Qualifying Highlights | 2021 Spanish Grand Prix

An incredible F1 milestone was hit in a historic qualifying session at Barcelona.

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  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml29 dagen geleden

    "Forget Turn 6, it's an annoyance" 🤣

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo29 dagen geleden

    "Forget Turn 6, it's an annoyance" 🤣

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiuMaand geleden

    Red Bull 2nd Driver Standings after 3 races: Alex Albon - 22 points Sergio Perez - 22 points

  • Salahadin Abdulahi
    Salahadin AbdulahiMaand geleden

    Everyone saying leclerc p4 is mastrclass but looking at what did last year at sakhir having the worst engine , I should say this is an average performance from I think he got more

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    29 dagen geleden

    You aren't reading this comment, trust me.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiueMaand geleden

    Mazepin is a throwback to old F1 when paid drivers would show up and be awful in a back marker car.

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    29 dagen geleden

    Formula 1 used to be exciting but it has turned into the most boring of all sports. Hamilton does not understand that if he never lets anyone win a race, and Verstappen is alw

  • Ham
    HamMaand geleden

    Alpha toura HonDA

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    Maand geleden

    rounds before the finish. It is just dumb mechanics combined with childish behaviour of a shortsighted egomaniac. The overtake took all the exitement out of the next 20 race

  • Ham
    HamMaand geleden

    A Complete moving race vehicale Crossing tHe FiNisH LiNE.

  • Salmaan adictd
    Salmaan adictdMaand geleden

    Would love to see ocon and gasly in mercs in the future fighting max and checo in redbull, leclerc in ferrari and norris in mclaren !!!

  • sean j
    sean jMaand geleden

    Mazepin is a crash master.

  • Frank Franklin
    Frank FranklinMaand geleden

    Greatest of all LH44!

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Maand geleden

    congrats on your 100th pole Hammy

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comiMaand geleden

    We all love the Ricciardo getting up to speed in the McLaren narrative...give us more!

  • Haris Kyritsis
    Haris KyritsisMaand geleden

    Gongratulations to Lewis Hamilton for this historic achievement to have 100 pole positions.We watching amazing things from this legendary driver. And he continues to become the first formula 1 driver with 8 world championships.

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    Maand geleden

    Hala Ferrari iyi değil yazik

  • Raghav Kapoor
    Raghav KapoorMaand geleden

    Ferrari needs to make faster cars smh

  • Rasikh Aziz
    Rasikh AzizMaand geleden

    Do people actually watch F1 anymore or just the highlights. What a horrible sport it has become over the last 7-8 seasons

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    Maand geleden

    POV: your Hamilton you get handed everything

  • Sandra Silva
    Sandra SilvaMaand geleden

    Mi de q

  • Sandra Silva
    Sandra SilvaMaand geleden

    E de mi

  • 7sq
    7sqMaand geleden

    It is VIDEO not radio (shut up ,race car sound ,not gosipand inane prattle ) !!!

  • Eugenio Zavala
    Eugenio ZavalaMaand geleden

    BandLab: @dark_soulll 🙏🏼🔥💀 IG: @dark_soulll.e 🙏🏼🔥💀

    MEMEHUB HDMaand geleden

    *You aren't reading this comment, trust me.*

  • Yurii Newman
    Yurii NewmanMaand geleden

    Хэм заебал уже откровенно!

  • Quint de Gourd
    Quint de GourdMaand geleden

    Formula 1 used to be exciting but it has turned into the most boring of all sports. Hamilton does not understand that if he never lets anyone win a race, and Verstappen is always second , and Bottas always thrid (for 10 races in a row now), then the number of visitors and fans will drop dramatically, eventually. There was no need to overtake Verstappen 3 rounds before the finish. It is just dumb mechanics combined with childish behaviour of a shortsighted egomaniac. The overtake took all the exitement out of the next 20 races.

  • H and U sonday
    H and U sondayMaand geleden

    best race I seen

  • sokin jon
    sokin jonMaand geleden

    Where are those people who were saying that Alonso would ‘annihilate’ Ocon? They must be looking clueless at best right now.

  • Xihilus Heping
    Xihilus HepingMaand geleden

    congrats on your 100th pole Hammy

  • r e
    r eMaand geleden

    It's the car Lewis that is doing all the hard work.

  • Ferdi Bargos
    Ferdi BargosMaand geleden

    Hala Ferrari iyi değil yazik

  • Rooney Daniel Cash Medrano
    Rooney Daniel Cash MedranoMaand geleden

    Only for pronunciation Fettel isn't Vettel which means Ffff sound in German as V unlike a little from English!

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    Maand geleden

    RUSSELL what a joke .

  • Kevin O'leary
    Kevin O'learyMaand geleden

    I believe more are yet to come from this guy

  • Fred Robbert

    Fred Robbert

    Maand geleden

    You're right

  • stormforce14
    stormforce14Maand geleden

    POV: your Hamilton you get handed everything

  • griffinc117
    griffinc117Maand geleden

    Martin really has become an excellent announcer

  • Marco Silva
    Marco SilvaMaand geleden

    Cómo se llama la fórmula uno allá o como le dicen en España?

  • Marco Silva

    Marco Silva

    Maand geleden

    @duorbe genial,

  • duorbe


    Maand geleden

    Fórmula uno

  • AB7F9
    AB7F9Maand geleden

    Amazing how Hamilton can slow down and drift it round a corner and still go fastest!!! And he's not in the fastest car!!!

  • jc23aircraftchannel
    jc23aircraftchannelMaand geleden

    so...what's new? lol

  • David Goliath
    David GoliathMaand geleden

    Lewis takes pole takes the win... He's driver of the day and he ties the record for wins on this track. Get in there Lewis!

  • Steffen Scholz
    Steffen ScholzMaand geleden

    Sebastian echt mal , geh heim. Du bist durch .

  • David Goliath

    David Goliath

    Maand geleden

    Auto ist nicht die beste.

  • GG Virus
    GG VirusMaand geleden

    Once again pitstops at the end to set the fastest lap...Come on F1!!! What is this? One compound and NO DRS in 2022!!! DO it F1! DO it for the sport and for the show! Come on, be brave!

    RAJENDRA BOORLUMaand geleden

    F1 race is fixed.towards Mercedes and lewis...can see the high level race fixing going on...

    KRAKENMaand geleden

    F1 is boring, not interesting.

  • Mike Lumbreras
    Mike LumbrerasMaand geleden

    Wonderful job Max. You r a real fighter. 👍👍

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark LynnMaand geleden

    Lando Norris fastest of Q1, Max Verstappen in Q2 before finally Lewis Hamilton

  • edward toner
    edward tonerMaand geleden

    RUSSELL what a joke .

  • Teng Ngee Lim
    Teng Ngee LimMaand geleden

    Just realized another fact : Arthur Leclerc from F3 is the younger brother of Charles Leclerc from F1.

  • Paul Pietschinski
    Paul PietschinskiMaand geleden

    Not taking anything away from Hamilton, he is no doubt one of the best. But would he perform so well if he were on a terrible team?

  • Eric de Freitas Paulo
    Eric de Freitas PauloMaand geleden

    Extremely boring this Spanish GP.



    Maand geleden

    Which F1 gp race isn't ?

  • Cenon Saranguero
    Cenon SarangueroMaand geleden

    Born To Lead From FORMULA 1

  • Mac Thabah
    Mac ThabahMaand geleden

    Sebastian Vettel should rejoin Red bull again.

  • christeebs
    christeebsMaand geleden


  • TheDeterminer
    TheDeterminerMaand geleden

    Hamilton's car has so much downforce in Q3.

  • Road Runner
    Road RunnerMaand geleden

    Q3 qualified, Q2 Qualified & Q3 10th and nobody is talking about him. Alonso it is

  • It doesn’t matter What your name is
    It doesn’t matter What your name isMaand geleden

    The don. Well done on the 100th

  • Aiglos
    AiglosMaand geleden

    I’m afraid the CCP will no longer be able to pay your bills for you. So you might as well knock off the Marxist propaganda I just watched. No great reset for you. Tsk tsk my busy little bees.

  • MS
    MSMaand geleden

    i am impressed. not bad for rookie alonso

  • Shell Dahl
    Shell DahlMaand geleden

    Always reflective and focused on improvement - and the hard work/effort, from himself and the team, to achieve it !!! ❤ it❣

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler DurdenMaand geleden

    Alpine improved very well

  • DSBMAC13
    DSBMAC13Maand geleden

    pole lap under yellow? only hamilton seems to be allowed to do that...

  • Aidan Molloy
    Aidan MolloyMaand geleden

    Why can’t I watch this shot for the last two weeks? Anyone else getting that?

  • Aidan Molloy

    Aidan Molloy

    Maand geleden

    This video is unavailable

  • Mikeyboy68
    Mikeyboy68Maand geleden

    its all about hamilton isn't commentators

  • Mars Maker
    Mars MakerMaand geleden

    how is it possible that Max has 123 races and Lewis only has 270 races?? It feels like Lewis must have at least 3 or 4 times the experience of Max!

  • maria redeblue79
    maria redeblue79Maand geleden


  • Eli Page
    Eli PageMaand geleden

    Will there be rain today?

  • Shalem Jackson
    Shalem JacksonMaand geleden

    Charles Leclerc is a monster behind the wheel of that Ferrari! And Kudos for Alpine for their amazing Qualifying, Especially, the ever underrated Esteban Ocon.

  • don coileohm
    don coileohmMaand geleden

    It's still fixed . Hamilton exceeded track limits again and no problem . F1 is BS!

  • Zoran Petrović - Šane
    Zoran Petrović - ŠaneMaand geleden

    OK. So, Mecedes does have a 20% faster car. Thet is given. But how much LUCK will LUCKYLTON have in the race!? 100% as always 75% that is enough only 50% ?

  • Daniel O
    Daniel OMaand geleden

    How is it possible to go P1 when you have to slow down because of the perez spin?

  • Daniel Gideon
    Daniel GideonMaand geleden

    He wins onehundred pouls

  • Daniel Gideon
    Daniel GideonMaand geleden

    Can we talk about how Lewis Hamilton begin champion? Feel like that's getting overlooked

  • styx rogan
    styx roganMaand geleden


  • Tanguy Pellerin
    Tanguy PellerinMaand geleden

    Ocon doing absolutely amazing this season !! Everyone said his grave was dug when Alonso signed up, well he is showing Everyone wrong !!

  • Abhishek Kulageri
    Abhishek KulageriMaand geleden

    Why doesn't f1 decide points based on driver of the day and keep drivers championship based on it

  • Please No Punterino Jimmer!
    Please No Punterino Jimmer!Maand geleden


  • Jens wisselink
    Jens wisselinkMaand geleden


  • A J
    A JMaand geleden

    He’s gone from Maze-spin to Maze-pain for every driver on the grid! 💯

  • indoor
    indoorMaand geleden

    valteri It's james

  • Aswads Aswad
    Aswads AswadMaand geleden

    Gotta love tsunoda and his English language,.. he says words the other drivers don't! 🙂 👍

  • نعم NO
    نعم NOMaand geleden

    الوعد اليوم يامرسيدس

  • speed hunter 77
    speed hunter 77Maand geleden

    Well done lewis✊

  • darkX king
    darkX kingMaand geleden

    5:50 遂にGTSPORTマエストロのハミルトン選手が100ポールポジションを取った歴史的な瞬間!!

  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    Ahmed IbrahimMaand geleden

    Maclaren has to do something about their qualifying, Lando without any slipstream and on used tires, Ricciardo not getting a second go, etc.

  • 日本の蠍
    日本の蠍Maand geleden


  • Wasis Widagdo
    Wasis WidagdoMaand geleden

    boring boring

  • عدنان عدنان
    عدنان عدنانMaand geleden

    oooo l love red bol oooo

  • Rajandran Ponnan
    Rajandran PonnanMaand geleden

    What happens to Ferrari engine 🤔 still can't see any improvement, what the engineers doing still can't compete with Menz n Honda. Shame on you the engineers.

  • James Broadhurst
    James BroadhurstMaand geleden

    Hamilton is the G.O.A.T. - untouchable

  • Rashid Abdul Rahiman
    Rashid Abdul RahimanMaand geleden

    Can Hamilton improve on his time?! No he can't! Can Bottas deny Hamilton again?! No he can't! Can Verstappen get pole?! No he can't get pole! Realistically one car to deny them all?! Perez can't do it!

  • moses gikeri
    moses gikeriMaand geleden

    That commentary from Martin Brandle for the last lap is satisfying.

  • Android
    AndroidMaand geleden

    I dont know why Ocon is not well recognized and acknowledged for his performance.. He tries really hard and i believe its starting to pay off.

  • wonderful human being with a great character

    wonderful human being with a great character

    Maand geleden

    He's just not really popular among F1 fans and because some mistakes he did before (hint: Verstappen fans hate him)

  • jmoth99
    jmoth99Maand geleden

    3:15 he didn’t slow down at all what are you on about?

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti AllanMaand geleden

    Mahiru Tsuyuzaki is destined to stay Last in qualifying.

  • 69VFVAL
    69VFVALMaand geleden

    How can 1 team dominate for almost 10 years & nobody questions them. But if another team gets anywhere near them, questions are raised. They can't be questioned. They cant touched. They bend the rules and never get questioned or scrutinized.

  • Baqir Al Munawwar
    Baqir Al MunawwarMaand geleden

    Does anyone know the music background at the end?

  • CV BJM
    CV BJMMaand geleden


  • Dejan Todorovski
    Dejan TodorovskiMaand geleden

    I didn't get, why Mazepin is in F1?

  • Ethan Dalton

    Ethan Dalton

    24 dagen geleden

    Because his dad is rich

  • Wintermute
    WintermuteMaand geleden

    For all the people slagging off Crofty: Murray Walker was loved more for his energy than his accuracy, and he was 'the voice of F1'. Crofty is still way closer to reality than anything they show on Beyond the Grid.

  • machine
    machineMaand geleden

    The red bull is not actually that close to Mercedes going off perez. Max just manages to drag the car up the grid

  • DameT
    DameTMaand geleden

    They won 7 constructor titles in row, Hamilton 6 titles and Bono said that it wasn't easy to achieve 100 poles. Really hard...

  • wonderful human being with a great character

    wonderful human being with a great character

    Maand geleden

    Pretty pathetic from then tbh, although I cheer for Lewis

  • Karl Galea
    Karl GaleaMaand geleden

    Sainz > Ric and Checo

  • MAD 04
    MAD 04Maand geleden

    It's kidding boring watching f1 nowadays

  • Anirudh Menon
    Anirudh MenonMaand geleden

    Hamilton is a beast. 'nuff said.

  • Unai Emery
    Unai EmeryMaand geleden

    Mazepin is so far off the pace it's embarrassing

  • SaiDaPotato
    SaiDaPotatoMaand geleden

    russel is doing BITS with that williams