Paris to Cardiff - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Airbus A320neo (LFPG-EGFF)


I'm a little rusty with the Airbus but I take it for a spin from Paris (LFPG) to Cardiff (EGFF). Weather starts off great and ends as heavily overcast.
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00:00 Flight Plan
01:36 Check-Up
11:41 Taxi
20:36 Takeoff
27:05 Cruise
28:55 Descent
34:52 Approach
41:36 Final
43:17 Taxi & Conclusion
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  • Squirrel
    Squirrel8 maanden geleden

    More Microsoft Flight Simulator videos to enjoy! Can You Take Off Without Moving? (Cessna 152) Icy Conditions (Cessna 172)

  • Karter Cruz

    Karter Cruz

    26 dagen geleden

    @Julio Rayden i will try it out now. Seems promising :)

  • Julio Rayden

    Julio Rayden

    26 dagen geleden

    dunno if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instapwn. Just google for it ;)

  • Eliot Eves

    Eliot Eves

    4 maanden geleden

    do you play roblox?

  • Eliot Eves

    Eliot Eves

    4 maanden geleden

    in the next video can you fly an airbus a380

  • football vids

    football vids

    7 maanden geleden

    On God

  • tomservo
    tomservo9 dagen geleden

    I've tried to get into Flight Sim several times but I just don't have the time and patience to learn it. I don't have much experience with MFS but judging from this video, this seems like an AWFUL lot of work just to see some nice aerial views of Western Europe.

  • AcceptYourDeath
    AcceptYourDeath20 dagen geleden

    Should be common practice passengers could vote on the climb rate :D Every propeller head on board: "Wohhoooo \o/ look at us go" Every regular passenger: "Oh no! We`ve been overruled :o( HALP!"

  • Owen Fisher
    Owen FisherMaand geleden

    I’m so excited to get this game. My plan is to set out some time one weekend to do a full length realistic flight. My first idea is Chicago to Cabo San Lucas, or if I have more time I will do Chicago to Israel. So excited.

  • Marc Dufresne
    Marc Dufresne2 maanden geleden

    37:00 min if youare flying in a vaccuum, yes plane would nose down but maybe there is a head wind and then the plane would not pitch down... ie ground speed does not equal air speed xd 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (also can you yaw the plane? say into the wind on a landing situation?; i just thought i would try something just to see the result

  • Nitwit
    Nitwit2 maanden geleden

    Not very useful to the majority of sim flyers looking for instruction.

  • The Rat
    The Rat2 maanden geleden

    i loved how u separated the different thing because the checkup was a bit boring..... overall it was an amazing flight...hope i will be flying with you soon. lol

  • Nicolas Bilal
    Nicolas Bilal2 maanden geleden

    Literally watched this just to see if the airbus would bark like irl and it did. Music to my ears lmao

  • darthslather 89
    darthslather 892 maanden geleden

    the real question is: how tf does he have no stuttering during his final?

  • Siyabonga Jali
    Siyabonga Jali3 maanden geleden

    Are you a pilot in real life. Because I swear I've heard this voice on a plane when I travel in South Africa!!!!!!!

  • Sleazeist
    Sleazeist3 maanden geleden

    What is the plane specific document shown at 30:41 that shows the recommended guide path altitude? Is this accessible in the simulator?

  • Medhane Mekonnen
    Medhane Mekonnen3 maanden geleden

    how do u know the correct taxi way tho its so confusing for me

  • Keithy Cleland
    Keithy Cleland4 maanden geleden

    Squirrel would give me a one to one with fmc I can’t get my head round it I’ve used all Microsoft flight simulator is but always use GPS and iOS approach to navigate so I’m familiar with everything else familiar with airport scenery the aircraft I’m just not familiar with FMC and I am shit I need help, happy to donate or pay Keith

  • Mark Tyson
    Mark Tyson4 maanden geleden

    Are we sure this game wasn't sent from the future? It's ridiculously good.

  • Kyriakos Demetriou
    Kyriakos Demetriou4 maanden geleden

    Great video mate, many thanks for this. I just wanted to ask about the worng course on FMS which I noticed is a major issue with many airports on FS. The horizontal localiser never works for me. Do you know how to corect the course on FMS, is there any tutorial on that? Thank you

  • Play Crazy Games
    Play Crazy Games4 maanden geleden


  • PaRk LaNe YiD
    PaRk LaNe YiD5 maanden geleden

    Judging by that landing you should get a job with Ryanair

  • Todd Hart
    Todd Hart5 maanden geleden

    I just know how to throttle.

  • Sam Cross
    Sam Cross5 maanden geleden

    Noticed in that little message window it said you weren't cleared for landing. I found that amusing. I've never played a flight sim or even watched a video of someone playing one before so this was interesting!

  • Steve Arnott
    Steve Arnott5 maanden geleden

    Will correcting from 298 degrees to the 297 degrees in the flight plan have made any difference as you had it set at 298

  • Andrew Is Ok
    Andrew Is Ok5 maanden geleden

    The clouds in this game are incredible

  • Lewis Chapman
    Lewis Chapman5 maanden geleden

    Lol Ryan air landings are better LMFAOOOO

  • minti
    minti5 maanden geleden

    what's the name of the piano piece during cruise? i need to learn it :D

  • fahadGG
    fahadGG5 maanden geleden

    hey... for anyone who doesnt wanna land like that ... just listen soo all you need to do is just keep the touchdown zone 1000 footers in the middle of the window your looking at horizantally and vertically and you will touchdown on it and when you are at 50-30 feet... just flare just raise the nose up slightly then when you touchdown you keep that nose up untill there isnt anywind going over that wing so that nose will go down on its own i hope this helped im no pilot but i consider myself a aviation enthusiast and i know alot about the a320 try this for your self and i hope you squerrel wont do that landing ever again 😂

  • Ben Clark
    Ben Clark5 maanden geleden

    Drink every time he says “let’s see”

  • Cartoon Head
    Cartoon Head5 maanden geleden

    Wake me up when we land...

  • Fly Ice
    Fly Ice5 maanden geleden

    The airplane talks to you throught the FMA. You are descending with V/S 1900ft and you increase your speed. Because the V/S is selected the only thing that the airplane will do to accelerate is to increase thrust. If you were descending with speed selected, and you want to increase your speed then it will automatically pitch down to maintain the speed you selected on Speed window on the FCP. Each airplane has different modes. You need to know what the airplane does through the FMA and understand what mode is selected and what are their actions!!!

  • Julian HARVEY
    Julian HARVEY5 maanden geleden

    Bit like flying a 737 MAX, not sure what it will do !!

  • Tj Haze
    Tj Haze5 maanden geleden

    *and the plane erupts in a "roar" of cheers and clapping as the Plane lands in the Capital of Wales" .. yes there was turbalace 👍 ✈

  • Darth Nihilius D14R75
    Darth Nihilius D14R755 maanden geleden

    Can you do one of flying INTO and OUT of Denver? :D would love to see my hometown :-)

  • Paul Liddle
    Paul Liddle6 maanden geleden

    Whats with the rocking side to side motion? you putting a baby to sleep?

  • Sport Kings
    Sport Kings6 maanden geleden

    How do you get the navigraph?

  • Conscious Creations
    Conscious Creations6 maanden geleden

    Just remember that using speed brake while in V/S mode will only use more thrust to keep your desired speed, not help you descend quicker, because you've limited the aircraft via the V/S! Open descent is your friend :) Cool video, fun to see how realistic this sim is, quite incredible what Microsoft has done, such a pretty looking sim. Great flying too!

  • Lewys Marshall
    Lewys Marshall6 maanden geleden

    Was hoping id be able to see my house when landing in Cardiff lol

  • Mosh
    Mosh6 maanden geleden

    So beautiful everything man

  • Rodolfo Carrasco Correa
    Rodolfo Carrasco Correa6 maanden geleden

    hahaha 44:34 was funny xD

  • r0binh0 87
    r0binh0 876 maanden geleden

    Is this on xbox as well as pc?

  • Heinz Hampelmann
    Heinz Hampelmann6 maanden geleden

    mfs is only a crash to desktop simulator for me. 4770k, gtx 1060 nice vidoe tho

  • dbenson2u
    dbenson2u6 maanden geleden

    You still have your "Captain's Voice". lol

  • Nick
    Nick6 maanden geleden

    Hey squirrel, how're you getting a quick snap of the camera to certain places like the overhead panel, the FMC, and stuff? It looks too fluid to be done by hand, surely.

  • Neil Clark
    Neil Clark6 maanden geleden

    Is it not possible to turn off those god awful black boxed cockpit tool tips?

  • Arveen Rajn
    Arveen Rajn6 maanden geleden

    The sound of the engine start up was spot on . 🤯. Started APU without switching on the batteries 😅

  • Delsquare Photovideo
    Delsquare Photovideo6 maanden geleden

    @Squirrel at min 41:57 is it me or did you landed at the wrong airport? Looking at your MFD your flight plan still continues further away and if you look out of the windshield you will see approach lights of another airport in the distance, perhaps the correct airport?

  • Adam Moonlord
    Adam Moonlord6 maanden geleden

    nice. im think of getting ms2020, just 1 Q, is the time travel realistic too, means from A to B 8 hrs, then simulation also will be 8 hrs?

  • Connor Ellis Music
    Connor Ellis Music6 maanden geleden

    After about 20 flights in the neo I can now see all the little things Squirrel is doing wrong/ thinking the aircraft has done something. E.g. the vspeed. He thought he set the vspeed to +2000 but he had not clicked it in so nothing happened. It kept climbing +4000

  • SJ
    SJ6 maanden geleden

    boring shit

  • Sven Wullaert
    Sven Wullaert7 maanden geleden

    Thanks for showing flight planning. I’m just entered all the same settings and doing exact same flight but in full autopilot and pushback is done. This until I buy Honeycomb yoke and throttle . Please zoom in and go into more details please so I can copy same settings in future. That would be great

  • sweetdaz
    sweetdaz7 maanden geleden

    Considering the landing approach, you done it really well and got back on track and handled the touchdown great. I was in awe tbf 👏👏👏👏👏👏 well done mate

  • Jack Hogoboom
    Jack Hogoboom7 maanden geleden

    Still fun, even if you were a little rusty and the sim was a little buggy.

  • Fareedh Salavudeen
    Fareedh Salavudeen7 maanden geleden

    I loved the video but I don't have the patience so I watched the takeoff and landing. Are you a pilot?

  • Nanni1999
    Nanni19997 maanden geleden

    Hello squarel how can we climb more than 10thousand feet..bcoz tower only assign to 8000 ft everytime i fly with copilot on..

  • Money Heist
    Money Heist7 maanden geleden

    Just WOW 😮🔥❤️❤️

  • Calum Jones
    Calum Jones7 maanden geleden

    These videos are so chilled out and relaxing, especially before bed. I love the shots of you cruising with the music. Thank you

  • Alex
    Alex7 maanden geleden

    As a passenger, that would be a vomit-inducing flight

  • colcot50
    colcot507 maanden geleden

    You flew over my house on the right hand side as you picked ‘up the runway. Everything is quite accurate apart from BAMC was missing at the airport when you landed, used to work there on 747-400 and 777 maintenance

  • Pertev Dural
    Pertev Dural7 maanden geleden

    do you use a joytick or yoke?

  • IamGroot
    IamGroot7 maanden geleden

    Man, this game.... can't wait for my yoke to come in

  • K Buddy
    K Buddy7 maanden geleden

    After take-off, gear & flap retraction, REDUCE power to climb power (approx 90% N1 RPM). An aircraft reduces from take-off to climb power after gear & flaps retracted. This will get your speed under control, as well as less water & tear on engines. Airspeed can also be controlled by vertical speed (for aircraft without FMS). Happy Flying!

  • Дмитрий Волошин
    Дмитрий Волошин7 maanden geleden

    как его правильно скачать ?

  • jeffrey fitts
    jeffrey fitts7 maanden geleden

    TOGA on takeoff then climb mode

  • Richard Polak
    Richard Polak7 maanden geleden

    I think I’ve found a workaround for descending in VNAV mode. I set the spoilers to between 20 and 25% and the aircraft does then start to descend to the assigned altitude, but I have to keep the spoilers partially opened. Whether it follows the vertical speeds as per FMC I’m not sure but I guess it’s a start. Great video as always by the way. Loving your FS2020 series of flights and tutorials. 👍🏼

  • Akmal Ahmad
    Akmal Ahmad7 maanden geleden

    My eyes having orgazm from this sim.

  • Q. B
    Q. B7 maanden geleden

    Bro thank you for saying that its on game pass for pc cause i was going to have my gf buy it for me for my bday lmaoo

  • JimboUK1000
    JimboUK10007 maanden geleden

    22:48 Captain makes an announcement to the cabin. "Overspeed, Overspeed" bellows through the cabin. Mass panic in the cabin!

  • XLucaX
    XLucaX7 maanden geleden

    that was hell a Ryanair landing

  • Vexed Wave
    Vexed Wave7 maanden geleden

    0:42 its Wales, it's always horrible.

  • Siddhartha Shah
    Siddhartha Shah7 maanden geleden

    Excellent flying! Great video 👍

  • Seamus C-O
    Seamus C-O7 maanden geleden

    If you haven’t seen it yet, there are some great folks that are building an improved version of the default A320Neo, I believe they’ve currently got a good chunk of the Inop ECAM pages done and are workout out the last few there. If I recall they’re calling it the a320NX project. Definitely worth giving a go as it’s free and very easy to install onto the sim.

  • olipgre
    olipgre7 maanden geleden

    I just really miss the airport and going on 6 hour flights across the Atlantic.

  • Napoleon 1461
    Napoleon 14617 maanden geleden

    PILOT: Oh my god my legs goneeee 😭

  • Ceri Rust
    Ceri Rust7 maanden geleden

    I was going to get this but looks like i literally need to know how to fly a plane....

  • Dave Carsley

    Dave Carsley

    7 maanden geleden

    You don't. This guy has all the assists turned off. By default when you load it up, you just basically control throttle and pitch (the stick). It's extremely easy for even a dummy like me to get in the air (and land). It's great.

  • J A

    J A

    7 maanden geleden

    I just bought it and I'm loving it, and had no clue how to fly. But this game is decent teaching you the basics, and Squirrel has a great tutorial series

  • gibanica


    7 maanden geleden

    You have to know how to fly a plane. This is my first week of IFR And it's tough as hell It's nonsense to fly it like GTA. Hard or nothing

  • Martellus


    7 maanden geleden

    a mysterious viewer That’s what i wanted to hear. I just wanna sightsee in the game and fly the smaller planes

  • a mysterious viewer

    a mysterious viewer

    7 maanden geleden

    Don't worry, there's lots of options to completely customise your experience, all the way from passive observer to complete beginner to absolute pro. You can choose what to automate and what to do manually. It can be as simple as flying a plane in GTA or as complex as flying a real aircraft and everything in between, whatever you prefer.There's also a ton of tutorials to get familiar with the controls, displays, toggles, etc.

  • Young Welsh
    Young Welsh7 maanden geleden

    I live in Cardiff

  • 8Dimension
    8Dimension7 maanden geleden

    @14:48 that truck would just get hit by your wing easily :D

  • The Harlem Paper Boys Malibunightspublishing
    The Harlem Paper Boys Malibunightspublishing7 maanden geleden


  • AussieBloke21
    AussieBloke217 maanden geleden

    Can things go wrong in Msfs 2020 like a engine failure

  • AussieBloke21
    AussieBloke217 maanden geleden

    The airliners look awfully complicated

  • The Sleeping Dragon
    The Sleeping Dragon7 maanden geleden

    This guy low key flexing "Just going to put it into Manual"

  • lucidity910
    lucidity9107 maanden geleden

    I wonder if they included the faulty software that makes Boeings crash.

  • Bondiblu2
    Bondiblu27 maanden geleden

    Hi "Squirrel" thx for videos. Very informative. I followed your tutorial on camera work -- but nothing works -- apart from the defaults. Is this a known issue?

  • Neo Anderson
    Neo Anderson7 maanden geleden

    That landing. Ryanair pilot simulator?

  • ThatGingerGamer
    ThatGingerGamer7 maanden geleden

    Nice video! I have done a tour of Cardiff on my channel

  • Comte Roi
    Comte Roi7 maanden geleden

    Nice preview, but I definitely won't be getting this.

  • Marcus Naumann
    Marcus Naumann7 maanden geleden

    If I fly the A320 neo I just can fly about 355 speed. Is it possible to fly faster without getting the over speed warning?

  • Jay O
    Jay O7 maanden geleden

    Let's say you arrived at Heathrow and fuelled up etc how do I then set a GPS destination ie to Madrid via the instrument in the cockpit (A320)

    JUSTDAZR7 maanden geleden

    how long does it take to learn all of this? I've just got slight sim 2020 and I have an xbox controller because it was awful to control with keyboard, not investing in a hotas just yet. But I did play flight sim years ago when i was a kid, but havent done for ages, feels all new again. Wouldnt mind getting to the point of flying the airbus =D

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest7 maanden geleden

    why is going to fast a bad thing? I know nothing

  • Marco Zúñiga
    Marco Zúñiga7 maanden geleden

    This vid made me realize that I haven't got the slightest clue of what I'm doing in Flight Simulator, got tons to learn yet...

  • Rensome


    6 maanden geleden

    Yeah and its like searching for gold to find a good guide to doing stuff, and a lot of useful tools are behind a paywall.

  • Glenn Kamers
    Glenn Kamers7 maanden geleden

    so realistic

  • ken milsom
    ken milsom7 maanden geleden

    Getting to take off speed seems way too fast.

  • Useful Communication
    Useful Communication7 maanden geleden

    Seems like a very accurate simulation of an Airbus judging by the number of times you say something like, "What's it doing now?"

  • Marc W
    Marc W7 maanden geleden

    You kind of sound like Karl Pilkington 😂😂

  • Darren McEwen
    Darren McEwen7 maanden geleden

    I have the same issue with the rapid climb with the AP on. I’ve seen comments on here about the EXPED being activated causing that. I see the button for that but it doesn’t light up when I press it so how can I tell if I have it on during flight?

  • Joey c_yeet
    Joey c_yeet7 maanden geleden

    How are you getting such good frame rates I get max 70 FPS on an rtx 2070 and i7 9700k

  • Anand Nawalkar
    Anand Nawalkar7 maanden geleden

    Has anyone noticed this slow left right rocking motion while cruise phase. I have downloaded the game and even in the most clear and calm weather. The aircraft keep on rocking left and right as if it's a ship. I haven't experienced this annoying motion in a real aircraft ever.

  • Batur Musaoğulları
    Batur Musaoğulları7 maanden geleden

    Dear Squirrel, would the following pc specs work for good frame rates ? Can you please advise? PC Specs: CPU:Intel Core i9 9900K 3.60 Ghz, MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master 4266mhz(OC), GPU: MSI GeForce RTX2080Ti Gaming Z Trio 11GB GDDR6 352 Bit, RAM:Corsair 32GB(2x16) Vengeance LPX 3600mhz CL18 DDR4, SSD: Corsair 2TB MP600 Series Reading 4950MB-Writing 4250MB M2, Harddisk: Seagate 6TB Ironwolf Pro 256MB 7200rpm, Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro RGB 360 mm

  • Josh
    Josh7 maanden geleden

    This video game makes me feel like I need to go to school to learn how to play it properly. LOL

  • Andrew Burley
    Andrew Burley7 maanden geleden

    not gona lie sim games suck ever since train simulator i don’t bother with any of them

  • AviationSimulation


    5 maanden geleden

    Probably because you can't afford the specs for them.

  • fatalradius
    fatalradius7 maanden geleden

    Can you save the game mid flight?

  • Vince
    Vince7 maanden geleden

    Great video with captain commentary! Is the basic version sufficient or do you recommend the delux version?

  • Rajesh4cat
    Rajesh4cat7 maanden geleden

    Brilliant Video, I like it all feels real.