SPACE JAM A New Legacy Trailer BREAKDOWN! So Many Easter Eggs!


Space Jam A New Legacy Trailer Reaction:
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Space Jam A New Legacy Trailer Breakdown. Space Jam A New Legacy Trailer Explained. Space Jam A New Legacy Trailer Review. Space Jam A New Legacy starring LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Looney Tunes, Don Cheadle, and various cameos from the Warner Bros. Server-Verse including Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, DC, Game of Thrones, The Matrix, Scooby-Doo, King Kong, Iron Giant, Ready Player One, and more! Oh and Zendaya is voicing Lola Bunny.
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  • Ivan Butler
    Ivan Butler2 dagen geleden

    WB, if you have Gremlins, Tiny Toons, Tom and Jerry, Anything Cartoon Network, AND Pinky and the Brain in this movie, it's over

  • Saia Fifita
    Saia Fifita5 dagen geleden

    Has anyone noticed that when the iron giant and all the other characters come, 2 of the yeti’s from the movie smallfoot who were migo and gwangi, gwangi was voiced by Lebron James?

  • 1P Entertainment
    1P Entertainment6 dagen geleden

    Right after LeBron falls into the Tune World, the hole he created when he landed is the Nike logo.

  • Shadow Quintana
    Shadow Quintana9 dagen geleden

    I see Albuquerque above Thundera at 2:49

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan24 dagen geleden

    Andre I've Also tried to look at the Person when Lola Does 😉 figure who it is Andre it may Very Surprise You.

  • nemo pouncey
    nemo pouncey24 dagen geleden

    I'm gonna miss pepe.

  • nemo pouncey
    nemo pouncey24 dagen geleden

    to bad mad magazine isn't around anymore. they would have ripped on this movie calling it dumbjam an old legacy.

  • Ryan Mccormick
    Ryan Mccormick25 dagen geleden

    We need Tales from the Crypt appearance

  • AniDex
    AniDex25 dagen geleden

    I think I saw Inspector Gadget?

  • Dwayne Gilbert
    Dwayne Gilbert26 dagen geleden

    Leborn be like I'm a cartoon like neverland

  • Dwayne Gilbert

    Dwayne Gilbert

    26 dagen geleden

    I mean like the little boy says I'm a cartoon just like leborn james said

  • Dwayne Gilbert

    Dwayne Gilbert

    26 dagen geleden

    I mean fantashia

  • Dwayne Gilbert
    Dwayne Gilbert26 dagen geleden

    Love the old lady

  • EchoSierra120
    EchoSierra12026 dagen geleden

    2:49 managed to spot Albuquerque on the roulette, just above Thundera.

  • Justin Blystone
    Justin Blystone26 dagen geleden

    14:35 Chh (x6) Ha (x6)

  • kid dangercartoon
    kid dangercartoon26 dagen geleden

    It's like a version of rick from rick and Morty

  • Justin Blystone
    Justin Blystone26 dagen geleden

    11:09 Ssssssssmokiiiiin!

  • Justin Blystone
    Justin Blystone26 dagen geleden

    11:01 My favorite version of Penguin. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!

  • Justin Blystone
    Justin Blystone26 dagen geleden

    10:53 If Peter Potamus will pull out a Hippo Hurricane Holler, I'm in.

  • Justin Blystone
    Justin Blystone26 dagen geleden

    I wonder if Sheriff "Ping ping ping" Ricochet Rabit and his deputy Droop-a-long will be on the sidelines.

  • Androu Burgess
    Androu Burgess28 dagen geleden

    I won't lie: The Robo-LeBron looked like an upgraded Robo-Urkel. (And I wouldn't be too surprised if we found out that it was actually built by Urkel, lol!) Also, as a plus, they could have thrown in supporting roles for costars of past WB properties like "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air", "Night Court", "Full House", etc., like they did in "Back In Action". Heck, they could've even gotten Larry Storch from "F Troop" to appear while he was still alive. It also occured to me how funny it would be if we saw the Griswolds somewhere in the foreground courtside. One more thing: If the Quests are appearing in this, it's only fair that we get to see at least a glimpse of Hank and Dean Venture alongside them. (That's called "wishful thinking", because I know for a fact the Ventures won't be anywhere in this.) UPDATE FROM THE "I SHOULD'VE THOUGHT OF THIS SOONER" DEPT.: How about the characters from...(wait for it)...CADDYSHACK??? (I can see that! It would certainly give Bill Murray an excuse to return for this sequel, albeit in virtual form.) And while I'm still in update mode, somebody please let us know if any Moral Kombat characters show up in this. WB nearly tried to wrest that franchise away from Akklaim. It's a miracle Akklaim still has any say over the property they originally created.

  • anti-hate bully
    anti-hate bully29 dagen geleden

    He missed Superman he was up in the middle there when they were showing the whole court

  • Drew
    DrewMaand geleden

    12:54 Andre hit us with the joker laugh

  • Legion Animations
    Legion AnimationsMaand geleden

    The Mystery Box 📦??? Video

  • MJWms2
    MJWms2Maand geleden

    Love the video. I think uncle fester was in one of the earlier shots on the right and only a head shot. A Lola bunny was a direct reference of Dwayne Wade doing the same in an actual game with Lebron.

  • Orange Weeb
    Orange WeebMaand geleden

    is it illegal to watch falcon and the winter soldier on a third party website? cuz my sisters disney + sub ran out and I wanna watch the new episode sooo bad

  • Faith Corry
    Faith CorryMaand geleden

    I think the son will actually be behind the whole adventure. Hear me out, the son is playing a basketball video, is techno savvy, and went with his father to the Warner Bros. Studios for some reason. What if to prove he doesn't have to be basketball player he came up with this extraordinary extraordinary adventures that proves there's more to life than just basketball? It would be an amazing plot twist. In the reason LeBron James and Bugs Bunny are in a space ship is because the Looney Tunes broke up. And their on the different Warner Bros. worlds before the game starts. It'll be interesting to see where the movie goes. Because the son is on the Goon Squad.

  • Flameo, Wang Fire
    Flameo, Wang FireMaand geleden

    I swear I saw Sonya Blade

  • Shadders2010
    Shadders2010Maand geleden

    This sounds literally like Ready Player One all over again So we're replacing ToonTown with cyberspace?

  • Crystal B
    Crystal BMaand geleden

    man...when you pause it on the courtside shots, it looks like people standing in front of a poster

  • King Katie
    King KatieMaand geleden

    cool video (: I can't wait for this film.... NOW WB gives us the fan service lol gawd

  • Ricardo Ramirez
    Ricardo RamirezMaand geleden

    Remember in the first one Michael Jordan gets sucked into toon world but for what i can deduce from the trailer in this one LeBron James gets sucked into HBO Max Servers.

  • Hunter Standridge
    Hunter StandridgeMaand geleden

    A clockwork orange characters cameo

  • Jesse James
    Jesse JamesMaand geleden

    The fact that you know nothing about current basketball makes this breakdown that much better 😂😂😂

  • Jesse James

    Jesse James

    Maand geleden

    Props for the Jack reference tho 💯💯💯

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan ValleryMaand geleden

    Lola is voiced by zandaya



    Maand geleden

    and Bugs now voiced by Donald Duck's seiyuu Tony Anselmo

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan ValleryMaand geleden

    Nice penguins

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan ValleryMaand geleden

    I'm with that Andre bring these characters back

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan ValleryMaand geleden

    Who is the guy with the wings

  • Rouge Bat
    Rouge BatMaand geleden

    Where is the tiny Toons at?

  • Shane Champagne
    Shane ChampagneMaand geleden

    Twist: This movie is WB testing the waters for their own Kingdom Hearts-style game. They even got the various worlds looking the same out in space.

  • Watch Zion Tv
    Watch Zion TvMaand geleden

    Chester cheetah the Cheeto mascot is in the part where grandma is spinning

  • Jon Hancock
    Jon HancockMaand geleden

    All Warner bros best films and tv shows all in. NBA Men's cast in this one are actually Lebron James friends and WNBA for the first time added as well.

  • Melinda Mercier
    Melinda MercierMaand geleden

    When Lebron is falling, it just looks like he’s falling through all of HBO Max lol.

  • imwalk worse
    imwalk worseMaand geleden

    Duck Season fire!

  • RDK5
    RDK5Maand geleden

    I thought the guy you said was Drogo(GOT character) was Superman General Zod or the silent guy.

  • Odracir Zeravla
    Odracir ZeravlaMaand geleden

    This looks bad.... the first one actually had the NBA (players, courts, etc), and this one is some fantasy digital world. This just alot of thins on screen with wack lebronica james

  • Jon Mcintyre
    Jon McintyreMaand geleden

    I’d be absolutely down with LEGO Movie characters, Cartoon Network characters, [adult swim] characters, 2003 and Go! Teen Titans and Freakazoid.

  • SerinaKuro
    SerinaKuroMaand geleden

    When I watch this imma be looking for a Freakazoid reference somewhere 100%

  • Shelton Díaz
    Shelton DíazMaand geleden

    They kept clock work but took out the skunk 😂

  • Corrine D
    Corrine DMaand geleden

    So they can't have Pepe le Pew because it's insensitive, but they can have Clockwork Orange???? That's WB banking in the fact that Karen has never seen that movie!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Looks crappy!

  • K.R.J random channel
    K.R.J random channelMaand geleden

    I'm suprised they have small foot That's a pretty recent movie

  • MAG
    MAGMaand geleden

    not even a cameo with harry potter character or even godzilla

  • Isaiah Patterson
    Isaiah PattersonMaand geleden

    I thought that look more like M*A*S*H, but after seeing the first break down video & guys in black in white suits it makes aa lot of scene.

  • Edward Lee Miller
    Edward Lee MillerMaand geleden


  • Shane
    ShaneMaand geleden

    So many cameos! 1989 Batman's Joker, Batman Returns' Penguin standing next to 1960's Penguin, plus Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Robin, Flintstones, Jetsons, Yogi Bear & Booboo, Scooby Doo gang, GoT nightwalker, Night King, & dragon, A Clockwork Orange hulligans, Jim Carrey's The Mask, Pennywise from It, Space Ghost, Captain Caveman, Magilla Gorilla & other Hanna Barbara property, King Kong, Iron Giant, Mad Max Fury Road disciples, Dorothy & flying monkey from Wiz of Oz, Mr. Smith & Morpheous from Matrix, Goonies, Lord of the Rings, Monty Python/random knights?, cowboys...just to name a few! Basically all of WB's catalogue is fair game. I'm sure they will be tons more Easter Eggs in the movie upon further inspection. Perhaps Harry Potter?!?

  • shojoe
    shojoeMaand geleden

    I could be wrong, but I think I saw the "Wicked Witch of the West" behind or side the "Mystery Machine". And in the crowd at the far end on top of "Pennywise" I see "Boo-boos".

  • Joseph Valenzuela
    Joseph ValenzuelaMaand geleden

    Warner Brothers is just sitting and not even using my favorite cartoon characters. I think I am not the only person that really likes Hanna Barbera cartoon characters. Thanks Andre.

  • Joseph Valenzuela
    Joseph ValenzuelaMaand geleden

    Thanks again for another great reaction video. I am glad that you are like me. You have heard of Hanna Barbera and their cartoon characters. My nephews only know Scooby-Doo, they don't know any other HANNA Barbera characters, which is very sad. If Warner Brothers was smart, they could use more of their Hanna Barbera characters. It would be a gold mine. I am 51 years old and Hanna Barbera cartoon characters are my favorite. Disney is a very far distant 2nd for me. Thanks.

  • Seth Carlow
    Seth CarlowMaand geleden

    Eh what's up Andre Doc ? your awesome. Now ,Tha tha tha tha tha tha tha that's all Folks,Muggles,NLdron,Earthlings,Martians (bay-woop!) iris out fade out to black.

  • RagamuffinBabyDoll
    RagamuffinBabyDollMaand geleden

    *Andre recognizes and acknowledges Baby Jane* You sir are a man of quality and taste!!!

  • duo7777
    duo7777Maand geleden

    king heart world.

  • Tommy Deonauth's Archives
    Tommy Deonauth's ArchivesMaand geleden

    You know what might be a cool surprise? If the had Gorillaz in Space Jam A New Legacy... the band is under Warner Music after all...

  • Dylan James
    Dylan JamesMaand geleden

    Imagine if Daniel Kaluuya showed up as Judas 😂😂

  • Dylan James
    Dylan JamesMaand geleden

    Remember Detective Pikachu was Warner Bros so theres a possibility of Pokemon characters showing up too!



    Maand geleden

    Disney bought the TV rights with Pokemon and 20th Century Studios will re-release the movie in japan

  • Dylan James
    Dylan JamesMaand geleden

    The Rock is in a ton of Warner Bros movies, he has to be in this one!!

    BEEF WEDGIEMaand geleden

    This is the dimensional merge Chris Chan was talking about.

  • Clayton L
    Clayton LMaand geleden

    Andre: *flips out about Zendaya playing Lola Bunny* Me: *wonders if he noticed who's voicing Speedy Gonzales...*


    8:21 you didnt see the warner brothers in the UFO that is close to King Kong

  • DeadMasterDubstep
    DeadMasterDubstepMaand geleden

    So Lebron got Isekaied to the Warner Brother's Universe

  • Dinel Jones
    Dinel JonesMaand geleden

    I am about this life

  • Super Sanic
    Super SanicMaand geleden

    You see, I was expecting Osmosis Jones and Drix to be there, but I’m disappointed Warner Bros :( EDIT: I see that Iron Giant is getting more love, so does forgotten Hanna-Barbera characters so that’s extremely neat

  • Lynk's Multiverse
    Lynk's MultiverseMaand geleden

    I’m watching this and the ad is literally the trailer to Space Jam 2 😂

  • Monica English
    Monica EnglishMaand geleden

    10:16 I have a theory that his son was the one that created the GoonSquad since you see him sitting with them and not with his family during the clips of the game.

  • Michael Glatt
    Michael GlattMaand geleden

    It looks good, but I kinda feel like a lot of the non-Looney Tunes stuff seems a bit shoehorned in. Sorta liked how the original just kept it to Looney Tunes.

  • Harvey Newman
    Harvey NewmanMaand geleden

    Lola bunny’s wink is a reference to the classic d wade Lebron ally oop

  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis AlvarezMaand geleden

    Thank you for all the hard work you do on your channel

  • Ashkihyena
    AshkihyenaMaand geleden

    The Droogs are allowed but not Pepe Le Pew... Priorities! Giving all the hypocrisy surrounding this, LeBron James, Lola and now the Droogs I’m going to have to pass.

  • jonthebush
    jonthebushMaand geleden

    Space Jam is the start of the WCU (Warner Cinematic Universe) lol in the shot with everyone running into frame, before King Kong jumps down it looks like Inspector Gadget is running in the bottom right corner.

  • RetroGamerAaron
    RetroGamerAaronMaand geleden

    13:50 Standing one person to the right of the '89 Joker, is the Red Triangle Circus Gang fire breather from Batman Returns.

  • Buffalo Panic
    Buffalo PanicMaand geleden

    My brain is cranking at why the text on Andre's hat is backward. I thought the video just got mirrored… but how do you explain his shirt being the correct way 🤔

  • Elvin Rivera
    Elvin RiveraMaand geleden

    Really hope they dont go overboard with other WB properties like they did in Scoob, cause while I liked it I felt it was less about Scooby and the rest of Mystery Inc and more about setting up a WB universe. So hope its more of cameos this time.

  • Lubie Spyder
    Lubie SpyderMaand geleden

    How did you miss pinky and the brain? LOL!!!

  • Jimmy Fanizzi
    Jimmy FanizziMaand geleden

    Here’s another cool Easter Egg: The Goon Squad are all NBA/WNBA players, just like the Monstars were! The Gold Robot is Damien Lillard, The Fire Guy is Klay Thompson, the guy with the unibrow is Anthony Davis, and the women are Diana Taurasi, and Nneka Ogwumike

  • Kevin Michaud
    Kevin MichaudMaand geleden

    Lebron needs superman for his team Jordan just needed bill Murray and Newman from Seinfeld

  • Jay Bando
    Jay BandoMaand geleden

    Haven’t seen a black nerd video in a minute

  • Rognik
    RognikMaand geleden

    In that spinning destination wheel, I noticed the obligatory reference to Albuquerque. Everyone should know how Bugs never takes that left at Albuquerque. Isn't that neat?

  • Treeslawood
    TreeslawoodMaand geleden

    I love that Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby are watching this from on top of the Mystery Machine. I don't know why, but I like it when they have characters watching stuff from on top of cars, espically "teenage" characters

  • Silent Protagonist
    Silent ProtagonistMaand geleden

    I think i saw Mercury on the roulette.

  • InfoGamingWars
    InfoGamingWarsMaand geleden

    They ban Pepe La pew we down vote and boycott this movie till he is un banned!!

  • SomeNobodyOnYouTube
    SomeNobodyOnYouTubeMaand geleden

    It's so jarring to know the Pepe Le Pew isn't in Space Jam 2, but the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange are

  • Lime Legacy
    Lime LegacyMaand geleden

    yakko wakko and dot is in the trailer

  • Just_Laugh Wit_ME
    Just_Laugh Wit_MEMaand geleden

    Orbit city is the jetsons

  • Myke Day
    Myke DayMaand geleden

    Perhaps the reason there are no gremlins court side is because its in the day time. Gremlins and mogwais aren't exactly big fans of sun light. Bet they'll appear in other scenes.

  • UndeadEggmiester
    UndeadEggmiesterMaand geleden

    I can just imagine the creators of clockwork Orange going " one day we will be referenced in a family movie with the loney tunes".

  • darian mclaurin
    darian mclaurinMaand geleden

    Is it me, or do the worlds in the Server-verse look like Kingdom Hearts worlds?? 👀

  • Musomania27
    Musomania27Maand geleden

    I wonder if when they were making Gremlins, they were thinking "Down the line man, that Space Jam New Legacy will be an important spot of our history"

  • Steven
    StevenMaand geleden

    You mentioned bringing yogi bear back, there is currently a series called "jellystone" being developed by Warner bros. For HBO max where all the 60s Hanna Barbera characters live in a city called jellystone. I have mixed feelings about it.

  • Joseph Valenzuela

    Joseph Valenzuela

    Maand geleden

    Steven. That Warner Brothers even acknowledges some Hanna Barbera cartoon characters. That just makes me happy.

  • CommanderVideo
    CommanderVideoMaand geleden

    Yes Gremlins!!!! And the Loonatics.

  • D. Ivory
    D. IvoryMaand geleden

    When Lebron turns back 3D, he is wearing 2 wristbands, blue and red, that are inscribed "I Promise" which references the school program he founded in Ohio.

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepyproMaand geleden

    kind of blown away with how many references and easter eggs there were

  • Luarezi H10 Hoti
    Luarezi H10 HotiMaand geleden

    It would be sick if MJ 23 got a cameo and play`d aganst Lebron.J and Tune squad. With the old team MJ playd against in the first movie !!?