Richard Gilmore realizes they failed rory


  • Saiesha Ch
    Saiesha Ch16 uur geleden

    Mitchum did crush Rory. He intended to do so. She can improve her skills or even develop them if she doesn’t have. Was he right? Maybe maybe not. Also, he apologised to Rory during Logan’s birthday about that. Besides, not everyone sticks in the same career path. And journalism is a difficult career. Rory had a good 10 years before things went bad. She had a setback, and behaved very Un-Rory like. I think it’s the writing-to set her to write a novel called Gilmore girls. I do believe she was a good journalist and that Mitchum was wrong.

  • The Kendal Show
    The Kendal Show2 dagen geleden

    I didn’t like Rory or Lorelei. Lorelei didn’t act like a parent and when she finally did, Rory caught a bad attitude every time. I didn’t like Rory’s character development either it was terrible. I just watch the show for Luke and Jess 😭

  • Victor Belcore
    Victor Belcore3 dagen geleden

    I love Richard's love for Rory

  • Carmen
    Carmen6 dagen geleden

    Wait what happwned

  • diana


    2 dagen geleden

    a lot, you should watch the series there’s too much to explain

  • slumberness
    slumberness6 dagen geleden

    Honestly even though Logan’s family pretty much sucks. Mitchem is a good guy, and was simply telling the truth. From day one Rory was bound to fall apart ; way too much praise, not enough criticism, treated as if she was perfect, always got what she wanted and extremely privileged. Someone had to say it…

  • amelia horner
    amelia horner7 dagen geleden

    You know I used to hate the way they took the show but now I look back at it as a 15 year old I think they did right about it. Don’t get me wrong there are many things wrong with the show but I feel like her downfall showed a future of what can happen to those who chose the wrong path. To me I look back at this as a reminder of my choices and how I should be careful.

  • LovelyLDragon
    LovelyLDragon7 dagen geleden

    I honestly REALLY relate to Rory are lives aren’t one to one. But as a child I wasn’t constantly praised for being the gifted kid. Being told how mature and older I seemed and how I never really had to study for things and how I seemed older then my mom and my older sister. And how my mother told me I was her rock since I held her when she cried and how I dealt with her irresponsibility. Now where I’m at in life in college I constantly overestimate my ability for certain work, it’s hard for me to be honest about how I don’t have a good grasp on thing, and everything is just so much fucking harder. I give up so easily because I was told I was golden girl when I was little. This is why you praise kids when they put in there effort and it pays off. Reward them for working hard. If they fail teach them it’s not tied to their self worth. And don’t put the emotional labor and burden of your life on to your kids. Or you get kids like me and Rory.

  • Mischa Nel
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  • Joe Whitehead
    Joe Whitehead7 dagen geleden

    I don’t even get it. I mean Lorelai told Richard & Emily specifically what happened with Rory & Logan’s family & his father & they didn’t even listen I can somewhat understand why they would dismiss what she told them since it was hard for them to take her seriously. But to let her leave Yale? That I do not get at all. What what was that about? This whole situation is just confusing to me

  • Maritza Studies
    Maritza Studies10 dagen geleden

    just remembered this show exists brb

    ARWA SAID11 dagen geleden

    i thought she was pergnant

  • J Island
    J Island15 dagen geleden

    Female characters are never put on a pedestal. The one time we get an actual female character who is you all tear her down. It’s ugly the misogyny surrounding Rory Gilmore and all of it is coming from women. Just because the people in your lives didn’t celebrate you, you feel as though women are not worthy of celebration. So when a female character comes along who isn’t abused or belittled you all have a meltdown which is so messed up. Sorry the world has harmed you all into thinking celebrating girls is a bad thing. It’s not, and Rory going through normal growing pains isn’t some grand lesson in not praising girls ffs.

  • Ms. Luv
    Ms. Luv15 dagen geleden

    It makes me sick that people blame Rory for being needlessly crushed by bullies. I’m shocked that some people believe being told that you “don’t have it” is a criticism. Talent is only part of the equation, but meaningful criticism gives opportunity for one to improve, without constructive criticism there is no hope. The problem is that people tear others down for dubious reasons that has nothing to do with reality. Please be kind to yourself and others, it doesn’t cost a thing to be decent.

  • Niklaus Mikelson
    Niklaus Mikelson16 dagen geleden

    But I want to say there but you are the say it but yeah

  • Julia B
    Julia B17 dagen geleden

    I don't care how people excuse it, Mitchum is a fuck.

  • Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead

    7 dagen geleden

    @pup She was smart, but she was sensitive & naive & didn’t know how to deal with tough situations

  • pup


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    He’s realistic and isn’t about to sugar coat so some 20 year old can go into a field they aren’t fit for. Rory is great for normal journalism not the hardcore type she wants to do.

  • Keeley vlogs x
    Keeley vlogs x17 dagen geleden

    I feel like there was so much pressure on her.

  • valeria bran26
    valeria bran2618 dagen geleden

    Rory could've been a really good journalist if she had taken the constructive criticism and do something to be better at it but she took it so personal and doubted herself, so she drowned

  • Anthony
    Anthony19 dagen geleden

    Mitchum was definitely an asshole (along with his wife) BUT he was right to do what he did and if they had been talking about some random off the street Richard would have understood him completely. She's nice and she can get the job done but the Yale Daily News and the Chilton school paper are not on the same level as a major news corporation. Had Richard and Emily not had their "this is our second chance at raising Lorelei" glasses on and had Lorelei not had her "I hate the world I was brought up in and of course they are all just jerks" glasses on the three of them would have sat her down (probably separately) and told her she needs to try something else. She has the education. She could have easily changed majors at that point. In the revival she should have taken that Chilton teaching position... Her book will realistically make her enough to put a down payment down on a house around the same size as Lorelei's as she raises her own child probably always trying to think up a sequel that she doesn't have in her while she works at a book store or as a school teacher to pay the bills.

  • Nahyel King
    Nahyel King21 dag geleden

    Rory did get praised a lot but she did work hard 😓 at the same time

  • Lauren Meehan
    Lauren Meehan21 dag geleden

    I don’t remember this haha

  • shivani balbirsingh
    shivani balbirsingh21 dag geleden

    Sad reality is many people will be naysayers on your journey… the trick is to keep confident and never let them get to you !

    DIVINE MERCY IS FOR ALL21 dag geleden

    why do (mitchum) have to be an ass? being an ass is unnecessary.

  • roter13
    roter1321 dag geleden

    If I gave up every time someone criticized me I'd be a shell of a human by now.

  • Peter The Teacher
    Peter The Teacher22 dagen geleden

    And then Rory grew up, graduated... and proved Mitchum right

  • Ameena Russell
    Ameena Russell22 dagen geleden

    ok, for the people who say that Rory was praised and that she can't take criticism, yes she can. Mitchum literally crushed her (like Richard said), criticism is when you say something was wrong, then what said person would do to improve the area of improvement. Mitchum in no way, shape or form gave Rory criticism, he said that Rory doesn't have what it takes to be journalist, Mitchum *never* said what Rory could do better to become a good journalist. How is that criticism?

  • Fabiano de Paula
    Fabiano de Paula22 dagen geleden

    Mitchum is the hero, he was always right about Rory. A spoiled and arrogant girl.

  • Javiera Rodríguez Campos
    Javiera Rodríguez Campos23 dagen geleden

    that is acting, the last scene when we can see the pain and regret in the eyes of richard.. rest in peace amazing Edward Herrmann

  • MellyMilliyzxyz Troylovefamilyz
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  • Avantika Poddar
    Avantika Poddar26 dagen geleden

    the scene where she breaks down makes me cry every time. the gifted child burnout phenomenon is so real

  • 菊
    27 dagen geleden

    why would you add lo-fi hip hop to GILMORE GIRLS?

  • Andy
    Andy28 dagen geleden

    Mitchum said something very important: "And if she's got what it takes, she will bounce back"...and she didn't. They failed in two things: - Praising her during all her childhood - Motivating her to bounce back. Maybe in the path she will discover that is not what she wanted, but she didn't see more because she was protected again and they didn't make her strong. I would say to Mitchum "You are right, if she has it, she will kick your ass". But they know they made Rory weak and didn't want to face that too.

  • AngryPretzel
    AngryPretzel29 dagen geleden

    "you crushed that girl" actually he was the only one who gave her a reality slap, and had she listened to him she could found something else that she was actually fantastic at (given Rory had amazing skills), or, as he said, she would have bounced back and shown this really was meant for her. This is what happens when you coddle gifted children from the reality of the real world, which isn't just about money/status as Lorelei thinks.

  • Manuela Esteves
    Manuela EstevesMaand geleden

    The d.a.r is embarassing

  • Kate Selena
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  • TheJeanean
    TheJeaneanMaand geleden

    If she is choosing a competitive field, that won’t be the first time she is condescended to. Are her grand parents going to run after all her employers?

  • Chloe Shultz
    Chloe ShultzMaand geleden

    Mitchum was right, and rory just couldn't handle it. it's funny how richard went to plead with a professional, to talk about how wrong he was. i blame all them.

  • Alice in Bullshitland
    Alice in BullshitlandMaand geleden

    Mitchum is the real MVP here 🥰

  • Error Unknown
    Error UnknownMaand geleden

    The house looks strangely like the Hallowell manor?

  • TheMarkmcr


    27 dagen geleden

    That was a house in la, and the door is different

  • Abigail Milner
    Abigail MilnerMaand geleden

    One of my favorite quotes is how Mitchum tells Richard "we should have done this over the phone."

  • ellie
    ellieMaand geleden

    rory really had the worst character development

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808Maand geleden

    Hmmm good family to get into. Logan what a catch...... Jess or Dean. Don't even talk about that rich entitled idiot

  • Jupiter Valentine
    Jupiter ValentineMaand geleden

    rory is so annoying grow up jesus chrust

  • JRInTroy
    JRInTroyMaand geleden

    the grandparents on this show were SO good

  • Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead

    7 dagen geleden

    They woulda been better if they had listened to Lorelai in the first place

  • t matsu
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  • Peach Star
    Peach StarMaand geleden

    Oh my gosh, Richard comforting Rory made me bawl my eyes out! My grandfather passed away a few months ago, he was my father figure, and was there for me more than my real dad. Don’t even get me started on the a year in the life!

  • Tony Kruy
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  • toni
    toniMaand geleden

    Tbh all the criticism of Rory in the comment section is pretty accurate, but I feel like the fact that she was still consistently written all the way through the series is an indication that it was somewhat intentional? The writers did a pretty bang-on portrayal of a "gifted" kid, what being one does to your sense of self/entitlement, and the way being built up as "gifted" comes crashing down when you venture out into the world as an adult and realize most people aren't going to treat you that way anymore. I wish the other main characters had done more to call her out on it, though -- Lorelai did a pretty good job at times but then she (and everyone else) switched right back into "Rory is so sweet and precious" mode and kind of defeated that. Anyway, it ain't perfect, but I think it's interesting.

  • Liv Vil
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  • Mayda Djaferian
    Mayda DjaferianMaand geleden

    I am so happy I burnt out while freshmen year. It’s already hard to feel like a failure, but when it happens older it harder to re start. But it sucked remembering how Rory never bounced. It was going to happen at some point. Would’ve been better if it happened before she went to college. But life doesn’t always go your way

  • This Person
    This PersonMaand geleden

    What episode is this ?

  • zri
    zriMaand geleden

    They cuddled Rory even when she made huge mistakes... so she was easily the type to crumble because of it. Her character is very unfortunate. She never really had any actual struggles.. as said in another comment.. all was resolved through the connection or money her grandparents had. She had a hard time apologizing to Loreli even when Rory was in the wrong and she never appreciated what her mother did for her.. she really took the first chance to move out to her grandparents house and was too stubborn to even acknowledge her mother in her party. She didn't handle criticism well because people had put her on a pedestal all throughout her life. She had thin skin, couldn't handle the pressure or the reality that is the world.

  • Claire
    ClaireMaand geleden

    I think to say he gave her constructive criticism and she couldn't take it is incorrect. He purposefully put her off bc he didn't want her marrying his son (despite what he might say) and although Rory does have a problem with taking criticism in this case it was wrapped up with personal issues. How many young people face rejection from a job most people could only aspire to once they had some experience under their belt. She got thrown in the deep end.

  • matthewJ142
    matthewJ142Maand geleden

    I think the problem is that she is a Gilmore and they try to make their family proud but can't because all this rich fancy high society bullshit isn't worth it. Blue collar families have more heart.

  • J H
    J HMaand geleden

    Rory would have excelled in a STEM field.

  • maria almeida
    maria almeidaMaand geleden

    so someone decides to take rory out of the pedastal she think she has in everyone's life and he becomes the bad guy? rory gilmore is the main character (as someone watching th show speaking) but in the show's universe shes not the main character, the world does not revolve around her and when she met someone that didn't lick her feet the minute they saw her, praising her how smart she was and how talentend and how perfect, it ruined her life. they did her dirty.

  • Thuraya
    ThurayaMaand geleden

    What is the show or movie it looks nice?

  • Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead

    7 dagen geleden


  • Rigmor Graesborg
    Rigmor GraesborgMaand geleden

    What season and episode

  • diana


    2 dagen geleden

    s6 e5

  • Halle Heckman
    Halle HeckmanMaand geleden

    this part made my heart break like seriously…..

  • Hoemoji
    HoemojiMaand geleden

    This is what I like about Gilmore girls. It was realistic. I don't want to explain because people have explained beautifully in comments.

  • meera ahmed
    meera ahmedMaand geleden

    i dont know why but i thought rory was pregnant :)

  • Bartolome Esteban Murillo
    Bartolome Esteban MurilloMaand geleden

    Rory in my opinion was a realistic overachiever, she was raised to be the best but without humility and tempering the excesses! A B or even a C is not the end of the world!

  • F CA
    F CAMaand geleden

    y’all is it just me or did rory not really do any journalism things during the internship? why????

  • Meza Garner
    Meza GarnerMaand geleden

    Best grandparents!!!

  • Meza Garner
    Meza GarnerMaand geleden

    I wish she wrote that book about her and her mother like Jess said, but way earlier!!

  • Brianna A.
    Brianna A.Maand geleden

    Rory’s life literally was a bed of roses being both rich and gifted. She needed this good emotional stance, because criticism is constructive. She’s a great example how wealthy kids of daddy’s money are privileged, yet don’t like to take change/suggestion lightly. Growing up their whole life to esteem themselves as privileged and superior.

  • Romy Marin
    Romy MarinMaand geleden

    They failed her?? how did they failed her??? God! plus, i`m throwing some shade right now so don´t kill me but at the end of the day Mitchum was right, she didn´t have it, she didn´t actually made it 🤣

  • naima brenkman
    naima brenkmanMaand geleden

    Rory didn't change one bit. Love her in A handmaid's tale.

  • J H
    J HMaand geleden

    Rory had absolutely no passion in anything. Not study, knowledge, career, men. No passion in anything. The only drive she had was to maintain praise.

  • Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead

    7 dagen geleden

    She spent half her life studying, gaining knowledge & working towards a career in journalism. As for men, well Lorelai wasn’t exactly the best example in that department

  • Lily Judah
    Lily JudahMaand geleden

    Everyone acted like Mitchum was a horrible villain just because he said she wasn’t a great writer. Like GOOD GRIEF.

  • Iamjustherek
    IamjustherekMaand geleden

    The thing is, Rory is just not a naturally inquisitive person? Sure she likes knowledge and reading and writing but she’s never really been outgoing or particularly extroverted or drawn to asking after other people. She never really had to try in Stars Hallow because everyone trusted her implicitly and they were all constantly jumping to tell their business lol, when she started at Chilton she came in with no extracurriculars or volunteer work, then she pretty much decided to keep to herself until she kind of wedged her way into Paris’ group (and even then she wasn’t actively seeking them out). In the end, she railroaded herself into a career she liked as a child and couldn’t let it go. It’s like me saying I wanted to be an astronaut because I liked astronomy but finding out in college I hated math and physics lol

  • Rebecca Castle
    Rebecca CastleMaand geleden

    I love Rory and Richard relationship

    AMOLA GGMaand geleden

    wait what happened and when?

  • Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead

    7 dagen geleden

    To sum it up, Rory took some criticism & didn’t handle well

  • Gizo02
    Gizo02Maand geleden

    When I watched the show the first time around as a kid, I hated Mitchum Huntzberger after what he said to Rory near the end of season 5. When I watched the show the second time around as an adult, I didn't think what he said was actually that bad, and instead thought that Rory's reaction, notably committing a crime, was ridiculous.

  • rohoe tokeu
    rohoe tokeuMaand geleden

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  • Viking Goddess
    Viking GoddessMaand geleden

    I remember this one. She's make a great p.a. but doesn't have the gumption for journalism. She was too in the background to fight for a story. Like watching everybody without doing it yourself.

  • ada
    adaMaand geleden

    Well, I think Rory is brilliant and smart and talented and hardworking than any other of us. People here are so judgemental. I think she choosed the wrong field, that's all. All she needs to do is to pick something she belongs to. I'm sure she would fit in, she has that power and ability as we see.

  • Allena Noel
    Allena NoelMaand geleden

    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Rory but she is not the best behaved kid. She gets out of everything, is treat like the queen, and is spoiled. who SLEEPS WITH A MARRIED MAN?!?!? Like come on that’s messed up! Plus she should have never went for journalism, everything she did to achieve he goal set her back way more. She NEEDED to have everyone like her. Tries to get with a boy at her grandparents WEDDING RENEWAL, and was a spoiled brat in general.

  • Bria Barrows
    Bria BarrowsMaand geleden

    Sis got one critique and said fuck it I quit 🙄

  • Mesmer
    MesmerMaand geleden

    What Mitchum did to Rory is what every leader in a highly competitive industry does to the hot-shot new-comer with talent: Crush the competition before it takes his job. When you're fresh out of school and you land that coveted dream job, you may feel like a newborn god entering Mount Olympus to dwell amongst your peers. But the people at the top whom you idolize, view you as their future replacement. Because that's exactly what you are. You might as well be wearing a long black robe and carrying an hourglass and a scythe. Even though it won't add a single day to their time the sun, they will still try to get rid of you in an attempt to cling on to the brass ring a little longer. No one on the corporate ladder is your friend. There's just those below you clawing at your ankles, and those above you trying to step on your fingers. The problem here is nobody ever bothered to explain this fact of life to Rory. She grew up in sheltered small town Connecticut, adored by her family and even the whole town, and she thought everybody was her friend. She had enough intelligence to rise to the top of the tiny private prep schools she attended, where 3/4ths of the student body was there because of who their family was, not their scholastic merit. Then she graduated with honors and got thrown in the shark tank that is the real world, with people who've been fighting tooth and nail every day of their lives to get where they are - people who loathe people like her - and she was absolutely savaged. She never bounced back because she never had to fight for anything. She didn't know how.

  • heyitsnayaa Arok
    heyitsnayaa ArokMaand geleden

    Everyone babied her ,that’s why she couldn’t take tough love! I stopped watching because it was unrealistic and families like these set their kids up to fail when they go out into the real world.

  • Nila
    NilaMaand geleden

    Rory had the chance to be extraordinary. Every chance, but the people around her kept her from making it there. The only fault Mitchum made was instead of criticizing Rory so that she may improve, he degraded her. He did crush her. But the reason Rory was able to be crushed so harshly, is because everyone around her treats her like a god. When the simple fact of the matter is... she’s not. They rapped Rory in a bubble, and once reality set in to pop that bubble; she stood no chance against it. A burnout.

  • Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead

    7 dagen geleden

    In the end, she did write a book

  • LioraScarlett
    LioraScarlettMaand geleden

    Mitchum was wrong to tell Rory that she was not able to work in this business. He should have told her what she was supposed to do and how to improve herself in this business. He invited her to Shadow him, and should have educated her on what she could do better. That is what a good educator would do for someone who is passionate to make it in their field. Rory was wrong to take someone's opinion like that at heart and give up everything, but it's difficult to hear that criticism from someone who is practically your hero. Both were in the wrong, but Mitchum most of all.

  • Jessica Boner
    Jessica BonerMaand geleden

    Mitchum has a point, she should have used what he said as fuel to be better, to strive to do better but she didn’t

  • Lia de Morais
    Lia de MoraisMaand geleden

    i just love the spin off so much and love seeing her getting ... a lot of reality in it. i love Rory, but she's a spoiled rich girl who has so many flaws honestly. the spin off was soooo great in my opinion

  • Abi Olmos
    Abi OlmosMaand geleden

    I've never really understood the while journalism thing honestly... it just doesn't fit in with her personality at all.

  • Christie Esquivel
    Christie EsquivelMaand geleden

    Rory needed a chance to figure it out on her own...she didn’t need to be crushed, she was only 20 years old.

  • bubblesbunnyful
    bubblesbunnyfulMaand geleden

    Rory had one man tell her she wasn't good enough. Instead of fighting for her career she just drops out of college. Plenty of ppl in the world will tell you no. She should have proved him wrong, or had a back up interest. In the Netflix continuation she wasn't doing shit sadly.

  • truffles365


    Maand geleden

    She even went as far as asking Logan to ask Mitchum if any positions are available in the revival 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • crapolaist
    crapolaistMaand geleden

    Oh, I didn't realise Richard was non-binary...

  • wresltgal
    wresltgal2 maanden geleden

    They spoiled her and this is the result of that she cries when she didn’t get the praise she’s use to getting

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential2 maanden geleden

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  • María Villarreal A.
    María Villarreal A.2 maanden geleden

    There a lot persons like Logan's dad it's part of the life fail.

  • Joe Whitehead

    Joe Whitehead

    7 dagen geleden

    Yeah, unfortunately the world is full of bullies like him

  • Yemi D
    Yemi D2 maanden geleden

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  • yasemin başa🪐
    yasemin başa🪐2 maanden geleden

    everyone is saying that rory’s character took the wrong turn but as a gifted child, i relate to her so much. her family praised her, bragged about her to their social circle and when she made a slight mistake, she was scared of them finding out and being ashamed of her since they had high expectations. the other day, i was daydreaming and not really listening to my family and my grandma asked if i was sick, mentally and/or physically. she asked me if i wanted to go to a doctor and i just had a mental breakdown for one hour. i am so tired of the pressure and i can understand what rory had to go through.

  • Alice Christine
    Alice Christine2 maanden geleden

    I feel for Rory here, it hurts when someone tells u you’re not talented or don’t have what it takes, you can cry about it but if you really really want it you go on your ways and fight for your dream. Sadly it took just one person to bring Rory down. Maybe what she should have done is look for options, maybe journalism is not what she is meant to, maybe is being a writer, an editor, but definitely not quitting Yale. She should have proved herself *not Mitchum *that she deserved being a journalist. I know criticism is hard to take specially by someone who “knows” .

  • Crabby Crabs
    Crabby Crabs2 maanden geleden

    I do think Mitchum was dream crusher and didn’t need to speak to her like that. Classic corporate asshole behaviour from him.

  • Andre Diaz
    Andre Diaz2 maanden geleden

    In Richards eyes when Rory was on the stage. He realized Rory really doesn't have it, he realized Mitch was right and so was his family.

  • JoAnne Dietrich
    JoAnne Dietrich2 maanden geleden

    Rory is spoiled. Everyone in Stars Hollow worshipped her. She was put on a pedestal. She fell apart when someone criticized her. If she wants to make it in the real world, she needs to have a thicker skin.

  • Kai


    2 maanden geleden

    Yeah her biggest flaw was that she couldn't handle criticism ans shs lashed out whenever she received any.

  • Kendal R
    Kendal R2 maanden geleden

    he's right she will be a good secretary but she would be a horrible reporter especially a investigative reporter she can't take criticism and unless she's told she perfect at everything in life than she falls apart that's why she helped destroy Deans marriage collage as to hard she didn't get the validation she felt she deserved so she went to someone who thought she was perfect and boosted her up and she did it again to Logan in the Gilmore girls four years she said no to his proposal and then she flopped in her chosen career like Mitchem said she would so she used someone again to make her feel important and she paid for it by getting pregnant by a man whos marrying someone else

  • Michael Muldowney
    Michael Muldowney2 maanden geleden

    Rory was such an annoying character - brilliantly played however.

  • Randall Svihla
    Randall Svihla2 maanden geleden

    How does this show that Richard realizes they failed Rory?