Quando Rondo "ABG" [Official Music Video]


  • Lewis Franco
    Lewis Franco37 minuten geleden

    If gta was a movie:

  • DDH
    DDH3 uur geleden

    You think he made it 420 on purpose?

  • Reina Gregg
    Reina Gregg13 uur geleden

    🖤 A

    KING VON18 uur geleden

    No cap

  • mary Parsons
    mary ParsonsDag geleden

    Tell me where

  • Angel Freeman
    Angel FreemanDag geleden

    Through The Cut With Paul We Gon Bang On It ‼️

  • Amin Karam
    Amin Karam2 dagen geleden

    Spaghetti mafia 🍝

  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor2 dagen geleden

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE CAMXNAKE.UNO NLdron: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

  • Michael Blackmooon
    Michael Blackmooon3 dagen geleden

    this video good "self defense" case for Rondo....daMN, lIFE WEIRD AFK

  • dhour choat
    dhour choat3 dagen geleden

    i ws litening when i was 7

  • Tony Fry
    Tony Fry4 dagen geleden

    "Leeky told me if you love yo nigga love em to the fullest" shit crazy mfs wasn't playin he love that man to the fullest 💯

  • YouTubeBalance9K Balance
    YouTubeBalance9K Balance4 dagen geleden

    Dis a true Nigga no caps

  • Oscar Longoria
    Oscar Longoria4 dagen geleden

    Texas in the house .

  • Oscar Longoria
    Oscar Longoria4 dagen geleden

    This is all the ghettos across america in a nutshell the trap started here in the states fuck what anybody else says .

  • trqp
    trqp5 dagen geleden

    favorite rapper onb🔫

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana5 dagen geleden

    That mountain of trash in the background, trash man skipped my street alot to back in the day shit was raw. You getting away with felonies before the god hr everyday what's a little misdemeanor flame that shit up my nikka. Edit: "burn that trash I'm speaking on."

  • Nick Mathis
    Nick Mathis5 dagen geleden

    I like this song but I bet he not shit

  • Datwan Livingston
    Datwan Livingston5 dagen geleden

    Right this how I feel too for the people I got beat bank in set up in made bleed 🩸

  • Merrell Palmer
    Merrell Palmer5 dagen geleden

    King von better

  • Just SzzBuzz

    Just SzzBuzz

    4 dagen geleden

    but he dead

  • Sabrina Chavers
    Sabrina Chavers5 dagen geleden

    That is my song because my bae mama is everything to me love and miss you have a baby or son or daughter

  • Young hulo
    Young hulo6 dagen geleden

    We going slide on em

  • OTB Interviews
    OTB Interviews6 dagen geleden

    Escpecially von

  • Captain price
    Captain price6 dagen geleden

    What’s that weird voice in the background

  • Amanda Hogan
    Amanda Hogan6 dagen geleden

    Just clicked on it on accidentally and I'm glad I did

  • Jaime alling
    Jaime alling7 dagen geleden

    I wanted to hate this song.so bad bc I like king von better but this song is fire

  • Fat boy Broke To Fit man Rich
    Fat boy Broke To Fit man Rich7 dagen geleden


  • RiszaMontana
    RiszaMontana7 dagen geleden

    60 gang CRIP I’m throw that neighborhood up I ain’t even crippN N I fw it💯

  • RiszaMontana
    RiszaMontana7 dagen geleden

    Momma told me I was born to be hated

  • Playtime with Amour
    Playtime with Amour8 dagen geleden

    You ain’t ride for von

  • Mystikal Tello-Lewis
    Mystikal Tello-Lewis8 dagen geleden


    I'M C♢PTAIN IVY8 dagen geleden

    13k dislikes from von fans.

  • Deonte Clayton
    Deonte Clayton9 dagen geleden

    Wonder what leeky doing

  • Mitchell Buhagiar
    Mitchell Buhagiar9 dagen geleden

    Nigga fire

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith9 dagen geleden


  • Wayne lavallee
    Wayne lavallee9 dagen geleden

    "Skrrt" man I love That Part

  • Legendary Gio16
    Legendary Gio1610 dagen geleden

    Fuck qundo

  • Rg
    Rg11 dagen geleden

    Still a vibe fuck von

  • Brandon Duran
    Brandon Duran12 dagen geleden

    If you listen to his new song purple bag then listen to this it kind of hit different. Leeky wasn't playing. Neither was quando. "My whole camp-pain strong like a bag of loud"

  • Alex


    6 dagen geleden

    Leeky isn’t lul Timm. Lul Tim is the one in the mask and leekys the one in the backseat when he mentioned him.

  • Robert Starling
    Robert Starling12 dagen geleden

    The shit be Slidin good! R.I.P KING VON THOU

  • Zer_ ovi
    Zer_ ovi12 dagen geleden

    Makes me laugh how mfs know so much about rap but dont know events n shit 😂😂😂

    MOHIT PATHAK13 dagen geleden

    Y y’all hatin on him cause he killed von. Von did it to himself by running up on quando!

    MOHIT PATHAK13 dagen geleden

    Abg anyone can get it🔥

  • super alex
    super alex13 dagen geleden

    von is behind you

  • Johnathan Castro

    Johnathan Castro

    7 dagen geleden

    Von in my blunt

  • Emmanuel Gutierrez reedy
    Emmanuel Gutierrez reedy14 dagen geleden

    “ ABG - anybody can get it “

  • zenitsu _
    zenitsu _14 dagen geleden

    Bruh this song is unique

  • Donna Torres
    Donna Torres14 dagen geleden

    When it says one in the head leave him dead by the stop sign and I say it in front of my mom she says who

  • Angel Berumen
    Angel Berumen15 dagen geleden

    Fuck you king von for life

  • Chief Keef's Molly Water

    Chief Keef's Molly Water

    11 dagen geleden

    Im a Von fan and I still fw this track big bruh... from my understandment big bruh you a goofy fake fan big bruh

  • kmgc


    14 dagen geleden


  • mxquez


    14 dagen geleden

    king von dont know u

  • Liam Nealy
    Liam Nealy16 dagen geleden

    crazy how one night in 2018 this shit started playing on my soundcloud and now i realize son was not capping

  • KeiTwan Spruill
    KeiTwan Spruill17 dagen geleden

    where young boy at

  • LemonFR
    LemonFR17 dagen geleden

    This nigga made this song?

  • Tabby Cat
    Tabby Cat17 dagen geleden

    Lovin'that it's fire

  • Alex Maldonado
    Alex Maldonado17 dagen geleden

    song is 🔥, but it kinda reminds me of famous hoes by now Choppa 😁

  • Amir Carter
    Amir Carter17 dagen geleden

    Why you kill king von fight like a man

  • nsucapalot


    2 dagen geleden

    @Amir Carter lul tim

  • Amir Carter

    Amir Carter

    2 dagen geleden

    @nsucapalot he did look up who killed king von

  • nsucapalot


    16 dagen geleden

    He didnt

  • Watch El Tero
    Watch El Tero18 dagen geleden

    Who gave them ak47

    JAKE THOMAS18 dagen geleden

    I like taking shits while listening to this song

  • Daily Dose Of Minecraft
    Daily Dose Of Minecraft18 dagen geleden

    mfs be flexing their money while they living in a house that the rent is $30 a month

  • loloomad


    11 dagen geleden

    no reason 2 move out ur hood if ur good with who you're 'round

  • Ashley Serna
    Ashley Serna19 dagen geleden


  • stay trapped
    stay trapped20 dagen geleden

    if Durk was loyal to von leeky wouldn't be here

  • JJgotdasauce 98
    JJgotdasauce 9820 dagen geleden

    Im blasting this MAX VOLUME

  • Branden Reeves
    Branden Reeves20 dagen geleden

    Drill muzic bad for you but good for me

  • Bray_da_sickest
    Bray_da_sickest21 dag geleden

    “my gang or no gang”👏🏽

  • Zay
    Zay21 dag geleden

    i made it

  • ondraye williams
    ondraye williams21 dag geleden


  • DN Leon
    DN Leon22 dagen geleden

    I like his music but pissed about Von

  • Dreko


    7 dagen geleden

    Let's be honest von did that to himself

  • Marko Santana
    Marko Santana23 dagen geleden

    ABG: Angry Black Guy.

    ANTHONY FISHER24 dagen geleden


  • Courtney Price
    Courtney Price24 dagen geleden

    Bruh he killed king von plus he trash

  • Bcc Baby

    Bcc Baby

    21 dag geleden

    @Isaac Ellzey ahh gotcha

  • Isaac Ellzey

    Isaac Ellzey

    21 dag geleden

    @Bcc Babyby running up on dude on his turf they ain't had no guns it was suicide.von killed von as in hiself

  • Bcc Baby

    Bcc Baby

    21 dag geleden

    @Isaac Ellzey tf

  • Isaac Ellzey

    Isaac Ellzey

    21 dag geleden

    He didnt kill von .shyd von committed suicide.

  • Bcc Baby

    Bcc Baby

    22 dagen geleden

    Why you hating ?

  • Lul baby jay
    Lul baby jay25 dagen geleden

    I remember when it came our I was 8 now I’m 11 and I still love quando

  • josiah joseph
    josiah joseph25 dagen geleden

    anybody gets it

  • cris.
    cris.25 dagen geleden


  • Joey Pino
    Joey Pino26 dagen geleden

    is nobody gunna say anything bout this mans shmeat hanging out on the staircase?! he a fool for dat

  • Jaq Meriwether
    Jaq Meriwether26 dagen geleden


  • Faekify
    Faekify27 dagen geleden

    Who else listen to this shi in 2021 this shi is fire

  • D Eleqtronica
    D Eleqtronica27 dagen geleden

    “ABCG” - DJ Ghost

    Verdx- I ONLY SHOOT VERDES28 dagen geleden

    I still come back to this song just to say I’ve been here before he blew up 🙏

  • Game Over
    Game Over28 dagen geleden

    lowkey feel like ima get capped if i wear quando merch 🤣💀

  • Izaya Allen

    Izaya Allen

    23 dagen geleden

    Ong😂 like his music fye but I ain’t buyin that shi

  • Matt Jester
    Matt Jester28 dagen geleden

    "This song hits different now" it's like people don't realize most these people in drill rap really bout that life, until they or someone close to em catches a body, then suddenly their music about killin 'hits different', the truth is it hit the same you just thought this shit was a game, these mfs aren't eminem, they don't just rap about murder to rap about murder, they really out tryna catch people lackin

  • dedsec darlo
    dedsec darlo28 dagen geleden

    Hits different everytime

  • Dominic Trujillo
    Dominic Trujillo29 dagen geleden

    Outer body experience

  • Dalton Miller
    Dalton Miller29 dagen geleden

    These supposvly hard people know they wouldn’t

  • Leann Hayes
    Leann Hayes29 dagen geleden

    "I could do a hunnid years and I still won't change." Only a few know what it was.... .

  • Ethan Fernadez
    Ethan FernadezMaand geleden

    Good so ng

  • Brennan Taamai-Kuni
    Brennan Taamai-KuniMaand geleden

    this song fire keep it up

  • James Lunsford
    James LunsfordMaand geleden

    This is when the gang related kid raps

  • Roosevelt Mitchell
    Roosevelt MitchellMaand geleden


  • Slippy Cray
    Slippy CrayMaand geleden

    I been a day 1 fan when I first listened to this song it was 5 days old

  • Oso HEXUK
    Oso HEXUKMaand geleden

    And still ABG go on 👀🙏 last man standing !!

  • Ben G Stackz
    Ben G StackzMaand geleden

    any bd can get it

  • Blayne Abernathy
    Blayne AbernathyMaand geleden

    Why u whering red if u rocking blue

  • Derrick Bright
    Derrick BrightMaand geleden

    Infinity heat and ac lawnmower ...

  • Luis Velez
    Luis VelezMaand geleden

    Love this jamm👉👈💯

    ANTHONY FISHERMaand geleden


    ANTHONY FISHERMaand geleden


  • avocado toast
    avocado toastMaand geleden

    *Idc what y'all say this song is top 10 it's a modern masterpiece 👌👌👌*

  • J1nkyoy Official
    J1nkyoy OfficialMaand geleden


  • Lil Junky
    Lil JunkyMaand geleden


  • Lil Junky
    Lil JunkyMaand geleden


  • Fahren Heit
    Fahren HeitMaand geleden


  • Fahren Heit
    Fahren HeitMaand geleden


  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTVMaand geleden

    *Dogecoin to the moon* 🚀🚀🚀🟦🟦🟦