Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: A Long Term User Review After 3 Months!


  • #Angel Heaven & Darkness
    #Angel Heaven & Darkness20 uur geleden

    I wouldn't want an iPhone in a thousand years

  • techmaester
    techmaesterDag geleden

    This is definitely the best smartphone in the world, given the camera rivals that of high-end blockbuster flagships costing that of Mercedes minivan. However, because the processor has a faster clock speed, and Android (like Windows) is less optimized of an OS compared to Apple, the battery life does not last long. Yes, iPhone 12 has great battery life, but the camera is just cannot compete. Having no 8K in 2021 is just silly. Come on, tech world. Overall, iPhone and Samsung are the two best (at least popular) smartphone brands on Earth. Yes, they are expensive.

  • J. Hunter
    J. HunterDag geleden

    Had the S231 Ultra now for a couple of months. At best, I'd give it a 3 out of 5. For the plus side: Processor is fast, the screen is big, and I get good battery life. For the negative.: Bluetooth connection is iffy, the phone is HEAVY, No 3G reception (NEEDED for weak areas), and WIFI connection is weaker than my S7. If Verizon is going to sell a phone without 3G connectivity then ADD SOME DAMN TOWERS to your system. And BTW, I could give a RATS ASS about 5G! I dn't spend my day playing bullshit games on my phone. It's a communications TOOL, not a $1000 toy. Note to Verizon, spend your money on building a reliable system!

  • Gregory Leung
    Gregory Leung2 dagen geleden

    I always liked Samsung phone it's just that there is no SD Slot and 128gb is just not enough for me and that is the only one available The higher memory phones are sold out!!!

  • Rick Kerans
    Rick Kerans2 dagen geleden

    I have seen there is a case for the Note 9 that fully protects it especially the rounded edge display which Otterbox doesn't do. There is also a powerbank in the case. Does this phone have any cases like that for it? I loved my Note 9 till it fell from my pocket and hit a stone on the corner. Completely spider webbed that area and cracks have been showing up more and more. So was curious about cases especially if there is one that can help with battery life by charging it.

  • Henrik Jakobsen
    Henrik Jakobsen2 dagen geleden

    Can I use my S-pen from my Old Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on this device?

  • ismail lachelag
    ismail lachelag3 dagen geleden

    using it naked lol it's funny i know

  • Ye Old Geezer
    Ye Old Geezer5 dagen geleden

    I loved the IR blaster and the fingerprint sensors they used to put on a phone but I heard people used it less. 😢

  • David Lawlor
    David Lawlor5 dagen geleden

    I have one. It's good. But to be honest it's not much better than the Huawei P30 Pro. The camera is not as good as everybody says, the battery isn't as good as the p30 Pro and it's a big awkward phone. Selfie cam isn't great. Display is class though

  • Northern Rails
    Northern Rails5 dagen geleden

    Love the phone. Hate the fact it didn't come with a Charger block. For 1900 dollar retail you'd think they could provide you with a basic accessory.

    CHRISTINA M6 dagen geleden

    Does this phone come with night mode?

  • 44R0N
    44R0N6 dagen geleden

    The water resistance and IP rating is very important to me. The $350 device does not carry that rating, correct?

  • Kpopfor Myanmar
    Kpopfor Myanmar6 dagen geleden

    wish to have a samsung S21 ultra. one of my big dream. but it's too expensive for people in Myanmar like me. I need to collect my salary about 11 months, without eating anything and buying anything, to buy this phone.

  • Tony Fix
    Tony Fix7 dagen geleden

    Omg. Way to much about the feel and look. Jesus

  • Aidan Polivka
    Aidan Polivka7 dagen geleden

    I might just get this to flex on my IPhone 11 toting girlfriend. That way she can't talk smack on my s9+ camera anymore

  • Julian Rosales Niles
    Julian Rosales Niles8 dagen geleden

    Sometimes I notice that when I get out the car, I forget I have my phone on my lap and it falls to the ground as I get out 😂 I probably should get a case

  • techmaester


    Dag geleden

    It is cool that the display is always on when the screen otherwise is black (as on iPhone). This reminds me of clock radio in the bedroom. Even centered. So rad.

  • Fujibayashi Kyou
    Fujibayashi Kyou10 dagen geleden

    So basically without any protection this phone is durable? Like it can survive multiple drops etc or what? Or would it be better to just get extra protection?

  • keepitcool4you


    8 dagen geleden

    Nah lol you drop it and it's toast

  • Deevon
    Deevon10 dagen geleden

    just bought mineee woooo lol I have the s10 so I was thinking about for a while

  • Sandeep paul
    Sandeep paul11 dagen geleden

    How much prices kuwait

  • Matt Sidford
    Matt Sidford11 dagen geleden

    So it feels so good in the hand Shaney, surely then ladies you know the procedures #Flossy 🤣.

  • dha solano
    dha solano13 dagen geleden

    is it worthy to upgrade for ultra from s10? is thia the rigth time for me to upgrade?

  • everythingrelative
    everythingrelative14 dagen geleden

    I have S21 Plus. It is the best smartphone I have ever had. So sleek & powerful.

  • Inder sandhu
    Inder sandhu16 dagen geleden

    hi.. why a52 weather show 55 and s21ultra weather show 48

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown18 dagen geleden

    You sound like samsung is paying you to talk good about this phone

    LETMEINGUYS18 dagen geleden

    I don't know what's wrong with my camera. I mean I tap on the app and it takes 30 seconds for me to see a view please help me

  • argenicz
    argenicz19 dagen geleden

    my s9+ just died after swimming, too bad can't get the files now. . looking into this phone , should I buy it 🤔🤔🤔

  • stuart Ultra
    stuart Ultra22 dagen geleden

    I subscribed because the home screen had a BIBLE app. Grateful

  • Ronald Kincaid
    Ronald Kincaid23 dagen geleden

    Shane: It feels so good in the hands Flossy: Ladies you know the procedures

  • J C
    J C23 dagen geleden

    old school runescape huh? a man of culture i bad they banned me lol

  • Mnqobi Dube
    Mnqobi Dube24 dagen geleden

    Plz give away the A02s plz

  • Soen
    Soen24 dagen geleden

    This phone is $2,100 in Canada, lol. At least I got a discount buying it outright from a provider...

  • Jim Wentworth
    Jim Wentworth24 dagen geleden

    I moved from using LG G series phones.for years. Loved them But now that LG is out of the phone business it's was time to switch. I love this S21. It's good But if I had a.complaint it would be the battery. It's ridiculous. Why put so .ugh effort into a phone and give it a subparbattery ? After 5 hours with a battery saver on it had drained to 50%. That is way more of a decrease compared to my LG G8. or my G6 I enjoy the phone Yes a fewest bells and whistles But still a.good buy if you can deal with the battery

  • Camille Scarlett
    Camille Scarlett25 dagen geleden

    Ur really cute

  • John Morneault
    John Morneault25 dagen geleden

    Just got the phone and so far it's ok. Dealing with sellers was a real pain. Staff couldn't answer the most basic questions nut that is NOT an S 21 Ultra problem. I bought it for the camera and still struggle with it. Any help anyone can give me is appreciated.

  • Eric Cory
    Eric Cory26 dagen geleden

    I hate the fingerprint reader on the front of phones. That's why I can't get away from my Note 9.

  • Luka Stemberger
    Luka Stemberger26 dagen geleden

    I really want to get the Xperia 1 III, but I'm torn, I kind of want the Galaxy too :-/

  • mercster
    mercster26 dagen geleden

    I just bought an S21 Ultra from Sprint, 2 year financing. I'll be paying this thing off till I'm dead. I looked at the S20 FE and other phones... I REALLY don't care about the phone features, but here I am. Is there a phone with specs identical to the S21 Ultra (screen size, Snapdragon 888, 12G RAM, 128G storage, 120Hz display, etc) but WITHOUT the damn 5 camera setup, and cheaper? I don't know.

  • mercster


    26 dagen geleden

    OHH YEAH and 5000mAh battery. Battery life is super important.

  • Nightbird
    Nightbird26 dagen geleden

    Come on! Saying it's OK to take off the case due to "feel" and "confidence" is incredibly irresponsible for a phone reviewer to recommend. Without doing a drop test from waist level onto concrete (the most common phone drop scenario) there is no way to know how durable to drops this phone is. And the fact that it has a glass back should trigger your common sense to protect it. Most of us out here can't afford to replace this phone overnight. We are not made of money. Record a drop test if you feel so confident. are just helping Samsung ring up more sales when people take their protective cases off and disaster strikes one of the most expensive Android glass phones you can purchase at this date.

  • Thanex
    Thanex26 dagen geleden

    Any fix for the phone overheating during camera use?

  • Lemony Snicket

    Lemony Snicket

    16 dagen geleden

    Define overheating. Absolute figures.

  • Mark L.G
    Mark L.G28 dagen geleden

    How much?

  • David Barker
    David Barker29 dagen geleden

    Just got mine today. Couldn't pass up the $800 trade in offer. Honestly...I don't see a difference between this and the S9+ I am trading in. Screen is same size, and doesn't even look as good. S21 has double the memory, but I was only using half of what the S9 had. Same apps. Same features. Not impressed considering this is the 3rd newer model since the S9.

  • Kasey Wunderlin
    Kasey Wunderlin29 dagen geleden

    What case do you have on that phone?

  • Buck Who?
    Buck Who?29 dagen geleden

    What are the accessiblities for visualy enhancements? I'm legaly blind and thinking about getting a new samsong phone.

  • Mahdi Srhan
    Mahdi Srhan29 dagen geleden

    Amazing and helpful review! Thanks ❤

  • imran khan
    imran khanMaand geleden

    Why Nobody taking about heating issue. It has heating issue. When I turn camera on within 1 minute It gets heated like hell i also updated my phone.

  • Graham Laws
    Graham LawsMaand geleden

    So, this phone is capable of recording 4k (and above) video at high frame rates, which produce quite large files. And yet it does not accept additional SD storage cards to bump up the phone's storage. Does that seem like a rational design choice to you ?

  • David
    DavidMaand geleden

    I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from Best Buy. I am returning it tomorrow after (my mistake for not checking) there is NO SD card slot. Unacceptable. I am not whoring over my data to Google Drive. Choke on it.

  • Vincent Foronda
    Vincent ForondaMaand geleden

    he actually use iphone 12 promax as his main phone. behind the review.

  • Plant Hub
    Plant HubMaand geleden

    No place for an SD card?

  • Cak Soim
    Cak SoimMaand geleden

    I definitely wanna upgrade my A71 (even so far no big deal issue) to this 21 Ultra owing to its amazing design, spec and performance.

  • Britty586
    Britty586Maand geleden

    I have a note 10+ and have 2 S21 Ultras in the mail arriving in 2 days. I use the s-pen quite often. I'm sure the side mount won't bother me as much.

  • Rhunuiipad Prog3
    Rhunuiipad Prog3Maand geleden

    Bro good phone but in India they gave shitty exynos and most of things sucks specially camera blur even at 2x 😓😥🥶🥵👹👹

  • Duncan Happy Family 🥰
    Duncan Happy Family 🥰Maand geleden

    Still love my s21 ultra till now … sold my ip 12 … no regrets at all

  • Michael Carnahan
    Michael CarnahanMaand geleden

    Verizon running a promo rn. Offered me $800 of trade in value for my cracked iPhone 8+ 😂 so I got the S21 Ultra for $400 ($16.67 payment for 24 months). So excited

  • William Currie
    William CurrieMaand geleden

    I almost messed up and got the s21 thank god i cancelled and got this one. Love waisting money hahaha

  • Lenn Chandler
    Lenn ChandlerMaand geleden

    Love mine

  • Kayla Albers
    Kayla AlbersMaand geleden

    Verizon is offering $800 trade in if you buy this phone right now, even for existing customers.

  • jordan rausch
    jordan rauschMaand geleden

    I heard Snapchat and Instagram use your actual camera now!!! And is better quality!!! Is that still holding up as well?

  • chinesegambler
    chinesegamblerMaand geleden

    funny how the two phones show different temperatures and UV for the same location. Is that difference between budget and premium?

  • Connor Bates

    Connor Bates

    Maand geleden

    He paid the same for both phones but the cheaper model came with better weather lol

  • asgart16
    asgart16Maand geleden

    "This is a $1000 phone" *cries in 1250€*

  • Rafa


    27 dagen geleden

    It's 70-80$ a month here in Canada just got mine yesterday not sure how to use the cameras lol

  • Britty586


    Maand geleden

    That's $1482 USD! 😳

    JASON GLOBIOMaand geleden

    Nice holy bible, we have the same app

  • Arthur Javier
    Arthur JavierMaand geleden

    Thinking about dropping my current network provider, also they phasing out my older phone that I've been using in January, Not sure why they don't offer phones to long time users .

  • Wacht Taurus

    Wacht Taurus

    Maand geleden

    As an apple fan boy I prefer my apple device,all though they are not innovative in body design compare to samsung and their android UI,I still prefer my iphone,the recent offers I get from my network provider,is cool for me,I get the new devices with full spec on financed payment, nothing can make me change to any other phone,I believe in few years time apple will develop it screen design to be or even better that most android smart phones.

  • Ferdinand William

    Ferdinand William

    Maand geleden

    @Hugo Clarke Financing phones is quite easy I do get phones for my friends and family members through my network provider, financing scheme, instead of me paying whole sale price on first launch, which will be very expensive, it's better for me to use plan payment,and also it boost my credit score being able to settle mine on time

  • Hugo Clarke

    Hugo Clarke

    Maand geleden

    @Edward Lubin It don't take long since everything he does is within your network provider and account,you receive everything immediately he prompts you.

  • Edward Lubin

    Edward Lubin

    Maand geleden

    @Hugo Clarke How often do you use him and how long does it take his works to reflect on your network account?

  • Hugo Clarke

    Hugo Clarke

    Maand geleden

    @Edward Lubin The service he renders is very unique, that's Skype live:mcbergjoseph he is quite quick in reply to conversation if he is not busy.He will definitely find solutions for you.

  • brian kristianto
    brian kristiantoMaand geleden

    holy bible

  • Exzachlay 757
    Exzachlay 757Maand geleden

    I've had at least 7 different Samsungs over the years an this is by far the best samsung ever made it checks every box 5 star experience

  • Sgt. Hollow Point
    Sgt. Hollow PointMaand geleden

    @6:37, the people watching me, watching this video.

  • sarahp123
    sarahp123Maand geleden

    Anyone found a decent case for it? I've not found one to look after the camera etc that feels nice.

  • sarahp123


    Maand geleden

    @Sgt. Hollow Point yeah, I've been thru a few. But none have a decent lip to protect the camera. Or I've brought them and they have just fallen to pieces quick. Plus amazon's search function is shocking, I search for the ultra and I get a70 or a10 or just the 21. So many times I've nearly ordered the wrong one 🤣 there a specific brand you'd recommend?

  • Sgt. Hollow Point

    Sgt. Hollow Point

    Maand geleden

    Amazon has several to choose from

  • azitaulava
    azitaulavaMaand geleden

    Planning to get this for 890 usd with free samsung wirless buds. Is it worth it?

  • Azeez Zool
    Azeez ZoolMaand geleden

    i love i love i love.....thats all i hear. but do agree , the merged corner camera idea is nice...

  • joe felix
    joe felixMaand geleden

    This phone is the bomb

  • Irene Irene
    Irene IreneMaand geleden

    I like the phone but the battery runs down you know how I can make it last a day without charging it.thanks for the video

  • Eric Hart
    Eric HartMaand geleden

    Traded in my S8+ at Verizon and they gave me a $800 trade in last week for the S21 Ultra

  • NateShady34 N

    NateShady34 N

    7 dagen geleden

    Same!! I went to Verizon the other day with my s8+ and got $800 trade in and got a s21 ultra. My first phone that I had for 5yrs straight. I absolutely love this phone

  • Dempsey Kimble

    Dempsey Kimble

    9 dagen geleden

    Verizon is doing a promo for their trade ins to upgrade to a 5g phone. It ends next week. They gave me 800 for my note 10+

  • unknown


    22 dagen geleden

    Tmobile gave me a lousy $125 for my S10+ No specials tho

  • Constance Cooper

    Constance Cooper

    Maand geleden

    @Jordon Burkman it's not cap. I just traded my s9 in for an 800 credit making the phone 499.00 now 18 a month instead of 49.99 a month

  • Brandi Neal

    Brandi Neal

    Maand geleden

    @shgvng if you trade in online you should get the deal. I wanted to keep my current unlimited plan so they have me $680 towards my ultra. I'm doing it right now with a online chat agent.

  • black sheep
    black sheepMaand geleden

    Love it. But came from an s10+ so not that big a difference besides the screen and battery and camera.

  • Tyquuan Branche
    Tyquuan BrancheMaand geleden

    Awwww man, I just ordered the phone after watching this video. This was awesome content, you touched on everything I was wondering about. I didn't even know it comes with a pen. I can't wait to use the camera, rite now I just have the S 21 .

  • azitaulava


    Maand geleden

    Planning to get one how much did you pay for it?

  • Johnny Denmark
    Johnny DenmarkMaand geleden

    I just got the samsung s21 ultra 512GB. I love it. I Was suprised how well the speakers plays

  • Lamzka
    LamzkaMaand geleden

    0:24 is that the Bible app?

  • Jim Jones
    Jim JonesMaand geleden

    Excellent phone (Galaxy Ultra S21)and features only thing is I have iPhone 12 Pro Max and I get over 10 hours of battery life

  • Vuitton, The Ruler
    Vuitton, The RulerMaand geleden

    Well I'm sold

  • ETT - Egon Tech Tips
    ETT - Egon Tech TipsMaand geleden

    no expandable memory is a big bummer

  • Jelani 707hp
    Jelani 707hpMaand geleden

    13:58 wtf was that camera?!

  • UnfreeRadical
    UnfreeRadicalMaand geleden

    Still waiting on my Ultra 256gb Phantom Brown. Almost 5 weeks now. Can't wait. Should be a solid upgrade from my aging Z3 🤣

  • Henri DUSASCA
    Henri DUSASCAMaand geleden

    Amen bro!

  • John Thomson
    John ThomsonMaand geleden

    I am coming from a s9+, should I just get the s21, or the this?

  • Northern Border
    Northern BorderMaand geleden

    You are a hairy beast. Solid review very helpful. Upgrading from the s10 and im excited

  • Isaac's Random Thoughts
    Isaac's Random ThoughtsMaand geleden

    I had this phone twice and returned because when I ask Google what is my location it is always wrong. The location for this phone 📱 is off. Just try it. How to try correctly is first ask Google what is my current location and see what it says. Now leave to the store and ask Google once again what is my location and I bet you it will give you the previous location and only time it will fix the problem is if you do a hard restart..:. I do not like this 😫😫😫😫😫🥵🥵

  • Chris A

    Chris A

    Maand geleden

    Looks like a Google problem not a Samsung problem.

  • Zubair Z Vlogs BD
    Zubair Z Vlogs BDMaand geleden

    12 pro max & this both are heavy in day to day use

  • The Texas Duke
    The Texas DukeMaand geleden

    Then it gets hot as shit in games… Wasted my time

  • ricky cotton
    ricky cottonMaand geleden

    666 comment

  • Christopher Cadena
    Christopher CadenaMaand geleden

    Honestly I get the max of 7hrs of on screen time, that's with about 9 hours of total battery. But still a great phone. FYI got my s21 ultra a month and a half ago and I don't have any performance adders on and I don't play games on my phone. And yes I have the snapdragon 888

    BENARD21_OKMaand geleden

    No actually i have a Samsung galaxy s10 and i want to upgrade but if i get the s21 it will not really feel like an uprade because of the 1080p display no curved edges and plastic back these are some of my reasons why the s21 ultra and not the s21 because i want it to feel like an upgrade not downgrade even though the other specifications are better

    KENETH OLOROSOMaand geleden

    How i wish...too expensive here in philippines,can't afford one😅

  • Barbara Kardos Brown
    Barbara Kardos BrownMaand geleden

    Thanks for your review!! I am doing the trade in with my note 9. I am happy that I can still use an s pen. Being that i have to send in my note 9 do you think they would dock the amount they give me back if I return the note without the pen? It's pink and I want to save $40!! Will the note pen even work with the S21 U??

  • Miguel Maciel
    Miguel MacielMaand geleden

    Currently using the 11 pro max and I’m thinking of upgrading to this. Is it worth it? Was thinking of getting the new iPhone 13 later this year but idk after watching all these videos I’m thinking of switching over

  • Shane Symonds

    Shane Symonds

    Maand geleden

    You’ll probably take a hit in battery life (iPhone 11 pro max battery is best of any phone I’ve ever used) but other than that the upgrade is worth it in my opinion

  • patrick c
    patrick cMaand geleden

    Wow $1600 Canadian just bought 3 days ago

  • Anurag Dubey
    Anurag DubeyMaand geleden

    I bought this phone last month and I can say it's an awesome device but tbh I'm not fully happy with my S21U as there are number of flaws:- 1) Battery backup isn't that good irl, I mean it's just avg nothing extraordinary 2) Few weeks ago I played some games on this phone like Asphalt 9, COD M, PubG M and guess what I found major frame drops while playing Asphalt 9 and COD M and Pubg was unplayable. I think at that time I was around 40-45 frames only. 3)There are lot of bloatwares and that's the main reason why I kinda hate android.

  • blue wolf
    blue wolfMaand geleden

    Just got mine so far I love it no heating up its awesome I'm a Samsung guy but this phone is legend

  • Margarita N
    Margarita NMaand geleden

    I really like this phone. Only issue I had was the storage. I liked the previous model with the microsd slot. 256 didn't seem like much to me. And the 512gb was out of stock since the beginning. Overall good phone though

  • LK
    LKMaand geleden

    Beautiful phone. Watching on my note 10 +.

  • David Argiro
    David ArgiroMaand geleden

    I used to love my Galaxy 8. Tried an iPhone and got rid of it faster than a rattlesnake will bite u in the woods and then an LGThinq7 which surprised the hell out of me with superior camer which nobody has matched yet. Then back to Galaxy S20 plus. What happened to Samsung? I can't wait to ditch my 20plus but where to? Samsung just pissed me off with their 3 versions of a phone and then 5 months later, several more. Greedy fuchs.

  • MrPewds
    MrPewdsMaand geleden

    I subscribed for having Holy Bible on ur Phone

  • Adedotun Campos
    Adedotun CamposMaand geleden

    My screen on time is 9-13 hours lol. Funny enough I don’t have a single game. Just browse, NLdron and whatsapp