The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge read the Official Chart Top Ten


  • Adam Kieres
    Adam KieresMaand geleden

    I love the enthusiasm in the comments when all they do is to desperately trying to stay relevant. So that you could pay for their luxurious life. OMG kings and queens that’s good for Netflix and fairy tales.

  • Comson Joan
    Comson Joan2 maanden geleden

    Im from the Phils.🇵🇭 and i wonder why i love this Royal couple❤❤❤

  • Melissa Larsen Ekholm
    Melissa Larsen Ekholm2 maanden geleden

    They are sooooo cute

  • pritha mandal
    pritha mandal2 maanden geleden

    Damn the way he looks at her

  • Just a Lass
    Just a Lass2 maanden geleden

    This is 😍

  • Kaye Cee
    Kaye Cee2 maanden geleden

    My OTP ♥️♥️♥️

    LAKBAY HARA2 maanden geleden

    Pang dj ang booce both duchess kaye and prince william grate voice.

  • Camí Reyes
    Camí Reyes2 maanden geleden

    damn what a pair of royals😆💜💜

  • Dundermifflinsabre344
    Dundermifflinsabre3442 maanden geleden

    Never in my life did i ever think Prince William will ever utter the words Kendrick Lamar

  • chong martha
    chong martha3 maanden geleden

    I'm a fan of ed Sheeran , that would be nice for him to hear

  • Elizabeth Wilk
    Elizabeth Wilk3 maanden geleden

    Too bad they have to do this - seems forced. Glad the Queen never did it

  • Laura S
    Laura S3 maanden geleden

    They are both so adorable, ah

  • M D
    M D4 maanden geleden

    Wills voice Jesus I have heard his voice multiple times but it’s very deep here wooow

  • Arturo Salazar
    Arturo Salazar4 maanden geleden

    The Most Popular Royals ,God Bless them !

  • pam0626
    pam06264 maanden geleden

    They are both so diligent.

  • Here Now
    Here Now4 maanden geleden

    Love them.

  • wotsDMattR
    wotsDMattR4 maanden geleden

    2017 music was just so perfect

  • Laroche Bogar
    Laroche Bogar4 maanden geleden

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  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue4 maanden geleden

    Oh god I would be nervous

  • Tom James Clark
    Tom James Clark5 maanden geleden

    You can tell they really enjoyed that awwww

  • XtraSpecialMango
    XtraSpecialMango6 maanden geleden

    Why didn’t the Disc Jockeys bow their heads when His Majesty, Sir Prince William XVIII of Tunbridge Wells & Stockton-@-Tees was using the Royal breath to speak into the microphone?

  • Fathom Sandra
    Fathom Sandra7 maanden geleden

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  • noahjin1
    noahjin17 maanden geleden

    William is a natural

  • noel karol
    noel karol7 maanden geleden

    Duke Duchess of Cambridge 🌟👑🎊

  • madtingz
    madtingz7 maanden geleden

    They’re so cute

  • Antonio Santoro
    Antonio Santoro8 maanden geleden

    Ma non esiste al mondo che lo speaker si deve fare regia da solo. Lo speaker deve fare lo speaker e il tecnico deve fare regia.

  • Samantha Lee
    Samantha Lee8 maanden geleden

    1:19 The Duke just said Sign of the Times!!! Any Harry Styles Fans out there?

  • Gabrielle Richardson
    Gabrielle Richardson8 maanden geleden

    I love love love these two!!!!!

  • little lights
    little lights10 maanden geleden

    Why are they so cute?!!!

  • Shaka
    Shaka10 maanden geleden

    William was right... I'd find it annoying as well spending that amount of time in a room with Greg Nah, he's not too bad, there's worse people out there...

  • K A
    K AJaar geleden

    Yeh RJ bhee apna banda lagta hai good show good show.Love William's expression when RJ compares the shape of you equal queen's Bahamian rhapsody.Matalab beta panga queen say Lay liya hai jiski shape apku pasand hai.Well well sign of our times. Matlab full chart was there to give him goosebumps. Another worth noting features was when RJ said a pregnant pause.But cherry on the cake is that the evolved Katie cringed features in announcing the no 1 and from her mouth yeh hai Jesus ka style uski beti ki cheez ku hath laganay ka.Woh pass hai phir bhee pass nahin ha ha enjoy your misery which you can see when she announces go away girl. God in His might has allowed me to restart at the place I left last year.On God's clock its always His time.D team welcome to the big league here it goes up then down up then down but in the final battle it is only up as that is through the hand of of God alone.I am reminded of the dialogue in "young Victoria " you master the art so you play it better then them,my darling you in your love have taught me so much.Just have a little patience I don't have amnesia its a self induced coma so i can not see you with anyone else. Love your smile please smile a little more.

  • Jose' Martinez
    Jose' MartinezJaar geleden

    I'm 37?

  • Catherine Cookson
    Catherine CooksonJaar geleden

    I am so jealous of Kate's hair. Is she the "Becky" Americans speak of???

  • Kaw 77

    Kaw 77

    Jaar geleden


  • Carmen Villafane
    Carmen VillafaneJaar geleden

    Kate has a beautiful voice god bless you guy's

  • haha i do not do that
    haha i do not do thatJaar geleden


  • haha i do not do that
    haha i do not do thatJaar geleden

    this whole thing is strange but im weirdly comfortable with it


    Kate Middleton makes a great slave... She do as she is told without Question... Just stating what everyone is already saying... TRUTH , FACTS B , EYE SITE... VISION TO SEE THAT THE COMMENT IS REAL... YOU ARE BLIND IF YOU CANNOT SEE HER DESPERATION...

  • Shellanie Flores

    Shellanie Flores

    4 maanden geleden

    I guess you are also slave to your work, to the societal rules you follow, to whatever moral compass you blindly believe is your truth. “Stating ...truth facts”, the hypocrisy of people.

  • Margaret Todd
    Margaret ToddJaar geleden

    Both sublime

  • Sherza
    SherzaJaar geleden

    William #savage 😂

  • Sienior Zachary
    Sienior ZacharyJaar geleden


  • Ellen Jansz
    Ellen JanszJaar geleden

    So down to earth. Two beautiful people.

  • Khemt291223
    Khemt291223Jaar geleden

    Imagine kate and William listening to Hip Hop and smoking splifs and drinking at home !LOL ! No it's good to see them on Radio hearing their voices, it's the New Royal generation. Years earlier, I thought Will and Harry before they marry used to listen to Classic.

  • ladychips
    ladychipsJaar geleden

    Actually, the duke sounds as a perfect DJ and the duchess sounds like those bright side DIY videos

  • Ransika Sylva
    Ransika SylvaJaar geleden

    I thought the Queen did a little better than the king

  • Kyle Adcock
    Kyle AdcockJaar geleden

    The ending is a great laugh, love, love love :) Both the Duke and Duchess could easily be on radio. Great voices.

  • Molly Scott
    Molly ScottJaar geleden

    I love them omg

  • Elijah Mwanga
    Elijah MwangaJaar geleden

    Why has this come in my recommendation now

    Ben SKELTONJaar geleden

    I just wanted to see Kate’s face when humble came on

  • fine line
    fine lineJaar geleden

    1:17 my heart did a thing🥺

  • pinkflower18
    pinkflower18Jaar geleden

    Omg I didn’t know she sounds until this video

  • TheDrexxus
    TheDrexxusJaar geleden

    It seems strange to me so many people are like, "I've never heard them talk before!" I see that on all of the many, many, many videos of different instances where they are talking to people. They don't sound like themselves really in this one though, I guess weird radio effects/changing.

  • lala EMu
    lala EMuJaar geleden

    They have nice voices

  • Magdalena Kucharska
    Magdalena KucharskaJaar geleden


  • sunflower
    sunflowerJaar geleden

    Idk what I thought she would sound like, but it was not like that...

  • tyler chelsea
    tyler chelseaJaar geleden

    Kate Middleton sounds like Siri

  • Ad
    AdJaar geleden

    kate middleton smiling is soooo cute!

  • aurora
    auroraJaar geleden

    When the Duke said "Harry Styles" I instantly fell in love with him wtf his voice is so attractive

  • Jacob Oliver
    Jacob OliverJaar geleden

    Solo darnseeeeee

  • Margaret Heller
    Margaret HellerJaar geleden

    Who cares, they would have been nobodies if they weren't born/married to the royals. Get a grasp, why random ppl are glorified.

  • Shellanie Flores

    Shellanie Flores

    4 maanden geleden

    Tough for you. Life is hard let people glorify who they want. I am sure everyone including yourself is sitting on something/someone you think is 👍🏼

  • Celeste Fieramonti
    Celeste FieramontiJaar geleden

    omg I'd never heard them talk that's not what I pictured

  • Pendo Mkenda
    Pendo MkendaJaar geleden

    Why is on my recommendation now?😍

  • Lexus Rodriguez
    Lexus RodriguezJaar geleden

    any americans here??

  • Muanpuii Ralte
    Muanpuii RalteJaar geleden

    Hilarious though 🤣

  • Lily May
    Lily MayJaar geleden

    I love Kate man

  • Grace Carroll
    Grace CarrollJaar geleden

    Kate Middleton scares me lmao

  • Shellanie Flores

    Shellanie Flores

    4 maanden geleden

    Yeah she is too beautiful to be real 😃

  • vivi
    viviJaar geleden

    God i love the English

  • bonny dwyer
    bonny dwyerJaar geleden

    Omg I heard sign of the times and lost it and then lost it more when I heard William say it. His voice is so good wth

  • proserfina21096
    proserfina21096Jaar geleden

    Wtf! Armie Hammer can play Prince WIlliam in a movie. That voice!

  • Lari Ibarra
    Lari IbarraJaar geleden

    They are so cutie together 💗

  • SamsCamera
    SamsCameraJaar geleden

    i would.

  • Camila's koala
    Camila's koalaJaar geleden

    william’s voice is *exy

  • Thalia Mayara
    Thalia MayaraJaar geleden

    Look at the Duke's voice!

  • a eulad
    a euladJaar geleden

    Absolutely terrible.. They have no personality at all between them, boring. They need to tKe a leaf out of Prince Charles and have fun. They are boring and very ordinary, if you are a royal it's your job to be interesting. They are not.

  • DistantCousin


    3 maanden geleden

    Actually, no. It ISN'T a Royal's job to be interesting - quite the opposite. It's discussed quite extensively in The Crown, when Princess Margaret falls fall of this. To be a successful Royal you conform, not try to put your personal stamp on everything.

  • Becca Crowther
    Becca CrowtherJaar geleden

    Made me realise how crap 2017 music was

  • NH4 Ci
    NH4 CiJaar geleden

    I know someone who works for them. They're apparently a really good and cool couple privately. BTW William has a banging radio voice

  • Xander Mateusz
    Xander MateuszJaar geleden

    Prince William's voice... dear lord

  • hana
    hanaJaar geleden

    these celebs have been blessed the duke and duchess are literally acknowledging them

  • Mad Max
    Mad MaxJaar geleden

    It’s Sheeeeran

  • Sarthak Goel
    Sarthak GoelJaar geleden

    1:28 William kinda feeling it

  • Yamom Dotcom
    Yamom DotcomJaar geleden

    William: *Kendrick Lamar*

  • Malak Mohsin
    Malak MohsinJaar geleden

    Dude william has a very deep voice

  • Moonlight Liz
    Moonlight LizJaar geleden

    Harry Styles ❤️❤️😱

  • AvaxPompea
    AvaxPompeaJaar geleden

    I’ve just realized, I’ve literally never heard Kate Middleton or Prince William speak ever. Also, Is it me or is Kate’s voice really nice and calming for some reason?

  • Sabrina Agazzi
    Sabrina AgazziJaar geleden

    why was i surprised that Kate Middleton had a British accent🙄

  • RetroLiv
    RetroLivJaar geleden

    Heard their voice for the first time and I’m obsessed

  • Annie Champion
    Annie ChampionJaar geleden

    oh bloody hell kates gorgeous

  • hannahhh
    hannahhhJaar geleden

    honestly i see william vibing to kendrick and drake

  • Sofia Platini
    Sofia PlatiniJaar geleden

    I love these two

  • Oliver487589
    Oliver487589Jaar geleden

    Kate shouldn’t be a royal, she needs to be the woman that reads the trains

  • Ayat Chafaqui
    Ayat ChafaquiJaar geleden

    Oh nut that’s what I need today 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Theodora
    TheodoraJaar geleden

    I still think Kate’s voice is fake !!

  • Vronilicious1987
    Vronilicious1987Jaar geleden

    Kate, just a Little Smile please 😘😘😘😘😘

  • A M
    A MJaar geleden


  • cielols 16
    cielols 16Jaar geleden

    Omg, he said Harry Styles

  • Aimee Willox
    Aimee WilloxJaar geleden

    The way William smiled as sign of the times played

  • Aimee Willox

    Aimee Willox

    Jaar geleden

    And the headbob at Galway Girl

  • Aimee Willox

    Aimee Willox

    Jaar geleden

    And the head bob at Galway Girl

  • tom linsonx1
    tom linsonx1Jaar geleden

    William saying Harry Styles is my new favorite thing.

  • fine line

    fine line

    Jaar geleden

    tom linsonx1 same thought😔✋🏻

  • sarah


    Jaar geleden

    i thought the same thing hahahaha

  • Hon
    HonJaar geleden

    Kate middleton sounds like the girl radio voice in GTA V

  • Gemma Thomas
    Gemma ThomasJaar geleden

    Kate sounds like Siri

  • May Jeganmogan
    May JeganmoganJaar geleden

    never thought i'd hear kate middleton say "drake"😂😂😂

  • H I
    H IJaar geleden

    Have bare likes and no one knows why hahaha lol

  • H I

    H I

    Jaar geleden

    asarsealex I wasn’t expecting it to be so nasally I guess

  • asarsealex


    Jaar geleden

    Were you expecting more Gemma Collins?

  • Hades 88

    Hades 88

    Jaar geleden

    @Ryan What is disrespectful about this comment tho?

  • H I

    H I

    Jaar geleden

    Ryan what are u on about

  • Ryan


    Jaar geleden

    Maybe you should express your opinion more respectful