The Soul of Free Solo Climbing: Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold is a renowned professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America’s biggest cliffs have made him one of the most masterful and compelling athletes of our generation.
This is a conversation about adventure, fear, risk, curiosity, focus and preparation. It’s about mindset. And it's about the why behind Alex’s preternatural pursuits.
✌🏼🌱 - Rich
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Hi I'm Rich Roll. I'm a vegan ultra-endurance athlete and podcaster. I write books and travel the world giving talks. But mainly I'm a dad of four. My wife Julie is much better at stuff than me. She is a yogi, musician, mom, and vegan chef & cookbook author. She makes amazing nut cheese. If you want to know more, the NY Times wrote a couple things about us:


  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang18 dagen geleden

    The people behind the climate change movement don't care about the climate The people behind pro choice don't care about women We live in a much darker world than these guys realize - all propaganda comes in sheep's clothing

  • Enoch Bird
    Enoch BirdMaand geleden

    Anyone else notice how long he goes without blinking?

  • Chris DeHoyos

    Chris DeHoyos

    Maand geleden

    I think that’s a trait a lot of geniuses have LOL

  • manny1661
    manny1661Maand geleden

    This guy is the tom Brady of climbing.not the best physically gifted but the best studied and approach

  • JenSunshine f
    JenSunshine fMaand geleden

    Alex is truly an amazing person and I love that he “visualized” El Cap and what he could do... all things that could happened... but he had an amazing “mind set” in his goal- and his dream as he thought about El Cap for years... his passion to climb El Cap was/ seemed to be instilled in him... of course he trained for years prior to his El Cap - Free Solo climb... but the VISION ... the Vision was the key.... My take away... as I’m not a climber... Vision of what you want to achieve... to me, is a key aspect. Create your Vision aligned with your passion of what you love... and as Alex says- no fear- just do it. ❤️🙌🏻❤️

  • Miubcdrb
    MiubcdrbMaand geleden

    Great interviewer 👍🏽 knows how to have a conversation

  • Sagar prof.
    Sagar prof.Maand geleden

    I like his laid back style.... Soooo non city like

  • anna del monaco
    anna del monacoMaand geleden

    Does. This guy fear anything ...apart from steak

  • Temple Dylan
    Temple DylanMaand geleden

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  • lemonflower
    lemonflower2 maanden geleden

    Me: Would be cool if Rich Roll would interview Alex Honnold. Also Me: Oh, right, should have known.

  • Kamila
    Kamila2 maanden geleden

    Rich Roll’s interviews are the best 👌🏻

  • mack baptist
    mack baptist2 maanden geleden

    The poised stopsign canonically book because battle cytogenetically avoid by a ill-informed luttuce. electric, woozy pint

  • Bret Stevens
    Bret Stevens2 maanden geleden

    Love this interview Rich! You get to interview the best people. Thank you for everything that you have done!

  • Anna Melanie
    Anna Melanie2 maanden geleden

    Such a joy listening to this outstanding interview. Rich is the most prepared, insightful, organized interviewer of Alex I have ever heard.

  • Andrew Black
    Andrew Black3 maanden geleden

    Not being aware of your death can make people very nasty. If you know you are in the process of dying, you are much more aware of life. Our bodies are not eternal, life is a conspiracy of microbes , working to keep you alive. How brief, how precious? Be kind, generate more empathy and let go of attachments

  • Monica123
    Monica1233 maanden geleden

    This guys eyelashes are insane.

  • danny james
    danny james3 maanden geleden


  • Aaron Azazagoth
    Aaron Azazagoth3 maanden geleden

    What a great interview. Alex is an absolute original! I had to watch this to wash the taste of his Jimmy Kimmel interview out of my mouth. Thanks for all of the great insights into a mind that has an unbelievable ability to combine great skill with a zen like mental ability while climbing.

  • JenSunshine f

    JenSunshine f

    Maand geleden

    Jimmy Kimmel’s interview was fine for Jimmy’s platform.. he’s an entertainer... and funny and it was a very nice interview... and Jimmy was Funny! 🤓😁🤪❤️🙌🏻

  • Bijou Smith
    Bijou Smith3 maanden geleden

    I'm one of those who agree with Alex about death. I don't even think it is a dark conversation. It is _totally dark_ if we are talking about causing someone else's death (even if only inadvertently) but a dude like Alex has really lived an amazing life, and for most of it he has had his life in his own hands and been reasonable free, freer than most of us trapped by the anxieties of everyday living.

  • Mojave Mateo
    Mojave Mateo3 maanden geleden

    This is the most interested I've seen Alex during an interview

  • Taylor Horne
    Taylor Horne3 maanden geleden

    Thank you for this interview, Rich.You seem more grounded in this than most of the other interviewers I've seen talking to Alex, and it's a treat to get to hear this conversation unfold in a more relaxed manner.

  • Taylor Horne
    Taylor Horne3 maanden geleden

    I don't think Alex is special. He is unique, for sure, and his athletic achievements are obviously remarkable, but he's as human as any of us, and his uniqueness is to him as anyone else's is to them.

  • Taylor Horne
    Taylor Horne3 maanden geleden

    Alex seems to spend a lot of time in interviews clearing up misunderstandings. His view is very grounded. He seems to see things as they are, without any fluff, speculation, fantasy, etc. That's pretty cool.

  • pumpinpollard
    pumpinpollard3 maanden geleden

    Great interview rich 👍🏼

  • pumpinpollard
    pumpinpollard3 maanden geleden

    Check out this split screen recreation of the Boulder problem that Alex helped put up in a gym in the UK...

  • Natashia Mcrae
    Natashia Mcrae3 maanden geleden

    The awful iris literally tip because italy bareilly tumble along a overconfident celsius. homeless, acoustic leaf

  • Mike Checks
    Mike Checks4 maanden geleden

    Awesome interview but I am extremely bothered with the weak lips...

  • MrSparkymajor
    MrSparkymajor4 maanden geleden

    I didn’t know Jurgen klopp wasn’t managing Liverpool anymore

  • hundredcaws
    hundredcaws4 maanden geleden

    "Stay on your lane Alex" that was quite direct.

  • Dan Popely
    Dan Popely4 maanden geleden

    No rapport with Alex at all and you consistently interrupted him.

  • Lucapotamus Thomasmus
    Lucapotamus Thomasmus4 maanden geleden

    19:50, I’m sure you meant venomous snakes and not “poisonous”.

  • Sylvan Despres
    Sylvan Despres4 maanden geleden

    i'm still yrying to process how he does what he does.that is way,way,way beyond incredible. i mean,the risks are so gigantic...any shadow of a doubt while climbing signify he can have access to such strenght and the memory of where are the passages,and the moves and holds he must perform to climb up such impossible walls...all this for more than 4 hours straight....this is really out of this world.i picture alex like a spider living in a human body.

  • connor white
    connor white4 maanden geleden

    The oceanic wolf technically jam because kenneth functionally grab inside a wary mustard. wooden, ready age

  • Dawid aka Grendel
    Dawid aka Grendel4 maanden geleden

    'if we are vegan, world would be a better place'. Well... why don't we all just have a sip of bleach, that would solve all world's problems.

  • Eric C.
    Eric C.4 maanden geleden

    Great interview, about the best conversation with Alex and the most information I've seen from him.

  • Jon-William Murphy
    Jon-William Murphy4 maanden geleden

    Dude, had you only seen the film before interviewing him.. I realize it was not possible, but I can’t help but thinking how different this interview would have been had you known what had gone down

  • Unbeknownst
    Unbeknownst5 maanden geleden

    alex cutting off rich 3 times by 11:33 lol other 2 times were as rich was going to ask something

  • Sentient
    Sentient5 maanden geleden

    Alex Honnold commentating on 2020 Olympics would be astronomically awesome!

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty5 maanden geleden

    1:08:30 Surprised at this random insight: "this will happen no matter what", "'there will be solar on nearly every roof top'". YUP. If you can't install the solar right now on your own roof, how about buying some TSLA! :D It *will* be closer to 15 yrs then 50. China is mainly crushing and burning COAL.

  • munky munk
    munky munk6 maanden geleden

    i love watching anything with Alex in it, what a guy!

  • Monica
    Monica6 maanden geleden

    nice to see an interviewer who seems to understand where alex is coming from :)

  • YinYang Kicks
    YinYang Kicks6 maanden geleden

    Great conversation! your sincerity and mindfulness are really inspiring. Now, that said... Rich: "I mean...." Alex: "I mean..." Rich: "yeah! I mean..." Alex: "yeah I mean..." 😀😂 just kidding!

  • William Adams
    William Adams6 maanden geleden

    Comment 500 baby!!!

  • Benjamín Arellano Gaete
    Benjamín Arellano Gaete7 maanden geleden


  • Benjamín Arellano Gaete
    Benjamín Arellano Gaete7 maanden geleden


  • Linh Gio
    Linh Gio7 maanden geleden


  • Nadeen Sivic
    Nadeen Sivic7 maanden geleden

    I'm really not sure why he was invitied to appear on Kimmel. Doesn't seem congruent with his core audience. Never mind. This was an interview worth stopping for.

  • Morgan Kennedy
    Morgan Kennedy7 maanden geleden

    This would be a much better interview if Rich would stop constantly interrupting Alex every time he tries to make a point.

  • Ukbunemal Yokanlush
    Ukbunemal Yokanlush8 maanden geleden


  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez8 maanden geleden

    Way better than the JRE one

  • mark rigg
    mark rigg8 maanden geleden

    Great interview

  • out law
    out law8 maanden geleden

    What’s the secret, 20 years of hard work.

  • Have Fun
    Have Fun8 maanden geleden

    These people helps humanity to be humble...

  • BigToeify
    BigToeify8 maanden geleden

    Not sure how I missed this one but superb interview with one of the most inspiring humans alive today. Thanks Rich. Beyond enjoyed this!

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man8 maanden geleden

    Better than Rogan's show

  • Smood47
    Smood478 maanden geleden

    2 of the greatest living athletes. I believe Alex is the greatest of all time.

  • Sascha Kraemer
    Sascha Kraemer8 maanden geleden

    This is such a good talk and i‘m not just saying this cause no one is trying to sell supplements. Keep up the good work....

  • adven ture
    adven ture8 maanden geleden

    China isn't the world leader really in renewable energy, however they build it faster than anyone, but at the same time China builds more coil plants than ever, because they need more power fast since their economy rises exponentially and coil is cheap. It isn't black and white but more complex..

  • ReconMarine 1969
    ReconMarine 19699 maanden geleden

    It’s funny how Alex always presents his free solos as “anyone can do them- it just takes lots of preparation and practice.” Uhhh, no it does not. There is absolutely nothing remotely normal about what Alex does. Alex is the closest thing to supernatural that I have ever seen. There are brave people, great people- just read about the Medal of Honor winners. But what Alex does is in a different category and no one is on his level mentally.

  • JBulsara A
    JBulsara A9 maanden geleden

    Cant help but listen to this guy makes you actually feel good. :-D Alex: No big deal

  • gontsaru
    gontsaru9 maanden geleden

    too bad he is a lefty :(

  • Omar
    Omar9 maanden geleden

    This guy is so fukin basic, so simple, so intelligent, no fuss, no stupid philosophies...just drive...and discipline and desire to live an awesome life...I bow down man

  • Gage Luis

    Gage Luis

    Maand geleden

    @Emmett Trill Cool! It took about 15 minutes but it reallyworked!

  • Emmett Trill

    Emmett Trill

    Maand geleden

    I dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

  • Yvonne Alexander
    Yvonne Alexander10 maanden geleden

    What a brilliant interview - such context and insights and the authentic exchange and purpose of these humans builds hope and warms the soul! It is especially interesting to hear it today - as a circle back to the success and motivation Free Solo created! Go Alex and go Holland Foundation and go Rich! Will follow your other interviews now! Thank you!

  • Garrett Eckley
    Garrett Eckley10 maanden geleden

    Amazing interview, this is by far better than any interviews I’ve ever seen about Alex.

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 810 maanden geleden

    Drink! 🍷🍸🍹🍺🥂🥃 Every time Alex says "But-ummmm" 👍😇

  • John B
    John B10 maanden geleden

    Two super intelligent guys...a pleasure to listen to.

  • Damien Roy
    Damien Roy10 maanden geleden

    Hi, snakes are venomous not poisonous. Love your podcast.

  • Julesy Medlin
    Julesy Medlin11 maanden geleden

    How much do solar panels cost? And what is the maintenance like- can you have a hybrid system?

  • Jason Crawford
    Jason Crawford11 maanden geleden

    Hands down the best interview with Alex

  • Meggie
    Meggie11 maanden geleden

    Their talk about death is 100% on. We dont talk about death enough

  • Palahume
    Palahume11 maanden geleden

    I hope to God he doesn't free solo anything else again. He doesn't need to prove anything else. Please don't, Alex.

  • Ajinkya Chebbi
    Ajinkya Chebbi11 maanden geleden

    Jurgen klopp interviewing alex hannold

  • paul1x1
    paul1x111 maanden geleden

    I don't know if hes just this humble but watch the movie it is terrifying it just doesn't matter who climbs el cap next who climbed Everest second he did it first and is forever

  • July Lohar
    July LoharJaar geleden

    the interviewer is kinda sketchy...uff

  • Marc Belair
    Marc BelairJaar geleden

    Great interview of Alex Honnold, kudos to Rich Roll for having him get out of his shell so much. Great insightful conversation!

  • Mitch Geiger
    Mitch GeigerJaar geleden

    I never knew that Alex went to Berkeley

  • K Webster
    K WebsterJaar geleden

    This the best interview. I’ve watched so much about AH and for me this is the most relaxed and unguarded I’ve seen him.

  • John Sutton III
    John Sutton IIIJaar geleden

    As a card carrying gay, I can tell you he's a no brainer. I am crushing hard. lol.

  • Romulo Ambay
    Romulo AmbayJaar geleden

    his humility and simplicity is so captivating . .his eyes speaks more of it. . when one becomes great it's hard to be simple yet here's a guy proving an exception. .

  • Hurricane Janko
    Hurricane JankoJaar geleden

    Some top tips on tax dodging, tax residency in Las Vegas, setup charity go climbing

  • dog tagged
    dog taggedJaar geleden

    Alex seems to be a most grounded climber as his demeanor dictates he will be grounded no matter what elevation, evidenced somewhat by the amygdala MRI results, but even more so by listening to him speak his mind. Great dig here.

  • Steve Holstein
    Steve HolsteinJaar geleden

    Alex: "The big free solos that I'm maybe more well known for" Maybe well known for?? More like Famous. He's so humble. 10:30

  • ape 999
    ape 999Jaar geleden

    Does every pod cast have a buddha statue or sum

  • Aman Atkamwar
    Aman AtkamwarJaar geleden

    Alex is one of most inspiring human of all time... I have nothing but respect for this guy.

  • Steve Holstein
    Steve HolsteinJaar geleden

    Is this how the younger generation talks.......using the word "so" too many times and vocal frying big time?

  • The invisible paint brush

    The invisible paint brush

    Jaar geleden

    This is just one guy and you're making an entire generalization from it lol

  • Test
    TestJaar geleden

    This is the 3rd time I have watched this. I needed to see somebody so smart, analytical, yet humble and „normal“ (nothing is really normal about him & what he does) today when the world seems to be mad.

  • Imagine
    ImagineJaar geleden

    Min 17 a. Is right

  • Imagine
    ImagineJaar geleden

    Very good chat

  • Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana
    Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan PananaJaar geleden

    Keep the interviews coming Alex.🔝

  • kkman40
    kkman40Jaar geleden

    Alex “I’m not physically gifted” Honnold 🙈

  • Jon-William Murphy

    Jon-William Murphy

    4 maanden geleden

    @Tobin Zunes-Wolfe fair point, how many people could keep up with Tommy and do the Fitz traverse, or the Evolution traverse car to car sub 24 hr. I’ve climbed up to 5.10 on el cap, I can kinda get it. I’m just explaining what I think he means when says he’s not physically gifted.

  • Tobin Zunes-Wolfe

    Tobin Zunes-Wolfe

    4 maanden geleden

    @Jon-William Murphy you're comparing sprinters to marathon runners. Not the same style of climbing at all

  • Jon-William Murphy

    Jon-William Murphy

    4 maanden geleden

    He’s honestly not quite elite level physically. He’s never done a .15a and there are many men and some women that have done .15a and .15b

  • Tobin Zunes-Wolfe

    Tobin Zunes-Wolfe

    6 maanden geleden

    climbs 33 pitches including 13a in under four hours...

  • Desert Rat
    Desert RatJaar geleden

    He probably looks so young, because he's so damn relaxed in life.

  • Jorge Hernandez

    Jorge Hernandez

    8 maanden geleden

    onmy computer2020gal he’s not 45 lol

  • Desert Rat
    Desert RatJaar geleden

    So much better than that ridiculous interview with Joe Rogan. This was worth the listen!

  • Sacha
    SachaJaar geleden

    alex is the representation of how we should all go about our lives - slow and steady and methodical - because in a way arent we all climbing a face of a mountain with no rope surrounded but beautiful landscapes and the potential for our sheer doom

  • Agustin Alonso Ibañez Olivos
    Agustin Alonso Ibañez OlivosJaar geleden

    I've always wonder, How does his hands look like?

  • Dong Heng
    Dong HengJaar geleden

    He talks a lot. lol

  • Hi
    HiJaar geleden

    Nat Geo really needs to release a 4K disc of this movie in the United States.

  • cyclesingsleep
    cyclesingsleepJaar geleden

    Very groovy!! correction: cows aren't the problem. The way we farm them is. Cows grazing and managed on land properly increases grass carbon sequestration and creates organic rich soil, which then supports methane gobbling bacteria. So, cows help the earth...but not when they are raised in giant feed lots! Peace : )

  • wickedtoast
    wickedtoastJaar geleden

    hes so sharp and articulate when he talks and gives interviews, its really interesting to listen to him.

  • kiki xoxo
    kiki xoxoJaar geleden

    He has some very luscious eye lashes

  • Jerrold Sipocz
    Jerrold SipoczJaar geleden

    This is a great podcast. I actually watched the documentary "Free Solo" a while ago but I feel that I learned so much in this podcast.

  • Tsering Dolma
    Tsering DolmaJaar geleden

    My hero