Rich Gamer vs Broke Gamer

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11 Funny Moments and Fails / Troom's Got Talent Show:
Wealthy gamer Leo always has the best. But poor Ray even the simplest devices do not interfere with being a real gamer. Which one is cooler is a difficult question. Today we will try to figure it out.

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  • download game called hello neighbor
    download game called hello neighbor49 minuten geleden


  • download game called hello neighbor
    download game called hello neighbor49 minuten geleden


  • Efrain Gamez
    Efrain Gamez2 uur geleden

    Ok ps esta

  • sherin banu
    sherin banu2 uur geleden

    LEO LEO🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • nutty5
    nutty53 uur geleden

    lol no gloves for vr

  • Aiden Falzo
    Aiden Falzo4 uur geleden

    Leo got rich

  • Amoi Clarke
    Amoi Clarke7 uur geleden

    I want to be rich

  • Takeru
    Takeru8 uur geleden


  • B. Rodrick
    B. Rodrick8 uur geleden

    Mrbeast69 pretty good

  • Sushma Tirkey
    Sushma Tirkey9 uur geleden

    That was tanks a lot right?

  • masn9367
    masn936710 uur geleden

    aw wawdwdawdadadwada

    SARA FADHEL ALI14 uur geleden


  • Brayden GameLover
    Brayden GameLover16 uur geleden


  • christina p
    christina p17 uur geleden

    2:01 what texture pack did u use to make dirt blocks into emerald ore?

  • Bunny b.

    Bunny b.

    6 uur geleden

    It’s so cool I will be the pro gamer

  • Karmelo Holcey
    Karmelo Holcey19 uur geleden

    2:12 dad roles up is sleves...WICH MEANS.......DADS GETTINNG A BELT

  • Palabrarabe rep
    Palabrarabe rep20 uur geleden

    3:03 this man don't know how minecraft work

  • Maria Elisa Esguerra
    Maria Elisa Esguerra20 uur geleden

    I play brawl star

  • FullTimeNoob
    FullTimeNoob22 uur geleden

    MrBeast69 xD

  • Nightmeow on Elm Street
    Nightmeow on Elm Street23 uur geleden

    Really bitch? The broke gamer would have old gaming phones.

  • XxBonnie_CarrotsX
    XxBonnie_CarrotsXDag geleden

    He was using a sword to mine wow

  • Tavaris Elmore
    Tavaris ElmoreDag geleden

    I like both

  • Kara Reier
    Kara ReierDag geleden

    My favorite person is the rich guy

  • Andrea Montes
    Andrea MontesDag geleden

    Ya true

    BANGTANTV 2Dag geleden

    Leo versus the nerd

  • Buddy22
    Buddy22Dag geleden


  • LiAsh Ayala
    LiAsh AyalaDag geleden

    Buvefzikh. Fdhhf

  • gamer austin
    gamer austinDag geleden

    I love your videos so much

  • M A R E M
    M A R E MDag geleden


  • Obama
    ObamaDag geleden

    *dies of cringe*

  • MC 106
    MC 106Dag geleden

    I think its impossible to use a diy card board mouse

  • Tara Lann
    Tara LannDag geleden

    My name is Lee I have a girlfriend that's named Taylor

  • Athena Ulitin
    Athena UlitinDag geleden


  • Neo Bartus
    Neo BartusDag geleden

    Mrbeast69 lol

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh ThompsonDag geleden


  • MGmusic
    MGmusicDag geleden

    FYI I am on my way home from work and heading home from the grocery shopping at my moms for the shower so I’ll call when I’m done with work so and my friend and my brother and

  • Kevyan Parmar
    Kevyan ParmarDag geleden

    Okay wo Wlow,aloqklq,la’cwulallqlwllallql Wlllqlls,,lala,,rpsowlps

  • Jamalio Austin
    Jamalio AustinDag geleden

    The gamer the broke gamer have a phone I mean it's kind of good for a party gamer

  • KennyVo 120
    KennyVo 120Dag geleden


  • Shawntae Love
    Shawntae LoveDag geleden


  • InvisHere
    InvisHereDag geleden

    8:59 the controllers are off

  • Pixel clouds
    Pixel cloudsDag geleden


  • Adin Maglic
    Adin MaglicDag geleden

    gmod has esports now?

  • -Drake- The undead
    -Drake- The undeadDag geleden

    The Rick and morty shirt tho, I like it

  • bunny baby
    bunny baby2 dagen geleden

    It's very funny when the broke guy turns rich and the other one turns poor

  • TrulySadDev
    TrulySadDev2 dagen geleden

    Imagine be that spoiled

  • The Mikes Fun Channel!
    The Mikes Fun Channel!2 dagen geleden

    Lol he had a big mouse and keyboard right behind him in the shelf. Poor ray

  • Battle Cats
    Battle Cats2 dagen geleden


  • Meaghan Lally Bruckner
    Meaghan Lally Bruckner2 dagen geleden

    Omg hi

  • Archie P
    Archie P2 dagen geleden


  •  :)
    :)2 dagen geleden

    I like the one that is the minecraft cleaning idk what to say tbh xD

  • David King
    David King2 dagen geleden

    You can be rich too with me. I'll share.

  • David King
    David King2 dagen geleden

    Broke gamer doesn't exist.

  • Teagen Adams
    Teagen Adams2 dagen geleden


  • Michelle Gotico
    Michelle Gotico2 dagen geleden

    Why the bald guy named MrBeast69 If hes not rich tho ;-;

  • ‎
    2 dagen geleden

    Why!?! Broke gamers is pro

  • Rick Foranrd
    Rick Foranrd2 dagen geleden


  • Sofia Chavez
    Sofia Chavez2 dagen geleden

    I like rich.

  • Sai Yugesharan
    Sai Yugesharan2 dagen geleden

    Yes Zaki chan

  • Abishaq Seeto
    Abishaq Seeto2 dagen geleden

    When Leo was playing vr his enemies name was oel which I think is Leo spelt backwards

  • Interception 123

    Interception 123

    Dag geleden


  • Shawntae Love

    Shawntae Love

    Dag geleden

    Yes leo spelt backwards is oel

  • TSRP vids
    TSRP vids2 dagen geleden

    haven't you know minecraft you cant even break blocks with a sword it wont break bc its minecraft logic XD

  • Celeste Gilcrist
    Celeste Gilcrist2 dagen geleden

    Ray:smashes head on the keyboard 10 minutes later Ray:AHHHH STOP THE FIRE MY FRIEND DONT LEAVE ME

  • Tania Burns
    Tania Burns2 dagen geleden

    How dos the poor man win every game. 🤣🤣🤣

    FLAME_CAST2 dagen geleden

    troom troom sucks

  • Steven Salinas
    Steven Salinas2 dagen geleden

    Which one do u is ur favorite one broke or rich gamer

  • General or king Panda
    General or king Panda2 dagen geleden

    This mkes no sense did boomers write this script? ;-;

  • Darksorcerer 91
    Darksorcerer 912 dagen geleden

    Wtf is this?

  • Hoke Spearman
    Hoke Spearman3 dagen geleden

    Rich gaymer

  • James Family Adventures
    James Family Adventures3 dagen geleden

    3:04 wait you can’t break blocks with a sword

  • Amy James

    Amy James

    2 dagen geleden

    Ye I know

  • Cabby
    Cabby3 dagen geleden

    2:33 *DIPPER INTENSIFIES* edit: I edited the comment like 2 seconds after I did the comment and I liked my own comment

  • David Hazeldine
    David Hazeldine3 dagen geleden

    Poor on tital is beter

  • Zog Turjaka
    Zog Turjaka3 dagen geleden


  • Aurelien Nys
    Aurelien Nys3 dagen geleden

    hmmmmmmm DUM

  • 22 22
    22 223 dagen geleden

    Hold up wait a minute is grass emeralds? At 2:00

  • yahshua quinonez
    yahshua quinonez3 dagen geleden


  • yahshua quinonez
    yahshua quinonez3 dagen geleden


  • Lam-Anh Nguyen
    Lam-Anh Nguyen3 dagen geleden

    Rich gamer is good

    JAMES AYOUB3 dagen geleden

    My name is James

  • Okpuki Egli
    Okpuki Egli3 dagen geleden


  • Deegii Deegii
    Deegii Deegii3 dagen geleden


  • Xhian Rey Dayag
    Xhian Rey Dayag3 dagen geleden

    Is the mommy's boy

  • Blaze uzamaki
    Blaze uzamaki3 dagen geleden

    Any true gamer should know you can't mine with a sword in mine craft

  • Bogdan Golubović

    Bogdan Golubović

    Dag geleden

    Only true gamers knoe how to spell Minecraft

  • The Random Cousins Show ✅

    The Random Cousins Show ✅

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    Nub scrub

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    Blaze uzamaki

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    @Shawntae Love 😂 yes

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    Blaze uzamaki

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    @joana ramos what do you mean madam

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    joana ramos

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    NoNo oh no oh no no no no no

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    Jacque Holton3 dagen geleden

    Project zorgo is watching

  • Zavion Simmons
    Zavion Simmons3 dagen geleden


  • sehyeon kim
    sehyeon kim3 dagen geleden

    I love the voice its so funny XD

  • Nathan Garza
    Nathan Garza3 dagen geleden

    No I do not like this video is horrible just like your mom boy

  • Louie Castillo
    Louie Castillo3 dagen geleden

    He's name is Mr. Beasts 😆

  • Vinz Samson
    Vinz Samson3 dagen geleden

    i was eating takis

  • smiley face
    smiley face3 dagen geleden

    6:00 that’s bad for a computer don’t cover the heating spots there’s tape all over it would’ve overheated in the process of the loading alright you have approved yourself i typed that cause it was before

  • Nida Cabrera
    Nida Cabrera3 dagen geleden


  • KermyTwin
    KermyTwin3 dagen geleden

    Mr best *69*

  • KermyTwin


    3 dagen geleden

    Mr beast

  • Phrog
    Phrog4 dagen geleden

    Tf is this

  • Tom Trinh
    Tom Trinh4 dagen geleden

    Aren’t the rich suppose to switch the keyboard bc it’s gold

  • Shawntae Love

    Shawntae Love

    Dag geleden

    They shouldn't be to greedy

  • Marshall Gaming TTV

    Marshall Gaming TTV

    2 dagen geleden

    Yes rich has way better splus

  • Noob error

    Noob error

    2 dagen geleden

    It’s made out of cardboard rich have better supplies

  • Nxsty g4l4xy
    Nxsty g4l4xy4 dagen geleden

    0:40 NANI? how u walk into someone's house i- 🤔

  • N A T I A
    N A T I A4 dagen geleden

    2:00 brawl stars photos

  • CORBIN Barcom
    CORBIN Barcom4 dagen geleden

    Was he using a diamond pickax

  • Katie Young
    Katie Young4 dagen geleden

    rich mommy 20 5 3 100 🤑 22 Katie young 22

  • Jackson Smithee
    Jackson Smithee4 dagen geleden

    What game is cooking and he’s you’ve been

  • Ashley Melendez

    Ashley Melendez

    21 uur geleden

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    setghigb gnn

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  • Vampire  fam
    Vampire fam4 dagen geleden

    Poor guy: OoOOOoOOoOo a emerald Every. One that’s grass

  • Cool_fortnite_kids_


    22 uur geleden

    @Amy James ikr

  • Cool_fortnite_kids_


    2 dagen geleden

    @Amy James lol

  • Cool_fortnite_kids_


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  • Amy James

    Amy James

    2 dagen geleden

    I know lol