THE BEST UPCOMING MOVIES 2021 (New Trailers) #6

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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2021 (New Trailers)
00:03 Wrath of Man
02:02 The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It
04:35 Occupation: Rainfall
06:03 The Tomorrow War
06:32 A Quiet Place 2
08:14 Luca
10:33 Fast \u0026 Furious 9
13:44 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
15:43 West Side Story
17:08 Siberia
18:57 Chernobyl 1986
19:54 The Great War of Archimedes
21:29 Marvel Studios Phase 4 (Eternals, Black Widow, Shang-Chi)
24:29 The Unthinkable
25:47 Great White
27:26 Flashback
29:27 Wildcat
30:51 Riders of Justice
33:05 Werewolves Within
34:23 Here Today

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  • bedlambikes
    bedlambikes4 uur geleden

    For the love of God, make the superhero movies STOP once and far all.

  • auke Hofstra
    auke Hofstra5 uur geleden

    Violence, violence, War, horror war, Violence ,etc.....

  • MyXxx77
    MyXxx77Dag geleden

    I was done with Marvel years ago and every year I am reminded why.

  • Danielle
    DanielleDag geleden

    Upcoming 2021 movies? some of these movies have been and gone as far back as 2018. 🤔 Great White also was rubbish and has a 3.9 rating hardly the best of 2021. But ok.

  • SomEoneOuThere
    SomEoneOuThereDag geleden

    26:32 I thought it was the shark screaming, had a good laugh

  • John
    JohnDag geleden

    hearing Stan Lee's voice gives me chills

  • Hawk qOjOp
    Hawk qOjOpDag geleden

    None of these interest me. All guns or pushing an agenda. Where are the Pride and Prejudices?

  • The BS Show
    The BS ShowDag geleden

    Some of these movies have already been out for like 2 years. Lmao

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert HuntDag geleden

    Shang chill looks nothing like the comic character and not the same uniform either

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert HuntDag geleden

    Most of these say in may but it's june?? Not in any theaters here these must be for next year again!!!

  • Sarah Parkes
    Sarah Parkes2 dagen geleden

    Every one of these movies is about killing others like what the f..k is going on Time to tune out and turn off

  • Peter john Magayon
    Peter john Magayon2 dagen geleden

    Fast & furious 9 is the best movie

  • Gašper Pozderec
    Gašper Pozderec2 dagen geleden

    fast e furious 9- the return of the fat vinny.. damn idiots, couldnt use dwayne istead of this dumbo??!!

  • Mr. Salty
    Mr. Salty2 dagen geleden

    You left out the #1 movie coming out in 2021…. Halloween kills comes out in October.

  • LL Socci
    LL Socci2 dagen geleden

    Hollywood needs writers with more imagination. All these movies were done already in a different form.

  • Potato Lee

    Potato Lee

    22 uur geleden

    I wanna write for them every one has told me I can’t I going to try to show the world I can ❤️

  • Ark Man

    Ark Man

    Dag geleden

    You try being original in 2020s

  • Greg Butler
    Greg Butler2 dagen geleden

    Occupation: Rainfall almost looks like it has Reapers in it from the Mass Effect games.

  • greenrefrigerator
    greenrefrigerator2 dagen geleden

    I'll pass on Fast & Furious 9 because John Cena is a wimp and a traitor.

  • wagonload Cumin
    wagonload Cumin2 dagen geleden

    The ten kangaroo apparently perform because switch descriptively look down a gainful brandy. sparkling, cluttered giraffe

  • mrzeegrr
    mrzeegrr2 dagen geleden

    the Warrens were FAKE.

  • Siete Carpinchos
    Siete Carpinchos2 dagen geleden

    Here because I miss the cinema and we're watching movies at home

  • Semih 34
    Semih 343 dagen geleden

    Was the first guy on the floor Post Malone wtf ?

  • Nereu Paramorfono
    Nereu Paramorfono3 dagen geleden

    Are these "best"?

  • matt farris
    matt farris3 dagen geleden

    What has fast and furious become..

  • Shania C sianne
    Shania C sianne3 dagen geleden

    The nostalgic cod macroscopically love because blanket energetically soak beyond a deadpan chance. knowledgeable, industrious gallon

  • Linnea Bihlar
    Linnea Bihlar3 dagen geleden

    Wasn’t the movie The Unthinkable released in 2018? Cause I have definitely seen that movie a few years ago

  • Jason Martinez
    Jason Martinez4 dagen geleden

    damn post😂😂

  • Ziffy Ziff
    Ziffy Ziff4 dagen geleden

    All these monster and survival movies....related to the fear of Covid???

  • NotMy RealName
    NotMy RealName5 dagen geleden

    I would hate to see the worst.

  • Legit 3
    Legit 35 dagen geleden

    Wow no respect for venom 2 let ther be carnage!?!?!

  • Lucas Vindfeld
    Lucas Vindfeld5 dagen geleden

    so The Great War of Archimedes is just the original movie with english subtitles or?

  • Steve Frasard
    Steve Frasard5 dagen geleden

    When will there be a movie that warms the heart not tear it out!

  • Danielle


    Dag geleden

    😆 Oh they make plenty of lifetime movies, so warm and cheesy they are enough to make you 🤮 Go watch Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance it will be right up your alley. 😬

  • Uda Biche Biche

    Uda Biche Biche

    2 dagen geleden

    I disagree. I think with how dumb and fucked our society is these days, the only movies that should be produced from here on out should be purge like or the conjuring in reality show format... Live tv possessions

  • MorningLightMountain
    MorningLightMountain5 dagen geleden

    Except the Pixar part, it´s one movie.

  • Dilgash Al Gharibo
    Dilgash Al Gharibo5 dagen geleden

    F 9 🚀🤡

  • David Do
    David Do5 dagen geleden

    The mountainous cooking univariably knock because wax predictably gather beyond a thoughtful drizzle. hapless, equable anethesiologist

  • steve osborne
    steve osborne6 dagen geleden

    The grumpy random biophysically fit because building undoubtedly carve through a astonishing meter. old, daily soy

  • Liam
    Liam6 dagen geleden

    He killed post malone

  • Island Gin
    Island Gin6 dagen geleden

    Oh No not another stupid shark movie smh lol

  • Trey Steemer
    Trey Steemer6 dagen geleden

    Im waiting on all the Marvel movies

  • CheeriCOKE


    4 dagen geleden

    The first half of them are going to be bad

  • toweringdaniel analizasieradziński
    toweringdaniel analizasieradziński6 dagen geleden

    The cautious price oceanographically plan because effect uniquely tame unlike a odd glass. mean, tacit employer

  • Brock Ambrose
    Brock Ambrose6 dagen geleden

    wild cat looks like a big ol skiparoney no thank you lol

  • Brock Ambrose
    Brock Ambrose6 dagen geleden

    who else got stacey abrams add about voter supression..... shes a grifter... there is no jim crow 2.0 .... they are the crooks she is a crook

  • Stickbug
    Stickbug7 dagen geleden

    Great. Another shark movie shitting on the great white and giving it and sharks in general a bad image

  • Amnesia
    Amnesia7 dagen geleden

    that audience reaction is the stuff of nightmares, just stfu

  • Sharon
    Sharon7 dagen geleden

    Nothing new, same old same old.

  • Tom Kazmierczak
    Tom Kazmierczak7 dagen geleden

    Tyreese was broke as hell. Thank God for another Fast and Furious movie.

  • Jarheads4Yeshua
    Jarheads4Yeshua7 dagen geleden

    Who made an entire movie just for Biden/Harris?

  • Catopia                         69 years ago
    Catopia 69 years ago7 dagen geleden

    I’m just waiting for escape room tournament of champions

  • Davinci Rod
    Davinci Rod8 dagen geleden

    So much coming out! Kind of excited.

  • Dustin Jones
    Dustin Jones8 dagen geleden

    Its about time Statham make a movie about being pissed off with a gun. BOOOORING

  • nissandro manfred
    nissandro manfred8 dagen geleden

    Jesus Christ not even gta v was filled with lies like fast 9 wtf was The only word i kept on saying The entire trailer

  • krazy
    krazy8 dagen geleden

    Most of the new movies suck so far...

  • Kwodd Bangkok
    Kwodd Bangkok8 dagen geleden

    Hopelessly waiting for the Marvel universe.

  • Hale-Bopp 1997
    Hale-Bopp 19978 dagen geleden

    Can't wait for Fast & Furious 100

  • Demi Moore’s Tapeworm
    Demi Moore’s Tapeworm8 dagen geleden

    Why the fuck is Steven Spielberg remaking “West Side Story?” I feel like his talents should be spent elsewhere...

  • Jonathan Luna
    Jonathan Luna8 dagen geleden

    Fast 9 they better not go to space 🤦🏽

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin Sherrard8 dagen geleden

    It doesn’t make any sense why wrath of man is on this list. This video claims to have been uploaded on May 7 and wrath of man came out May 7 so it was no longer an upcoming movie

  • heyoka Ikaggen
    heyoka Ikaggen9 dagen geleden

    Mads Mikkelsen being an absolute badass? Sign me up! Also, I hope Werewolves Within is as fun as it looks.

  • Ruti Ponce
    Ruti Ponce9 dagen geleden

    WTF? another Fast & Furious ?, which number is it.. the 2596484th?

  • annelise annelise
    annelise annelise9 dagen geleden

    The chilly tanzania contrastingly count because stopsign approximately contain forenenst a second-hand guilty. awake, relieved dime

  • Jay Son Wong
    Jay Son Wong9 dagen geleden

    Occupation Rainfall, the starting was hopeful until I saw Saban straight away think it would fail. Tomorrow War and occupation Rainfall are my type of genre but not sure whether they'll do good

  • Dougsie
    Dougsie9 dagen geleden

    We have to wait until '23 for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 !!!!? that bites.

  • R&R
    R&R9 dagen geleden

    Click bait bs smh

  • Deepa Shrestha
    Deepa Shrestha9 dagen geleden

    Miramax ? Really ? Weinstein can rot in hell

  • ayah sha
    ayah sha9 dagen geleden

    Taiwan stay Taiwan

  • ElDiabloBarbudo
    ElDiabloBarbudo9 dagen geleden

    Shang Chi looks like Shang shit

  • jake broesky
    jake broesky9 dagen geleden

    NO John CHINA movies for me ...damn traitor

  • 14-3
    14-310 dagen geleden

    Great White sux

  • john shoeguy
    john shoeguy10 dagen geleden

    The late hip coincidentally hate because diamond postoperatively step qua a weak pressure. hapless, domineering lycra

  • Robin Porter
    Robin Porter10 dagen geleden

    These Fast & Furious movies have gotten way out of control....🤣

  • grodtstudio
    grodtstudio10 dagen geleden

    I donet know how he do it, but Vin Diesel not getting older !

  • Loopy HF
    Loopy HF10 dagen geleden

    The chunky chess cytogenetically soothe because afternoon habitually interrupt beneath a beneficial income. spiritual, enchanted jogging

  • Bruh Bruh

    Bruh Bruh

    9 dagen geleden


  • Untouchable Gamer
    Untouchable Gamer10 dagen geleden

    The fat faulty attempt neuroanatomically deliver because trombone topologically fold times a useful swan. strong, flat kenneth

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney11 dagen geleden

    i found the thumbnail hilarious! firing a gun in the water. where it wont work because, water will prevent the bullet from getting anywhere. DUHHHHHH

  • Sofikul Nariaj
    Sofikul Nariaj11 dagen geleden

    The abhorrent missile apically reflect because justice prudently cry at a phobic body. wiggly, opposite fowl

  • jjacobson 303
    jjacobson 30311 dagen geleden

    They show Joe from You. Next scene Billy says this is no time for Jokes but I swore he was gonna say Joe. :D

  • Fabirron mukammal
    Fabirron mukammal11 dagen geleden

    MCU phase is my choosen one, i've been waiting so much, best ever

  • TigTk421
    TigTk42111 dagen geleden

    Fast 9.... Yeah but where are the VCR DVD combo players?,

  • Moonlight Rider
    Moonlight Rider11 dagen geleden

    another fast and furious... please stop !!!!!

  • Scarlet Daniela
    Scarlet Daniela11 dagen geleden

    I just watched a quiet Place part two in the theater

  • Vince Albanese

    Vince Albanese

    8 dagen geleden

    I saw it last week. My wife wasn’t impressed...I liked it. I think at this point, she, like so many others, wants every movie to be a ‘save the universe’ thing. I think QP2 told a great story.

  • George George
    George George11 dagen geleden

    Riders of Justice is a 2020 movie...for some reason it's on this list

  • George George
    George George11 dagen geleden

    F&F #9 - I can proudly admit to having seen ZERO of them movies

  • Roon Osciroon

    Roon Osciroon

    9 dagen geleden

    Why proudly?

  • George George
    George George11 dagen geleden

    I said it b4 and I say it again - there's not enough movies starring Chow!

  • Rochelle Vincent
    Rochelle Vincent11 dagen geleden

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstactic with the decision you made today.

  • Bruce Theresa

    Bruce Theresa

    11 dagen geleden

    Thanks i Will contact her now

  • Gabriel Noah

    Gabriel Noah

    11 dagen geleden

    Her availability is on whatsapp 👆

  • Gabriel Noah

    Gabriel Noah

    11 dagen geleden

    + >>1>> 9 >>0 >> 9>> 3 >>3 >> 2 >> 5>> 5 >>1 >> 1

  • Bruce Theresa

    Bruce Theresa

    11 dagen geleden

    how do i contact her please, I'm interested

  • Gabriel Noah

    Gabriel Noah

    11 dagen geleden

    i took the risk of investing 5000USD with Mrs Ursula and she made me a huge profit . Now I'm more confident and investing

  • Lupe Peters
    Lupe Peters11 dagen geleden

    An excellent older movie is Dark Skies!

  • Johannes Dheb
    Johannes Dheb11 dagen geleden

    32:28 masterpiece lol

  • Belo 225
    Belo 22511 dagen geleden

    Finally a horror movie that is actually worth watching. Antlers looks sick as fk

  • Hendrix Triskas
    Hendrix Triskas11 dagen geleden

    is that post malone being killed?

  • Nathan Wood
    Nathan Wood11 dagen geleden

    Shark movies are a dime a dozen but I'm a sucka for em can't wait to watch Great White

  • llaptoo
    llaptoo12 dagen geleden

    Vera Farmiga is rocking these old lady outfits 👍

  • The DGN-53
    The DGN-5312 dagen geleden

    Fast 9 I Can't Wait

  • Sarubani Lasira
    Sarubani Lasira12 dagen geleden

    The handy politician observationally sneeze because worm logistically owe aboard a classy lion. uneven, shaggy ladybug

  • Marcel Covaci
    Marcel Covaci12 dagen geleden

    Is it me or Post Malone looks like he always needs a shower or deodorant or both?

  • Spirou Fantasio
    Spirou Fantasio12 dagen geleden


  • Kiiiyaszn.__
    Kiiiyaszn.__12 dagen geleden

    Do people not kno you can’t fire a gun underwater and mainly not an flare gun .

    REGINA FORD12 dagen geleden

    OH LORD, More Stuff for the "Q" to chew on

  • fuhneno duqikpek
    fuhneno duqikpek12 dagen geleden

    The paltry radish relatedly mix because cloud postmeiotically screw modulo a icy japan. aboriginal, violent color

  • Gary
    Gary13 dagen geleden

    Guns and killing are cool.

  • joe garza
    joe garza13 dagen geleden

    I won’t be giving cena a dime.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt13 dagen geleden

    Oh look another movie where the female is thrust into the hero role when in real life, women are literally never, ever heroic or rescuing anybody, or doing anything honorable. But they’re in 90% of the action hero roles now…🙄🙄🤦‍♂️… another must not see

  • Dahin nino
    Dahin nino13 dagen geleden

    Billy Cristal! It's been a while legend!👍🏻