This Is How Underwater Structures Are Built


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    I love engineer..

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    They remove all the water, build the structure, then just add the water back. It's not rocket science, anyways, gonna watch the video just for a good laugh.

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    Oh, that makes more sense.

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    What is outro music?

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    Really cool video but I was hoping to see how they secure these to the sea floor.

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    It took me 8 minutes till I asked myself, Hmm, what are we watching?

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    You didn't address the importance of having young women dressed in bikinis and high heels loitering on the job site.

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    Less space for housing isnt caused by population growth. It's greed

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    Watching all these kinds of technologies is always fascinating. But then whenever I remember I’m in Nigeria and we have absolutely nothing here, I cry and wonder how I found myself in this hell of a country!

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    *finally, my curiousity have been answered*

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    video gave me aids

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    this guy apparently thinks the UK is the only piece of land in the world.... THERE IS PLENTY OF LAND AVAILABLE FOR AIONS TO COME.

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    What if there is a massive tidal wave 🌊

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    Is it possible to make water hard like ice without cooling it?

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    Ang ganda ng pagkagawa

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    i think that you could have done a better job explaining how they are built in the sea, still give a thumbs up for the effort tho, thx

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    This is cld technology

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    Fuc no, there's a lot of space here in the desert of Arizona

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    Too many people are the real reason & problem that climate change exist.

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    I thought at first it was minecraft building a base in underwater lol

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    The thumbnail looks like just a small wave and that structure is ruined

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    Yeah that's right ! This channel is called Refugio Mental in Spanish and it's got a lot of good stuff. I don't really know if it's the same content or not but it's quite similar to this one.

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    The world is not over populated we have pockets of congestion you ever notice when you're driving there's a whole bunch of empty space

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    Misleading title.

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    How are foundations laid in really deep water where you cannot seal off the water because it’s too deep?

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    i get it but i still dont understand it

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    I don’t want to be an architect anymore

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    The droning music is unbearable.

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    This video moves too fast.

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    yea ik, ive cleared out an ocean monument before

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    6:48 hayling island i lived on hayling since 2010 and the so called flood defence was the worst thing that ever happend to the island it is a blot of the beutifull beach. it used to have beutifull sandy beaches but know it is all shingle it is not used by many people. they just moved the problen down the beach they are facing the sane thing again. the uk could not organise ait way out of a wet paper bag

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    minor nitpick: the world is not running out of place for housing. often times countries actually have more vacant housing than homeless people.

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    From London Brixton UK. The Germans are amazing engineers and they really care about the planet.

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    This video doesn't do justice

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    Don't believe the offshore oil platform part. What they actually do is that they first get the water out from the ocean, then build the oil platform and finally put the water back. This is easier to believer than what was explained in the video.

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    @3:21 How'd they make those cigarettes?

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    Ok it’s merched I just seen this exact picture on fb thts the only reason I’m watching this somebody must’ve hooped on the same time cause soon as I typed how do this whole thing popped up before I could finish typing

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    The moment they mentioned israel i left the video

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    Wind farm at sea

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    What was the chemist's advice for the pipes to withstand bad weather and salty water, so that it can be there for 40 years

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    Can’t believe you didn’t mention the channel tunnel.. which I’ve always wondered how does it not collapse / and built

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    I wish they would build bridges across the oceans to just make airplanes and boats obsolete. Just drive anywhere in the world. That would be amazing. Everyone with a car and gas money can attempt around the world in 80 days

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    The reason why they even invest in these new technologies and do these amazing feats, and projects is for oil. The life blood of the world to this day. Like it not it's TRUE!

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    You been talking to Bill Gates. Less and less space for housing. WTF you talking bout willace. You could put the entire population of the world in Alaska and still have all that space left over.

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    It's quite amazing. I've always wondered how something like a oil station gets built in the middle of the sea. the human race has become so intelligent when it comes to science/architect etc. Building stuff like this and skycrapers while I'm struggling to fix things in my home. Lol

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    I’m not sure if you’ve figured it out yet, but if you didn’t, the movie is called Coneheads.

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