Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts


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    Bentley DavidsonUur geleden

    No your not

  • Jayden Crawford
    Jayden Crawford6 uur geleden

    Where did you get the materials?

  • Life with Santazia
    Life with Santazia6 uur geleden

    Bullet up with ketchup and mustard and mayo

  • Life with Santazia
    Life with Santazia6 uur geleden


  • Kaija Lehtimäki
    Kaija Lehtimäki11 uur geleden

    Pool of chicken nugets

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  • Samir Kojak
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  • Samir Kojak

    Samir Kojak

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  • Stray cat Dab
    Stray cat Dab14 uur geleden

    Rubber band ball vs this pool

  • Jonathan Taylor
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  • MoreBaconPlease
    MoreBaconPlease20 uur geleden

    Omg its exactly like when coins key did it

  • Caiden Pierce
    Caiden Pierce20 uur geleden

    People should make body armor out of more solid to the touch oblec

  • Emma Donnelly
    Emma Donnelly21 uur geleden

    He did the same thing as Collins key no hate just saying

  • Gamer Moment
    Gamer Moment23 uur geleden

    you’re a about 5 years like but you’ve got the spirit?

  • Directioner ⟭⟬ INFIRES MAN
    Directioner ⟭⟬ INFIRES MANDag geleden

    I used to buy corn flour just for doing this lmao

    MEL4TONINDag geleden

    So this is what rich kids do🤔

  • Ryler Chance Castaloni
    Ryler Chance CastaloniDag geleden

    Honey block hack on Minecraft woohoo! My own hack!

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    Felshuha GouveiaDag geleden

    This would definitely work as body armor

  • pop tart
    pop tartDag geleden

    Oh shoot, you all that oobleck in English? In France we call it : Newton liquid Much better than oobleck. (':

  • Cayle Rome
    Cayle RomeDag geleden

    Try making a tree house with spray foam stuff u used in a previous video

  • shijo joy
    shijo joyDag geleden

    Then Let me try in your home

  • Anon Anonymous
    Anon AnonymousDag geleden

    Obligated to get stuck

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    Fro0pDag geleden

    Walking on water??🤔 r u jesus??

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    You should fill a car full of it

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    Do a pool of jelly

  • Shontelle Davis
    Shontelle Davis2 dagen geleden

    Congratulations you've experienced a bit of Newtonian Fluid 💓(would usually do this at Open Day - Chemistry experiments for visitors but due to COVID19...😑)

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    soiung toiue

    Dag geleden

    It’s Cheetos puffs 😂

  • Muhammad Darwish Zurazil
    Muhammad Darwish Zurazil2 dagen geleden

    Good, now eat it

  • Evie Fox
    Evie Fox2 dagen geleden

    It’s called a paddling pool in Yorkshire

  • David Royall
    David Royall2 dagen geleden

    I'm going to try this at home if I can

  • Kasem Mohammed
    Kasem Mohammed2 dagen geleden

    العراقيين شوفو مو عبالك قيمة

  • y/n Ophelia Riddle
    y/n Ophelia Riddle2 dagen geleden

    "Don't try this at home" Me:k "3 days later" Me:buying 1 billion obbleck

  • Daveyon Menasian
    Daveyon Menasian2 dagen geleden

    It's called Oobleck

  • Yousif agha
    Yousif agha2 dagen geleden

    Can u do mantoos and cook plz

  • Noor'Aini Abdullah
    Noor'Aini Abdullah2 dagen geleden

    Put slime

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    Can you look up Collins key oblek

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    Okay that's got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen

  • Brown Celine
    Brown Celine3 dagen geleden

    I want to buy this pool I'm in UAE WHERE CAN I ORDER IT PLEASE?

  • Chief
    Chief3 dagen geleden

    So this is how Jesus walked on water

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    Julia Hee Yi3 dagen geleden

    It’s Cheetos puffs 😂

  • daleys catering
    daleys catering3 dagen geleden

    You should try corn starch ana water but don't add a lot of water it's the best thing ever to play with 😚😚😚

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    3 dagen geleden

    It's like a slime

  • amit choudhary
    amit choudhary3 dagen geleden

    Its just corn flour 🤣..

  • Ricey Bae
    Ricey Bae3 dagen geleden

    Looked sus at first ngl

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    then i hit it with an axe 🤣

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    Why it’s 🍊

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    So many likes omg

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    I love how he got this from Collins key

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    Wei wat

  • hayley steggell
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    That would be fun

  • nieooj gotoy
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    his emotionless and monotone voice makes it better

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    Omg I want ittttt

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    Me emayne algo cuando viesacasa

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    Why would u do this in the first place xD?!

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    It's like a slime

  • Bridget Conlon
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    I'm Dylan

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    it's me amy4 dagen geleden


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    I did this in school

    MIQUEAS y PEDRO Y LUNA5 dagen geleden


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    Chris Lambe5 dagen geleden

    Do slime

  • Melissa Kress Cole
    Melissa Kress Cole5 dagen geleden

    My God I done this at school and it was really fun then I saw this on the video then when I put my hands in it oh my God it got so stuck and it said like so hard clay and if it's so awesome I hope you get 10,022,12,522 likes I hope you love this video bye

  • sceince with Neyland
    sceince with Neyland5 dagen geleden

    I'm confused is it a solid or a liquid

  • _*C0mfy Roblox*_
    _*C0mfy Roblox*_5 dagen geleden

    He did a lot of the stuff that Collins Key did

  • NM Msr
    NM Msr5 dagen geleden

    I try that like a week ago and it was good but a bit messy

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu5 dagen geleden

    Her: he is probably cheating on me😥 Him:

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    New bed

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  • As Sin
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    Filling a pool up with slime but telling your friends it's jelly

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  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    5 dagen geleden

    How do you make it?

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    Do you know what a stupid

  • Jasmine Mayo
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    Just taking forever

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    Shoot it

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    Joomla a la mires y

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    I did that

  • Leonard
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    Could u use it as body armor?

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    Have a pool full of coke (I mean the drink)

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    Interesting to much time on your hands

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  • Jessica Rex
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    Fill it up with glue

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    الي يبي الطريقة يحط نشاء وماي

  • Lucas Melcher
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    This is the most original video of pool of oobleck ever

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    How do you make it?

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    That looks fun

  • Red plays Roblox
    Red plays Roblox6 dagen geleden

    Is oobleck bullet proof if you put it in glass

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    Be in the full week

  • Sloane Hicks
    Sloane Hicks7 dagen geleden

    Isn’t he walking on water cause the stuff is just made out of cornstarch and water- 👌🤭🙃😧

  • purpaxo
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    Kinda sus 😳

  • Sam
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    Shoot it

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    This is cornstarch

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon7 dagen geleden

    Only if you could make it look like water and bring it to a park and walk on it-

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    5 dagen geleden

    copied comment.

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    When u washed off I thought I PeEED

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    You need merch that says So one day I...

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    Bruh you and you're buddies need a real damn job.

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