Testing Goalkeeper Gloves from 1930 to 2021 - how much have they changed?


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    I have never heard cleats called boots

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    Get an actual keeper ffs

  • Daniel
    Daniel5 uur geleden

    a few years ago I had to play one game without gloves, because I forgot them at home. At the end I managed to be best goalkeeper in the tournament 😂

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    Make use of a ball from that time, not just the latest. Why is there no equipment from the 90s ??

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    Yousif Khalil6 uur geleden

    i like going i goel keeper why is his hand red

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    Yo, what are those 2020 new balance shoes called?

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    Bro that goalie when you tried the shooting didn’t even try save anything

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    Are you from the nl cause i thought somone said 'de twee' at the end

  • Warda
    Warda17 uur geleden

    The shooting test proves that gloves will not make you a great goal keeper

  • newrealhackerytvhack
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    Now what i wanna know is how do i save a hard shot with my bare hands without my wrist snapping back and giving an evil amount of pain

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    Mm use hadnling

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    well watching this, reminds me, when i was 4 years old, at family gathering, all the males, including me, headed to play football, then thing is my granddad had an old school football, the brown leather one, anyways they deemed it was safer for me to be a goalie, so at one point they come to my area they shot, i barely misses the save, but i broke my thump in the miss and i did not have gloves, that was 30 years ago. i never joined a club, but i was never affraid of the ball, when i remember back, what i have experinced on my body as a goalie, everything getting hit in the head, bent ribs and head wounds for jumping in to the sticks

  • Xrblack death
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    So the shoes make the player if you dont have good equipment then your bad it doesnt matter how much you train or how much effort you put on the game if you have bad shoes or bad glives yiur a bad player and a bad goal keeper ok got it

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    why out of 20 just do out of 10

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    Why does this dude rank it out of 20?

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    Yo imagine a ball getting booted at you in ur bear hands

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    The 2020 gloves make me tear up on how old I am

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    What are the 2020 cleats called

    MR REFLEXDag geleden

    have to say that goal keeper is sick bro lol

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI HelpDag geleden

    Try the same tests with the older to newer balls.

  • AYYANN Uchiha
    AYYANN UchihaDag geleden

    bruh he overacting i am a keeper and i wear no gloves i have gloves but i don't like to wear the gloves

  • D. Solo
    D. SoloDag geleden

    why is it 720p ?

  • count bobular
    count bobularDag geleden

    Playing in goal at school with no gloves on concrete in the winter, and the an old balls with the skin peeling off designed cut up your hands. It was a very quick trip the first aid room. Would never do that now as an adult lool

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    1 kilo on ur feet

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    “It feels so weird playing without gloves.” *me who hasn’t ever played with gloves 🙄

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    thats not football 😡😡😡😡

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    Doesn’t it just depend on how good you are at goal keeping

  • niko1402
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    Nice work!! but you are evluating the gloves and boots when the ball itself evolved too. I'd like too watch how can you can actually kick a 1930 heavy ball with 2020 light boots. And yes, 1930 footballs where stopped with bare hands

  • Blood God
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    1930s no I do not think skin is comfortable

  • Blue_Knacki
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    I can hold the ball barehands from above without letting it fall, mate, u just have small hands

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    Some of them don’t depend on the quality it’s you Edit: But u are amazing

  • Piggyanajones 36
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    you dont feel confident catching the ball

  • the archer of destiny
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    Him: it feels wierd being in net with no gloves Me: * in net everyday at school with no gloves*

  • Abdi Ibrahim
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    I play with those 1930 gloves every day

  • Ariel Muñoz Alvarez
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    Nice! although the gloves should have been tested with the right ball of the time too.

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    Me who doesn’t like football: interesting

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    It’s pronounced nikee

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    Hands i underrated 😏🤣

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    loved the video. but had to constantly keep turning it up and down because the music is so much louder than the voice :(

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    bro what was that goalie doing when he was testing shooting lmao

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    Pov:u used to play as a gollie in ur child hood for all thetime

  • Emanuel P. Faszanatas
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    You have to test the boots with their actual balls. Heavy boots from the 30s had to kick much heavier balls f.e. ..

  • Oke Ihenacho
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    Adidas Beckenbauer Super and Gerd Müller Goal!

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    It’s funny that European countries call it football but what do they call actual football? Lol

  • Shoban Shoxx
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    This guy here is trying to speed test football boots. C'mon now, you only will be more agile not faster. Your speed comes from you , your strength , stamina and even your legs. Not from the boots. And your speed running all of this boots one by one. Your obviously gonna get tired so,your strength and stamina is gonna get lower. Based on the factors above,you can't get an accurate reading by speed running all of the boots and expect to get an accurate reading. If you we're to speed running all the boots,take breaks in between the speed run. A five minute break would do it.

  • Leonardo Montini
    Leonardo Montini3 dagen geleden

    7:02 with my hand I can hold a 180* ball! (without gauntlet) Why you can’t with a 2021 gauntlet? Did you wet the ball?

  • Individu λambda
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    I really like the style of the 70's/80's shoes, pretty stylish. The 80's glove make me think me of ice hockey, that feels odd.

  • Dani Smith
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    Back in my 5 year old soccer days, we didn’t use gloves……. We used the special dive into the ball technique

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    I love soccer

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    What kind of country is that ? You have to bring your own nets ?? WTF

  • Rodrigo
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    In short, technology has a massive impact on nowadays athlete's performance.

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    I love this video but where in gods green earth did you find the 1930s boots?😂🤔

  • Adduck
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    Fun fact: almost every kids that are playing football has gloves from 1930

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    A pair of hands😂😂

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    i learned 1 thing from this you have buttfingers😂😂

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    Football = Oval Ball Soccer = Round Ball Boots = Shoe with high soles Tennis Shoes = Shoes

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    the goalkeeper be like: oh wait I can save that! actually nah leave it maybe the next one will be easier.

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    Try the Irish sport gaeilic

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  • Dogezilla
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    When mine falled apart i used bare hands and every shoot feels like your fingers are broken

  • Rob Haver
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    Remember Sepp Meier? Look at his gloves!

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    It started in 1888 in England premier league started bu Everton

  • Krish Na
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    Mate back in the Libby’s we played no glove no boot😂

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    Idk why but I'd love to see a professional wide receiver play goal keeper

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    Meanwhile me who has to be the goal keeper with bare hands every time i play soccer watching this dude say its uncomfortable: welcome to the gang

  • Saddo
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    It’s funny cause up in school I don’t use gloves

  • dr_rb
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    Did he just give his own hands a comfort rating..

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    5:40 if u came for the point of the video

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    Me getting this recommended while i dont even lick football: Hmm, interesting

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    What are those shoes called?

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    well. at the end, everything's gonna be changed by a LOT in the future. whatever it was.

  • Zylfi Hasani
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    Im a goalkeeper too but trust me i can do better without gloves that you didi in this video whith the new gloves 2020

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    Bruh he added up the scores wrong - the predator gloves got 98

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    just a pretty dead vid innit

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    Why are your 1930's gloves orange when your natural soccer clothes is white af?

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    The 1980 gloves just look like they are making it 10 times easier on you compared to the 2021 gloves.

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    I'm so happy I train with bare hands

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    Honestly it looks like he dose not try on any gloves other than the 2020 gloves that’s why I don’t think I can believe this

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    It’s soccer not football

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    Somebody knows how the 2020 gloves are called (i mean whats their name)

  • Erik Semelson
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    What's with the grip test though? The bare hands were second best at 41 degrees, but when giving points made them equal to the 2010s and even made them a point lower then the 80s, like you did give us the reasoning by the test and then you didn't follow it.

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    Worst video ever straight up Black Screen

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    2020 gloves Are insane

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    People In 1930: I hope they make new boots People on in 1970: they finally came out we waited so long

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    So your telling me that your hands arnt comfy? Well then just take em off

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    ah yes, hadnling