Thicc BBQ griddles are the best. EVER.

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Making a steel griddle for BBQ. Version 2.0


  • Brad Jordan
    Brad Jordan5 uur geleden

    You need to fab up some material supports so your tools don't fall over.

  • Aaron Britt
    Aaron Britt6 uur geleden

    To own my own forklift... The shite I would move.

  • 30ught6
    30ught64 dagen geleden

    SO, is this available on your ETSY?

  • Tony Strange
    Tony Strange5 dagen geleden

    Next episode........"rebuilding a hydraulic ram in a forklift" :)

  • Damian D
    Damian D8 dagen geleden

    The subtle humour of the band saw almost tipping over got me chortling.

  • John Daltrocanto
    John Daltrocanto9 dagen geleden

    4:38 oh you know i love you brother

  • FluffKitten
    FluffKitten9 dagen geleden

    This CNC is gonna have so eaven wear that you bearly can se it! It does all sorts of huge things!

  • Espe131
    Espe1319 dagen geleden

    The Moment the flute (or however its called in english) goes in and you just get goosebumbs thinking "Oh God, cast iron chips." because they are a absolute bitch to clean up.

  • Hugh Parry
    Hugh Parry10 dagen geleden

    Aaannnnnnnd POST!

  • JDLAdmin
    JDLAdmin10 dagen geleden

    Holy shit medium rare, I LIKE IT. Damn. This guy drills the same hole twice. Just the tip, mind.

  • forlexer
    forlexer11 dagen geleden

    If I was a woman.... Water works down there...

  • Michael
    Michael11 dagen geleden

    You know ol mate is up with the times when he declared the plate as “thicc”, also, what’s up with the “dart and goonbag”? You Australian now? 😘😂

  • TheRetiredPlayr
    TheRetiredPlayr12 dagen geleden

    Hm.... What does he do?! Is he a custom fabricator is you demolitions expert is he a mad scientist or does he work for the mining industry? Constant enigma.

  • Jimjolnir
    Jimjolnir12 dagen geleden

    16:52 nah. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah..! I need to see a full breakfast on that thing

  • Son of Stanley
    Son of Stanley13 dagen geleden

    "and post" lol @ Erik.

  • Robert Harper
    Robert Harper13 dagen geleden

    AVE must have designed that setup as a torture test to chip end mills. Milling in the center of a thin plate without support underneath means he is either crazy, or trying to rattle some fillings loose for beer money.

    MAGGOT VOMIT13 dagen geleden

    @ 13:19 This could be, if George Lucas was filming the final trench scene on the "Death Star model-table". Fluke Starbucker isn't armed with torpedoes, he's armed with R2's "Death Tip" instead and Forces it in the Death Star's ventilation.......err.........butthole.

  • Michael s
    Michael s14 dagen geleden

    Please make PID controlled gas solenoid valve for maintaining perfect griddle temperature

  • Marsh Donald
    Marsh Donald15 dagen geleden

    "At least its warm"

  • PuchMaxi
    PuchMaxi15 dagen geleden

    @4:07 A vacationing penguin is driving his car through the desert when he notices that the oil pressure light has come on. He gets out to look and sees oil dripping from the engine. He drives to the nearest town and stops at a auto repair shop. After dropping the car off, the penguin goes for a walk around town. He sees an ice-cream shop and, being a penguin in a desert, decides that something cold would really hit the spot. He gets a big dish of ice cream and sits down to eat. After finishing his ice cream, he goes back to the workshop and asks the mechanic if he has found the problem. The mechanic looks up and says: "It looks like you blew a seal." "No no," the penguin replies, "it's just ice cream." (stolen from r/Jokes)

  • Timm B
    Timm B15 dagen geleden

    Wish I had a set of drill bits that good.

  • David C
    David C15 dagen geleden

    Can I have some of that forbidden milk?

  • Nathan Lusk
    Nathan Lusk15 dagen geleden

    No AvE, you are the best! 😍

  • Travis Bailey
    Travis Bailey15 dagen geleden

    Internet Comment Etiquette 9:11

  • bert
    bert16 dagen geleden

    the angle of the dangle on that tool may be a fuzz agressive. ever looked at the sumitomo wavemill indexable series? probably coulda hogged that a bit faster somewherte around 600sfm, 60ipm, .1"doc based on my experience with their 1" offering, bit faster feed with the 2" or larger.

  • Mawo Duffer
    Mawo Duffer16 dagen geleden

    big oof 15:37 I hate when this happens when power tapping

  • geirk selim
    geirk selim16 dagen geleden

    Does every city have a bar that serves a pabst smear? A can of pbr and a shot of the cheapest whiskey.

  • northwoods macgyver
    northwoods macgyver16 dagen geleden

    I must comment on your seasoning skills......... No I'm not talking about your meat! I'm talking about the way you seasoned your griddle. That's the way to do it that's the way I season all my cast iron it looks like black glass 😂💓 your video happened to pop up on NLdron which was playing in the background in my camper as I had just finished seasoning my own griddle. How extremely ironic.

  • Ost san
    Ost san16 dagen geleden

    When that Vivaldi started, I thought I was going to get a lesson on the most versatile word in the English language

  • African Electron
    African Electron16 dagen geleden

    A glorious testament to mess

  • BarneySaysHi
    BarneySaysHi16 dagen geleden

    Why is this so relaxing to watch? Even without the music. The tools getting changed, the metal part getting worked on, the tools themselves getting worked on because they get busted now and then... I love watching videos like this one!

  • newchannel
    newchannel16 dagen geleden

    Frickin BARBARIAN, hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings16 dagen geleden

    This is the suhfistimakated fuckery I signed up for!

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson16 dagen geleden

    You need a vacuum chuck! They're a lovely thing...

  • Alex Benson
    Alex Benson17 dagen geleden

    I thought I heard a racket from across the lake, I shoulda known you were cracking out the steel plate!

  • Think First
    Think First17 dagen geleden

    Should be titled How to cut off steel with an ax

  • Jon D
    Jon D17 dagen geleden

    No Step!!!

  • Alex Trull
    Alex Trull17 dagen geleden

    Serious Griddle Envy.

  • A. Bakker
    A. Bakker17 dagen geleden

    Vulva welding😳 😂

  • Avixk
    Avixk17 dagen geleden

    That machine is so fucking cool.

  • J buttons
    J buttons17 dagen geleden

    hundreds of gallons of milk ruined for a griddle

    SK3TCHI M!DG3T17 dagen geleden

    I still dont know whats up with all the griddles he makes is it like a search for griddle perfection or something

  • castleboat
    castleboat17 dagen geleden

    I guess you've moved on from tap water to that cutting fluid

  • Matt Sonn
    Matt Sonn17 dagen geleden

    Instead of doing the weeble wobble with the spindle speed, try a variable flute endmill that the flutes aren’t perfectly 90 degrees from each other (in the case of a 4 flute) to reduce harmonics. Works wonders on thin wall parts for me. Also, er collets with square holes for taps exist, I’ve never had a tap spin as long as I’ve been using them.

  • TL
    TL17 dagen geleden

    Sell me a griddle. Make me a fiddle, tell me a riddle.

  • Kaos Warrior
    Kaos Warrior18 dagen geleden

    15:37 I was laughing even before the tip snuggle in

  • NavySturmGewehr
    NavySturmGewehr18 dagen geleden

    I made a griddle to fit over a fire pit waterjet cut from 0.500" US made ATSM boiler plate. The lip was just an offset of the griddle outline, with 0.042" kerf, I tack welded it in place and let the seasoning oil cook seal it up with use. It worked excellent though now it's relegated to rusting away in my back yard. Also I love CBC Radio 2. I could listen to Julie Nesrallah all day, she has probably the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

  • BuildYourCNC
    BuildYourCNC18 dagen geleden

    Love the video and thoroughly found myself mesmerized. That was a lot of material to remove using a small diameter end mill. Wouldn't a surfacing tool make the job more bearable? At least you would only need to replace the inserts rather than toss a perfectly good end mill that could be used for another job.

  • stuff4Sale FromKraigzList
    stuff4Sale FromKraigzList18 dagen geleden

    always a hundred things todo b4 ya can do what needs to b done... never F ends 😫

  • rayk klakowich
    rayk klakowich18 dagen geleden

    I may sometimes may question his methods But I can not question his taste in music

  • unherolike
    unherolike18 dagen geleden

    "Gadsden" Flag.....Extra demonitized

  • TheMattbrownbill
    TheMattbrownbill18 dagen geleden

    When that piece fell off after cutting, I felt impending doom for your foot fingers.

  • DameAndThatGame
    DameAndThatGame18 dagen geleden

    Oh god, am i on the phone to the Job Center or what lol....

  • Chris RW
    Chris RW18 dagen geleden

    This goddamn CNC porn has got my willie in a vise. Keep it up AvE, Great stuff

  • Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes18 dagen geleden

    Just weld the damn thing to the machine bed, Waddaya? Then a nice coat of PTFE to make it non-stick.... Eh?

  • Daniel Holmes
    Daniel Holmes18 dagen geleden

    Good god man, i know its a hass but clean that shit up every so often, ew

  • 242sp
    242sp18 dagen geleden

    I worked in a machine shop back when the cnc programs were punched out on mylar tape, I don't remember it being so "artful" ! The crescendo was when the tap got stuck, the memories...thanks maestro!

  • fall22123
    fall2212318 dagen geleden

    Full contact with the table n yer program might have chooched a fair bit better. Maybe just toe clamp er down next time.

  • Carter Weston
    Carter Weston18 dagen geleden


  • MrMcCoyD4
    MrMcCoyD418 dagen geleden

    So much milk

  • DOOdad Lad
    DOOdad Lad18 dagen geleden

    Most times I want to see what we are making first, but with you I prefer the terror of not knowing where this is going...

  • speedbuggy16v
    speedbuggy16v18 dagen geleden

    enjoy that there Pabpstmear, you earned it!

  • eggypickle
    eggypickle18 dagen geleden

    I've got a machining question: why is there always a pretty pink bead on the end of those... edge finding thingies? is it a ruby?

  • The Gavel is soundgavel
    The Gavel is soundgavel18 dagen geleden

    Hire a rigger next time. Yishhh😬

  • AttilaTheBung
    AttilaTheBung18 dagen geleden

    Hardox doin what hardox does best. Y'know my uncle Roger had a Hardox of his own but he told us to never ever tell anyone about it. Now that I think about it he was really just going spelunking in our assholes. I guess it's affected me in my adult life, my dog catapult broke the other week and Ted Cruz started being nice to me after abusing him on Twitter for weeks on end. Anyway I didn't expect to hear Internet Comment Etiquette references coming from a Canadian. I didn't even know you guys got that channel in the frozen shithole of Hoth. Here's a rocketship (_)(_)::::::::::::::::::::::D~~~~

  • Andrew Radford
    Andrew Radford19 dagen geleden

    No tappy tap tap.

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson19 dagen geleden

    Such a cool machine

  • jolaki4888
    jolaki488819 dagen geleden

    I don't know whats so funny about it, but i audibly laughed @ 6:10 when the drill pulled through, I rewound and watch it again but I still laughed

  • striper sniper
    striper sniper19 dagen geleden

    I don’t get it.Mine as well cook on the GD stove .

  • Stuntman
    Stuntman19 dagen geleden

    Never knew it cuts better with milk. How many cartons does she take to fill up?

  • Digital D
    Digital D19 dagen geleden

    Who else said 🌽 tact when he pressed go???

  • OvAeons
    OvAeons19 dagen geleden

    10:20 Man you sure got excited watching!

  • TheBrewjo
    TheBrewjo19 dagen geleden

    I used to enjoy an Pabst smear down under, until they stopped importing the genuine article and started brewing it here in OZ.

  • Tadeusz dołkowski
    Tadeusz dołkowski19 dagen geleden

    Right now I would confidently put you above Margi Matthew Barney as a film maker.

  • Michal Masaryk
    Michal Masaryk19 dagen geleden

    Hey AVE, I am not on Patreon so basically a lurker here on YT, but I so deeply wish you would do a BOLTR on a coffee hand grinder Orphan Espresso - Lido 2e. You do enjoy some coffee and I basically love it, and likewise the build of the item. One of the few properly built things on the market, by an old and skilled gentleman in the US. Oh I so wish

  • Shawn Tyler
    Shawn Tyler19 dagen geleden

    I could watch nothing but your machining videos. It's so relaxing somehow. LOL

  • Baha Marji
    Baha Marji19 dagen geleden

    Messy shop wrong use of tools zero safety and im not half the way through yet. Getting on the nerve

  • SeiferTV
    SeiferTV19 dagen geleden

    "Aaaaand post." I'm sorry, was that internet comment ettiquette?

  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims19 dagen geleden

    I would have to say that somebody is getting good with his CNC machine.

  • Schiebel Customs
    Schiebel Customs19 dagen geleden

    Manly grunt at 6:30

  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims19 dagen geleden

    Cutting steel plate with a circular saw... What doth be this strange wizardry?

  • The Lawn Care Nut
    The Lawn Care Nut19 dagen geleden

    I can hear Sigourney Weaver in the back ground "Ash, can you hear me?"

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

    18 dagen geleden

    Surely it's more than me and you😅

  • John
    John19 dagen geleden

    I was waiting for the spanks for watching part

  • Dean Wolslagel
    Dean Wolslagel19 dagen geleden

    I was a machinist way back in 1979 making landing gear for 747s on a Keller profile tracer machine-no automation at all ..boy have things changed. I really respect you now...I remember the beer too after shipping off the Boeing order and waiting 120days to get paid!

  • Padders
    Padders19 dagen geleden

    Any good sea fairer will see a seal or two that'd need to go to the fat factory

  • C J
    C J19 dagen geleden

    0:20 OK, Canadian Pyramidhead.

  • MrOmnisun
    MrOmnisun19 dagen geleden

    I love watching your vids. I have no idea how to do anything mechanical or physical. I work in retail and my hands are softer than a baby’s backside.

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown19 dagen geleden

    So this is the one what got copywronged! Excellent choice of music for some *Spring* cleaning!

  • Matthew Gingras
    Matthew Gingras19 dagen geleden

    dude, you missed CNC'ing your logo into it so your burgers can be authentic!

  • Roark keep it under a minute Jeffries
    Roark keep it under a minute Jeffries19 dagen geleden

    I don't know how you snuck this one by on me but I had no idea you could do that with a hand cutter LOL nice chamfer by the way

  • Ikon
    Ikon19 dagen geleden

    Can anybody explain towards the end of the video? He kept at looking/changing at the bit tips and saying fuck? Were they wearing down?

  • tybo09
    tybo0919 dagen geleden


  • Texassince1836
    Texassince183619 dagen geleden

    Got a copyright claim for every day of the week on thisn eh?

  • Shane Voorhis
    Shane Voorhis19 dagen geleden

    First time I've seen him use two hands

  • Eric S
    Eric S19 dagen geleden

    So dramatic

  • sherm dog
    sherm dog19 dagen geleden

    Looks like your tool is do for a cleaning.

  • doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd
    doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd19 dagen geleden

    Vacuum,, maybe?

  • JoshMike
    JoshMike19 dagen geleden

    It’s always good to have a nice easy project like this every once in awhile

  • Fooli Cooli
    Fooli Cooli19 dagen geleden

    The way it changes drill bits is the most beautiful part

  • Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
    Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman19 dagen geleden

    Pabst Smear beer