The BIGGEST BATTLES of The Voice | Top 10


These Battles will make your jaw drop! These are the craziest, over-the-top, biggest Battles we've had on The Voice! What's your favorite battle? Let us know in the comments below👇
🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 Virginia Lillye vs Clarissa Spata sing “Call Me” by Blondie (Australia, 2020)
02:05 Oxa vs Sabina Noronha sing “Don't Stop Me Now” by Queen (Germany, 2019)
04:51 Филипп Лебедев vs Рагда Ханиева sing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana (Russia, 2019)
07:25 Jarno vs Wudstik sing “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake (Netherlands, 2013)
09:55 Эдель Пьер vs Виктория Шейко sing “Maybe I, Maybe You” by Scorpions (Ukraine, 2016)
13:59 Jacob Daniel Murphy vs Toneisha Harris sing “Good As Hell” by Lizzo (USA, 2020)
16:26 Милана Рахманова vs Антон Токарев sing “Survivor” by Destiny's Child (Russia, 2019)
19:30 Paddy vs Meike sing “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson (Germany, 2017)
21:56 Hard2Get vs Luminize sing “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars (Netherlands, 2019)
24:26 Aydan Calafiore vs Madi Krstevski sing “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars (Australia, 2018)
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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice5 maanden geleden

    What’s your favorite Battle on The Voice? ✌️

  • Can Su

    Can Su

    Dag geleden

    Purple rain German battle percival vs pamela was iconic!!!!!!!!

  • Glória Fernando Antonio Samuel

    Glória Fernando Antonio Samuel

    3 dagen geleden

    I agree ☺️

  • Branden Butler

    Branden Butler

    5 dagen geleden

    @john kamulegeya la

  • Ivan Kashperuk

    Ivan Kashperuk

    9 dagen geleden

    Bille Jean from Poland was great, and is not on the list here

  • Vítor Cassol

    Vítor Cassol

    11 dagen geleden

    sam alves e marcela bueno tvBR 2013

  • Jojo Banks
    Jojo Banks17 uur geleden

    Cry me a river ( 4th performance) was pretty dope

  • jonjie pontillas
    jonjie pontillas19 uur geleden

    How do you pick who won on the first clip?? amazing tandem 👏🏼

  • Owen Sanders
    Owen SandersDag geleden

    The dutch team with the two bands like if u love that to😀 the last one is Bert good to

  • KiLL mY mOoD
    KiLL mY mOoDDag geleden

    Good as hell sounded like troy sivan and lizzo were doing a collab, THEY WERE SO CUTE

  • lou xD
    lou xDDag geleden

    kinda miss that 5 vs 1 battle from last years the voice of germany that was freakin' crazy

  • Stanley Bee
    Stanley Bee2 dagen geleden

    What’s the point of this opera if you can’t understand one single word of what she sings?

  • jennifer Highland
    jennifer Highland2 dagen geleden

    My granddaughter is 5 and loves Good as hell.

  • Amber Buchanana
    Amber Buchanana2 dagen geleden

    9:41 no one gonna talk about how cool that was 🤚🏻

  • Robert Marks
    Robert Marks2 dagen geleden

    All the battle were jus lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Olamide Abimbola
    Olamide Abimbola2 dagen geleden

    The good as hell team sang so effortlessly 😩

  • ruthh pel
    ruthh pel2 dagen geleden

    The first battle and the maybe I maybe you battle 😩😩😩 AMAZINGGGG!!!!!

  • Christiaan D
    Christiaan D2 dagen geleden

    The rock-opera was great, Oxa gave a smile on my face he/she is a true entertainer, 'Smells like teen disco' was a big surprise, Jarno did great but Wudstick was just better, Scorpions... I rather listen to the original, 'Good as Hell' was as good as the title said, 'survivor'... the instrumentals survived over the vocals. Meike sounded like the singer from the Guano Apes. Runaway, the guys sounded like a boyband and the girls were more mature in the vocals but the vocals together were great. Optown Funk, the girl did great but had the guy was better. Great chemistry tho! Too bad my fav battle was not in this video... Navarone vs. Sanne performing Respect by Aretha Franklin.

  • Ob Tuubs
    Ob Tuubs3 dagen geleden

    Runaway baby 💥💥

  • Ob Tuubs
    Ob Tuubs3 dagen geleden

    First 1 bangeddd

  • emma-louise shukie
    emma-louise shukie3 dagen geleden

    That first battle has given me shivers

  • Sophia Nguyen
    Sophia Nguyen4 dagen geleden

    The last battle takes the cake!

  • Olivanildo Frazão
    Olivanildo Frazão4 dagen geleden

    Só perfeição!!!! 😍

  • Diana Rojas Ch
    Diana Rojas Ch4 dagen geleden

    The first one...... my Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dalsifilms
    dalsifilms5 dagen geleden

    5:08 16:29 its me 17:28 very cute girl

  • Rocky Dt
    Rocky Dt5 dagen geleden

    First one was a fight between a lesbian couple and you cannot change my mind

  • Abrisne Ganboa Balencia
    Abrisne Ganboa Balencia5 dagen geleden

    Me encantaron son super estrellas♥️😍

  • raleigh hylmi
    raleigh hylmi6 dagen geleden

    The first one is Insane !!!!

  • bananinha m
    bananinha m6 dagen geleden

    Essas batalhas são perfeitaas

  • Rondesia Lilley
    Rondesia Lilley6 dagen geleden

    OMGGGGGGG the 1st is ammmmmazingggggg

  • Lívia Gregorio
    Lívia Gregorio6 dagen geleden

    I Just love it all

  • Mickelsa Loubeau
    Mickelsa Loubeau7 dagen geleden

    Am i the only that see a lil of beiber on the last performance that boy killed it plus his cute

  • Ardilla Hatomi
    Ardilla Hatomi7 dagen geleden

    First battle was astonishing 😍

  • Laurie Etchepare
    Laurie Etchepare7 dagen geleden

    Maybe I maybe you!

  • The Night Majestic
    The Night Majestic7 dagen geleden

    The performance of Virginia and Clarissa was more like the relationship between Queen of Light and Princess of Darkness

  • Just.emyat
    Just.emyat8 dagen geleden

    The first one gave me chills

  • A P
    A P8 dagen geleden

    okay "smells like teen spirit" as a disco jam is *so* on point?????

  • Carolina Dias
    Carolina Dias8 dagen geleden

    ok the best was the good as hell OMGGG

  • Meks
    Meks9 dagen geleden

    14:02 Jacob and Toneisha "Good As Hell" SO FAR THE BEST ONE! lol

  • Jayster
    Jayster9 dagen geleden

    OMG !! I must admit that I was completely stunned by the first performance. Absolutely brilliant 😲😲👏👏

  • zesar ce
    zesar ce9 dagen geleden

    gritan mucho "o "matices

  • cubytischer
    cubytischer9 dagen geleden

    Wooow 🤣🤣😲👏👏👏👌👍

  • Zaid Mousa
    Zaid Mousa10 dagen geleden

    Incredible how human can act together in harmony with love and beautiful music and singing. More love more peace no wars please . Love from Palestine

  • OmqItzDanielle
    OmqItzDanielle10 dagen geleden

    The voices of the 2 guys who sang cry me a river 👍👏

  • Jeannette Donle
    Jeannette Donle11 dagen geleden

    The clever cast cytochemically suppose because makeup contemporaneously welcome concerning a exultant peen. opposite, chivalrous dahlia

    RYLAS11 dagen geleden

    first vs was white women was just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Justin Pascua
    Justin Pascua11 dagen geleden

    When HEAVEN and HELL collaborated 🤣

  • Fonta Urantija
    Fonta Urantija11 dagen geleden

    # 1 and only 1

  • Kezza Ezza
    Kezza Ezza11 dagen geleden

    Survivor guy looks like the love child of Alan Davies 😂

  • Matthew Levac
    Matthew Levac11 dagen geleden

    I cannot stand Lizzo. honestly, enjoyed that battle though.

  • Edwin Anciani
    Edwin Anciani11 dagen geleden


  • Collet Jean Emmanuel
    Collet Jean Emmanuel11 dagen geleden

    Why the Smooth criminal looks like the Alien ant farm one

  • julia m. lópez
    julia m. lópez11 dagen geleden

    the first two ladies should just go and date each other

  • Shahira Nasr
    Shahira Nasr11 dagen geleden

    10:27 goosebumps

  • Kimmy Patterson
    Kimmy Patterson12 dagen geleden

    Bands 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kimmy Patterson
    Kimmy Patterson12 dagen geleden

    Cry me river😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rayj Mcdonald
    Rayj Mcdonald12 dagen geleden

    That first battle is legendary the best like bruh wow 😮😮😮im speechless

  • Henrik Hörnke
    Henrik Hörnke12 dagen geleden

    Like how fucking awesome is it having 2 bands going at each other thats the coolest stuff I've seen fucking awesome

  • Maya L
    Maya L13 dagen geleden

    MAYBE I, MAYBE YOU. ❤️♥️❤️♥️

  • Patricia Mosala
    Patricia Mosala13 dagen geleden

    I dont know how many times I've listened to the 1st battle😍

  • Baby Eito
    Baby Eito13 dagen geleden

    Love smooth criminal ....that's bringing justice to the song

  • Baby Eito
    Baby Eito13 dagen geleden

    They should both do this again on some new year Eve countdown party

  • João de Paula Barros
    João de Paula Barros13 dagen geleden

    Virgínia x Clarissa... the best ❤️😍😍😍😍❤️❤️💥

  • OTtis
    OTtis14 dagen geleden

    Se tiver um brasileiro vendo isso, pensou mesma coisa: _PQP! Fod@ PRA Caralhoooo!!! Na primeira apresentação

  • Fátima ig
    Fátima ig14 dagen geleden


  • sani manda
    sani manda15 dagen geleden

    The first one just insane 👏👏

  • maya dunn
    maya dunn15 dagen geleden

    i like how the first two were seriously hyping eachother up

  • Charlie Sheffield
    Charlie Sheffield15 dagen geleden

    10:46 this girl reminds me a little of the classic Amy winehouse

  • Alex Canavides
    Alex Canavides15 dagen geleden

    14:00 Me encantó xd

  • Lexus Carter
    Lexus Carter15 dagen geleden

    My fav is the "5-6-7-8" of The Voice Au

  • Alex Canavides
    Alex Canavides16 dagen geleden

    La mejor de todas es la primera

  • M .A
    M .A16 dagen geleden

    Nobody Me at 24:46: "Hey that's the Despacito guy!" 25:21 Yes please!

  • Hussain Bukhari
    Hussain Bukhari16 dagen geleden

    I like to top 6

  • Siddhi Dhir
    Siddhi Dhir16 dagen geleden

    I am obsessed with the last one. They are so syncronized You HAVE to like them

  • Annabelle Tan
    Annabelle Tan17 dagen geleden

    she looks like addison rae

  • maya dunn
    maya dunn17 dagen geleden

    22:27 background singer can sing circles around the lead

  • Emin Səlimov
    Emin Səlimov17 dagen geleden

    Aydan and Madiii

  • Evil R.
    Evil R.18 dagen geleden

    Maybe I, Maybe you.. DAM!!!! Just WOW!! Beautifully done! Greetings from Boston, USA

  • Mari Jeon
    Mari Jeon18 dagen geleden


  • Lure Music
    Lure Music18 dagen geleden

    Miss Thing on 19:30 looks like my librarian 😅😂 BUT THAT VOICE OMG

  • captain belgium
    captain belgium18 dagen geleden

    i hope the first two become a real duo and release a lot of operock covers.

  • Maya Paramita

    Maya Paramita

    14 dagen geleden

    🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ That kind of combination is common and very mainstream and been around for *DECADES* !! If you like this kind of combination, check Phantom of the Opera by Nightwish concert version. The music genre is gothic. There is also symphony metal genre that's more non-mainstream but similar to the first battle. Cmon. What in the world was that "operock"? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Ana Clara Meneghini
    Ana Clara Meneghini18 dagen geleden

    The best ones for me are "call me", "cry me a river", "maybe i, maybe you" and "good as hell"

  • John Lombardo
    John Lombardo19 dagen geleden

    That ukranian chick got pipes! Daamn

  • Koketso Molepo
    Koketso Molepo19 dagen geleden

    Lovely from Croatia or Australia???

  • Carldine Bando
    Carldine Bando19 dagen geleden

    Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior before is too late. Tomorrow is not promised🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Coimbra
    Coimbra19 dagen geleden

    Oxa rainha

  • Jack Quispe
    Jack Quispe19 dagen geleden

    0:25 I love it and this 1:15.

  • Gabriel Rodrigues
    Gabriel Rodrigues19 dagen geleden

    Why is no one talking about the Survivor performance?????

  • Gabriel Rodrigues
    Gabriel Rodrigues19 dagen geleden

    omg the second one was amazinggggg I loved it

  • Greta
    Greta19 dagen geleden

    Wow! Maybe I Maybe You was amazing! I don't know how their coach could even pick!!!

  • TheSchockrock
    TheSchockrock20 dagen geleden

    I miss the best battles ever. Nikola Zdravkov vs Victoria Stoichkova - Oh! Darling (The Voice Bulgaria)

  • Jyou Sama
    Jyou Sama20 dagen geleden

    Who ever arranged the first one deserves an award!!! It was so good!!!

  • solar sham
    solar sham20 dagen geleden

    The fourth one, the bald guy got some swag yeah!!!

  • Marcel Arcaya
    Marcel Arcaya20 dagen geleden

    We started off STRONG

  • Zoey Arriana
    Zoey Arriana20 dagen geleden

    The first one looked drunk no offense or high

  • Only Est
    Only Est21 dag geleden

    The smooth criminal performance was a whole vibe!!! They ate!!!

  • Only Est
    Only Est21 dag geleden

    Maybe I maybe you...🔥🔥

  • Only Est
    Only Est21 dag geleden

    The first battle was fire asf!!! My goodness

  • Layla Luann
    Layla Luann21 dag geleden

    2:47 Those hoop earrings are way too big come on now 😳😂

  • ghofrane jemel
    ghofrane jemel21 dag geleden

    This was the worst the voice collage.. m disappointed the sixth and the last are pretty cool tho

  • Nate Zamkus
    Nate Zamkus21 dag geleden

    Maybe I, Maybe you... they are both winners ....I am not able to choose

  • Estre Muñoz
    Estre Muñoz21 dag geleden


  • Rey Otero
    Rey Otero22 dagen geleden

    The voice Australia is the best!!!

  • Gage Grande
    Gage Grande22 dagen geleden

    It’s like a angel 👼 vs the devil 👺battling

  • Julie NgamBe
    Julie NgamBe22 dagen geleden

    That Maybe I, Maybe you. Hit different 😳🔥