Stephen Curry 62 Points Career-High vs Blazers! ALL HIS BUCKETS! ● 03.01.2021 ● NBCSBA FEED ● 60 FPS


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    Wow 1 million views!😱 Thank you so much!

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    Thats possible .your content is very famous.curry

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    no ty for a great video

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    Congratulations 👏

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    I know this is all about Curry but I can't stop laughing at Draymond's attempt on shooting a 3 but air balled.

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    NEVER forget how good steph is

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    Where's Clay Tompson at?

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    Curry's every record is on Dame's Head 62 points - most scored in a game 16 pts in OT - most scored in OT by a single player 36.5 ppg in WCF - most scored by a single player in a sweep 10 - 0 record - against Damian Lillard in the playoffs

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    Darn me

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    The warriors got carrid by curry

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    I’m gunna ruin the video but he didn’t get the last 3 pointer his foot was on the line

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    Its so satisfying to watch him make a free throw, swisshhh

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    The day is 3-1-2021 how it is 6 months ago today is 7-11-2021

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    now just imagine this amazing performance, but one more point, in the playoffs and against one of the best teams of all time, the 1986 Boston Celtics

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    did anyone notice Curry pulled CJ's jersey at 02:39

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    Curry is the Messi Basket

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    4:47 travel

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    this is why most fans hate super teams, we don't get to truly see how great these guys are. blowouts, sitting 4th quarters out, etc.

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    Curry speed for his last 3pt is faster than Mbappe

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    One of the best nba players of all time

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    How did draymond know that curry was behind him to the left on that last play. Dang that's some chemistry

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    they can talk while playing so steph prob said to him that he was there

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    Why is there no one in the stands?

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    Cuz of COVID

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    7:24 his reaction tho. Haha

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    He's a demi god

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    He is not human

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    Rapaz o cara é bom demais, é um espetáculo

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    2013, Steph got career high 54 points against Melo and the Knick. 2021, Steph got career high 62 points against Blazer and .... Melo against.

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    he was no call fouled like 5 times

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    Lillard: *Career high 61 points vs the warriors* Curry: *Career high 62 points vs the blazers*

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    @Immense not bad xD

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    @luiz yeah right while green and klay were drafted by the warriors. they won a champion before KD's time. suck it up lillard fan or you are just blaming blazer management team brother.

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    Dame did it overtime, but Curry no. the levels are different.

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    @luiz youre smoking something lol

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    So the superteam

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    this performance proves that he’s better than LeBum

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    No 👎 and I’m a curry fan

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    I swear every record for scoring these days is against the blazers

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    Cause they are literally one of the worst defensive teams in the league

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    I didn't know Seth curry's brother was so good at basketball...

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    @Daren Forro oh wow! i never knew that.

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    No way? He’s also Seth’s brother? I only knew him as Damien Lee’s brother-in-law.

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    It is a joke lol

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    He’s better then seth

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    1st career high and 2nd Career High both against Carmelo team

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    brother curry is so good playing basket bitch

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    I think he scored 45 points in free throws

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    Bruh not that much lol

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    Does anyone else try to play like steph in 2k but still cant break like 50 pts

  • Joel


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    My highest was 105 pts with Lillard

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    I can bet anything, if that was Trae Young he is jumping into McCollum. 2:22

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    Thís prove the Blazers defense are really trash !

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    how the hell is the first one not 3 point and its counted as 2 point thats weird...

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    The only build you cant find on 2k :/

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