• kiyosen L.
    kiyosen L.10 minuten geleden

    We know who been giving the most handies now

  • Scared Of Ghosts
    Scared Of Ghosts14 minuten geleden

    Poor champagne..will he ever get an actual name!!!!

  • mikedabuc
    mikedabuc38 minuten geleden

    Why do this dude's have stripper names?

  • RarelyAccurate
    RarelyAccurate50 minuten geleden

    160 isn't bad... 146 is okay, the rest are pretty weak.

  • frenzyy
    frenzyy52 minuten geleden

    0 braincells detected

  • Roman RayDragan
    Roman RayDragan55 minuten geleden

    Second girl should consider going back to school just a thought🤣

  • Necronlord2011
    Necronlord2011Uur geleden

    The gamer obviously has a strong right hand 🙃

  • Jeff Meis
    Jeff MeisUur geleden

    How many people live in your house? Lmao

  • Warren Boss
    Warren BossUur geleden

    I'm wear can I get one of those

  • bonk brazool
    bonk brazoolUur geleden

    Youre not supposed to lean the thing on your leg. You cheateeeeeddd

  • Daniel Blake
    Daniel BlakeUur geleden

    None of those are good, might as well made a video about living in a beta house cause none of y’all niggas are alpha

  • Aaron Watts
    Aaron WattsUur geleden

    Was this a advert🤔

  • sprice 9998
    sprice 99982 uur geleden

    Uses leg for pressure leverage

  • Dargon
    Dargon2 uur geleden

    “Is that good” If you think it is then it is

  • Wolfiaheart _
    Wolfiaheart _2 uur geleden

    I would actually buy that to test how strong i am when I'm mad, because sometimes my temper goes through the roof and I mean punch stuff. So i wanna see my strength from when im calm and when i'm pissed

    Joker HAHAHAHAHA2 uur geleden

    Gamers (including me) be like: INFINITY

  • Chris Tilden
    Chris Tilden2 uur geleden

    My friend has one and I got 174

  • Jax
    Jax2 uur geleden

    How did this group of people come to be is my question?🤔

  • Deemole
    Deemole2 uur geleden

    Get a grip.......

  • Atk118I.W
    Atk118I.W3 uur geleden

    He used his thigh

  • Ta'miyea T
    Ta'miyea T3 uur geleden

    This isn’t a equal measure of strength some of them held on longer while others just squeezed it a little then released and the girl uses two hands for a bit and also what you did before determines your results so this isn’t really accurate but still cool machine and video.

  • Slim Span

    Slim Span

    2 uur geleden

    Arms by your side and squeeze for 10s ish

  • luke chessell
    luke chessell3 uur geleden

    You cheated by leaning your hand on your leg

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian Reyes3 uur geleden

    Is this good? No… it’s not good at all

  • Master boi 209
    Master boi 2093 uur geleden

    Why is the second guy called champagne

  • Tim Ticking
    Tim Ticking3 uur geleden

    BS poisoning the planet 🤮

  • The Tech Corner
    The Tech Corner3 uur geleden

    This idiot again, can he stop being so centralized around himself? Of course you're gonna pull the hardest show off...

  • Richard Vazquez
    Richard Vazquez3 uur geleden

    Nope you ain't get 160 your thigh got 160 "cheat"

  • Stuart Richardson
    Stuart Richardson3 uur geleden

    Everyone does it normal and this dude recording uses his leg as leverage

  • lyd nas
    lyd nas4 uur geleden

    I maxed it out lol

    BOXY GAMING4 uur geleden

    That’s not how you do it that’s wrong

  • rimox brikha
    rimox brikha4 uur geleden

    160 is a loser you used you body mass to push for more pressure

  • Taylor Evans
    Taylor Evans4 uur geleden

    I could get 121 at 15 🤣🤣

  • OBX HeatH
    OBX HeatH4 uur geleden

    1st it's Bang now it's black water

  • Hash Peri
    Hash Peri4 uur geleden

    You look like a guy that would get black water! 😀

  • Bread Ondread
    Bread Ondread4 uur geleden

    BRO THAT ONE GIRL "sqeeze this." Grabs the top where there obviusly isnt a handle "liKe tHis?"

  • Kid Chocolate 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    Kid Chocolate 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿4 uur geleden

    This doesn't prove who's the strongest.

  • Gramps
    Gramps4 uur geleden

    I’m pretty certain he rigged that lmao, I know grapplers and rock climbers that weigh 50 pounds more than that dude and can barely hit 150 there’s no way that thing is accurate at all

  • Glenn
    Glenn4 uur geleden

    i got 240 with my right hand and 180 with my left due to nerve damage, i always had strong hands lol

  • floris
    floris4 uur geleden

    Maybe everbody should use the same method of holding it an same position

  • Jordan Stangl
    Jordan Stangl4 uur geleden

    Crazy. That’s my dads friends company blk water. Cool to see he actually is mass producing it. Had no idea. It’s doesn’t taste like anything and has a lot of minerals in it. Pretty cool idea

    NLMTALM5 uur geleden

    Bro! You cheated, you pressed it against your leg.

  • isaac dayar
    isaac dayar5 uur geleden

    Me "does the grip test" My friend "checks the number" Also my friend: It’s over 9000!!!

  • WobblieSkellie
    WobblieSkellie5 uur geleden

    Why would you need to know your grip strength?

  • Tobi Turner
    Tobi Turner5 uur geleden

    My question is how many attempts before he hit 160? My guess is in the 20s.

  • abe m
    abe m5 uur geleden

    Of course you were the strongest look at them fucking arms bro you cut

  • ΛCΞ
    ΛCΞ5 uur geleden

    What a weird family multiple people are black 🤮🤮

  • mark
    mark6 uur geleden

    He’s called champagne????????????? Fuck me side ways his parents were morons ..

  • JustFun
    JustFun6 uur geleden

    I had 55 kg. My coach had 75 kg😅

  • PoGChAmP
    PoGChAmP6 uur geleden

    Can u do it with the rock?

  • Elzae Old
    Elzae Old6 uur geleden

    Everyone: free handing it. Maker of the video: uses leg for leverage.

  • JusBKool


    2 uur geleden

    Facts lol

  • Lex Aeterna
    Lex Aeterna7 uur geleden

    A certain tenshi will destroy these men tbh

  • Tameron Babineau
    Tameron Babineau7 uur geleden

    And yet women still think they're just as strong as men. Weakest dude was 20 lbs higher than the strongest girl

  • Logan Truman
    Logan Truman7 uur geleden

    Would not wanna be know for the man with the strongest grip:):);)

    MAYNİKRAFT FREE FİRE7 uur geleden

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson7 uur geleden

    Wow that water is amazing let's all go buy some.... Prick.

  • khmergodhobbies
    khmergodhobbies8 uur geleden

    His right arm stronger than his left

  • Rossie Harman
    Rossie Harman8 uur geleden

    It wasn't surprising he was the strongest

  • Omime Kessington
    Omime Kessington8 uur geleden

    The guy before colty looked like a prisoner

  • J Eddy
    J Eddy8 uur geleden

    Wtf is black water

  • HannahBean
    HannahBean8 uur geleden

    The grip was loose 💀

  • Da LunaticX
    Da LunaticX9 uur geleden

    me: block those annoying NLdronrs Other annoying NLdronrs: *200,000 units are ready with a million more well on the way*

  • Nick Lopresti
    Nick Lopresti9 uur geleden

    Yea he didn’t do it lol mines 155 and this boi is a French fry lol

  • xXBlade_51Xx Playz
    xXBlade_51Xx Playz9 uur geleden

    Girl: "Like this?" ( Literally upsidedown ) Me: dying inside 😔

  • Devoid Buckler
    Devoid Buckler9 uur geleden

    They should have called this Fap Power

  • king khurram ali
    king khurram ali9 uur geleden

    Iam just gonna say theydid it wrong

  • Sean Webster
    Sean Webster9 uur geleden

    It's called a dynamometer lol. Therapists also use it quite a bit to see hand strength for patients.

  • 885_hours
    885_hours9 uur geleden

    I just Realized that its colty an i havent seen him in a long time

  • Ben&Heather Krieger
    Ben&Heather Krieger10 uur geleden

    Awesome...add another ribbon to your "participation scrapbook" because we're all very impressed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"Sit down frat boy and watch this"!!!

  • Carro Johansson
    Carro Johansson10 uur geleden

    i don't like how guys like him challenge their friends at things that they are always the best at. then they go last and prove how "amazing" they are.

  • Gladdy
    Gladdy10 uur geleden

    160 baby let's go! Where ?

  • Ak Wonder
    Ak Wonder10 uur geleden

    Bruh uses his leg to help get extra number

  • LinkSkywaker
    LinkSkywaker10 uur geleden

    Just trying to make sense of the weird gestures at the beginning of the vid.

  • KW 2024
    KW 202410 uur geleden

    I have no idea why I started this video, and stayed to the end. And am now commenting on said video. Idk what I’m doing anymore.

  • Akansha
    Akansha10 uur geleden

    devon larrat would be good at it...

  • Devon Cyplenkov

    Devon Cyplenkov

    Uur geleden

    Vitaly Laletin

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores10 uur geleden

    Second person is definitely a blonde ditzy

  • NoTjUsThUmAn
    NoTjUsThUmAn10 uur geleden

    To hell with the grip strength challenge I wanna know why you got so many people in your house like bruh that's two too many 😂😂

  • Killer xcon4747
    Killer xcon474711 uur geleden

    Bro i need one of those where did you get it

  • Jangg Hitomi
    Jangg Hitomi11 uur geleden

    That dude on last grip cheat.

  • MrClaypogue
    MrClaypogue12 uur geleden

    I find it hilarious that he has to use his leg to brace it to get a higher number

  • Zacch Canavan
    Zacch Canavan12 uur geleden

    A weeks practice and he still cheated

  • D Cabrera
    D Cabrera12 uur geleden

    I see what you did at the end there buddy... your 168 or something was cheating! 😓

  • Yoda got that drip
    Yoda got that drip12 uur geleden

    Is there anything that measures "Drip" strength?

  • Jack Laz
    Jack Laz12 uur geleden


  • 762MmFMJ
    762MmFMJ12 uur geleden

    Bro they were doing it for the first time not knowing how to do it and you been preparing 🤣

  • TheSwissLegend123
    TheSwissLegend12313 uur geleden

    Why is one dude called champagne KEKW

  • Ibrahim 4131
    Ibrahim 413113 uur geleden

    “Let’s pump my veins before recording my turn”

  • brd
    brd13 uur geleden

    Do it grip?

  • Adam
    Adam13 uur geleden


  • Rubik
    Rubik13 uur geleden

    This is like that race from movie dictator. His friends had no chance of winning

  • Prattush Dasgupta
    Prattush Dasgupta14 uur geleden

    Everyone says let's go....but where at fucking gym?

  • xZin
    xZin14 uur geleden

    All losers living in one house. Nice.