Shaqtin' A Fool: Best of Kevin Durant Edition


Best of Kevin Durant Edition in Shaqtin A Fool.
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  • *WE R CREATORS* Love is the name
    *WE R CREATORS* Love is the nameMaand geleden

    @00:48 he dont know how to dance so he does the "uncle dance"... stay in one place and just move tour arms😁

  • John Smith
    John SmithMaand geleden

    Haha kd is funny

  • T Abdil
    T AbdilMaand geleden

    I notice ur hearting evry comment

  • StyleIsFree
    StyleIsFreeMaand geleden

    Well Michael Rapaport won’t be at nets games this year to watch KD play

  • Elon Musk
    Elon MuskMaand geleden


  • Daniel S
    Daniel SMaand geleden

    How many subs does shaqtime have

  • Daniel S

    Daniel S

    Maand geleden

    Is it shaq who liked my comment lol!! If it is, I am one of the luckiest basketball fans present!

  • Daniel S

    Daniel S

    Maand geleden

    Wow I didn't think shaq wouldn't reply! I am a fan of Shaquil O'Neal!!!❤️❤️

  • Derrick Rose
    Derrick RoseMaand geleden

    kd is a walking skeleton who can dance

  • Elon Musk

    Elon Musk

    Maand geleden


  • ElijahWTF
    ElijahWTFMaand geleden


  • Maxricio Solis
    Maxricio SolisMaand geleden


  • Chungus Neal
    Chungus NealMaand geleden

    U seen how skinny KD legs are

  • Mark Madrid
    Mark MadridMaand geleden


  • Joika Bolle
    Joika BolleMaand geleden

    Ben Simmons 3point edition next

  • Seth Rutman
    Seth RutmanMaand geleden

    rip mamba 2:23

  • John Benny
    John BennyMaand geleden

    The bessttttttt 🎊🎉😁🙈

  • marcus aurelio
    marcus aurelioMaand geleden

    Kevin durant and adesanya look like real brothers

  • SuperNASCARrocks
    SuperNASCARrocksMaand geleden

    7:18 Klay dropped his own teammate.

  • Panos D.
    Panos D.Maand geleden

    0:30 when I don't have school and it's Friday 🤣

  • Transy Cat
    Transy CatMaand geleden


  • The Sports Barr
    The Sports BarrMaand geleden


  • Екатерина Блохина
    Екатерина БлохинаMaand geleden

    Dance! Dance! Dance! Bravo!!! Viva! Basketball!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀👏👏👏

  • Nick Derr
    Nick DerrMaand geleden

    0:29 what’s Patrick mcaw looking at😏

  • Cali News Dude
    Cali News DudeMaand geleden

    Entertaining 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Francis John ruiz
    Francis John ruizMaand geleden


  • XDsaladass
    XDsaladassMaand geleden

    Never thought slender man could hoop

  • Amogh Rao
    Amogh RaoMaand geleden

    That infectious disease control one hits really different now man

  • timothy thronberry
    timothy thronberryMaand geleden

    He got bagutte feet

  • Jaey D33
    Jaey D33Maand geleden

    Wait...KD knows how to dance?

  • Trevor D
    Trevor DMaand geleden

    Super funny. Especially the last clip.

  • Jay Bird
    Jay BirdMaand geleden

    Wut up Love your vids

  • Ninja Seth
    Ninja SethMaand geleden

    Shaquille O Neal

  • Lockdown Time
    Lockdown TimeMaand geleden


  • Noah Oswald
    Noah OswaldMaand geleden

    You should do Shaqtin a Fool studio bloopers

  • 陳漢頡
    陳漢頡Maand geleden

    He can't dance

  • Xu Fancy
    Xu FancyMaand geleden

    The null butcher previously fold because change psychologically reach at a deadpan police. careful, slim calculus

  • Hey Men
    Hey MenMaand geleden

    Kd time

  • lepidoptery
    lepidopteryMaand geleden

    westbrook really does turn on mvp/dpoy mode when he gets to guard kd XD

  • ThinkItsAGame -_-
    ThinkItsAGame -_-Maand geleden


  • Katerina
    KaterinaMaand geleden

    Am winter if dis is basketball or comedy 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  • ApointB
    ApointBMaand geleden

    KD with the hood on looks like E.T. the extraterrestrial

  • Games TV
    Games TVMaand geleden

    Shaq is a cry baby

  • ItzTriMax


    Maand geleden

    Still got hearted lmao

  • Bronzehero 77
    Bronzehero 77Maand geleden

    Long leg long leg lol

  • ⸻⸻Wasim Ahmed⸻⸻
    ⸻⸻Wasim Ahmed⸻⸻Maand geleden

    That's some good content

  • Mach
    MachMaand geleden

    Off court, he's basically a tall and skinny James Harden.

  • Poyraz Durmuş
    Poyraz DurmuşMaand geleden

    1:25 Bruuuuuuuhhhhhhhh 🤣 Shaqtin MVP

  • Matt Lagutan
    Matt LagutanMaand geleden

    Warrior KD is funnier

  • Dylan Wesley
    Dylan WesleyMaand geleden

    Shaq Daddy😩

  • Dan Wrt
    Dan WrtMaand geleden

    Didn’t expect this to be 10mins

  • Precious Hernandez
    Precious HernandezMaand geleden

    I think the background music suits his dance smooves 👀

  • Lil Rubro
    Lil RubroMaand geleden

    Saudade de quando podia jogar basquete no Brasil e não tinha pandemia

  • Lil Rubro

    Lil Rubro

    Maand geleden

    wHaT a hElL

  • T Abdil

    T Abdil

    Maand geleden

    *I dOnT sPeAk SpAnIsH*

  • Rom Hay Hamama
    Rom Hay HamamaMaand geleden

    This kevin durant guy looks like a really good dancer

  • Imnotkiller bg shorts
    Imnotkiller bg shortsMaand geleden

    Is funny

  • BOMBящий
    BOMBящийMaand geleden

    You can't be considered one of GOAT if you don't have a personal edition of Shaqtin А Fool.

  • Elon Musk

    Elon Musk

    Maand geleden

    You don’t know basketball

  • Delta DaggerTM
    Delta DaggerTMMaand geleden

    Most boring superstar ever!!!

  • GoreBag Le Mort
    GoreBag Le MortMaand geleden

    He's still a better dancer than me. Plus he can pick a winner lol

  • William Oakley
    William OakleyMaand geleden

    Nice so funny

  • Jack Goodwin
    Jack GoodwinMaand geleden

    Kevin snake Durant

  • eventfulnonsense
    eventfulnonsenseMaand geleden

    Believe me that woman was all too happy she had a brush with KD. Probably one of the highlight of her life..

  • RuinsOBrien
    RuinsOBrienMaand geleden

    early yessir

  • Filip Bozovic
    Filip BozovicMaand geleden


  • Ben Lynch
    Ben LynchMaand geleden

    Haha is this gonna start a shaq kd feud 😂😂

  • Justin Green
    Justin GreenMaand geleden

    Does ShaQtime respond

  • Bob James
    Bob JamesMaand geleden

    dwyane wade kevin durant gatorade commercial

  • iisxmplygodii
    iisxmplygodiiMaand geleden


  • Zenitsu Agatzuma
    Zenitsu AgatzumaMaand geleden

    0:24 slenderman was high bruh😆😆😆

  • Nino Nakano
    Nino NakanoMaand geleden


  • JM Puntual
    JM PuntualMaand geleden


  • Varad Purandare
    Varad PurandareMaand geleden

    claim your "here before 1000 views" here

  • Paint Boi
    Paint BoiMaand geleden


  • Always Ayden
    Always AydenMaand geleden

    5 views 6 comments. NLdron -_-

  • Matrix Malik
    Matrix MalikMaand geleden


  • Abdul Farah
    Abdul FarahMaand geleden

    brandon ingram's father

  • Tsuu
    TsuuMaand geleden

    when ur early and dont know what to say ;-;

  • Tiberiu Matei Brașoveanu
    Tiberiu Matei BrașoveanuMaand geleden


  • 김효민
    김효민Maand geleden