Scientist gets too close to lava lake! - Richard Hammond's Journey to the Centre of the Planet - BBC

Wetenschap en technologie

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More about this programme: A scientist takes a big risk to get a lava sample from the rim of a lava lake.
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  • Taqdees Fatima
    Taqdees Fatima30 minuten geleden

    Blood of Earth 🌍❤️

  • Alwin Joseph
    Alwin JosephUur geleden

    Why is the dark knight theme playing in the background!?😂

  • Citric Acid
    Citric Acid19 uur geleden

    3:28 when you cut the lasagna

  • Tiger Girl
    Tiger GirlDag geleden

    Is it just me, or was anyone else wondering what kind of container was he going to collect the 2000 degree lava in anyway?

  • bizama
    bizama2 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else though: Run, my guy, ruuuun!!!

  • janna reinhard
    janna reinhard2 dagen geleden

    So cool

  • Abdullah Saad
    Abdullah Saad3 dagen geleden

    My man forgot his fire risistence potion

  • Marendra Nodiji Unofficial
    Marendra Nodiji Unofficial3 dagen geleden

    After 9 Year's Comment Section Is Still Active ...

  • Julie Vander Leest
    Julie Vander Leest3 dagen geleden

    I remember visiting the volcano national park HI and they had a ranger suite there that was half burnt away because a ranger was leading a group of scientists throughout the field of lava rocks and fell in a spot that was still hot lava and the rock was not hardened yet. Thankfully the ranger survived but I reckon he wished he didn’t with the agonizing pain he went through.

  • SantaFanta
    SantaFanta4 dagen geleden

    3:31 Me cooking eggs....

  • itsyoboy rick
    itsyoboy rick4 dagen geleden

    I wonder how much money they get to do this . Because money cannot replace someone death

  • Brij Mohan Gupta
    Brij Mohan Gupta4 dagen geleden

    You Wanted to See A Cooked Scientist. Mission Failed, We'll get 'em next time

  • Newbroken
    Newbroken4 dagen geleden

    Why are they not using some technology to get the sample?

  • ComedyCast With Joe Zachary
    ComedyCast With Joe Zachary4 dagen geleden

    Dude shoulda just waited till it spilled over the edge lmao

  • Arif Hossain
    Arif Hossain4 dagen geleden

    Huge respect for those scientists who have endangered their own lives for the betterment of human kind!

  • Hemant Vora
    Hemant Vora5 dagen geleden

    And they want equal pay

  • And Avi
    And Avi5 dagen geleden

    He's putting us all at risk

  • Samba Njie
    Samba Njie5 dagen geleden

    This is a whole new meaning of hot sauce🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

  • Eamon Maloney

    Eamon Maloney

    Uur geleden

    bro what

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo5 dagen geleden

    He was there to throw the ring in.

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo5 dagen geleden

    The way the lava flows at 0:30 is so satisfying though

  • Robot Munkee
    Robot Munkee5 dagen geleden

    meh boring

  • Khanum Bi
    Khanum Bi6 dagen geleden

    The scientists look like among us characters with they're proctive gear on

  • Seniru Kankanamge
    Seniru Kankanamge6 dagen geleden

    That's why men die faster than women.

  • diffuse
    diffuse6 dagen geleden

    Everybody gangster until they lose a sword dual next to a lava lake

  • Nandan M
    Nandan M7 dagen geleden

    Thank you for sharing 🙏

  • Matt Clarke

    Matt Clarke

    5 dagen geleden


  • Clark Kent Loreto
    Clark Kent Loreto7 dagen geleden

    real life nether

  • bonkaholic〈!〉
    bonkaholic〈!〉7 dagen geleden

    when the volcanologist is sus 😳😳😳😳

  • Jashan Singh
    Jashan Singh7 dagen geleden

    the disrespect at the end is immeasurable

  • Nikola Mateev
    Nikola Mateev8 dagen geleden

    He was just trying to build the portal

  • Panexplosivo H
    Panexplosivo H8 dagen geleden

    For fucks sake larry i told you this would happen!

  • Ensheat -
    Ensheat -9 dagen geleden

    Guess that’s what happens when your a dumbass

  • H Epic
    H Epic9 dagen geleden

    I am think he wanted to have hot bath, as environment seemed cold

  • MistaFreeman1
    MistaFreeman19 dagen geleden

    why? just... why?

    SANKET KUMAR10 dagen geleden


  • Ramesh Reddy A
    Ramesh Reddy A11 dagen geleden

    Why can't we extract iron from it

  • Jamie Jobb
    Jamie Jobb11 dagen geleden

    Get a drone!

  • Salah Dhaher
    Salah Dhaher11 dagen geleden

    لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله I bear witness that there is no god to be worshiped but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah newmuslimacademy

  • I repent in Jesus name
    I repent in Jesus name11 dagen geleden

    Hell fire and brimstone

  • Don't eat dank trains
    Don't eat dank trains12 dagen geleden

    How did that volcano not collapse with with the size of his balls

    PARA DOX12 dagen geleden

    Lava lake like why little, take me whole and start chasing

  • Rikki H
    Rikki H12 dagen geleden

    what a moron shoulda never been there in the first place people saying he went there in the name of science ya right he woulda got the sample and left not stand there like a kid in a candy store who only went for his own personal experience and risked his life as well as the whole operation lmao if this guy died it woulda def been shut down

  • Jacob Garz
    Jacob Garz12 dagen geleden

    Where has this video been hiding all my life

  • Arijit Saha
    Arijit Saha13 dagen geleden


  • Phycho Master
    Phycho Master13 dagen geleden


  • Night Zeuz
    Night Zeuz13 dagen geleden

    How about the cameraman???

  • Saki Nikaido
    Saki Nikaido13 dagen geleden

    Translation 2:48 *Its over Anakin! I have the High Ground!*

  • suraj kamble
    suraj kamble14 dagen geleden

    Where is it 😨😨

  • sam
    sam14 dagen geleden

    ya right thats prolly their Intern....

    BLUBLEBE14 dagen geleden

    This scientist acts like he can respawn.

    PRABHUGOUDA BIRADAR14 dagen geleden

    This man can cook on lava.

  • john kenny
    john kenny15 dagen geleden

    Fake!! for views.

  • Beelzebub1728
    Beelzebub172815 dagen geleden


  • Mr Yang Song
    Mr Yang Song15 dagen geleden


  • Frolic Gamers
    Frolic Gamers16 dagen geleden

    have egapples man

  • Wa Ma
    Wa Ma16 dagen geleden

    Geez he’s a scientist he should be smart enough to know the danger

  • Josh Bien L Dimaapi
    Josh Bien L Dimaapi16 dagen geleden

    Time to make a nether portal and speed run

  • Mahoot Expressway
    Mahoot Expressway16 dagen geleden

    This music sounds just like when The Joker crashes Bruce’s party for Harvey in The Dark Knight

  • Jennison Thomas
    Jennison Thomas16 dagen geleden

    The picture quality for a 2011 recording is beyond limits 🔥

  • Destroya9745 - Games
    Destroya9745 - Games17 dagen geleden

    No one : Literally No One ; Me : Woah This is 9 Years Ago

  • saragagnon7
    saragagnon717 dagen geleden

    Scientist be like: i'll make myself in danger so people will have a lil bit of lava

  • Harshad Mehta
    Harshad Mehta18 dagen geleden

    MINECRAFT lovers ve like: drink fire resistance pition

  • turunculu günler
    turunculu günler18 dagen geleden

    Like hell :(

  • Chris Jifferson Abilong
    Chris Jifferson Abilong19 dagen geleden

    The scientist should have just drank or splashed a fire resistance potion so he doesn't burn on the lava😂

  • EalahNotFound 0-0
    EalahNotFound 0-019 dagen geleden

    This is my irrational worst fear... being too close to lava.

  • Super Kami Guru
    Super Kami Guru20 dagen geleden

    “Still...could be worse.”

  • The S Word
    The S Word20 dagen geleden

    "Wants to collect a Sample..." 😂 that 💩 is everywhere.

  • FacePalmGameProduction
    FacePalmGameProduction20 dagen geleden

    Not every scientist is einstein. This just proved it.

  • Chad_ThunderC0CK _MMA
    Chad_ThunderC0CK _MMA20 dagen geleden

    3:00 3:33 “We made it!”

  • Vinicius Vasco de Paula Carlos
    Vinicius Vasco de Paula Carlos20 dagen geleden

    Walk inside an active Volcano to take sample direct from the lava pool. That's the dumbest idea i've ever seen.

  • gary busey experience
    gary busey experience20 dagen geleden

    3.5k osha workers dislike this

    BEAT THE GAME22 dagen geleden

    this is the best way to find diamond but it is the worst idea to risk your life for a stone

  • Chino Canalita
    Chino Canalita22 dagen geleden

    You didn’t search this, NLdron recommended this


    Lava lake are dark soul's thrown in Hell, the volcano is a portal in Hell ...

  • BrettJC04
    BrettJC0422 dagen geleden

    Red hot tsunami.

  • natalia sanchez
    natalia sanchez22 dagen geleden

    Why does this look so cgi yet its real

  • Freakin' Indian
    Freakin' Indian22 dagen geleden

    Oh, he's just mining some netherite from nether🔥

  • Kevu Seth
    Kevu Seth23 dagen geleden

    Me opening the car in Texas during the summer.

  • Green Creeper 3000
    Green Creeper 300023 dagen geleden

    Why didn’t he bring a water bucket

  • serge0341
    serge034123 dagen geleden

    He was just checking the temperature of that deep dish pizza.

  • jawad shinwari
    jawad shinwari23 dagen geleden

    Man it was soo close 😨

  • Duck1985
    Duck198524 dagen geleden

    UH ohhh spagheetttiooooosss

  • Hexium
    Hexium24 dagen geleden

    Hammond you sodding tic tac you pushed me into the bleeding lava lake

  • hyper gamer
    hyper gamer25 dagen geleden

    This is basically how everyone views the pokemon battles in the stadium with barely any visible range

  • xGreek21
    xGreek2125 dagen geleden

    nether lookin real good after the rtx update

  • Rain
    Rain25 dagen geleden

    3:28 Looks like a very delicious chocolate

  • DJ Onex
    DJ Onex25 dagen geleden

    He took so long, standing on the edge like that because he was thinking weather to toss the ring in to the fire. I think the last second bubbling over the edge as he ran just meant he did it, so props to him.

  • I have become JJBA trash
    I have become JJBA trash26 dagen geleden

    Lava lowkey looking yummy

  • Dreatoly M
    Dreatoly M26 dagen geleden

    It looks so beautiful.. but deadly.

    MADHANA26 dagen geleden

    Camera: 🔥___🚶 Reality:🔥____________________🚶

  • Payal Wagh
    Payal Wagh26 dagen geleden

    I didn't search for it... But still gives me creeps.

  • Yasmin
    Yasmin26 dagen geleden

    اللهم اجرنا من النار والمسلمين والمسلمات الاحياء منهم و الاموات 🤲🏻

  • Mohammed Mahfuzur Rahman

    Mohammed Mahfuzur Rahman

    21 dag geleden

    اللهم امين

  • Hakiemi
    Hakiemi26 dagen geleden

    2:28 That guy: mmhmhmm

  • Aroz
    Aroz26 dagen geleden

    He really wants to go to the nether that badly damn

  • Vidhi lakwal
    Vidhi lakwal27 dagen geleden

    I wanna eat lava mann

  • Angelica Brinkhage
    Angelica Brinkhage27 dagen geleden

    What a nice welcome

  • 2020 Boker
    2020 Boker27 dagen geleden

    He just wanted to throw the ring at the lava

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves27 dagen geleden

    For a moment I was certain that it was a footage of Richard Hammond collecting the lava. Fortunally, we know the real name of this crazy scientist... HE'S CALLED THE STIG.

  • Anonymous Hacker
    Anonymous Hacker27 dagen geleden

    remember about Hell fire

  • Black Panther Gaming
    Black Panther Gaming27 dagen geleden


  • Count Dracula ML
    Count Dracula ML27 dagen geleden

    Frying an egg