Ohtani with the perfect water bottle spray, a breakdown


#angels #whitesox #ohtani
The Angels beat the White Sox on a walk off home run from Jared Walsh in a wild game.
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  • mike odonnell
    mike odonnell14 uur geleden

    lower lip bite almost as rare as the teeth exposed walk off hr

  • Sand Box Sawyer
    Sand Box Sawyer2 dagen geleden

    Bro I’m my 13u league if we did this we would be running poles all practice

  • Mash709
    Mash7092 dagen geleden

    Of course it's Ohtani. What can't this guy do?

  • Gavir Gopal
    Gavir Gopal4 dagen geleden


  • Faded Sasquatch69
    Faded Sasquatch696 dagen geleden

    Walsh pimped out like Bigfoot.

  • Moon999
    Moon9999 dagen geleden

    Hey I was at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch that game

  • tminus543
    tminus5439 dagen geleden

    Jomboy, you're the best. Don't ever change.

  • Roman Kolar
    Roman Kolar9 dagen geleden

    Why do pitchers suck so bad at throwing balls that are hit to them?

  • Squeaz
    Squeaz9 dagen geleden

    The Angles are playing like when you try to let the other team catch up in a baseball videogame...

  • Andrew Huang
    Andrew Huang10 dagen geleden

    more errors than my little league game

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy10 dagen geleden

    Why are pitchers always so bad at throwing the ball lmao it's so ironic

    TORR TORR10 dagen geleden

    3:18 Finally, a strike for Ohtani.

  • big boi
    big boi11 dagen geleden

    I went to this game it was a close won I am a Angel's

  • thetigerbrother 0
    thetigerbrother 014 dagen geleden

    When the title says "a breakdown" All this I've been thinking it meant a breakdown/tantrum

  • K C
    K C16 dagen geleden

    This is like if every player of your Diamond Dynasty team is out of position.

  • Justin
    Justin19 dagen geleden

    I wish Jomboy was my dad.

  • Matilda Anderson
    Matilda Anderson20 dagen geleden

    I don't like baseball, but I love these videos! Keep them coming

  • DoodleMeister1
    DoodleMeister120 dagen geleden

    the angels played the 5th so horribly everyone forgot how to do their job 😂

  • LionHeartZ
    LionHeartZ20 dagen geleden

    I gotta say that's the type of pimp job that's got derek dietrich somewhere nodding in approval

  • Adam Waters
    Adam Waters22 dagen geleden

    Angles throwing the baseball around like a little league rec team...

  • vince digangi
    vince digangi22 dagen geleden

    A pitcher that can’t throw... hmm go figure

  • FR Visible
    FR Visible23 dagen geleden

    I was at that game...

  • Jonathan Riojas
    Jonathan Riojas24 dagen geleden

    So when Tatis swings on a 3-1 count, all Hell breaks looks. When Walsh does it, there’s no controversy?

  • Big Haüs
    Big Haüs24 dagen geleden

    Do the fucking trash can video with the Angels for the love of all that’s good! Fuck those cheaters, they stole a World Series from my Dodgers! For all fans of sports recap that video of the Angels fan throwing a trash can 🗑 on the field and came back to win the game HOU 6 @ ANA 7. What the fuck are you doing?! I thought you are suppose to recap this shit? Isn’t that your whole niche? Anyway hop to it... Shout out my World Series Champs and fuck the Giants. #TakeThoseRings

  • Lil Anorexic
    Lil Anorexic25 dagen geleden

    my first time seeing jomboy’s face

  • Pumpkin Hill
    Pumpkin Hill26 dagen geleden

    3:10 "Ohtani takes personal offense to that" Ohtani: =D

  • Old Ben
    Old Ben27 dagen geleden

    Pitchers cant throw the ball slow...its a fact

  • Derrik Bosse
    Derrik Bosse27 dagen geleden

    Angels were not in the outfield for this game.

  • Zeus
    Zeus27 dagen geleden

    You got to love Ohtani's over reaction to the helmet. No one else reacted

  • Bryce Hilt
    Bryce Hilt28 dagen geleden

    should change the title to "Ohtani money shot Walsh in the face"

  • Theo the Foot Washer
    Theo the Foot Washer28 dagen geleden

    do a breakdown on segura and acuna's quarrelsome relationship. it was brought to my attention after acuna choke jean tonight

  • Javi A
    Javi A29 dagen geleden

    God I love your channel

  • Matthew E. Joseph
    Matthew E. Joseph29 dagen geleden


  • JesseTheAquarius
    JesseTheAquarius29 dagen geleden

    The angels look terrible this year

  • Brandon Godoy
    Brandon Godoy29 dagen geleden

    Almost to 1mil

  • Zaesuperfly
    Zaesuperfly29 dagen geleden

    Can we just talk about how cute Shohei was skipping at 3:12 ☺️

  • Katzendaugs
    KatzendaugsMaand geleden

    The edits you've been doing bringing your face on at the end has resulted in a significant uptick in quality in your videos I didn't think you needed, but god damn if it isn't one of my favorite parts of your breakdowns now. Super funny.

  • Emory Daniel
    Emory DanielMaand geleden

    Not gonna lie. I don’t watch sportscenter or ESPN anymore. I just watch Jomboy

  • JoseMaGM
    JoseMaGMMaand geleden

    I don't even understand a 10% of what's going on (because I don't watch baseball). But I find these videos super entertaining

  • Tootspogs Forever
    Tootspogs ForeverMaand geleden

    "Ohtani takes personal offense to that....." camera pans to Ohtani's devious smile!!! 😀. perfect Jomboy!!!😁

  • Tsai Mike
    Tsai MikeMaand geleden

    3:07 almost knocks out Ohtani lol

  • Schweaty Balls
    Schweaty BallsMaand geleden

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  • дима дмитриев
    дима дмитриевMaand geleden

    The receptive detail ordinarily part because effect disappointedly employ before a groovy shrimp. alcoholic, grumpy birch

  • Jake Hobson
    Jake HobsonMaand geleden

    Just sayin I’ve been here since 13k

  • Jack McKillop
    Jack McKillopMaand geleden

    Is it me or Jared Walsh swings like Eric Hosmer

  • calical
    calicalMaand geleden

    This is such high quality content it’s insane

  • Tootspogs Forever

    Tootspogs Forever

    Maand geleden

    and the replays and angles on the editing is indeed insane😁. great vid by JB!!!

  • Rest In Peace Kobe 24
    Rest In Peace Kobe 24Maand geleden

    No one gonna talk about him walking out of the batters box and out of the lane cause he thought it was gonna be an out??? 😂

  • Mike Sannitti
    Mike SannittiMaand geleden

    "Trout gets out." The default best player in the game still can't even make an appearance in an extensive breakdown of his team's wild victory.

  • Googie Gress
    Googie GressMaand geleden

    Can we get leaguewide stats on water bottle sprayings?

  • Joe Thompson
    Joe ThompsonMaand geleden

    Hi octane misplays. The best kind of base ball.

  • Dan pierce
    Dan pierceMaand geleden

    The pitchers get paid millions of dollars to miss their target and give the fans free baseballs.

  • Clyde Cromey
    Clyde CromeyMaand geleden

    Baseball is boring and they have the dumbest unwritten rules...but these breakdowns are cool

  • stekhouse
    stekhouseMaand geleden

    Ohtani has 80 control with bottled water

  • Tama Toa
    Tama ToaMaand geleden

    This is professional baseball right?

  • Beatriz Hurst
    Beatriz HurstMaand geleden

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  • Greg Castillo
    Greg CastilloMaand geleden

    Ohtani's awareness is a bit concerning. He's lucky he was barreled over on the previous play, then thinks jumping above home plate is a good idea? No good

  • Ramsey Beef Wellington
    Ramsey Beef WellingtonMaand geleden

    Hey I remember that game. I know that cause I went to Los Angeles to see it.

  • Matt Miller
    Matt MillerMaand geleden

    Great breakdowns, very funny. Instant regret, ohhh noooooo (1:42)

  • David Loera
    David LoeraMaand geleden

    MLB is already dead

  • Michael J
    Michael JMaand geleden

    Holy shit 😯

  • drishy85
    drishy85Maand geleden

    Sounds like this was a fun one to watch

  • Assassynth
    AssassynthMaand geleden

    You look at that and sometimes you say to yourself , Rigged. They all forgot how to throw a ball at the same time and all have a mental breakdown

  • M M
    M MMaand geleden

    Evry nite I pray to Jeebus that ESPN (Every Story Pimps NBA) will pick up Jomboy for SC. Pleeze, Jeebus!

  • BASEBALL STAR Mixes 27
    BASEBALL STAR Mixes 27Maand geleden

    I've never seen so many crappy throws

  • Dannielle Espinoza
    Dannielle EspinozaMaand geleden

    The commentary 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bong Jovi
    Bong JoviMaand geleden

    Floppy arms walk-off has to be the best thing I've seen in baseball ever

  • Dave Little
    Dave LittleMaand geleden

    If Walsh did the helmet flip to Princess Yadi, Yadi would whine and pick a fight and get Walsh suspended.

  • peyton martell
    peyton martellMaand geleden

    i really wanna hear jomboy announce at a MLB baseball game, i feel like he could bring life into a really boring game honestly

  • John doe
    John doeMaand geleden

    Imagine being paid millions of dollars to play baseball, and not being able to make a simple accurate throw from the pitcher's mound to third base.

  • Tyler Rehkopf
    Tyler RehkopfMaand geleden

    I don't understand, does the mlb even have a marketing team? Ohtani would be all over the shows on tv if he was in nba or nfl

  • michael dakota
    michael dakotaMaand geleden

    “Lil bite that lower lip” lmaooo

  • Ryan Ridout
    Ryan RidoutMaand geleden

    Iglesias can’t throw over to first second or third to save his life

  • Matt Clements
    Matt ClementsMaand geleden

    Hilarious! Your channel is awesome!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Julian Merchant
    Julian MerchantMaand geleden

    Angels: please take this game, old chap Sox: No, we insist you win this one, old sport

  • Travis Sorenson
    Travis SorensonMaand geleden

    Pitchers look like the '06 Tigers in the WS with those errors.

  • Ryan Phillips
    Ryan PhillipsMaand geleden

    disembodied jomboy head was my Favorite part of the whole vid

  • john D
    john DMaand geleden

    too bad mlb is now a bunch of political hax. no more money from me, mlb. gl with your new fan base. lol

  • marmar Blt
    marmar BltMaand geleden

    Lmao Jomboy bubble

  • No Name
    No NameMaand geleden

    My favorite part is when you narrarate the non-players

  • Brian
    BrianMaand geleden

    This was hard to watch

  • Benjamin Voegele
    Benjamin VoegeleMaand geleden

    I was supposed to go the game on Friday but got sick. The whole series was really entertaining

  • Unamed Unamed
    Unamed UnamedMaand geleden

    people watch baseball

  • Sir Zoidberg
    Sir ZoidbergMaand geleden

    it's the 3617261 baseball video of yours, i watched... and still so many questions about this sport

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis DemitriusMaand geleden

    How are pitchers this bad at throwing?!?!

  • TheDreamBlog
    TheDreamBlogMaand geleden

    Those Japanese know how to squirt

  • fooglez
    fooglezMaand geleden

    Someone explain to me, knowing nothing about baseball, how the pitchers suck so bad at growing the ball normally? Aren’t they the best ball throwers on the team?

  • Raymond Familia
    Raymond FamiliaMaand geleden

    Walsh too cover the -0.5

  • Ko Powell
    Ko PowellMaand geleden

    PFP’s next day off

  • Cole The Legend
    Cole The LegendMaand geleden

    This looked like my coach pitch team

  • Mike t
    Mike tMaand geleden

    Ohtani is just the best at everything

  • Stu Squantch
    Stu SquantchMaand geleden

    Jomboy is effing hilarious.

  • brooklynboi11207
    brooklynboi11207Maand geleden

    Reminds me of my little league days

  • The Big Gooch
    The Big GoochMaand geleden

    Accurate with a water bottle but not the baseball, classic human.

  • Vasant Balraj
    Vasant BalrajMaand geleden

    the first step after the hit...good lawd 2:41

  • Tony G
    Tony GMaand geleden

    Boycott the MLB and NBA and NFL and All the Corporate Clowns for selling out to China. Clowns need to stay out of our Elections. MLB, you're Racist

  • Tajh
    TajhMaand geleden

    It’s the “ohhhh noooooo” for me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Petter Tran
    Petter TranMaand geleden

    The jagged chill clasically tie because magazine surprisingly mine than a wild aluminum. decisive, colorful doubt

  • Dillon Senga
    Dillon SengaMaand geleden

    do you work for the score

  • Dominic Perez
    Dominic PerezMaand geleden

    This my first time seeing your channel and let me tell you this was funny as hell!! Definitely subbed!!

  • Gregg Mhire
    Gregg MhireMaand geleden