Sezina Kelsey - All By Myself | The voice of Holland | The Blind Auditions | Season 11


Sezina Kelsey performs “All By Myself” by Céline Dion at The Blind Auditions of The voice of Holland.
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About The voice of Holland and The Voice Senior:
The voice of Holland is broadcasted on the Dutch television channel RTL 4. The talent show is all about real talent where only the very best is good enough. It’s all about the best voice and the right mentality. We’re looking for someone with great talent, lasting impact and their own sound. The talents are guided, coached, drilled and supported by Dutch top artists. After a strict pre-selection, a small number of talents are allowed to do a Blind Audition for the coaches Waylon, Jan Smit, Ali B and Anouk. Talents don’t audition from an empty room, but immediately perform with a live band on a real stage. The coaches personally select the talents they want to coach and personally guide them to a successful singing career.
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  • Ngasii Katushabe
    Ngasii Katushabe2 dagen geleden

    Wow, Baie pragtig! Sy sing so mooi!🔥

  • Valentine Best Of The Voice All Over The World
    Valentine Best Of The Voice All Over The World3 dagen geleden

    1:30 - goosebumps.

  • Valentine Best Of The Voice All Over The World
    Valentine Best Of The Voice All Over The World3 dagen geleden

    Why is Anouk on the screen?

  • Wisnu Pancara
    Wisnu Pancara4 dagen geleden

    She's good singer ... Bravo Sezina. Gbu

  • Trinidad Vidal
    Trinidad Vidal8 dagen geleden


  • Iarley Souza
    Iarley Souza11 dagen geleden

    A melhor intérprete de all by myself!

  • Iarley Souza
    Iarley Souza11 dagen geleden

    Canta demais!

  • Mara Althea
    Mara Althea12 dagen geleden

    grown up!

  • lu cie
    lu cie13 dagen geleden

    did she win?

  • K H
    K H14 dagen geleden

    She is AMAZING!!!!!

  • Fernando Fuentealba Rivas
    Fernando Fuentealba Rivas17 dagen geleden

    She is winner.!

  • Седа Мунаева
    Седа Мунаева18 dagen geleden


  • Людмила Петрова
    Людмила Петрова25 dagen geleden

    Красотка🌸 Великолепно!😘😘😘 Браво!👏👏👏

  • Cesar Car
    Cesar CarMaand geleden


  • ɾσɯαιnαツ
    ɾσɯαιnαツMaand geleden

    Shess so talented

  • anghel vint
    anghel vintMaand geleden

    I can listen to her everyday such a powerful voice

  • Anna Bachkovska
    Anna BachkovskaMaand geleden

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sezina!!!!!! You are amasing 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗!!!!! 💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Harri Hape Niemelä
    Harri Hape NiemeläMaand geleden

    Sydämeni sulaa laulustasi, olet kuin keidas maan päällä ihana pieni enkeli, sinun laulusi saa sielun soimaan, KIITOS :) My heart melts from your song, you are an oasis on earth, a lovely little angel, your song makes your soul ring, THANK YOU

  • Samantha Fisher
    Samantha FisherMaand geleden

    0:08 look at the first judge, you can't even explain how weird it is

  • ashleyyy


    Maand geleden


  • Ken Bradley
    Ken BradleyMaand geleden

    Maybe 3rd time will be the charm with her

  • Stalker Metrovich
    Stalker MetrovichMaand geleden


  • Kingston C Goodfellow
    Kingston C GoodfellowMaand geleden


  • Walid Hajji Zahar
    Walid Hajji ZaharMaand geleden

    She got robbed for the 3rd time.a shamee

  • Osama toty
    Osama totyMaand geleden

    Awesome ..! 😘😘

  • deltoid4
    deltoid4Maand geleden


  • Arthemio Rodrigues Ribeiro
    Arthemio Rodrigues RibeiroMaand geleden

    Sezina foi mais uma vez injustiçada

  • Yolanda DiFrancisco
    Yolanda DiFranciscoMaand geleden

    She gave me goosey....🥰🤗

  • Kim Edward Ilagan
    Kim Edward IlaganMaand geleden

    0:31 She actually sounded exactly like Celine Dion when doing that "myself" part. Nice performance! - From the Philippines

  • Renée Ann Marie
    Renée Ann Marie2 maanden geleden

    I love sezina she is a fighter!

  • muzictherpy
    muzictherpy2 maanden geleden

    what a good singing

  • mizan kamarudin
    mizan kamarudin2 maanden geleden

    how does anouk push the button

  • Harri Hape Niemelä
    Harri Hape Niemelä2 maanden geleden

    Aivan taivaallisen upea ääni, sydämesi on auki kun laulat... joka sana koskettaa ja MENEE SUORAAN SYDÄMEEN, KIITOS, KIITOS . Absolutely a gorgeous sound, your heart is open as you sing ... every word touches and GOES DIRECTLY TO YOUR HEART, THANK YOU, THANK YOU... :) :)

  • Samia Yahia Cherif
    Samia Yahia Cherif2 maanden geleden

    Sezina La meilleure des meilleures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • شقایق ناصری
    شقایق ناصری2 maanden geleden


  • Szentpali Timea
    Szentpali Timea2 maanden geleden

    I love her. I hope she's win, because i am from Romania, but she deservet to win.

  • Yuri Imai
    Yuri Imai2 maanden geleden

    i felt like i see her everywhere... that's not bad at all, she always sings my fav songs

  • Jully Vitória
    Jully Vitória2 maanden geleden


  • Joao Vitor
    Joao Vitor2 maanden geleden

    Sezina will battle Channah, they will sing Open Arms - Journey

  • Eduardo Feitosa

    Eduardo Feitosa

    2 maanden geleden

    @Trey TheBeast Wdk

  • Trey TheBeast

    Trey TheBeast

    2 maanden geleden

    Who will win ?

  • Mehrdad Moghaddam
    Mehrdad Moghaddam2 maanden geleden

    1:26 WOW just WOW !

  • Vitor Soares
    Vitor Soares2 maanden geleden

    Nossa gente vc canta muito e fico escultando sua apresentação toda hr maravilhosa de verdade parabens

  • Nellie Moon
    Nellie Moon2 maanden geleden

    OMG .this girl CAN sing 🤯🥰

  • Roger G
    Roger G2 maanden geleden

    🇨🇦 sign this girl up somebody....OMG ...lovin it from Toronto Canada.....

  • Седа Мунаева
    Седа Мунаева2 maanden geleden

    Super 💞

  • Fire alarm 8
    Fire alarm 82 maanden geleden

    Ik herinner me haar van The Voice Kids seizoen 8, ze is een zeer getalenteerde artiest!

  • JW Kingdom Melody Violin
    JW Kingdom Melody Violin2 maanden geleden

    WOW !

  • Bruno Brusiro
    Bruno Brusiro2 maanden geleden

    Terceira vez ja, chega!

  • Ángeles Katze
    Ángeles Katze2 maanden geleden

    She is incredible!. 😱😱😱😱😱 She is the voice!. 👏👏👏👏

  • Garrison Evans
    Garrison Evans2 maanden geleden


  • Rute Vieira
    Rute Vieira2 maanden geleden


  • kopi pait
    kopi pait2 maanden geleden

    thats why i thought she seems familiar... she's back!!

  • orpaz Sinwani
    orpaz Sinwani2 maanden geleden


  • Vuthy Srorn
    Vuthy Srorn2 maanden geleden

    Powerful voice

  • Callum Jukes
    Callum Jukes2 maanden geleden

    Great youth system in Holland

  • lies rachid
    lies rachid2 maanden geleden

    This is why I love the voice holland 👍👍👍

  • Olivia Urrejola
    Olivia Urrejola2 maanden geleden

    She’s not giving up

  • Swith EXP
    Swith EXP2 maanden geleden

    I don't know why, but after this video I remember Patricia from s9

  • Iki Haluti
    Iki Haluti2 maanden geleden


  • E De-Armond
    E De-Armond2 maanden geleden

    SEZINA KELSEY makes her third try at winning THE VOICE HOLLAND. Her first two attempts were on THE KIDS VOICE. I still rewatch her cover of the PINK song WHAT ABOUT US. She belts it out better than PINK. For anyone that cares the song ALL BY MYSELF was a hit for ERIC CARMEN decades before CELINE covered it.

  • Catherine Rouquine
    Catherine Rouquine2 maanden geleden

    It's crazy !!! Her voice is incredible ! The high note is fantastic. Only 16 years... so this is a great talent for the finale show ! ♥

  • J0krswy1d
    J0krswy1d2 maanden geleden

    I wonder if Ali was thinking 'is she stalking me? This is the third time I've turned to see her on a show' :-P Amazing voice, just keeps getting better and better!

  • Willi Kurniawan
    Willi Kurniawan2 maanden geleden

    What about us girl

  • Patricia Browne
    Patricia Browne2 maanden geleden

    She has some voice. Totally outstanding

  • Oliwia Jarosz
    Oliwia Jarosz2 maanden geleden

    O M G, I am shock right now This girl is amaizing, she smashed it WOW😮❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • abruptly blunt
    abruptly blunt2 maanden geleden


  • Blue Skies
    Blue Skies2 maanden geleden

    Are all people from Holland beautiful? What's in the water there? Lol

  • Garrison Evans
    Garrison Evans2 maanden geleden


  • Two Crazy Little Cinnamon Rolls
    Two Crazy Little Cinnamon Rolls2 maanden geleden

    SHE'S BACK!!

  • Rawan A
    Rawan A2 maanden geleden


  • Kichyro Izkhya
    Kichyro Izkhya2 maanden geleden

    I hope she's win this time

  • e.ditingjuul insta
    e.ditingjuul insta2 maanden geleden

    1:41 heel die kabine trilt hahahaha

  • Blue Skies
    Blue Skies3 maanden geleden

    You know when Sarah Paulson turns they're good! 😂 Love Anouk. ❤

  • jonsiii
    jonsiii3 maanden geleden

    What do they eat in Holland??

  • Oggrant60
    Oggrant603 maanden geleden

    Прикольно, когда есть ошибки, но достаточно одного фрагмента, чтобы лайк легко поставить)

  • Daniella Shah
    Daniella Shah3 maanden geleden

    So in the Voice Kids she was eliminated in the battles last year she went on to finish runner up and this year she will win it all finally. The third time is the charm .

  • Michele Cucchiaro
    Michele Cucchiaro3 maanden geleden

    Bravissima, gran voce. The voice of Holland continua ad essere uno dei talent musicali più interessanti!

  • Fernando Fuentealba Rivas
    Fernando Fuentealba Rivas3 maanden geleden


  • Olivia Urrejola
    Olivia Urrejola3 maanden geleden

    1:27 the face of the coach was kinda weird

  • ItsMeSebastian
    ItsMeSebastian3 maanden geleden


  • Diana Katundi
    Diana Katundi3 maanden geleden

    Super Talent.👍👏👏🙋‍♀️

  • Dominic Jay Ababon
    Dominic Jay Ababon3 maanden geleden

    I really love sezina singing ❤️

  • Ishak Mus
    Ishak Mus3 maanden geleden

    #ONGKI0 ADlRANDOa PULiNGp# #OAP#3 maanden geleden


  • Amira M
    Amira M3 maanden geleden

    Wow 😃

  • Aminah Limbong
    Aminah Limbong3 maanden geleden

    Sezina, youre my favorit ❤️

  • Orlin Del
    Orlin Del3 maanden geleden

    O god, i can’t believe it😂 i know her!!!!

  • Pete Braven
    Pete Braven3 maanden geleden

    Blimey!!!! What a voice!! 🤟👌😍

  • Arnulfo Alvarez
    Arnulfo Alvarez3 maanden geleden

    Entonces todas las hermosas voces que participaron en las ediciones de the voice kids ahora son ya grande y están en la the voice adulto jejeje. Super rico!!!

  • Mei Xing
    Mei Xing3 maanden geleden

    All by myself this version is perfect.

  • Fatma Hures
    Fatma Hures3 maanden geleden

    This was an unbelievable performance, goosebumps from head to toe

  • Dymmond
    Dymmond3 maanden geleden


  • Daniella Shah
    Daniella Shah3 maanden geleden

    Well done this song is hard to sing 🎤

  • Amine Naim
    Amine Naim3 maanden geleden

    The best audition !!

  • Trey TheBeast

    Trey TheBeast

    3 maanden geleden


  • Cloudizz
    Cloudizz3 maanden geleden

    I think she's using charice version

  • Vitória Medeiros
    Vitória Medeiros3 maanden geleden

    Ali B watching her for the third time: 👁👄👁



    Maand geleden

    @Ingrid Geagea yes you're right

  • Ingrid Geagea

    Ingrid Geagea

    2 maanden geleden

    @Bernhardist yess haha. Twice in the voice kids before this time

  • Bernhardist


    2 maanden geleden

    What?? Sezina was three times at the Voice of Holland? I´ve seen her at my first time, and she nailed it!!!....Bernhard from Germany

  • Vitória Medeiros
    Vitória Medeiros3 maanden geleden

    Tu tem que ganhar dessa vez plmr!

  • Marion Meyer
    Marion Meyer3 maanden geleden

    Sie hat jetzt schon gewonnen 💚🍀

  • Ethan Cardinal
    Ethan Cardinal3 maanden geleden

    All Star 🌟 ✨ 😍

  • Gary O
    Gary O3 maanden geleden

    I remember her. She was on The Voice Kids. She sang a Pink song. She was amazing.

  • Victor Mikael
    Victor Mikael3 maanden geleden


  • NATE
    NATE3 maanden geleden

    Seems the more that I listen to this song being covered, It is like there should be some type of stress on the vocal to show the emphasis of the broken heart of being by yourself.......Do you get what I mean? It would come across as more powerful than just hearing someone sing it clear the whole way. I do enjoy the many that do belt it out .....just not as much

  • Micah Dion

    Micah Dion

    3 maanden geleden

    The song is for belting ..

  • Trey TheBeast

    Trey TheBeast

    3 maanden geleden

    It’s literally a song for belting...WHAT?