Team LeBron vs Team Durant Full Game Highlights | 2021 NBA All-Star Game


Team LeBron ran away to win the 2021 All-Star Game behind Giannis' perfect shooting night
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  • MLG Highlights
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    Steph Curry dribbling drills and improve his shooting - LeBron James training hard in the weight room & improve shooting skills with AD -

  • Fashion show Fish

    Fashion show Fish

    23 uur geleden

    @MLG Highlights facts true man curry has to be a 4 time mvp no cap

  • Fashion show Fish

    Fashion show Fish

    23 uur geleden

    @MlG Hightlights

  • Tristan Van der sandt

    Tristan Van der sandt

    7 dagen geleden

    Devin booker didn't even play... Even LeBron tweeted after the game that booker is the most disrespected player in the nba

  • Jayden Williams

    Jayden Williams

    8 dagen geleden

    Steph Curry is The next Damien Leonard

  • Alice Nathalie NALA

    Alice Nathalie NALA

    Maand geleden

    They play like dolls. Barbie dolls.

  • SSTG4
    SSTG47 uur geleden

    This is sick

  • Trujo FN
    Trujo FN10 uur geleden

    Yo team lebron was having fun

  • David Hugh
    David Hugh16 uur geleden

    Giannis enjoying the 3s , basketball makes this man happy for real !

  • WKR O_O
    WKR O_ODag geleden

    I know Curry is maybe the shooter of all time but. Look at Curry man

  • The Inktician
    The Inktician2 dagen geleden

    If Curry had that April month back in January, he woulda been the captian

  • シᘜᕼOՏTᖴᗩᑕᗴ
    シᘜᕼOՏTᖴᗩᑕᗴ2 dagen geleden

    the thumnail lol. feels like kyrie is a photobomber 😂

  • Piyush Sharma
    Piyush Sharma2 dagen geleden

    CURRY Should've Won MVP All Star

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James2 dagen geleden

    I’m staring to think dame and curry can shoot from full court consistently

  • NJDoel_
    NJDoel_3 dagen geleden

    Dame and Steph was just shooting half courts like nothing

  • Kendra Wunderlich
    Kendra Wunderlich3 dagen geleden

    Only missed 1 shot the whole game that’s insane accuracy

  • Johnmatthew Go
    Johnmatthew Go3 dagen geleden

    i miss the splash brothers steve kerr please let klay playyyyyyyyy

  • Johnmatthew Go
    Johnmatthew Go3 dagen geleden

    i hope klay can get back in the court i miss his games man

  • Michael Krick
    Michael Krick3 dagen geleden

    Always thought basketball would be a lot more interesting if they played on roller skates

  • Swedigurka 08
    Swedigurka 084 dagen geleden

    Did someone see LeBron or KD in this game??

  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis4 dagen geleden

    LeBron & Curry Playing together was illegal, who authorize this? 😁😁

  • James Mendy
    James Mendy5 dagen geleden

    The king 👑 with a good selection 🔥💪🏿

  • Awakened lilbeasty
    Awakened lilbeasty5 dagen geleden

    This game was soo bipolar, first everyone was shooting threes, then they start dunking , then they go back shooting threes, like dmn yall really saucin And then when Giannis shot the ball high asf, curry and paul doin dunks that was enough for me😂🤣 Not to mention Dame and curry just fuckin that goal up from half court

  • Jhap Veloso
    Jhap Veloso5 dagen geleden

    Lebron , Curry and Giannis on the same team is not even fair.

  • upicku
    upicku5 dagen geleden

    Lillard dunking, Steph dunking and then PC3. Lillard half court, Steph half court. Giannis MVP and Joker is like: if something pull me out from the sleeve lol

  • Diana Rossenna
    Diana Rossenna5 dagen geleden

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  • carole pasion-capan
    carole pasion-capan5 dagen geleden

    Steph and cp3 dunk together and steph lillard pulls on half court steph was literally the best

  • Im Immutable
    Im Immutable6 dagen geleden

    Kyrie the cancer

  • chess brilliance
    chess brilliance7 dagen geleden

    Defense has been left in the locker room apparently.

  • Marco Antonio Cordeiro Silva
    Marco Antonio Cordeiro Silva7 dagen geleden

    Where was Durant though? lol

  • Andrew Decker
    Andrew Decker7 dagen geleden

    Nobody gave Jokic any respect

  • 47Ronin
    47Ronin8 dagen geleden

    2:21 was a Play of a lifetime

  • Kyrie 500 IQ Irving
    Kyrie 500 IQ Irving8 dagen geleden

    This has more views and likes than the NBA’s Video

  • jason crispe
    jason crispe8 dagen geleden

    dame is a sucker.ahahahah

  • Tahamid Jabul
    Tahamid Jabul9 dagen geleden

    Harden was just banking 3s for the fun of it 😂

  • Charisma MoonChild
    Charisma MoonChild9 dagen geleden


  • Don Quixote
    Don Quixote9 dagen geleden

    Even the Joker knows it, Giannis took a travel for that 3pt

  • Arooj Imran
    Arooj Imran10 dagen geleden

    Yes, it was fun seeing LeBron and Steph on the same team but seeing Steph and Dame on the same team was better 👇🏻👍🏻

  • Kylie
    Kylie10 dagen geleden

    やっぱオールスターは ちょっと自由な感じがって面白いからいいよね笑

  • Debra Hoffman
    Debra Hoffman10 dagen geleden


  • Debra Hoffman
    Debra Hoffman10 dagen geleden


  • NyX
    NyX10 dagen geleden

    Is it crazy to say 2021 Team Lebron is the best All Star Team of All Time?

  • Kl K
    Kl K11 dagen geleden

    13:22 WTF NIKE

  • Gusion
    Gusion12 dagen geleden

    They should make the halfcourt line 4 points

  • Jerome Crisologo
    Jerome Crisologo12 dagen geleden

    Gianis always asking for the ball in the inbound 🤣🤡

  • Ihakara Morehu Samuel Piripi-Burgman
    Ihakara Morehu Samuel Piripi-Burgman12 dagen geleden

    Dame has deeper range look where dame pulls up from for that half court three and look where steph pulls up dame is a on the half court line and steph is two steps from the half court

  • Abel Correa
    Abel Correa13 dagen geleden

    Ojalá hagan eso en el fútbol, así podamos verlo a Messi y a Ronaldo juntos

  • vihan chandani
    vihan chandani13 dagen geleden

    i like curry half court

  • chickenturkeyburger
    chickenturkeyburger14 dagen geleden

    They changed it from east vs west to two team captains to “make it more fair” tf is this shit change it back

  • chickenturkeyburger


    14 dagen geleden

    And make cooler jerseys like damn the nba is watered down this year

  • Bluebxrry
    Bluebxrry15 dagen geleden

    Curry, Lillard, Lebron dang great team up

  • Alpha Sanon
    Alpha Sanon15 dagen geleden

    they did kyrie wrong with that picture

  • fightBrothers
    fightBrothers15 dagen geleden

    Ne jebu jokica 2%

  • Hanamichi Sakuragi The Basketball Man
    Hanamichi Sakuragi The Basketball Man15 dagen geleden

    It's should be team curry lebron the bench warmer

  • Her Incognito
    Her Incognito16 dagen geleden

    In a game wherein all players are great, for sure game is so boring.

    MARYAN AWRALE17 dagen geleden

    lebron and curry on the same team is fair beacuse ther against the beard

  • John Edrozo
    John Edrozo18 dagen geleden

    I love the drama on the thumbnail

  • Demetri Williams
    Demetri Williams18 dagen geleden

    “What’s lillard thinking about?” “ game “ 😂🤣😂😂

  • MVCK MaKavelli
    MVCK MaKavelli18 dagen geleden

    It's All About The BEEF between CURRY and DAMIAN LILLARD huh!..

  • Olalekan Aao
    Olalekan Aao18 dagen geleden

    Why should curry and Jame be in the same team. More like Ronaldo and Messi

  • Florida Wildlife
    Florida Wildlife19 dagen geleden

    Lebron James? Amerca's biggest racist!!! What F'in loser!! Boycott the NBA! So what, he can toss a ball through a hoop. NOT IMPRESSED!

  • Mr Loverboi
    Mr Loverboi20 dagen geleden

    steph got catch & shoot badge

  • uakQa
    uakQa20 dagen geleden

    1:50 damn good shark~~~~~~~~~

  • ZIZZY 9737
    ZIZZY 973720 dagen geleden

    Jokic and curry would be a god line up

  • gvmmybear
    gvmmybear20 dagen geleden

    dammit dame!

  • Bryan Yaacoub
    Bryan Yaacoub20 dagen geleden

    Barely 2 misses

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh20 dagen geleden

    1:51 ref. Have already put this hand for steph 3.

  • Blackflag
    Blackflag21 dag geleden

    Michael's bulls would beat both of those teams one after the other. It would be like pro's vs elementary kids 👍

  • Dayapati Moirangthem
    Dayapati Moirangthem22 dagen geleden

    Team LeBron: LeBron 2 times MVP in row, Steven 2 times MVP in row and Giannis 2 times MVP in row That's all I need to talk

  • Manoli
    Manoli22 dagen geleden

    Love the curry and cp3 dunks "whats the deal with these point guards?😂" 7:28 - 7:39

  • Blinkz _
    Blinkz _23 dagen geleden

    Curry dame Lebron cp3 and luka on the same team isnt even fair

  • Lightning bolt
    Lightning bolt23 dagen geleden

    Dame and Curry are the real splash bros

  • Carmine Crisconi jr
    Carmine Crisconi jr23 dagen geleden

    Lillard is ridiculous

    TTV SWISHYY23 dagen geleden

    I love how the title says FULL GAME... highlights

  • Escobar Escobar
    Escobar Escobar23 dagen geleden

    Why does team lebron always win

  • DJ Beverly
    DJ Beverly23 dagen geleden

    Giannis is the real life murasakibara

  • Matija Rasic
    Matija Rasic24 dagen geleden

    Bro who is number 30 on team KD

  • Hayrullah Kılıç
    Hayrullah Kılıç24 dagen geleden

    I can't imagine all-star game without Curry

  • zdravky
    zdravky25 dagen geleden

    Worst all star game ive seen so far Only cp3 nd curry combo was all star lvl

  • Truck Kun
    Truck Kun25 dagen geleden

    since space jam2 trailer ... dame/ klay is there hoping they go to lakers as well to battle nets at finals lol

  • qeq eqe22
    qeq eqe2225 dagen geleden

    듀란트없는 듀란트팀

  • Vivi mzmz
    Vivi mzmz26 dagen geleden

    helo berioogdiytrditvbghu ntffctr71234567890

  • Vivi mzmz
    Vivi mzmz26 dagen geleden


    HERROPREASE HERRO26 dagen geleden

    They really got together and were like. Listen guys, either a dunk or a 3.

  • DeionTheGreatApe
    DeionTheGreatApe26 dagen geleden

    Paul At 6:40 lmao it's not that serious

  • kheang buneang
    kheang buneang26 dagen geleden

    where is my ROSE ?

  • K i l l G r o t h
    K i l l G r o t h26 dagen geleden

    1:50 wtf! curry

  • Julian Liles
    Julian Liles26 dagen geleden

    ATTN: is there ANYONE reading this who DOESN't think that the Rockets WOULD HAVE won the chip in 2018 IF CP doesn't get hurt? If so, please say so, that's a debate I would genuinely like to hear an opposing POV on, bc I think it's just a straight up fact they would have won it... not trying or wanting to get heated or defensive either, just would really like to hear someone else reasonable voice in on this. Thanks in advance. Also, sorry that this has absolutely nothing to do w the All-Star Game highlights lol.

  • Julian Liles
    Julian Liles26 dagen geleden

    Underrated af moment is CP3 throwing the lob to Steph and then Steph returning the favor and throwing one up for Chris. That was super sick

  • Maddox Mack

    Maddox Mack

    21 dag geleden

    Dame too

  • Joseph
    Joseph27 dagen geleden

    NBA should introduce one on one play in all star. First to 10 points. Let's know the best one on one player in the game. It will be the most exciting event of nba all star

  • JaySux
    JaySux27 dagen geleden

    It’s like all star game they be out here playing w the sliders on 100

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James27 dagen geleden

    Thumbnail is gold!

  • Tareq Sulaiman
    Tareq Sulaiman27 dagen geleden


  • Dakota
    Dakota28 dagen geleden

    Steph, should have got MVP

  • 7_k
    7_k28 dagen geleden

    No ones talking about the back to dimes that Curry and Cp3 did

  • Rodrigo Garza
    Rodrigo Garza28 dagen geleden

    The thumbnail thoxD

  • まもんタウン
    まもんタウン28 dagen geleden


  • Jenalyn Rodriguez
    Jenalyn Rodriguez28 dagen geleden

    Wow team lebron

  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoul28 dagen geleden

    Vax = Vaccine of the Beast. Avoid the Vaccine if you desire to spend eternity with Jesus Christ.

  • Jeferson Maristela
    Jeferson Maristela28 dagen geleden

    7:50 Shiit !.. 💢😲

  • wise doctor
    wise doctor28 dagen geleden

    Jeez this all star game SUCKED and is pretty pathetic the defense is nonexistence never watching this again

  • djnic durog
    djnic durog29 dagen geleden

    New support here tamsak full pack idol

  • Caboose
    CabooseMaand geleden

    Just imagine if LeBron got either curry or dame on the Lakers with him

  • Dank Meemes
    Dank MeemesMaand geleden

    Tf was Luka doing at 1:31?

  • Jordan Jiang
    Jordan JiangMaand geleden


  • Austin Hunt
    Austin HuntMaand geleden

    First time in 20 years they all tried