The Pizza-Making Contraption | Joseph's Machines


  • Mickey Hastings
    Mickey Hastings2 uur geleden

    Robots are making a plan to take our jobs starting with Domino’s

  • Relaxing Shakya
    Relaxing Shakya8 uur geleden

    So amazing👍

  • Sanjay Tamizharasan
    Sanjay Tamizharasan13 uur geleden

    Reminds me of mr bean pizza machine

  • Wagner Campos
    Wagner CamposDag geleden

    Bum bum bum Castelo Ratibum, só quem é brasileiro vai entender kkkkk

  • ???
    ???Dag geleden

    The way he makes the time to do these and it takes less time and effort to do it by hand is like- But these are actually smart 😆

  • Юрий Морозов
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  • mauricio lacruz
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  • 曾信樺
    曾信樺2 dagen geleden

    never speed

  • DRxRaHuLVeRmA
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  • paklo
    paklo3 dagen geleden

    Mr bean and you should work together

  • joel Cerdeira
    joel Cerdeira3 dagen geleden

    Perfact 👏💯

  • Games_Byron
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  • rhyly410
    rhyly4104 dagen geleden

    Legit albert einstein

  • simanekop
    simanekop5 dagen geleden

    I think it like BtF, Dr.s home.

  • Emman Olleta
    Emman Olleta5 dagen geleden

    It's Mr.Bean

  • pap Jpap
    pap Jpap6 dagen geleden

    So cool 😎

  • iConnorKing
    iConnorKing6 dagen geleden

    Joseph if u see this i was at ur woah studios thing!

  • Ella Renes
    Ella Renes7 dagen geleden

    A moment of silence for that one olive that didn’t make it onto the pizza😔

  • Korean territory Dok-do, Gyeong nyeol bi yeol-do
    Korean territory Dok-do, Gyeong nyeol bi yeol-do7 dagen geleden

    이걸 보니 피자가 먹고싶네 ‥

  • Antriksh Chandrawanshi 10 f
    Antriksh Chandrawanshi 10 f7 dagen geleden

    Send more video

  • Antriksh Chandrawanshi 10 f
    Antriksh Chandrawanshi 10 f7 dagen geleden

    Very nice

  • Cookies DC
    Cookies DC7 dagen geleden

    The title of this video alone had me hooked

  • Jumary Jaapar
    Jumary Jaapar8 dagen geleden

    How cool is this🔥

  • CxL 😏
    CxL 😏8 dagen geleden

    Everyone: omg nasa get this man a job Me: there’s like no cheese on the pizza wth

  • worcestershire sauce
    worcestershire sauce 8 dagen geleden

    Thomas the tank engine is now making homemade pizza. who would of thought?

  • NCR Bros
    NCR Bros9 dagen geleden

    Joseph, Can you Show a machice that washes clothes.

  • 王茂竹
    王茂竹10 dagen geleden

    Too little cheese haha

  • Roasting Gamerz
    Roasting Gamerz11 dagen geleden

    Oh hello FBI I found real Mr.Bean

  • heyheyhey520
    heyheyhey52012 dagen geleden

    Here from gmm!

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill12 dagen geleden

    Mama mia

  • Vincent Chhay
    Vincent Chhay12 dagen geleden

    i like this machine

  • Heather Seegmiller
    Heather Seegmiller13 dagen geleden

    Can you do that how to pass the wine while social distancing even though the scientists already got the vaccine the reason why I'm asking for this is is when you posted how to pass the pepper while social distancing at the end one of the people said can you pass the wine so please do this

  • Alejandro Borrero
    Alejandro Borrero14 dagen geleden

    Jjjjajaja que creativo jjj me río mucho hermano tienes mi like 😃👍

  • TurnerTHA
    TurnerTHA14 dagen geleden

    Where's pineapple?

  • Ya Boi Steez
    Ya Boi Steez14 dagen geleden

    Bro should have been an engineer 🔥

  • Julien David
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  • ManLand121
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  • 빅보스
    빅보스15 dagen geleden

    ㅁㅊ ㅋㅋㅋ 얼굴에 그냥 쥐어박는데?ㅋㅋㅋ

  • alexandre deutsch
    alexandre deutsch16 dagen geleden

    NASA, seriously! You're wasting your best "whatever you want" engineer!!

  • manoel bomfim anrdade
    manoel bomfim anrdade16 dagen geleden

    E coisa viu.

  • James Rowles
    James Rowles16 dagen geleden

    The Pizza Feeder needs some work. Pizza Maker is solid.

  • Dave mary

    Dave mary

    16 dagen geleden

    W•H•A•T•S•A•P •• +.=1 .=3. =3. =0. =2. =0. =3. =1. =8. =6. =0 T•O E•A•R•N H•U•G•E P•R•O•F•I•T•S F•R•O•M. X•R•P..A•M•C..C•R•Y•P•T•O

  • Always Friends
    Always Friends17 dagen geleden

    Make a machine we can reuse it many times not one use and re built it

  • Григорий
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  • syiila Mohdan
    syiila Mohdan17 dagen geleden

    Khaby lame be like: 😑👐🌚

  • Sonia :)
    Sonia :)17 dagen geleden

    It's good but it's better to make with hands and eat! I mean the process is faster if we make by hands!! I liked his creativity but I guess it's somehow not worth!

  • hh aa
    hh aa17 dagen geleden

    In the end he will be left with no eyes.

  • Chandler Alves
    Chandler Alves17 dagen geleden

    Great machine, just needs more cheese on that pizza, man.

  • hai fiz
    hai fiz18 dagen geleden

    Please, pineapple on it... Please... I'm begging you. Put pineapple on it...

  • Blanca Flores
    Blanca Flores18 dagen geleden


  • Sharjeel Sajid
    Sharjeel Sajid18 dagen geleden

    Very interesting

  • samia
    samia18 dagen geleden

    So Amazing..

  • A. S.
    A. S.18 dagen geleden

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahsahaahahahahhahahah Great job man

  • the friendly ghost
    the friendly ghost18 dagen geleden

    You forgot the pineapple!!!

  • Miguel N
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  • Paula Hunter
    Paula Hunter19 dagen geleden

    I got a problems , i like to brush my teeth in my bed, can you help me?

  • Mouka Faslouka
    Mouka Faslouka19 dagen geleden

    And this is why humans are far superior at certain things than any machine could ever be.

  • Domenico Scarpa
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  • 김윤준
    김윤준19 dagen geleden

    It is that I want to build a water gun

  • 김윤준
    김윤준19 dagen geleden

    I have a problem…

  • Fast & Delicious Food
    Fast & Delicious Food19 dagen geleden

    Big like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Super 👍👍👍👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝🤝 Have a great day 👍🤝👍🥰

  • ADA foot logmah  حلال badi
    ADA foot logmah حلال badi19 dagen geleden


  • Prakhar Maurya
    Prakhar Maurya19 dagen geleden

    I thik we don't need hand😂 let us donate after making this tool

  • Intan Tarmizi
    Intan Tarmizi19 dagen geleden

    Now What machine is he gonna build next?

  • zero surasto
    zero surasto19 dagen geleden


  • Sreeja P R
    Sreeja P R20 dagen geleden

    you are amazing . and lot of hard work

  • Sergio Forte
    Sergio Forte20 dagen geleden

    Kkkkkkk genious

  • Who Are You
    Who Are You20 dagen geleden


  • Baby Masti USA
    Baby Masti USA20 dagen geleden

    Great 👍

  • DOKU
    DOKU20 dagen geleden


  • Nur salim
    Nur salim20 dagen geleden

    Cara makan yang unik... 😁

  • Lee G
    Lee G20 dagen geleden

    Ever pizza place needs one of these in store just to watch as you're waiting for you food

  • Mikko Onesa
    Mikko Onesa20 dagen geleden

    When you are a genius but also stupid 😂😂😝

  • Steampunk Gaming
    Steampunk Gaming20 dagen geleden

    Barely any cheese. I could not eat this. (The contraption is cool though)

  • Michele Chiminelli
    Michele Chiminelli20 dagen geleden

    Avrei da ridire sugli ingredienti! Falla con gli ingredienti che Dio comanda e ne riparliamo! La macchina però è stupenda

  • Артур Валиуллин
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  • Javier
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  • C•rla ea
    C•rla ea20 dagen geleden

    I was not expecting the pepperoni to be dispersed so nicely 🤣 it's good my guy

  • Max Snyder The Meme Kid
    Max Snyder The Meme Kid21 dag geleden

    I found another machine it’s called the vegetable Feader how it works:You put a sign saying a present above you put a present on the ceiling and then a sensor will drop a vegetable into their mouth that’s how it works This machine works for only picky eaters

  • cnc human
    cnc human21 dag geleden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😁😁😁MC Gaver

  • Văn Thảo Huỳnh
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  • Einfach wichtig
    Einfach wichtig21 dag geleden

    Wer so lieb gefüttert wird, braucht keine Mutter mehr.

  • Robin George
    Robin George21 dag geleden

    Lol what a terrible pizza

  • Shark puppet And the Cast
    Shark puppet And the Cast21 dag geleden

    if you didnt make a breakfast feeder

  • Youness Elkioui
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  • Jolly Bucket
    Jolly Bucket21 dag geleden

    This pizza lacks cheese

  • Farran Hill
    Farran Hill21 dag geleden

    All I can think of right now is the father from chitty chitty bang bang ☺️

  • Lachlan Baldwin
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  • iganinja 5000
    iganinja 500021 dag geleden

    So fking satisfying to watch 😁😁👍

  • Bert
    Bert22 dagen geleden

    Pee wee Herman would be proud

  • Da Chicken Legs
    Da Chicken Legs22 dagen geleden

    What If....? I put a pie to put on his face. 😂

  • YohYamialwayzHIGH
    YohYamialwayzHIGH22 dagen geleden

    Rube Goldberg is smiling

  • Deaf Soda
    Deaf Soda22 dagen geleden

    Not enough cheese on that pizza

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar22 dagen geleden

    Really, that’s not nearly enough cheese. Otherwise great job

    KIRA PLAYS22 dagen geleden


  • Hugin
    Hugin22 dagen geleden

    Bro. Wheres the pineapple?

  • josefbuckland
    josefbuckland22 dagen geleden

    JOSEF’s are on another level I should know iam one with my own channel. Awesome stuff

  • Udon Nomi
    Udon Nomi22 dagen geleden

    I don't know why more people don't cook at home, see how easy it is!?

  • Phil Raptor
    Phil Raptor22 dagen geleden

    Thumbs down? Why??

  • Mademoiselle Sunny
    Mademoiselle Sunny22 dagen geleden