Ragnar Lodbrok vs Richard The Lionheart. Epic Rap Battles of History.


  • Toru Koroshi
    Toru Koroshi19 minuten geleden

    Oof that GoT quote. Only if the Night King won.

  • Vilgot Ådvall
    Vilgot Ådvall28 minuten geleden

    Hades vs Satan

  • Shawny boi
    Shawny boiUur geleden

    Madara Uchiha vs. Freiza Or Lord voldamort vs. Wesker Lol 😆

  • jose martinez
    jose martinezUur geleden

    Charles Addams vs Charles Manson

  • jose martinez
    jose martinezUur geleden

    Jerry Seinfeld vs Lucille Ball

  • Mike
    MikeUur geleden

    Palpatine vs Voldemort

  • Shapesnatch
    ShapesnatchUur geleden

    Mr. Krabs Vs. Jeff Bezos The Last Dragonborn Vs. Daenerys Targaryen Iron Man Vs. Batman Ariana Grande Vs. Chip Skylark III Donald Duck Vs. Daffey Duck

  • InfiniteDuck
    InfiniteDuck2 uur geleden

    Leif Erikson vs. Christopher Columbus

  • ThroughMyEyes
    ThroughMyEyes2 uur geleden

    Hitlar vs. Hernán Cortés

  • Ducko Sucko
    Ducko Sucko3 uur geleden

    scorpion (hanzo hasashi) vs ghost rider (nicholas cage)

  • Greyson LastName
    Greyson LastName3 uur geleden

    Epic Lloyd vs God! 🤨🤨🤨 YOU DONT GOT THE BALLS!!! 🤨 LIKE ITS A "HOLLY FUCK!" 🧐🧐🧐¿?❔

  • Pranav Dwivedi
    Pranav Dwivedi3 uur geleden

    Samuel Jackson vs Danny deVito

  • надя
    надя3 uur geleden

    what about Sheldon Lee Cooper (TBBT) vs Sherlock Holmes (with Benedict Cumberbatch)?

  • vengefulblade986
    vengefulblade9863 uur geleden

    "If I wanted to fight loser vikings, I'd go to Minnesota!" Sad but true...

  • Markoology
    Markoology3 uur geleden

    Omni-Man vs HomeLander

  • Ore Sama
    Ore Sama3 uur geleden

    Mega man vs Megamind

  • Nihal Gupta
    Nihal Gupta3 uur geleden

    Iron man vs captain america

  • Nihal Gupta
    Nihal Gupta3 uur geleden

    India vs USA

  • calvin Kerley
    calvin Kerley3 uur geleden

    Martin Luther vs. The Pope......PLEASE

  • caseysavestheday
    caseysavestheday3 uur geleden

    RIchard the Lionheart is an ancestor, so out of consanguinal familial duty, he was completely correct in everything he rapped, and completely destroyed the Viking Menace, and the ads aren't finished. God Save The King.

  • SillyGoose
    SillyGoose4 uur geleden

    The beat in this song is one of the best in my opinion

  • Dominick Rodriguez
    Dominick Rodriguez4 uur geleden

    I don't know what to make of this rap battle. I need more history on these people.

  • Stolen 211
    Stolen 2114 uur geleden

    The Howard Brothers (The Three (4) Stooges) vs The Marx Brothers. Or just Moe Howard vs Groucho Marx.

  • Kurai Kage
    Kurai Kage4 uur geleden

    As usual, you two NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE. Brutal!

  • fa elger
    fa elger4 uur geleden

    ...I'm no linguist...a warrior ...but i think the king of England should speak English... yeah...you should stick to warrior. smh

  • Glory Compass
    Glory Compass4 uur geleden

    Plz: Mick Jagger(Rolling Stones) vs Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) *Make it Happen*

  • Mahonri Martins
    Mahonri Martins5 uur geleden


  • käffi
    käffi5 uur geleden

    Ragnar had the best lines and Richard had the best flow

  • madalin craciun
    madalin craciun5 uur geleden

    Claude Frollo vs Rasputin

  • ZonaRetroHD
    ZonaRetroHD5 uur geleden

    Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi

  • Mitchel Rek
    Mitchel Rek5 uur geleden

    Lucifer VS God

  • Cyphixion
    Cyphixion5 uur geleden

    David Baszucki Vs Markus persson

  • Griff
    Griff5 uur geleden

    Minnesota Vikings VS Nice Peter :-)

  • Márk Nincsics
    Márk Nincsics5 uur geleden

    Rise of Kingdoms sponsored them so much they even referenced the game with the most innacurate line I ever heard. "My battering ram slams through your shield wall xddddd. Shit could only happen in RoK

  • Lisiasty Play
    Lisiasty Play5 uur geleden

    Eric Cartman vs Bart Simpson

  • ELI Maker
    ELI Maker5 uur geleden

    It would be epic Baldur vs Achilles (both die) XD

  • Funtime Showtime
    Funtime Showtime6 uur geleden

    Jimmy Carter vs Heinrich Himmler

  • Marko Kuhar
    Marko Kuhar6 uur geleden

    Bane vs Voldemort

  • Mustafa Wolf
    Mustafa Wolf6 uur geleden

    Ragnar won for sure.

  • Kaylee Danielle
    Kaylee Danielle7 uur geleden

    Baby shark vs cocomelon 🤣

  • Kuat Dingazy
    Kuat Dingazy7 uur geleden

    Warner brothers vs Walt Disney

  • XrayTheMyth23
    XrayTheMyth237 uur geleden

    Samus vs Spike Spiegel

  • Nathan Coxhead
    Nathan Coxhead7 uur geleden

    Spiderman rap battle would be cool ,tobey maguire vs Andrew garfield vs Tom Holland

  • Menthols
    Menthols8 uur geleden

    "I'm back by the trinity" is such a badass line to me, it just has so much meaning and power behind it during that time period.

  • Reaper King Army
    Reaper King Army8 uur geleden

    Eric Cartman vs Bart Simpson

  • EuroPhann
    EuroPhann8 uur geleden

    Kobe Bryant vs Diego Maradona

  • Shaynex 008
    Shaynex 0088 uur geleden

    All right, I thought of this battle long and hard. and decided I would spread the word, here it is: O.J Simpson vs Ted Bundy ( Thanks @ERB )

  • Shaynex 008

    Shaynex 008

    Uur geleden

    @Daniel Chang Yeah.

  • Daniel Chang

    Daniel Chang

    Uur geleden

    Or better Dexter vs Ted Bundy

  • Mazhar Khan
    Mazhar Khan8 uur geleden

    Batman vs iron man

  • FanpiresLabyrinth
    FanpiresLabyrinth10 uur geleden

    Norman Bates vs. Jason Voorhees ft. their dead mothers

  • Casey Locke
    Casey Locke10 uur geleden

    This won't be a popular comment and that's fine, but I REALLY appreciate it when ERB produces sick rhymes like this one that aren't loaded with the f-bomb. I love to share ERB with my kids but there are so few I can. (Yeah, I know, kids aren't the target audience. I'm just saying, it's a nice bonus.)

  • Shadowman
    Shadowman10 uur geleden

    I've got it......Kratos vs Dante as in Dante's Inferno the killer of Gods vs. The crusader to go to hell and back

  • Anthony Cuevas
    Anthony Cuevas10 uur geleden

    The last line I'm eating u alive like the gangrene you died from fire

  • Jim Ryan
    Jim Ryan11 uur geleden

    Jeff Bezos vs Smaug

  • Isak Monstad
    Isak Monstad11 uur geleden

    So Richard is holding Aragorns sword Anduril, isn't he? Does that mean you are gathering props for a LotR battle?

  • Random Pugx12
    Random Pugx1212 uur geleden

    Mussolini vs Atatürk

  • Sony 1965
    Sony 196512 uur geleden

    Agatha christie vs Arthur Doyle

  • Владимир Окулов
    Владимир Окулов13 uur geleden

    "H. P." Lovecraft VS Jacques-Yves Cousteau

  • I.J. productions
    I.J. productions13 uur geleden

    Albert Einstein vs. Victor Frankenstein

  • ItssJustAidan
    ItssJustAidan13 uur geleden

    The Flash vs Usain Bolt

  • Mayonnaise
    Mayonnaise14 uur geleden

    Mrbeast vs Morgz

  • EuroPhann
    EuroPhann14 uur geleden

    Neo vs John Wick

  • Briah Johnson
    Briah Johnson14 uur geleden

    Justin Timberlake vs Britney Spears feat Janet Jackson

  • Jacorian Atkins
    Jacorian Atkins15 uur geleden

    Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake

  • Josh Piette
    Josh Piette15 uur geleden

    robin hood vs the green arrow

  • Sage Valenstein
    Sage Valenstein15 uur geleden

    Oooh ERB should do Wilder!Wonka vs Depp!Wonka!

  • pinkmate 22
    pinkmate 2216 uur geleden

    The Phantom of the Opera vs The Crow

  • AlphaSnipez
    AlphaSnipez16 uur geleden

    Attila the Hun vs Genghis Khan!!

  • VaporTowel
    VaporTowel17 uur geleden

    It would be cool if you guys did William Henry Harrison Vs Franklin Delanor Roosevelt

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore17 uur geleden

    Mr beast vs Rockefeller

  • hubbsllc
    hubbsllc17 uur geleden

    Rick Wakeman vs. Keith Emerson (possible interruption by Tony Banks)

  • TheRogueMVP
    TheRogueMVP17 uur geleden

    Emperor Palpatine vs Lord Voldemort

  • Ricardo RC
    Ricardo RC18 uur geleden

    Just the performances make me want to watch this over and over

  • Snail tkmbb
    Snail tkmbb18 uur geleden

    dude ragnar totally won lmao like no contest what the fuck was this hahahahahahaha loooooooool lionhart?? more liek LOL-HAERT AMARITE?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RAGANG4LYFE_xX

  • Raizen R 238
    Raizen R 23818 uur geleden

    Rey vs Ellen Ripley

  • downys wwe
    downys wwe18 uur geleden

    Lara croft vs Indiana Jones

  • Blake Herrin
    Blake Herrin19 uur geleden

    Y’all should do twilight vs trueblood vs vampire diaries

  • Michael Mattiacci
    Michael Mattiacci19 uur geleden


  • Naiwhy
    Naiwhy19 uur geleden

    Do something with john paul jones

  • ParaPerception
    ParaPerception19 uur geleden

    Ragnar slaughtered this. 👀🔥

  • LeviathanSpeaks1469
    LeviathanSpeaks146921 uur geleden

    ISIS (Daesh) vs Caesar’s Legion (Fallout)

  • Gavin Ziemer
    Gavin Ziemer22 uur geleden

    Smooth brain vs big dick energy... BEGIN

  • Andrei Moldoveanu
    Andrei Moldoveanu22 uur geleden

    Jeff Bezos vs Richard Branson

  • Apostolos Ziakopoulos
    Apostolos Ziakopoulos23 uur geleden

    Gutenberg vs Alan Turing Hypatia vs Carl Sagan Charlemagne vs Attila Mangellan vs Zheng He (Chinese Admiral) He-Man vs the Gladiator Katniss vs Hawkeye vs Robin Hood vs William Tell vs Legolas

  • Dinglewad
    Dinglewad23 uur geleden

    Lots of clever bars to break down in this one. Love it.

  • Mjoellnir1984
    Mjoellnir1984Dag geleden

    He-Man vs. Herman Munster.

  • ETEE
    ETEEDag geleden

    Samus vs Master chief

  • P. Fish_63
    P. Fish_63Dag geleden

    Chingis Khan Vs Trajan vs the english (idk who ruled the british empire at its height)

  • Nuclear Pigeon
    Nuclear PigeonDag geleden

    When is ERB making a new video, they always take 6 months to make a new one even though realisticly it takes about 2 months to make one

  • Daniel Chang

    Daniel Chang

    Uur geleden

    You think it’s that simple to release these types of videos that quickly?

  • Javon McNeil
    Javon McNeilDag geleden

    Sonic vs. The Flash

  • GhostRider6489
    GhostRider6489Dag geleden

    Agent 47 vs John Wick

  • P. Fish_63
    P. Fish_63Dag geleden

    Jeff Bezos Vs Karl Marx

  • Null
    NullDag geleden

    Coming back after a month to say the laugh at 1:11 is terrifying

  • Mc_Kraut
    Mc_KrautDag geleden

    Next battle: Rick vs Professor Farnsworth. Animated with the actual voice actors.

  • DarkSouls 47
    DarkSouls 47Dag geleden

    I want to see The Grinch vs Oscar The Grouch if that's possible lol

  • Thomas Milner
    Thomas MilnerDag geleden

    jfk vs Ronald Reagan

  • Hermaeus Mora
    Hermaeus MoraDag geleden

    Ulfric Stormcloak vs General Tullius

  • Alex Aguilar
    Alex AguilarDag geleden

    Guy Fieri Vs. Simon Cowell