Romelu Lukaku On Christian Eriksen Collapse - Belgium 3-0 Russia - Man Of The Match - Euro 2020


  • fighting force
    fighting force12 dagen geleden

    Overrated Africa player.

  • MncDssctn
    MncDssctn13 dagen geleden

    That was scary as h**l. I’m glad that he pulled through.

  • Laksh
    Laksh24 dagen geleden

    his english is really good

  • Yellow
    Yellow25 dagen geleden

    Good grief!!! He laid down all of his sheetz just for one question? and then had to gather it all up. It took him longer to lay down and gather his sheetz than the question alone.

  • J Nine-
    J Nine-Maand geleden

    So well spoken. 🤍

  • Michele Castiglio
    Michele CastiglioMaand geleden


  • Super Brother
    Super BrotherMaand geleden

    If all these footballers do not drink themselves then why do they invite others to drink even knowing that it is harmful to human health

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comiMaand geleden

    was fkn mad and peace to everyone wherever you are from

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joingMaand geleden

    Respect to Romelu ❤ from New Zealand 🇳🇿. ..... And speedy recovery Christian love you and your family ❤💙

  • Jonathan Hadley
    Jonathan HadleyMaand geleden

    I wonder if Lukaku had a vaccination at the end of May like Christian Erickson did?!

  • misolou fout
    misolou foutMaand geleden

    I find it sad he's getting asked about his friend who's lying in hospital but they've still made sure to get the Coca-Cola and Heineken product placement just right.

    NOAH EGHOLMMaand geleden


  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    Maand geleden

    Simon kjaer you are a hero

  • Ali
    AliMaand geleden

    What a terrible question

  • nijuo joing

    nijuo joing

    Maand geleden

    rip Ludo Vanderwalle

  • BirgerDevos
    BirgerDevosMaand geleden

    Godverdomme he Ludo, Ludo Vandewalle, waar blijft die vraag nu toch?!

  • Rvve Duio
    Rvve DuioMaand geleden

    I must say Lukaku is a brand new striker after leaving United an he was class b4 he go clearly not suitable at United.

  • misolou fout

    misolou fout

    Maand geleden

    Well done mate, keep the flag flying

  • DDVU
    DDVUMaand geleden

    Romelu great on the pitch , even greater outside the pitch 🇧🇪

  • Mille Engen
    Mille EngenMaand geleden

    I’m glad that hes alive!!!🇩🇰 Danmark ville have vundet!!🇩🇰 stakkels Christian. I det mindste er han i live🇩🇰. Dont forget: Æ, Ø and Å

  • gadruju bequmdon
    gadruju bequmdonMaand geleden

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  • Rvve Duio

    Rvve Duio

    Maand geleden

    It was Nouri at Ajax not Blind 🤦🤦

  • Sherminator
    SherminatorMaand geleden

    Daley Blind, Eriksen and Nouri all Ajax products. So sad but im glad Eriksen is getting better. Big Rom is such a good friend.

  • Wieslaw Sobocinski
    Wieslaw SobocinskiMaand geleden

    Romelu Lukaku is the best *

  • Slim One
    Slim OneMaand geleden

    Sounds like my mum calling me 0:53 Btw that's not my name 😄

  • endrit gjika
    endrit gjikaMaand geleden

    Romelu 🖤💙

  • Justin Case
    Justin CaseMaand geleden

    Great human beeing.

  • Thomas H.
    Thomas H.Maand geleden

    Wtf Ludo! Buy a good mic dude!

  • Tracey Mansfieldtra
    Tracey MansfieldtraMaand geleden

    Simon kjaer you are a hero

  • Axel Vissers
    Axel VissersMaand geleden

    rip Ludo Vanderwalle

  • Papa Papa
    Papa PapaMaand geleden

    Erickson is a fighter, you will fight to the end . Blessings

  • Rvve Duio

    Rvve Duio

    Maand geleden

    Lukaku looks younger and better

  • Papa Papa
    Papa PapaMaand geleden

    Well done mate, keep the flag flying

  • MR KIT
    MR KITMaand geleden

    красавчик! крутий гравець, хороша ввічлива людина!

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuooMaand geleden

    This guy is my hero. Big cheers from Denmark!

  • Juche Tony
    Juche TonyMaand geleden

    Myocarditis is a medical term for inflammation of the heart. It is never mild, as they are describing it - meaning not terribly significant. The heart cells that make up the heart muscles never regenerate. It’s not like the liver, or the kidney, that regenerates. When a heart muscle dies, it’s dead. And it’s never replaced. So muscle cells in the heart will be dying. The number is hard to determine, because the person is still alive. Think about this when you're considering getting your covid jab.

  • Full Power
    Full PowerMaand geleden

    It was Nouri at Ajax not Blind 🤦🤦

  • scooby196I
    scooby196IMaand geleden

    Romelu is a great player, hope he gets the golden boot 🇨🇬🇨🇬🇨🇬

  • dossube
    dossubeMaand geleden

    Romelu and Christian are two humble friends. Nothing will break their bond. Wishing him a fast recovery

  • cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo

    Maand geleden

    I love lukaku he thinking as he teamate so im from Denmark so i very glad about he think about cristian Eriksen

  • Michael Vandewalle
    Michael VandewalleMaand geleden

    this is where my father got his resignation. RIP Ludo Vandewalle

  • TheProfessionalWaffler


    Maand geleden


  • Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment

    Maand geleden

    Lol fr?

  • Steve From Chicago
    Steve From ChicagoMaand geleden

    The King of Milan has spoken, and very eloquently

  • Jimmy Magala
    Jimmy MagalaMaand geleden

    Thanks Romeo. Munch apreciate my brother inchalla you did well. Jah God Assisted erickson get well munch love from south Africa always from Drcongo

  • A A
    A AMaand geleden

    Hello. First of all I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, the One and the Only, without any partner; and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant. My prayers are with Eriksen and his family. I wish them all the luck. Hopefully see him on the pitch again but make sure it is not to quick till he is fully recovered. Thank you Lukaku. You've played a great match 💪.

  • VoltageLP
    VoltageLPMaand geleden

    Oh, so that was the box for the award, I thought he carries a new pair of shoes with him

  • DMD
    DMDMaand geleden

    Journalist doing the right thing for once.

  • Finanz Ferdinand
    Finanz FerdinandMaand geleden

    Wonder if he will do one on the Scotland collapse

  • Henry Tufele
    Henry TufeleMaand geleden

    Respect to Romelu ❤ from New Zealand 🇳🇿. ..... And speedy recovery Christian love you and your family ❤💙

  • George William
    George WilliamMaand geleden

    Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money

  • Wiolo
    WioloMaand geleden

    Haters are going to hate.

  • mijus
    mijusMaand geleden

    I love lukaku he thinking as he teamate so im from Denmark so i very glad about he think about cristian Eriksen

  • darren allison
    darren allisonMaand geleden

    He got the Covid vaccine on 29 the of may then has a heart attack 2 weeks later these aren't vaccines there a biological weapon!!!!!

  • The Porcupine
    The PorcupineMaand geleden

    Ludo toch

  • Olivia Daimer
    Olivia DaimerMaand geleden

    And doctors

  • Olivia Daimer
    Olivia DaimerMaand geleden

    I hope Christian Eriksen gets well soon. Thank god the paramedics saved his life

  • Olivia Daimer
    Olivia DaimerMaand geleden

    Great Romelu Lukaku really emotional

  • iCurryMuch
    iCurryMuchMaand geleden

    Why does is it say UEFA EURO 2020?

  • Jørgen Nielsen
    Jørgen NielsenMaand geleden

    honest FUCK UEFA , after that with CE they did give the danish players a ultimatum , even if they say it was not one , uefa should have cancle the game and said it was a tie

  • Cromo Casper
    Cromo CasperMaand geleden

    What a man. Genuine and respectful. True champion. And still made a goal. Love you

    MD. HAFIZER RAHMANMaand geleden

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  • rhodigian
    rhodigianMaand geleden

    Star of the match, Romelu Lukaku.... sounds good. (Get well soon, Christian) Romelu and Christian seem two good hearted people, with different characters, but gettilg along well

  • Joseph Lumpkin
    Joseph LumpkinMaand geleden

    If that were in America, the journalist would have asked 19 more questions just to get their own name/network out there. The single question was great to see. Humanity shines.

  • Mille Engen

    Mille Engen

    Maand geleden

    Yeah, when it’s little Denmark, it’s not so important😬🤷🏽‍♀️🇩🇰🇩🇰

  • Juche Tony
    Juche TonyMaand geleden

    don't get the jab, folks, or you'll end up like him.

  • Mike Salgado
    Mike SalgadoMaand geleden


  • nollatoleranssi
    nollatoleranssiMaand geleden

    Football political movement is bullshit

  • kuhen25
    kuhen25Maand geleden

    Seeing them being forced to wear those stupid masks is just as sad

  • sukanta tudu
    sukanta tuduMaand geleden

    My player Romelu lukaku

  • MilezTV
    MilezTVMaand geleden

    Good guy Romelu. Thank good Christian is okay.😘

  • MalterWitty
    MalterWittyMaand geleden

    What a humble decent man . Get well soon CE

  • oH yEaHyEaH
    oH yEaHyEaHMaand geleden

    Lukaku hopes he has a fool recovery

  • Mattice Thoelen
    Mattice ThoelenMaand geleden

    Ludo need to get his shit together

  • Cymbal Alexander
    Cymbal AlexanderMaand geleden

    This is a sign to fifa that we need to start red carding players for diving before as u see we are getting accustom to players flopping that they do take him seriously at first amd we need to stop..thank god he is OK. But we need to cut out that shit. When a player go down we to take it serious so when those ppl flop fine them suspend them

  • MrJohndory111
    MrJohndory111Maand geleden

    Good man Romelu

  • @$@p r3m?
    @$@p r3m?Maand geleden

    Well done Romelu. Stay good. Recover CE

  • petergorm
    petergormMaand geleden

    This guy is my hero. Big cheers from Denmark!

  • Sauces B.Z.I
    Sauces B.Z.IMaand geleden

    He looks like danilo perera without the beard

  • fernando gabriel granado peña
    fernando gabriel granado peñaMaand geleden

    the ipod of lukaku is like a cpu

  • Daniel Lawrence
    Daniel LawrenceMaand geleden


  • 2010Baldy
    2010BaldyMaand geleden

    Immediate CPR and early Defibrillation of the Medics saved his life . All the best wishes 🙏from me too . To let the Game continue after this horrible event is perverted . Fu ck UEFA!

  • jdevauga
    jdevaugaMaand geleden

    excuse me for putting my foot in it but i find it scandalous that uefa didn't forbid Coca and Heineken to put their bottle around Lukaku. Let me explain. According to several studies it seems that regular consumption of soda and alcohol are risk factors for heart disease. I have no proof that this is the reason why poor Christian Eriksen had a heart attack. But to put bottles of coke and beer in front of Lukaku when he talks about his friend who had a heart attack is to mock the whole world. The Euro 2020 for me is over. Tired of being taken for big idiots by the food industry.

  • Adrianos


    Maand geleden

    This is something we will not be able to avoid or change , because they are the biggest sponsors. I think it's up to the people to use their brains and every one knows that those drinks are really bad. Water is almost free and the best.

  • John Amaru
    John AmaruMaand geleden

    Damn. I want his voice

  • Yung_Amr
    Yung_AmrMaand geleden

    Wishing for a speedy recovery 🙏🏾

  • Ikyw
    IkywMaand geleden

    Respect Bang Virgoun 🔥

    SPORTS UPDATES TVMaand geleden



    Maand geleden

    @Adrianos Not really, this time round England is going for it.

  • Adrianos


    Maand geleden

    Little England will be kicked out soon.

  • Mircea Draga
    Mircea DragaMaand geleden

    Double congratulations from Romania for Mr. Lukaku! First of all for the human attitude and sincere friendship he showed. Secondly, for the wonderful sports performance.

  • Harry Fotopoulos
    Harry FotopoulosMaand geleden

    Uefa is {killing} the players I won't participate on this joke!

  • TheDarkVoid gaming
    TheDarkVoid gamingMaand geleden

    wow, only one question

  • Natasha placeres lamb
    Natasha placeres lambMaand geleden

    glad that the press was respect and done one question and left it as that! could see by his face how distressed he was thinking of you all x

  • Sam Verstraeten
    Sam VerstraetenMaand geleden

    Ludo is having lot's of problems though.

  • Rvve Duio

    Rvve Duio

    Maand geleden

    going to be fine. One of my all time favourite players

  • Gabriel La Sala
    Gabriel La SalaMaand geleden

    Love Cristian fast recovery buddy god bless you

  • Liga Bola LB
    Liga Bola LBMaand geleden

    Pokoknya... Good

  • Big L Corleone
    Big L CorleoneMaand geleden

    Loved the way he dedicated the goal to Erikessen what a classy person.

  • Jens


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    RAINVIDZMaand geleden

  • Darren Scott
    Darren ScottMaand geleden

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  • Amy Sinclair

    Amy Sinclair

    Maand geleden

    Yea i agree for the most part

  • The Protagonist
    The ProtagonistMaand geleden

    My thoughts and my prayers to Christian Eriksen, his family and friends get well soon🙏

  • RiceyBhoy 89
    RiceyBhoy 89Maand geleden

    Good journalists know when to stop asking questions,that 1 question was enough.

  • Movement 6
    Movement 6Maand geleden

    Ludo! Ludo? Ja da spel werkt hier ni eh!

  • J Lee
    J LeeMaand geleden

    Erik den is a great player

    PLAYBOI SAMUSIMaand geleden

    The most humble guy I Know, they will win the euros

    GHOSTALIMaand geleden

    When lukaku scored he said Chris I love you

  • Linda Maes

    Linda Maes

    Maand geleden

    He said "Stay strong Chris" in Dutch and then "love you".

  • Shau_fx
    Shau_fxMaand geleden

    great Lukaku. what box is he holding?

  • Thomas H.

    Thomas H.

    Maand geleden

    Trophy uefa man of the match

  • TESS
    TESSMaand geleden

    What a handsome man

  • عزمي بله مساعد
    عزمي بله مساعدMaand geleden

    Respect lukaku the good person

  • Thong La
    Thong LaMaand geleden

    Christians girlfriend? He is married!

  • netsrac cjf
    netsrac cjfMaand geleden

    My heart jumped for joy when I heard they managed to reanimate him ! All the best from Germany !

  • Caroline gade

    Caroline gade

    Maand geleden

    Thank you! As a dane myself Denmark was in shock. But thank you so much, it makes me happy to hear love from others to him

  • qwerty ytrewq
    qwerty ytrewqMaand geleden

    The Danish government punishing the migrant children and their evil actions caused them to be the losers of the first match Its all happening because of the Denmark racist politicians