat in day? A few grapes and a few almonds? Maybe a few celery sticks. One simply cannot stay that tiny eating + living normally. She is doing something unnatural to stay that tiny. Starving herself and a liquid diet of wine. Perscription appetite suppressents? Actress Mary Tyler Moore admitted that is how she stayed so thin all her life...stayed lightly inebriated all day. As I said, since you never told us what the princess "eats in a day".. that's my guess based on others I've known who kept a tiny waist, tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks. Hers are so tiny. Anyone one else have a guess?

  • Sylvia Justice

    Sylvia Justice

    3 maanden geleden

    I agree. She is clearly anorexic.

  • DD Bears36
    DD Bears363 maanden geleden

    She has an eating disorder. As a medium after having three children she hasn’t gained any weight she is exactly a weight as if she’s never had kids actually thinner. That’s not normal people don’t just bounce back and stay at a steady weight especially in your 30s. That being said she’s in the public I guarantee she watches what she eats very strict very small portions. I see her overly working out as well which is a form of an eating disorder and people can say nope she’s just blessed bullshit after having kids three kids and you’re almost in your 40s 40s..You do not just bounce back your metabolism definitely changes after children and it slows down of age. And people can just assume that this is natural but she is definitely has an eating disorder and I don’t know if she’ll ever publicly admit it as a medium I feel this strongly.

  • BarbAFB55
    BarbAFB553 maanden geleden

    It would be great if she ate a humility cookie once in a while.

  • BarbAFB55


    2 maanden geleden

    @Regularity gack!

  • Regularity


    2 maanden geleden

    @BarbAFB55 She's not smug, she has self respect and she has earned the respect of people and it shows.

  • BarbAFB55


    3 maanden geleden

    @Regularity neither is smugness.

  • Regularity


    3 maanden geleden

    Jealousy is not a good look

  • Sandra Skellen
    Sandra Skellen3 maanden geleden

    now I see the connection to harry having cooked chicken when he proposed it is Williams favorite food

  • Sandra Dearden
    Sandra Dearden3 maanden geleden

    Oh dear such rudeness and disrespect to our future queen.

  • Heather Price
    Heather Price3 maanden geleden

    Married 10 years & you still call her Middleton, really!

  • Emi
    Emi3 maanden geleden

    I love almond milk

  • Gladys Isabel Vargas Rubio
    Gladys Isabel Vargas Rubio3 maanden geleden

    Una mujer muy provocadora muy respetuosa sí disfruta todo

  • Clem Cadiddlehopper
    Clem Cadiddlehopper3 maanden geleden

    People are interested in what she eats in a day😆😆😆😆😆😜

  • Beverly Balius

    Beverly Balius

    3 maanden geleden

    I am!!

  • Heather Warner
    Heather Warner3 maanden geleden

    The most wonderful thing about Duchess Catherine and Prince William is how normal they are, not only in their lives but in their relationship. They genuinely have fun together and enjoy being themselves even in moments in the public eye. I fully believe that Duchess Catherine is going to be just as much of a figure standing beside William when he becomes King as Prince Philip did standing beside Queen Elizabeth. In the rare moments you can see how Catherine has a wonderful relationship with both Prince Philip and the Queen as they have smiled and laughed together with Queen Elizabeth enjoying Catherine's company.

  • And She Was
    And She Was3 maanden geleden

    She eats? Could have fooled me!

  • Flower


    3 maanden geleden

    My family says that to me but I eat n thin like her KATE IS PERFECT N BEAUTIFUL ❤️🥰

  • Lara
    Lara3 maanden geleden

    She is much too thin. I’ve read 5 foot 10 and weighs in the ‘90’s. Almost anorexic. Give her some fries.

  • Charlotte Bonnie
    Charlotte Bonnie3 maanden geleden

    Kates daily nutrition/April 18tgm 2921: I think she never will tell us this personal things - the question isn't answered properly. Probably the caloric content isn't enough (1.700 - 2.200) because she is rather thin.

  • Flower


    3 maanden geleden


  • Mookie
    Mookie3 maanden geleden

    She eats nothing...She is just bone.

  • Caroline D
    Caroline D3 maanden geleden

    What she eats in a day.. like you would know lol

  • Richard Towns
    Richard Towns3 maanden geleden

    A spicy Lady loves to eat spicy food. William has great taste. I love this couple.

  • Wanda Hartnett
    Wanda Hartnett3 maanden geleden


  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson3 maanden geleden

    Dear gawd have mercy why do i care what she eats?! Pls stop pushing the fake royals at me. Esp since they worship the obama antichrist and gave him access to George. Poor boy.

  • John Hart
    John Hart3 maanden geleden


  • Flamingo 2
    Flamingo 23 maanden geleden

    The only reason the royals didn’t eat meat in Mumbai was because they didn’t trust it and chose a vegetarian diet just to be safe from food poisoning lmao 😂

  • Kristine Morley
    Kristine Morley3 maanden geleden

    2 beans on a leaf

  • Flower


    3 maanden geleden

    If she wants ,she does am sure 🤗

  • Maureen vincent
    Maureen vincent3 maanden geleden

    I was so in awe that she eats at all. Does sit on a royal throne to finish it?

  • Shelly Harry
    Shelly Harry3 maanden geleden

    But what does she eat in a day?

  • Carol St. John
    Carol St. John4 maanden geleden

    She has really grown into the role. I'm a big fan of Catherine, she is a true lady.

  • Brenda B

    Brenda B

    Maand geleden

    @C K I was only in the world of modeling for a few years. It was brutal.

  • Brenda B

    Brenda B

    Maand geleden

    @C K For one, her parents divorced so early in her life. Then, having to adjust over then over, again as her parents dated other people, married other people. Then, as she struggled to build her career, she endured a lot of harassment & rejection. The pain of a divorce such a short time after marrying. It may not sound difficult, yet, it truly is hard to deal with.

  • C K

    C K

    Maand geleden

    @Brenda B I don’t know her history but what hardships? Everything I’ve heard is she was well cared for, attended private school and university.

  • jesse paul

    jesse paul

    Maand geleden

    @Mele Appleton meghan trash woman divorce woman 3 or 4 times

  • Ma. P. Victoria Gutierrez

    Ma. P. Victoria Gutierrez

    2 maanden geleden

    @happy champion ⁰

  • Milena Bulatovic
    Milena Bulatovic4 maanden geleden

    She is starving.

  • Flower


    3 maanden geleden

    Oh ALOT of people ARE

  • Purple Hearts Spiritual
    Purple Hearts Spiritual4 maanden geleden

    Have a look at purpleheart

  • Rei Lea
    Rei Lea4 maanden geleden

    Oh God this is BAD. This person took videos and pics that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH all the FOOD she eats and put it together with what she HEARD OR READ to TALK about what she herself read (which ain't much, you can tell).This person did not do interviews to find out the TRUTH. Go to NLdron. Check out the REAL CHEFS to the royals. THEY ARE THE ONES that have the real lowdown on what the royals eat because they were the royals PERSONAL chef. This person who made this pathetic video only did so to make money off of NLdron's advertisements hoping that enough sheeples who think they are really getting any real information are dumb enough to believe they are. You didn't. How does thst make you feel? That you got third hand information that may not even be true?! First hand information is to ACTUALLY BE THE ONE THAT IS DOING THE INTERVIEW straight from a royal chef. This person DID NOT. Second hand information is reading what a royal chef MIGHT have said in an informational article and writing about it what they said. Third hand information is READING what is online that SOMEBODY ELSE wrote that they got from somewhere else. Run 🏃 people from this pathetic video that was made souly for monetary gain that has NO INFO on what you were looking for. Run as fast and as far away as you can. 🏃

  • sir ach
    sir ach6 maanden geleden

    A mate of mine reckons he went to the same university as Kate and he once shared breakfast with her in her room. He said thet she gobbled his sausage whilst he nibbled her kipper, and then he buttered her muffin.

  • sir ach

    sir ach

    4 maanden geleden

    @Eva Faller wasn't me, it was my mate who made this claim. It was Kate who he had breakfast with , not Princess Meghan.

  • Eva Faller

    Eva Faller

    4 maanden geleden

    You must be dreaming again, youcsure it wasnt megan that you had breakfast with ???????

  • Orce Tata
    Orce Tata6 maanden geleden

    I LOVE YOU............................. I LOVE YOU

  • Virginia Nortmann
    Virginia Nortmann6 maanden geleden

    She's VERY cute and beautiful inside and out.i like her beautiful look.. bcoz of her smile..her skin like pinkish.likr s baby 🐥🐥🐥🐥

  • Alva Dauth
    Alva Dauth6 maanden geleden

    Does anyone really care

  • Aline Abou rahal
    Aline Abou rahal6 maanden geleden

    Who care what she eat

  • Faridun Nisa
    Faridun Nisa6 maanden geleden

    She looks older than her age.

  • Mieczyslawa Pascoe
    Mieczyslawa Pascoe6 maanden geleden

    I was just hoping against hope that she would promote vegetarian or vegan eating but... nope. This lot is not there yet. To be honest I would be very (pleasantly) surprised if she did.

  • Tree House
    Tree House6 maanden geleden

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner on the average, not what she's tasted on trips, gaaaad.

  • Lynda ONeill
    Lynda ONeill6 maanden geleden

    Nice to see they are just normals like the rest of us.She is always perfectly presented and lovely to see she enjoys cooking.Great pair,beautiful kids too.👍👍

  • Ros K. Wilburn

    Ros K. Wilburn

    4 maanden geleden

    Yeh she is the best royal

  • Augh Bable
    Augh Bable6 maanden geleden

    These ideation looks so yummy and scrumptious, I am so hungry now ☕🍗🍕

  • lingomondo
    lingomondo7 maanden geleden

    Time to cut on meat?

  • Wendy R
    Wendy R7 maanden geleden

    You still haven't told us what she eats in a day.

  • Rita Burleson

    Rita Burleson

    2 maanden geleden

    Yes, she did tell us what Catherine eats in a day. What different foods her Husband and Family like, then of course she chooses from their likes & it's nutrition... Plus the choices from their cookbooks.

  • Renee
    Renee7 maanden geleden

    She eats nothing.....

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz7 maanden geleden

    You didn’t say what she eats! This is just hearsay, change the title

  • Dana Pindera
    Dana Pindera7 maanden geleden

    She does not eat!

  • Flower


    3 maanden geleden

    Her life ,don't sweated 🤗

  • Lena KoKoMo
    Lena KoKoMo7 maanden geleden

    How does she stay so skinny

  • Jeanette Smith
    Jeanette Smith7 maanden geleden

    Title does not match the video.

  • cindy maulden
    cindy maulden7 maanden geleden

    who the heck cares, I don't give a

  • Surinder Kaur
    Surinder Kaur7 maanden geleden

    Kete is not beautiful like Diana No attractive no Face innocent no galmourse no fation able no attraction in eyes like Diana God was made Diana first & last time

  • Briony Stefan
    Briony Stefan7 maanden geleden

    This is not what she eats in a day. It should have been breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus tea and other snacks.