The Funniest Royal Family Moments: Part 2


  • The Royal Family Channel
    The Royal Family Channel4 maanden geleden

    Which is your favourite moment? The Queen and David Attenborough get our vote...

  • Christine Seaman

    Christine Seaman

    4 dagen geleden


  • magnum10000000


    7 dagen geleden

    Yes it is the best Moment

  • Charmaine Parsley

    Charmaine Parsley

    25 dagen geleden

    @Tiffiany S. Lol, my exact thoughts! 💯

  • Samantha Bella's AG Dolls

    Samantha Bella's AG Dolls

    Maand geleden

    When Harry was on stage with Hamilton

  • Rasheed Mughal

    Rasheed Mughal

    2 maanden geleden

    @TJ333 ageztly

  • Terry Sampson
    Terry Sampson6 uur geleden

    History repeats itself

  • annamaria nicoletti
    annamaria nicoletti7 uur geleden

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  • annamaria nicoletti
    annamaria nicoletti7 uur geleden

    Antonio Annamaria nicoletti Rita insieme Antonio chiamami rispondi video Annamaria nicoletti Rita insieme Antonio matrimonio Kate William

  • MrHoldemace
    MrHoldemaceDag geleden

    Sorry Harry you are second best , the co star was the bigger man

  • Mai Renthlei
    Mai Renthlei3 dagen geleden

    Charlotte gonna be savage like Princess Anne and Princess Margaret

  • bon bon
    bon bon3 dagen geleden

    The shushing was incredible, never knew two people could do that. What will they do next? Cant wait.

  • yakheen
    yakheen3 dagen geleden

    2:30 he didn't he bother to put it up lol. He waited for that lady to put it up. How arrogant

  • Terri L.
    Terri L.4 dagen geleden

    So, his book will come out in late 2022. Let them visit after, and we shall see how adored they are.

  • Ivanilda Maria Da Silva
    Ivanilda Maria Da Silva5 dagen geleden


  • Emu
    Emu8 dagen geleden

    Does harry have to say “God save the queen” or “God save grandma”?

  • Emu
    Emu8 dagen geleden

    Does he have to say “God save the queen” or “God save grandma”?

  • Ingrid Mitchell
    Ingrid Mitchell8 dagen geleden

    The RF, always had a sense of humor, they love comedy, I remember Charles years ago taking off Spike Milligan...

  • PipersSon
    PipersSon9 dagen geleden

    *Meghan reads the bible regularly, her favorite sections are Genesi$. Exodu$. Leviticu$, Number$, and Walmart$. Her mother says everywhere she goes she sees dollar signs.*

  • A7med Delmon
    A7med Delmon9 dagen geleden

    💝The British are more popular than the French and the Germans.💝

  • The Earth House HC Experience
    The Earth House HC Experience10 dagen geleden

    Cool video 🌳

  • daisymae1963
    daisymae196311 dagen geleden

    I miss Harry and him smiling

  • Veni K
    Veni K12 dagen geleden

    Hi very nice and beautiful and interesting video 👌

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  • Αριά Νικολάι Αλέξανδρου
    Αριά Νικολάι Αλέξανδρου13 dagen geleden

    I like to see King George VI funny mommnets 😂


    Not Grandfather It's Photographers

  • Merita Okse
    Merita Okse15 dagen geleden

    Hanry is much better then his brodher. Hi is sane as hus mother. William and Kati are fake

  • Yongki Amirson
    Yongki Amirson16 dagen geleden

    Friends Relationship Google Mr H GOD Bless Ysa Mdn

  • K H
    K H17 dagen geleden

    3:22- Queen- 'sounds like president trump.'

  • Albert Lugosi
    Albert Lugosi18 dagen geleden

    Had we thought of that? So lovely!

  • Yanni D e-Power
    Yanni D e-Power19 dagen geleden

    Communism is time to come

  • Prince Sj
    Prince Sj20 dagen geleden

    When Harry was still our Prince... He makes us laugh. Now he's such a pain

  • Ruth Conlon
    Ruth Conlon20 dagen geleden

    Ah yes...the old Harry before he met the Narcassist.

  • The Royal Family -RA
    The Royal Family -RA20 dagen geleden


  • The Royal Family -RA
    The Royal Family -RA20 dagen geleden


  • Jamie-leigh Gibson
    Jamie-leigh Gibson20 dagen geleden

    Bet Diana wished that bottle knocked him out 😂😂

  • Anne Hill
    Anne Hill21 dag geleden


  • Mr Jayed
    Mr Jayed22 dagen geleden

    I love harry

  • Laith,, Habeeb
    Laith,, Habeeb22 dagen geleden

    🌹🌹,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 👽🖤👿👹💀👺😈💔🖤👽

  • Gitanjali Mohapatra
    Gitanjali Mohapatra22 dagen geleden

    Sounds like president

  • vapalaca
    vapalaca23 dagen geleden

    All the fun before Meghan came around and ruined everything

  • Aditi Haider
    Aditi Haider26 dagen geleden

    When Happy was really happy His pre-markle days

    CHANNEL VLOGGER26 dagen geleden

  • Celia Antonia
    Celia Antonia27 dagen geleden

    🥰 two princ and🙏🙏

  • Maribel Arroyo
    Maribel Arroyo28 dagen geleden

    The Royal family Channel

  • Courtney Quillen
    Courtney QuillenMaand geleden

    Prince William and Prince Harry have their mother's Princess Diana's sense of humor ☺

  • Daniela Rodaro
    Daniela RodaroMaand geleden

    Vaya parece que Dios el pobre se rifa en América. Pobrecitos

  • Demelza Ross
    Demelza RossMaand geleden

    Its was lovely when harry was happy

  • April Bradley
    April BradleyMaand geleden

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  • Busy Girl Lizzy
    Busy Girl LizzyMaand geleden

    When Charles does the weather! 🤣😂

  • Anuradha Somani
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  • Southern Belle
    Southern BelleMaand geleden

    William is amazing . I've always so loved Diana's boys,Harry is such a beautiful person too.I sincerely hope they both live long,happy lives.

  • Roga Tienne
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  • Nery Lebron Martinez
    Nery Lebron MartinezMaand geleden

    Why is David Attenborough in this video?

  • Hekate
    HekateMaand geleden

    wiliiam looks so much like diana :')

  • Dina Morgan
    Dina MorganMaand geleden

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *DATEUS.UNO* NLdron: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

  • Dyah Viona
    Dyah VionaMaand geleden

    Harry looked so adorable

  • Cali Brown
    Cali BrownMaand geleden

    The mosquito after biting prince Harry: 🦟👑

  • Shailendra Phadke
    Shailendra PhadkeMaand geleden

    They Looted India and now show themself as a Royal Family shame on you. They are real terrorist of the world.

  • Loralie Cooper
    Loralie CooperMaand geleden

    Harry, you rock! Congrats Prince on the new addition to your family.

  • mikail hamza
    mikail hamzaMaand geleden

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  • K A
    K AMaand geleden

    A team ki bachee thee us nay ka aap ka moun Gandha hai isko A team say door rakhein ,because you have been touching animals .And don't even dare to go near our queen unless and until washed your whole body and soul in the blood of Jesus Christ as you smell of animals and the queen will have none of that .

  • Darleen Couch
    Darleen CouchMaand geleden

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  • albinofigueira vieira
    albinofigueira vieiraMaand geleden

    A sun dial under a tree 😂😂😂😂

  • Ganjamsesha Vamsikrishna
    Ganjamsesha VamsikrishnaMaand geleden

    I love prince william and Harry so much prince Harry look very sweet

  • Ganjamsesha Vamsikrishna
    Ganjamsesha VamsikrishnaMaand geleden

    I love prince Harry and prince william both are following the prince Diana her mother steps

  • Mez C
    Mez CMaand geleden

    Or when Harry said he was leaving the royal family n was skint 🤣

  • Razia Begum
    Razia BegumMaand geleden

    i love u royals u show us even though u are funny your still human like rest of us ❤️

  • Viral TV
    Viral TVMaand geleden

    Now the role of royal 👑 is not more than jokers who entertain their masses 🥳

  • JoshuWasTaken
    JoshuWasTakenMaand geleden

    Harry got Caught in 4k before it was even a thing

  • Earth Ninja123
    Earth Ninja123Maand geleden

    Nobody: Not even Prince Charles: The Queen Elizabeth ll when a helicopter flew past: sOuNds LiKe PrEsIdAnT tRuMp

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  • 飯塚忠光


    Maand geleden


  • Jane manifold
    Jane manifoldMaand geleden

    I love the royals! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 5 Special
    5 SpecialMaand geleden

    God bless !

  • Nat Oaks
    Nat OaksMaand geleden

    I love HRH the Queen :) her sense of humour is unique.

  • Omayra Gonzalez
    Omayra GonzalezMaand geleden

    Love queen Elizabeth

  • Mahesh Mahi
    Mahesh MahiMaand geleden

    Vnais.... 0Rani family s ....

  • Helen Casillas
    Helen CasillasMaand geleden

    When Prince William & Prince Harry were younger they were so close. They

  • Helen Casillas

    Helen Casillas

    Maand geleden

    Addendum. They had hair, youth, looks and were so funny. What happened?

  • Ohla Aquino
    Ohla AquinoMaand geleden

    As a human we all have funny moments of course. The only different is that they are rich, famous and influential

  • little kiwi
    little kiwiMaand geleden

    Not to be hateful but don't they get tired of all the pretence and etiquettes and rules

  • Jo
    JoMaand geleden

    Lovely to see the RF without Megan!!!

  • yvonne s.
    yvonne s.Maand geleden

    There have been so many people and media popping up with many comments on the rise and fall of Prince Harry and Meghan the past almost 2 years because of leaving England....I just wanted to bring up a small point..That I have noticed...The royal family has been going by the name the Firm...for over the past 30 years, or is a business... not just a family...Children born into the Royal family or Firm are taught at a young age that they must act the part they are born into ...some may want to leave....!....There will be the Royal Media...that will put out info on various positive things going on...and the underground Media will dig up dirt on the Royal family.... Either will generate a large interest in the Firm and it will help to be in the news and generate the wealth they are accustomed to having... It stands to reason...that any Royal member of the family that can bring in wealth, or help cut expenses, by working outside the Firm, will be always welcome ...eventually...Yes all families have their spats and disagreements....BUT..blood... is thicker than water. And Harry will always be a matter what... He will eventually be close to his brother, and their kids will grow up and be close cousins, no matter where they live....I am an American and I'm a couple of years younger than Prince Charles...and have watched his life go up and down in the media for years....He will eventually be the King of England, no matter what is written about him over the years,....This is THE FIRM.....and it will... become more modern, of course as time moves forward.. but it has gone on since the 1300's at least, or more.....people should understand more about history....and quit trying to guess what is up.....

  • Mahesh Mahi
    Mahesh MahiMaand geleden

    Vnais.... 0Rani family s....

  • Mahesh Mahi
    Mahesh MahiMaand geleden

    Vnais.... 0Rani family s ....

  • عادل الشعلان الغامدي
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  • Atanas Roev
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  • HolbergEM
    HolbergEMMaand geleden

    Oh look! They have stolen more money that they can spend! They killed a lot of folks! So cute! Laugh, peasants, laugh))

  • djcrazy
    djcrazyMaand geleden

    these are everyday things a human being does n bc those ppl have a title prince or princess, the news makes a big deal of it!!

  • 高立
    高立Maand geleden

    兩個王子長大了 , 黛安娜王妃也該含笑九泉

  • Mahesh Mahi
    Mahesh MahiMaand geleden

    Vnais.... 0Rani family s ....

  • iam oneclicker
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  • Dawn Marie May
    Dawn Marie MayMaand geleden

    I just love when that baby ppokes out her tongue So cute and funmy

  • Christopher Okoh
    Christopher OkohMaand geleden

    Its sounds like president trump 😂😂

  • cazboys22
    cazboys222 maanden geleden

    William Harry = MUM ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

  • Katherine Pollock
    Katherine Pollock2 maanden geleden

    I loved the Queen's remarks at the end 😂❤

  • reina coffee
    reina coffee2 maanden geleden

    So which part was funny? Surely not Charles as the weatherman.

  • erri don
    erri don2 maanden geleden

  • erri don
    erri don2 maanden geleden

  • Scamela Andres
    Scamela Andres2 maanden geleden

    I miss the old Harry. He is dead and gone now.

  • Donna Wood
    Donna Wood2 maanden geleden

    quit putting harry and his wife on here. they are no longer part of the family as they have removed themselves.

  • Mary Mary
    Mary Mary2 maanden geleden

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  • Fatima Attar
    Fatima Attar2 maanden geleden

    bonnwi oomri👋🤭

  • SarahAnn Greiner
    SarahAnn Greiner2 maanden geleden

    Just checking in again... All day, you're all I think of. That and how to leave the world a happy place. Maybe, just maybe, I would calm down... Nope, it seems that if I tell you what not to do someone does it. I have got to stop falling for it.

  • Janean Hons
    Janean Hons2 maanden geleden

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