Royal Blood - Out Of The Black (Official Video)


  • bayron avila
    bayron avila2 uur geleden

    Anyone else get finn balor vibes from this

    ADREIN LOBBY18 uur geleden

    me: what explicit content ?? also me : oh this is lit tho

  • AlwaysFree Id
    AlwaysFree IdDag geleden

    damn i totally missed this for 6 YEARS.

  • Maria Alamo
    Maria AlamoDag geleden

    3:04 top 10 anime battles/kills

  • RustyiPod
    RustyiPod5 dagen geleden

    Plot twist it’s a snickers ad

  • CrazyCrackAnimal
    CrazyCrackAnimal5 dagen geleden

    You know it get‘s serious when the Cashier pulls out the Nunchucks.

  • samer abdieh
    samer abdieh6 dagen geleden


  • Chang Freddy
    Chang Freddy6 dagen geleden

    this video is so fucking messed up 😂😂😂😂

  • Paula Scott
    Paula Scott9 dagen geleden

    Snickers , you're not you when you're hungry

  • Brian Darkness
    Brian Darkness10 dagen geleden

    This is fin balor wwe song

  • Hannah Birchall
    Hannah Birchall10 dagen geleden

    I love how they zoom into his but

  • Carlos Villalobos
    Carlos Villalobos10 dagen geleden

    Hermoso video

  • The Beanerboyy
    The Beanerboyy10 dagen geleden

    Damn this Nigga got the super jail animator to draw his video

  • carol Evans
    carol Evans10 dagen geleden

    Richard Branson and his mates hopefully will might these friendly things up there touring, ffs. 😂🤣😂🤪

  • Анастасия Ветрова
    Анастасия Ветрова11 dagen geleden


  • Robotutle
    Robotutle12 dagen geleden

    dude wanted his chocolate so bad he killed five murderous aliens

  • Shivesh Pandey
    Shivesh Pandey13 dagen geleden

    What a freaking #NLdron

  • Juan Maximus
    Juan Maximus13 dagen geleden


  • I Am The Marble
    I Am The Marble13 dagen geleden

    New adult swim show looks pretty good

  • floppa gaming
    floppa gaming14 dagen geleden

    Alternative title: some assholes in costumes destroy the fbi

  • Johna Zia
    Johna Zia15 dagen geleden

    So underrated

  • chunguSchan
    chunguSchan17 dagen geleden

    Top 10 best anime battles

  • Misscherryberry1001
    Misscherryberry100117 dagen geleden

    Wow. What a great song, what a great video.

  • DeDre Games
    DeDre Games17 dagen geleden

    Is this Rick and Morty?

  • ʲᵃⁱᵈᵉⁿ ˡᵒˡ

    ʲᵃⁱᵈᵉⁿ ˡᵒˡ

    16 dagen geleden

    The perspn that directed it, directs rick and morty i believe

  • timmeuh1987
    timmeuh198719 dagen geleden

    I Just discoverd this song 2 weeks ago, same time i am going tru a divorce and suicidel touchts. And it is helling me getting tru it, wen i feel the bad thoughts i lossen to this, and it helps. Thank you Royal Blood

  • Da gru
    Da gru20 dagen geleden

    This bunny really needs some snickers..

  • Patrick Whelpley
    Patrick Whelpley21 dag geleden

    Its great to see my doodles in 7th grade History class from 1988 finally come to life! Well I mean this idea was in my head however the drawings were crap. Thank you Royal Blood!!

  • Chris Dunavan
    Chris Dunavan22 dagen geleden

    I was a overdose sin before I was a slit wrist sin.. Not to forget the puppy dewormer.. For some reason Gods the only reason I'm alive.. God cheated me from death.. I cut right on the vain down to the thumb.. The only part that didn't try to self heal was what I was sticking my finger through.. Afterward the Illuminati owe me more then 800 after my half suicide..

  • Yesenia Alcón
    Yesenia Alcón22 dagen geleden

    Wwe road block 2016 the main event the champions triple H vs ambrose wwe champions winer triple H 👍

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy24 dagen geleden

    Peaky Blinders brought me here

    WHOAMI WHOAMI24 dagen geleden


  • Hexafluorek Siarki
    Hexafluorek Siarki25 dagen geleden

    I wouldn't complain if video was fully not animated

  • TripJavi
    TripJavi28 dagen geleden

    :v ese bud bunny hizo un desmadre

  • Xertias Strat
    Xertias Strat28 dagen geleden

    Was so much better than what they re doing rn

  • Christopher Blankenship
    Christopher Blankenship28 dagen geleden

    The bunny came out of the hat...🎩🐰

  • Mateus H.S.O.
    Mateus H.S.O.29 dagen geleden

    "Sneakers: You aren't you when you are hungry"

  • Adriengeek Legère
    Adriengeek Legère29 dagen geleden

    Research out of the Black pmv on google if ure on weed its betta ⚽️

  • Franz Ramsay
    Franz RamsayMaand geleden

    Vamos perdiendo el pelo, pero no las manias. Cosquín Rock FM.

    BRET HARSOUNMaand geleden


  • Ramen Master
    Ramen MasterMaand geleden

    Best video ever

  • FreeSampleThief S
    FreeSampleThief SMaand geleden

    Anybody else see that shit !!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Botizan
    Aaron BotizanMaand geleden

    Another video Beavis and Butt-Head would go apeshit to

  • Hazel Segnitz
    Hazel SegnitzMaand geleden

    3.32 reminds me of “Time is gonna come “ from Mc Vicar soundtrack , luv Royal Blood!!!!🤗

  • Fernando Chapoñan
    Fernando ChapoñanMaand geleden

    No memeees puro comentario gringo y de repente... Puuuuum uno en español xd

  • Luciano Piñones Maluenda
    Luciano Piñones MaluendaMaand geleden

    1:00 That's the mystery actor in the latest spiderman movie? :0

  • Dehazus Bryant
    Dehazus BryantMaand geleden

    "Your not you when your hungry." I wish it said this at the end so bad

  • Corey Peden
    Corey PedenMaand geleden

    Peaky Fookin Blinders

  • EkinexYT
    EkinexYTMaand geleden


  • Deki Deron
    Deki DeronMaand geleden

    Kinder adds: happy music Snickers adds:

  • Alex Caissie
    Alex CaissieMaand geleden

    Should've had Rick and Morty nope out of this timeline in the intro

  • TJ Bailey
    TJ BaileyMaand geleden

    Fuck yes. Thank you super jail animators Brains on the fucking floor.

  • Insert name here
    Insert name hereMaand geleden

    Dude litterally like anime at the end

  • Jen Brooks
    Jen BrooksMaand geleden

    Fucking the best

  • Rishabh
    RishabhMaand geleden

    Who am I

  • Bot_Collins
    Bot_CollinsMaand geleden

    This is like Men in Black but super chaotic, and with furries

  • Nikko Cull
    Nikko CullMaand geleden

    Best music vid ever

  • Pottsie_ERA
    Pottsie_ERAMaand geleden

    sick song.

  • David Eddings
    David EddingsMaand geleden

    Pretty much an adult swim

  • Enrique
    EnriqueMaand geleden

    Hackers, Ningún sistema es seguro😎

  • einsof
    einsofMaand geleden

    I came here after måneskin's winning. They reminded me royal blood af. I think europe was hungry for rock for a while. It was good but overrated..

  • Ystamine
    YstamineMaand geleden

    It's Ralph revenge xD I know, I know, this video is from 6 years ago but...

  • Mr Tudor2003
    Mr Tudor2003Maand geleden

    This song is very nice

  • Dennys San
    Dennys SanMaand geleden

    Stefan desligou as emoções..❤😳✌🏽🎶

  • Rose Parker
    Rose ParkerMaand geleden

    I watched the whole video like I was hypnotized

  • Mykel Okuzy
    Mykel OkuzyMaand geleden

    ojk trickery treey 4 K gear shout depressed Pluto's voicLover mask Alize a vid thick more crimes good videos painted up believe paisley well walks not brad nothing better than Front control clearly better darlin'$ daya cromly

  • Erick D Fernandes
    Erick D FernandesMaand geleden

    One of the best music video ever!

  • Yeshua Kaliway
    Yeshua KaliwayMaand geleden

    I'm the B'LOONIES boy ;)

  • Chris Dunavan
    Chris DunavanMaand geleden

    But I swear they changed it up on me.. Made it a better Who Framed Roger Rabbit.. Type of thing..

  • Dan Schofield
    Dan SchofieldMaand geleden

    A shade of Muse but with a far better vid than theirs!

  • A SB
    A SBMaand geleden

    What doesn't make sense in this EPIC video is that at first the cashier dude is all scared and lets the bunny/alien guy take his chocolate bar and then later he DESTROYS the bunny guy and all his deathly palls with his amazing nun-chuck moves at the end. But I still think it's very cool y'all.

  • Overlord__L
    Overlord__LMaand geleden

    May be one of the best music videos I’ve ever watched

  • Matheus BR
    Matheus BRMaand geleden

    Algum brasileiro vendo em junho de 2021 ???

  • Matheus BR
    Matheus BRMaand geleden

    So Very good So i love song and Clipe ❤️💖🙏🤩🤩🤩👌👌👌✨ !

  • Jeff Ching
    Jeff ChingMaand geleden

    The animations really reminded me of Superjail!

  • luhar420
    luhar420Maand geleden

    looks like a scene from rick and morty or some shit still a really good song and video though

  • Chris Lohse
    Chris LohseMaand geleden

    These are amateurs in the video. Why didn't they call the Men in Black? lol

  • ZX25R
    ZX25RMaand geleden

    First : "No System is Safe" Second : "Aim for the Impossible" Third : "Have Fun in Cyber Space and Mid Space"

  • Lil Star Lord
    Lil Star LordMaand geleden

    Napoleon Dynamite working at a gas station near Area 51

  • oakenguitar3
    oakenguitar3Maand geleden

    Is this the same artist that does Superjail?

  • ʲᵃⁱᵈᵉⁿ ˡᵒˡ

    ʲᵃⁱᵈᵉⁿ ˡᵒˡ

    Maand geleden


  • Louise Ridout
    Louise RidoutMaand geleden

    2:34 that police officer looked like Tom cruise

    YAP BAKALIM!Maand geleden


  • Isaac Tayller
    Isaac TayllerMaand geleden

    get back to your roots please

  • Matthias Maier
    Matthias MaierMaand geleden

    Why does this remember me of Right now from Korn?😏

  • Linus Akdahk
    Linus AkdahkMaand geleden

    Finally found you aye

  • Colorguardian8 -
    Colorguardian8 -Maand geleden

    Anyone here from Peaky Blinders?

  • Aleksandar Bulovic'
    Aleksandar Bulovic'2 maanden geleden

    2:09 - Omniman vs Red Rush (c 2021, colorized)

  • Antonio Dishington
    Antonio Dishington2 maanden geleden

    They say no guitars are used, but I do hear a guitar's riff, so w da fq

  • sissi thrt
    sissi thrt2 maanden geleden

    Peaky blinders 🖤 🖤

  • Andrew Godly
    Andrew Godly2 maanden geleden

    Who else was rooting for the aliens?

  • brandon bennett
    brandon bennett2 maanden geleden

    I want to see the rest of this movie.. lol

  • Forest Whispers
    Forest Whispers2 maanden geleden

    Zipper T. Bunny is now identified as an alien. And hey, a Subaru is in it!

  • dexa
    dexa2 maanden geleden

    I guess you're really not you when youre hungry...

  • Adam Rifki Lusandi
    Adam Rifki Lusandi2 maanden geleden


  • Chichi Arias
    Chichi Arias2 maanden geleden

    Wau!!! Amazing....Saludos atte. Nación Camba.

    ARTERY2 maanden geleden

    When you pick the last gpu in the store

  • Dane Dillhyon
    Dane Dillhyon2 maanden geleden

    Kids when someone steals there snicker

  • A SB
    A SB2 maanden geleden

    I don't watch this for the music. (Though great.) I watch it for the SICK VIDEO!!!!!!

  • Pawel Чуи
    Pawel Чуи2 maanden geleden

    This is s f gooood! Thanks to Peaky Blinders for introducing me to this band!

  • Sasha Crane
    Sasha Crane2 maanden geleden

    He let all those people die before stepping up

  • bernardo mattos
    bernardo mattos2 maanden geleden

    Bad Bunny is a f*ckin E.T.