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Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer


  • Dark Raider0148
    Dark Raider01484 uur geleden

    Me: Yayyyy Jon Tron: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS Me: SON OF A BI-

  • Logan Truckair
    Logan Truckair5 uur geleden

    seeing jon bring out a nintendo power gave me the fattest nostalgia trip. i wonder if he will ever cover a videogame again

  • The Man With Lemonade 🍋
    The Man With Lemonade 🍋5 uur geleden

    I got ad for Clorox... cuz .. ummm..... Clean Clorox

  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans5 uur geleden

    I'm not hating or anything... I say go get that Raid:Shadow Money but that game sucks worse than getting herpes from your cousin.

  • Arn von Salzburg
    Arn von Salzburg5 uur geleden

    Totally off topic, but I really love the set. Where you got the lamp next to the clock (?), is it a suitcase next to it?

  • Rose Tyler Bad Wolf
    Rose Tyler Bad Wolf5 uur geleden

    If he actually drank that much carrot juice he would’ve turned orange from the beta-carotene.

  • _JACQ_
    _JACQ_5 uur geleden

    yes the king has uploaded ill go back to my cave for a year and wait for the next one after i watch *byebye*

  • Ethan Salisbury
    Ethan Salisbury5 uur geleden

    Zomeones trying to kill you jonn

  • Happy Tuxedo Deleto
    Happy Tuxedo Deleto5 uur geleden

    This guy must shit like crazy

  • TehPwnerer
    TehPwnerer5 uur geleden

    13 glasses a day?! That's a lot of sugar, 2 cups of half and half carrot and apple is 33g of sugar with 13 cups adding to 215g of sugar, per day! 😧 im surprised buddy doesn't have diabetes

  • nope
    nope5 uur geleden

    It is an honor to witness two videos being uploaded in the same year by John Tron

  • David Busch
    David Busch6 uur geleden

    I’m getting a tat that says “am I gonna get jonestowned?’ -Jon tron

  • Chairforce gamer
    Chairforce gamer6 uur geleden

    What was that last song?

  • Shaun Sway
    Shaun Sway6 uur geleden

    Wait a minute. Steve Jobs turned down his chemo because he believed his cancer could be cured by raw fruit and pulp.......did the apple guy get conned by this fuckin commercial?!!

  • Murder Inc. Hunting
    Murder Inc. Hunting6 uur geleden

    Juicy J lol

  • Sean Craven
    Sean Craven6 uur geleden

    Is JonTron just a reaction channel now?

  • Penhead
    Penhead7 uur geleden

    what is the name of the song at the end??????

  • papiyankee11
    papiyankee117 uur geleden

    I am now responsible for 0.001% of the viewz

  • Inoakland123
    Inoakland1237 uur geleden

    Yo Jon is married????

  • Okuyasu Nijimura
    Okuyasu Nijimura7 uur geleden

    daddy juice

  • James Moses
    James Moses7 uur geleden

    noo no way jontron is dead this is so sad

  • Artyom Zaytsev
    Artyom Zaytsev7 uur geleden


  • Doomtrigger
    Doomtrigger8 uur geleden

    Bottled juice is void its pasteurized its not longer activated

  • Lowlife
    Lowlife8 uur geleden

    This is not what I was expecting in a video about juicing. I was thinking more in line with Arnold.

  • Zero_One_One Two_Three_Five_Eight
    Zero_One_One Two_Three_Five_Eight8 uur geleden

    The juiceman himself isnt wrong, juicing vegetables is an incredible way to absorb all the nutrients, as well as using raw and fresh vs canned/bottled.

  • Frankie Platou
    Frankie Platou8 uur geleden

    Why do you think they call him the juice

  • MattJ
    MattJ8 uur geleden

    JonTron: * is back * Me when I realized he uploads a video last month and 1 week: *The Return Of The King*

  • HardLight
    HardLight9 uur geleden

    y'know the guy's literally willing to throw himself into freezing cold water for a joke, that's commitment that is

  • Moox q
    Moox q9 uur geleden

    Suicide jokes not funny when you’ve been through it. Good video though

  • JodyWelds
    JodyWelds9 uur geleden

    T H I S I S C A R R O T J U I C E

  • kittiecatblack13
    kittiecatblack139 uur geleden

    He never made it to 100. He needs his 6% back.

  • Tyler Grove
    Tyler Grove9 uur geleden

    But was the juice worth the squeeze :(

  • Colton Weeks
    Colton Weeks10 uur geleden

    I literally went to school and started a new career in the time it takes this guy to release a new video

  • Caelum Cae
    Caelum Cae10 uur geleden

    My dude's lips be shinier than my highlighter 💋🛐

  • Caesar Augustus
    Caesar Augustus10 uur geleden

    The juice got him RiP

  • Valeria Alejandra Pérez Romero
    Valeria Alejandra Pérez Romero10 uur geleden

    Guys... he's back :3

  • Speedy Andy
    Speedy Andy10 uur geleden

    I clicked like when he fell off the dock into the water.

  • Sean -Chesthole- Osman
    Sean -Chesthole- Osman10 uur geleden

    I thought the father of juicing was @GMHikaru.

  • RezaQin
    RezaQin10 uur geleden

    Not Jack LaLane?

  • Sinned_Nation_
    Sinned_Nation_11 uur geleden

    Could just eat the fruit and veg...

  • Crispy Gaming
    Crispy Gaming11 uur geleden

    I have already watched this video like 6 times and I can't stop, please help. ;-;

  • Tricky Ricky
    Tricky Ricky11 uur geleden

    This is the best I can't stop laughing to funny

  • Andrew Pilalides
    Andrew Pilalides11 uur geleden

    lmao the ending

  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado11 uur geleden

    Is it just me that actually considers drinking juiced carrot and apple now?

  • U Tubred
    U Tubred12 uur geleden

    No sir, jack lalanne is the one and only father of juicing

  • Daniels Buivids
    Daniels Buivids12 uur geleden

    All this time I thought the father of juicing was XQC, but seems like I was wrong all this time,

  • Felix
    Felix12 uur geleden

    Please someone tell me Jon didnt put his actual CC details on a public video lmfao

  • Felix
    Felix13 uur geleden

    Can we all appreciate that Jon almost got an actual injury on the boat scene just to bring us a joke

  • Fram3less
    Fram3less13 uur geleden

    I honestly thought this was gonna be a very in interesting video but then I recognized oh shot it’s Jon tron he’ll do something

  • Emily An
    Emily An13 uur geleden

    Jon: Was anybody timing that? Me literally times him: 4 seconds jon you doing GREAT!

  • The Overdue Bachelor
    The Overdue Bachelor13 uur geleden

    Biff is that you?

  • HonestyArt
    HonestyArt14 uur geleden

    This is hilarious! Thanks Jon.

  • AwesomeGamerCZ
    AwesomeGamerCZ14 uur geleden

    Fido Nutrients 🐶

  • chris hammond
    chris hammond14 uur geleden

    It a natural juicing that makes you have liquid 💩💩

  • Emily An

    Emily An

    13 uur geleden

    Noooooooo The curse is spreading more!

  • Insat 444
    Insat 44415 uur geleden

    You so lazy you don't even upload videos Keep rocking 😁

  • sam maynard
    sam maynard15 uur geleden

    I laughed much harder at the skit at 4:16 than I should have as a 23 year old man

  • monke
    monke15 uur geleden

    see you next year

  • AUS HIN DEZ killajz
    AUS HIN DEZ killajz15 uur geleden

    Who gives a shit let the man live his life do u blow down on the producers of a show if they need time or the actors. If ur a fan u will be a fan STOP THE FAKE SHIT and grow up we ai t his dam life tf yall think he lives to serve u ungrateful bastards 😂😂😂NO ONLY TRUE FANS understand. Do yo thag tron we love u.

  • Rangersafe
    Rangersafe15 uur geleden

    Anybody else just hear "Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill?"

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly15 uur geleden

    Gonna be honest boosting vegetable consumption is a huge benefit for people. Especially today where most people don’t really eat them often.

  • I'mshow red
    I'mshow red15 uur geleden

    Kinda didn't really finish there video there did ya

  • Tom The spectator
    Tom The spectator16 uur geleden

    Noooo Jon tron you had such a great life he ended it so soon and all his limbs where jello dam that juice

  • Blake Porter
    Blake Porter16 uur geleden

    Just gonna sit back and wait for the XQC memes

  • Gillian Lindeen
    Gillian Lindeen16 uur geleden

    Oh right! He has his boating license.

  • Claudius Odermatt
    Claudius Odermatt17 uur geleden

    Jay does look good for his age though… and living to 94 is still amazing.

  • Slow Ninja
    Slow Ninja17 uur geleden

    Oh god that ending!

  • Keanu
    Keanu17 uur geleden

    See you guys next year 😁

  • CulturedDrop
    CulturedDrop17 uur geleden

    Noooooooo The curse is spreading more!

  • Bautista Orfila
    Bautista Orfila17 uur geleden

    Glad to see u back John, everyday after school I checked to see if I posted but u didint and I gave up but now I’m happy

  • Ridley369
    Ridley36917 uur geleden

    Best ending ever lmao XD

  • My My My !
    My My My !17 uur geleden

    *Lol, Someone told me when you juice fruits you take away the healthy and your just left with justs sugar and also you make the Vegetable less of a healthy factor.*

  • Scorn
    Scorn17 uur geleden

    This Raid sponsorship just made me realize, JonTron doesn't appear to have a Patreon, which could help support the channel directly

  • Luke Whitmaker
    Luke Whitmaker17 uur geleden

    Pretty sure this guy is Joe Biden’s younger, far more articulate, brother.

  • The Skulz347
    The Skulz34718 uur geleden

    *Z I N G*

  • Nicolás Fernández Castañón
    Nicolás Fernández Castañón18 uur geleden

    for fucks sake, please blur his eyebrows, thery´re creepy as fuck

  • Justin Rees
    Justin Rees18 uur geleden

    Jon jumped in the lake for us

  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens18 uur geleden

    Jack LaLanne was the father of juicing.

  • Riley Orrin Bresky
    Riley Orrin Bresky18 uur geleden

    I’ve started using “Jonestowned” as a verb

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro18 uur geleden

    at this point this channel is just as much educational as it is comedy

  • NEET
    NEET19 uur geleden


  • radqoga fobufbo
    radqoga fobufbo19 uur geleden

    The ugliest feast electronically tremble because imprisonment remarkably comb per a slimy switch. heavenly heavy hellish, pleasant grill

  • Matthew McNaughton
    Matthew McNaughton19 uur geleden

    What is that tune at the end??

  • Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
    Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers19 uur geleden

    We need a Jontron VS Scott the Woz crossover

  • Israel Roze
    Israel Roze19 uur geleden

    11:54 makes laugh every time. 😂

  • Josiah Fredericks
    Josiah Fredericks19 uur geleden

    You didn’t call him at 3 am that’s why it didn’t work *Obviously*

  • Spencer Jacobsen
    Spencer Jacobsen19 uur geleden

    Drinking game: take a shot every time you hear the word “juice”

  • dat boi
    dat boi20 uur geleden

    2 videos in 1 year wow you spoil us

  • Starry Knight
    Starry Knight20 uur geleden

    …live bodies…

  • HBOMB38 The Beast
    HBOMB38 The Beast20 uur geleden

    I would love to see you do a video on 5 minute crafts, they had a video on sneaking food into no food areas where they had a dog photo on an iPad stuck in a dog kennel to hide snacks behind it to sneak it past the TSA

  • Sage Raven
    Sage Raven20 uur geleden

    12 glasses of carrot/apple juice a day... Did he diarrhea the cancer out?

  • chas voel
    chas voel20 uur geleden

    Hey jontron what's the keyboard u are using in this video??

  • Leigh
    Leigh20 uur geleden

    Chinese juice torture got me 😂😂😂

  • downscale
    downscale20 uur geleden

    Why we gotta wait a year between every JohnTron? Can we get the "Live JohnTron Dialysis Stream" going?

  • Eddy Dufour
    Eddy Dufour20 uur geleden

    Please make a review of ANTRUM : The Deadliest Film Ever Made !

  • Asgardian Queen 1014
    Asgardian Queen 101420 uur geleden

    I just played Raid for the first time today.

  • Asgardian Queen 1014

    Asgardian Queen 1014

    20 uur geleden

    @Talrand Drake It's not bad but it's not my favorite.

  • Talrand Drake

    Talrand Drake

    20 uur geleden

    How was it?

  • B10000
    B1000020 uur geleden

    Love that you’re still making us videos Jon!! They’re still top notch 🧐

  • JacktheTurkey
    JacktheTurkey20 uur geleden

    man has no problem showing credit card information

  • Dave v
    Dave v21 uur geleden

    Your videos always make me laugh man. Thanks for all the laughs and got me through some hard times.