Smashing a Lamborghini on the streets! #shorts


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  • SpookyBurger
    SpookyBurger3 minuten geleden

    It’s a fake weight

  • Major-Chan
    Major-Chan5 minuten geleden

    He’s the type of guy that doesn’t want you to know he is using fake weights

  • Prashant Nittala
    Prashant Nittala15 minuten geleden


  • 쎄호
    쎄호17 minuten geleden

    이거 스티로폼

  • Ahmad AsHour
    Ahmad AsHour19 minuten geleden

    Rubber weights :)

  • Vogel Zang
    Vogel Zang20 minuten geleden

    Dude looks like the type to invest in fake plates. Maybe idk actually work out someday.

  • Joel Rubio
    Joel Rubio25 minuten geleden


  • The Real Dragon Destroyer666
    The Real Dragon Destroyer66628 minuten geleden

    He is the type of guy to stand in front of a Lamborghini with no real weight to throw at it

  • SeptiKSlayyz
    SeptiKSlayyz36 minuten geleden

    Why do people think these "he's the type of guy" insults are actually good i dont get it

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez38 minuten geleden

    Plot twist: that is also not heavy and that Is plastic

  • Purab Kothari
    Purab Kothari41 minuut geleden

    I don’t think that’s what ferrucio Lamborghini that would happen to his cars in the future, but sure I guess

  • Hi
    Hi42 minuten geleden

    These comments are goldenxD

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy42 minuten geleden

    These commenters are the type of people to say "they're the type of person" for no reason.

  • Playgamerbox745 :3
    Playgamerbox745 :343 minuten geleden

    He's the type of guy who buys wires for Airpods

  • La Paloma
    La Paloma54 minuten geleden

    He's the type of guy to eat toilet paper to not wipe his ass when he shits.

  • Who You Hate !
    Who You Hate !56 minuten geleden

    he's the type of guy to switch on his phones flash to look for his phone

  • Niemah Brazil
    Niemah Brazil56 minuten geleden

    It was fake

  • Elliot
    Elliot57 minuten geleden

    He’s the type of guy to work out with that fake plate

  • VexTheWanderer01
    VexTheWanderer01Uur geleden

    Imagine if thats not his car

  • 1909PRO
    1909PROUur geleden

    I cant whatch this happening

    Mr PRUSHINSKIUur geleden

    I knew a slob like you couldn’t throw that in the air like that lol

  • Mohammed Shaik
    Mohammed ShaikUur geleden

    He’s the type of guy who would wake someone up to ask if they’re sleeping

  • Sam Sicinski
    Sam SicinskiUur geleden

    He the type of guy to bring a ruler to bed to see how long he sleeps for

  • F33n1x PG3D
    F33n1x PG3DUur geleden

    Hes the type of guy to draw something for an hour just to throw it in the trash

  • lodowy
    lodowyUur geleden

    Aaaaa its fake

  • Andy Wijaya
    Andy WijayaUur geleden

    fake plate

  • Mirzasolutions 5iz
    Mirzasolutions 5izUur geleden


  • Bogdan
    BogdanUur geleden

    Can NLdron ban this stupid things?

  • DarkSide thebestscorpions
    DarkSide thebestscorpionsUur geleden


  • Joachim T
    Joachim TUur geleden


  • George Otteson
    George OttesonUur geleden

    Welcome back to another episode of how the hell did this get so many likes

  • Irai aristides Martines vidal
    Irai aristides Martines vidalUur geleden

    La pobresa: mis ojos

  • Tds Twitch-dpsYT
    Tds Twitch-dpsYTUur geleden


  • aesmin0613
    aesmin0613Uur geleden

    Everyone: he is the type of guy who....... Me: Wondering why they do this videos and get many views when it's not even a funny joke, something serious etc. *it's just me opinion guys don't take it seriously*

  • Diogo Soares
    Diogo SoaresUur geleden

    Fake Weight

  • Liam Soulos
    Liam SoulosUur geleden

    The weight is foam, he tries it too high and look when it lands

  • Landon Sanchez
    Landon SanchezUur geleden

    That’s a fake weight

  • Toribio González
    Toribio GonzálezUur geleden


  • Aerith Gainsborough
    Aerith GainsboroughUur geleden

    He's that type of guy who love to listen to Oh no... Oh no... Oh no no.. no no no.

  • GAME mantup
    GAME mantupUur geleden


  • Master Chief
    Master Chief2 uur geleden

    Fake weight, it bounced at the end, thats a fake 45 idiot

  • Discharm Games
    Discharm Games2 uur geleden

    he's the type of guy who scoops toilet water to "save" water

  • Worlozc
    Worlozc2 uur geleden

    hes the guy who puts a stick into a tree and thinks it will grow

  • John Smith
    John Smith2 uur geleden

    Its fake. This guy couldn't pick up 45 pounds.

  • Cesar Yamil Canals
    Cesar Yamil Canals2 uur geleden

    Foam 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️😝😝😝😝😍😍🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • MoMoNeY
    MoMoNeY2 uur geleden

    You’re a straight up loser for this waste of content. Ppl like you that do quantity over quality won’t last long

  • StealthyNinjaaa Gaming
    StealthyNinjaaa Gaming2 uur geleden


  • Rusty Cuyler
    Rusty Cuyler2 uur geleden

    How is could there possibly be 400,000 people that liked this

  • Amussama Algjffhjgn
    Amussama Algjffhjgn2 uur geleden


  • awesome as fuck turtle
    awesome as fuck turtle2 uur geleden

    He’s the type of guy who beats disabled kids in games.

  • Batuhan Topbasan
    Batuhan Topbasan2 uur geleden

    Yumuşak bir maddedir , yani kırılmamış tır

  • Thall For Life
    Thall For Life2 uur geleden

    Brad Castleberry called, he wants his fake weight back.

  • jose cure
    jose cure2 uur geleden

    Los ricos despresian todo ese carro vale millones

  • Andrew Bacon
    Andrew Bacon2 uur geleden

    You see had he understood how breaking glass works he would have cut out the bit where it litteraly bounced off the car Glass doesn't bounce 45 pound weights Then again that's made of foam so nice attention seaking

  • GrayZ
    GrayZ2 uur geleden

    The type of guy who uses dish soap as shampoo.

  • Faded u
    Faded u2 uur geleden

    We all it was one of those weird fake weights

  • Andrew LaRose
    Andrew LaRose2 uur geleden

    He’s the type of guy to wear a mask while online shopping

  • Kermitnos
    Kermitnos2 uur geleden

    Nice foam

  • Sistar asil limar 💜🥺🥺
    Sistar asil limar 💜🥺🥺2 uur geleden

    Am say no like ok 👈💥💥

  • Mrs Marw
    Mrs Marw2 uur geleden


  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel12 uur geleden

    He's the type of guy who actually started this trend about himself Problem is he can't stop making these

  • Ber Cor
    Ber Cor2 uur geleden

    The holy war has started. Decapitate the sub humans!

  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel12 uur geleden

    He is the type of guy to rage at video game, slam the table and then ask who's at the door

  • David Andronic
    David Andronic2 uur geleden

    On tatus

  • Sturmgechu
    Sturmgechu2 uur geleden


  • Gobo
    Gobo2 uur geleden

    Rip car

  • Adly Hamlton
    Adly Hamlton2 uur geleden

    I hope that was just foam😂😂

  • Aron K. Turner
    Aron K. Turner3 uur geleden

    I,ts a fake weight

  • Riverrain123 turns into a convertible
    Riverrain123 turns into a convertible3 uur geleden

    Of course it's fucking plastic. What do you expect

  • Dreamerツ
    Dreamerツ3 uur geleden

    He's the type of guy that would study for a DNA test

  • Emz Land
    Emz Land3 uur geleden

    I like how that weight hit the car windshield and it got not even a scratch

  • Isaac Troyer
    Isaac Troyer3 uur geleden

    The amount of laziness to not even try to hide how that weight is just a piece of foam, smh

  • ᴍʀ
    ᴍʀ3 uur geleden

    Hes the type of guy to walk up to Walmart employees and ask the Dumpest Questions

  • Rafael Santamaria
    Rafael Santamaria3 uur geleden

    He the type of guy to plug his convertor cable into his converter

  • King Shafel
    King Shafel3 uur geleden

    Guys that’s ball

  • Filip Tułaza
    Filip Tułaza3 uur geleden

    Are you stupid or what ????

  • Ashish Kandwal
    Ashish Kandwal3 uur geleden

    Khush or ho rha h dat dikha ke 😁🤨

  • Ashish Kandwal
    Ashish Kandwal3 uur geleden

    Bhai sorry pr ye kaam tune gali khane wale kiya h

  • Jaime Meza
    Jaime Meza3 uur geleden

    What kind of styrofoam weight is that🤔

  • mattia alge
    mattia alge3 uur geleden

    u can see at the end the piece bouncing on the glass. fake🤓

  • Yıldız Karahan
    Yıldız Karahan3 uur geleden


  • high priestess subliminals
    high priestess subliminals3 uur geleden

    if you every feel lonely just be grateful you aren’t this guys friend

  • Rat
    Rat3 uur geleden

    He’s the type of guy to set food on fire because he said it’s not spicy enough

  • Don Merguez
    Don Merguez3 uur geleden

    Tiktok everywhere

  • Lalo Hernández
    Lalo Hernández3 uur geleden

    If you don’t want it give it to me

  • •CookieCoco•
    •CookieCoco•3 uur geleden

    90% of comments starts with "he is type of"

  • RobloxGamesYT
    RobloxGamesYT3 uur geleden

    Hes the type of guy who types into a microphone cause he doesnt know how to pronounce it

  • Cheskey Dan
    Cheskey Dan4 uur geleden

    It's foam hah bi,,,,,,,

  • Zom_B_Stains
    Zom_B_Stains4 uur geleden

    Fake weight

  • Swamp eyes
    Swamp eyes4 uur geleden


  • Isaak Carlson
    Isaak Carlson4 uur geleden

    Why why why😨

  • michael laser
    michael laser4 uur geleden


  • xen
    xen4 uur geleden


  • J.C. Nival II
    J.C. Nival II4 uur geleden

    It bounced. It's fake.

  • Sebastian Saona
    Sebastian Saona4 uur geleden

    The real joke of the video is him thinking people will believe he can throw a plate. Hah priceless

  • Megan LeBron
    Megan LeBron4 uur geleden

    Cool but it’s fake if it was real then the glass would shatter

  • Joe Macha
    Joe Macha4 uur geleden

    And here comes the cops

  • Vizsuis
    Vizsuis4 uur geleden

    This guy is crazy

  • Subham Dhrua
    Subham Dhrua4 uur geleden

    Successfully reported