NBA "What Just Happened?!" Moments


  • Andy Guzman
    Andy Guzman2 uur geleden

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  • Johnathan Lee
    Johnathan Lee8 uur geleden

    3:18 tf mmaooo

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia10 uur geleden

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  • Dream
    Dream19 uur geleden

    "And There Gonna Use There 24- Oh That's A Posin ' Ah-." 0:42 😂😅😂

  • Keval Patel
    Keval PatelDag geleden

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  • Freddy Harmison
    Freddy HarmisonDag geleden

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  • SirAust
    SirAustDag geleden

    Bro what how is it on JR smith lol, george hill is so bad that he missed the game winning free throw

  • Sean Pule
    Sean PuleDag geleden

    1:13 Coach's face got me deadddddd.

  • Hype ShoeCooking
    Hype ShoeCooking2 dagen geleden

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  • rize
    rize2 dagen geleden

    for that day til now tucker became champ LOL

  • we tube
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  • Netty Flix
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  • Yiğit Akıncı
    Yiğit Akıncı3 dagen geleden

    3:57 my favourite

  • crysto.
    crysto.3 dagen geleden

    0:11 I saw kuroko that was kuroko

  • ines marte
    ines marte4 dagen geleden

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  • anthony Murgolo
    anthony Murgolo4 dagen geleden

    Is no one talking about the commentator that said the N-word

  • Silvia Stroman
    Silvia Stroman4 dagen geleden

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  • Artjom A-yan
    Artjom A-yan5 dagen geleden

    1:46 sweeet

  • Ely Farkas
    Ely Farkas5 dagen geleden

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  • Zina Addison
    Zina Addison5 dagen geleden

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  • HUJAMBO Korodani
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  • waterman stonebrake
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  • Anthony Arcuri
    Anthony Arcuri6 dagen geleden

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  • Antoni Landolfi
    Antoni Landolfi7 dagen geleden

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  • Arnel Ferriol
    Arnel Ferriol7 dagen geleden

    Remember when the suns were the weakest team in 2019 and 2018 and 2017?

  • Flamezz with BANKAI
    Flamezz with BANKAI7 dagen geleden

    0:21 the lebron tki tok sound

  • christopher vasquez
    christopher vasquez7 dagen geleden

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  • Roberts Reiter
    Roberts Reiter7 dagen geleden

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  • Matrix Esee
    Matrix Esee7 dagen geleden

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    Nelia Burkhalter7 dagen geleden

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  • SVM 935

    SVM 935

    20 uur geleden


  • fad Aaab
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  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos8 dagen geleden

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  • Blake Sfaee
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  • Saira Dominguez
    Saira Dominguez8 dagen geleden

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  • Allin Matarrita
    Allin Matarrita8 dagen geleden

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  • 곽치영
    곽치영8 dagen geleden

    6:39 almost 4 pts

  • Eric Pereira
    Eric Pereira8 dagen geleden

    I don't play basketball so to me the whole video is "what is happening" xD

  • Go Ahead Make My Day
    Go Ahead Make My Day9 dagen geleden

    this shows that they are so bored of playing basketball, I bet they've love to play on a beach court.

  • Dave Zach
    Dave Zach9 dagen geleden

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  • Boki
    Boki9 dagen geleden

    I tried to PM you on twitter, I would like to know how you got in touch with BBTV, may I email you ?

  • Hui Lin Chen
    Hui Lin Chen10 dagen geleden

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  • amaury
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  • Lemao
    Lemao10 dagen geleden

    0:51 gordon was like: *bruhhhh*

  • allena torres
    allena torres10 dagen geleden

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  • kayqui nunes Gomes
    kayqui nunes Gomes10 dagen geleden

    Foi por sorte q o LeBron ganhou

  • Ced Burner
    Ced Burner10 dagen geleden

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  • YxngLion Prod
    YxngLion Prod10 dagen geleden

    Drums are going nice on here

  • Yugi Gojo
    Yugi Gojo11 dagen geleden

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  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina Nguyen11 dagen geleden

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  • Sergey Iz
    Sergey Iz11 dagen geleden

    veryyyyy gud

  • Edvards Smits
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  • DRoyal
    DRoyal12 dagen geleden

    These are awesome!!!!

  • Swingggy
    Swingggy12 dagen geleden

    You missed OG 0.7 sec buzzer beater vs boston in the bubble

  • Ijie Tolentino
    Ijie Tolentino12 dagen geleden

    i dont play basketball, why didnt they think they could touch it?

  • Ced Trash
    Ced Trash13 dagen geleden

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  • Romeo Vitalista
    Romeo Vitalista14 dagen geleden

    7:39 fake loss ball was absurd.

  • Lucas Sykes
    Lucas Sykes14 dagen geleden

    Tyler ulis game winner was in 2016

  • Frizzy Drazzy
    Frizzy Drazzy14 dagen geleden

    Jesus Loves Yall, Repent🙏🤍

  • Fuzz Brain
    Fuzz Brain15 dagen geleden

    Dirk is like a hundred feet tall, why were people losing their shit at him dunking lol

  • Fuzz Brain

    Fuzz Brain

    12 dagen geleden

    @ItsNotNate fair enough

  • ItsNotNate


    12 dagen geleden

    He was one of the most loved players in the league, it’s like seeing tacko or Caruso dunk

  • norma elena mata zamudio
    norma elena mata zamudio15 dagen geleden

    9:30 wow

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin15 dagen geleden

    5:55 ig?

  • MartyMcflyguy
    MartyMcflyguy15 dagen geleden

    That PJ tucker one always gets me 😂😂😭😭

  • Billal V
    Billal V15 dagen geleden

    1:01 doncic surprised ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? he smacked sexton's balls ? man get tf out the court

  • ricco jaimes
    ricco jaimes16 dagen geleden

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  • Erik Čebokli
    Erik Čebokli16 dagen geleden

    2:50 - freeze the video at that time - what the hell?? The dude literally jumped over the roof.

  • Kacy Schiano
    Kacy Schiano16 dagen geleden

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  • Brian A
    Brian A16 dagen geleden

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    Solomon Killeen17 dagen geleden

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    Georgia Mendez17 dagen geleden

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    Wells Lilly17 dagen geleden

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  • Booty Nigga
    Booty Nigga17 dagen geleden

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  • why do i have this account
    why do i have this account17 dagen geleden

    Should’ve added the .8 sec buzzer beater by og

  • Ian Rogers
    Ian Rogers18 dagen geleden

    Old German Dunk 🤘🙌

  • Kristina Garza
    Kristina Garza18 dagen geleden

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  • Jeni Xavier
    Jeni Xavier18 dagen geleden

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    Alvarez KENNY18 dagen geleden

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    CHARLES ABARQUEZ19 dagen geleden


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    John Smith19 dagen geleden

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    Jeru jognson19 dagen geleden

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    Lonny Winstead19 dagen geleden

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    Святозар Пупкин19 dagen geleden

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  • Yolo Boy
    Yolo Boy19 dagen geleden

    Repent and get right with God before it’s too late, Transfer your trust from yourself to the SAVIOR

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    Eulalia Ondricka20 dagen geleden

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    Ez Hertzberg20 dagen geleden

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    Ced Burner20 dagen geleden

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    Fannie Molloy21 dag geleden

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  • Mekhi Jordon
    Mekhi Jordon21 dag geleden

    that man Ferguson flew

  • king
    king21 dag geleden

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly22 dagen geleden

    "Someone call someone cause there's a clean up on Isle 3". No. Call 911 cause someone got their ankles broken

  • newsfan139


    20 dagen geleden

    Nah, someone call his mom because he's going to need a ride home after going through that.

  • Masum Billah
    Masum Billah22 dagen geleden

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  • RubeAxe
    RubeAxe22 dagen geleden

    It’ makes me laugh when everyone squats when it’s about to go in

  • David Zeidan
    David Zeidan22 dagen geleden

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    Gene Kwak22 dagen geleden

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    杨伟平23 dagen geleden

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    Sara Coleman23 dagen geleden

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