NBA "Most Impossible" Moments


  • Леонид Антонов
    Леонид Антонов11 uur geleden

    3:14 этим всё сказано

  • esteban collazo
    esteban collazo12 uur geleden

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  • brandon
    brandon12 uur geleden

    is 1:30 “impossible” cause the timberwolves won the game?

  • Ashley_Skyy
    Ashley_SkyyDag geleden

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  • Satiwa
    Satiwa3 dagen geleden

    some of them is normal but damn son! the others are incredible

  • Kirk Findley
    Kirk Findley4 dagen geleden

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  • Mono the thin man
    Mono the thin man4 dagen geleden

    2:03 i made the ball even stuck on where the ball almost got stuck on SOMEHOW

  • Djordeny Jean
    Djordeny Jean5 dagen geleden

    11:04 bro its so funny how they are just screaming in Kevin Durant's face at the top of their lungs

  • Djordeny Jean
    Djordeny Jean5 dagen geleden

    When NBA players are celebrating they hit each other so much that you would think its just a big fight

  • John Paul Visto
    John Paul Visto6 dagen geleden

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  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar7 dagen geleden

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  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez7 dagen geleden

    Did you hear that " the come back kids from Colorado" bet

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon8 dagen geleden

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  • Butler Petrizzo
    Butler Petrizzo8 dagen geleden

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  • Gayle Coleman
    Gayle Coleman8 dagen geleden

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  • Yolanda Shikers
    Yolanda Shikers8 dagen geleden

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  • Goose Shid
    Goose Shid8 dagen geleden

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  • Martin Khimera
    Martin Khimera9 dagen geleden

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  • Kevin Alan
    Kevin Alan9 dagen geleden

    Nice shot at 00:19 but that's a travel.

  • bradly cooper
    bradly cooper10 dagen geleden

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  • s&s cars
    s&s cars11 dagen geleden

    Always James hurdan is super

  • Chris Jefferson
    Chris Jefferson12 dagen geleden


  • Bochock Sansaet
    Bochock Sansaet12 dagen geleden

    dito ko maalala ung comeback ng Ginebra sa PBA nung 1999 ee XD

  • Marco
    Marco12 dagen geleden

    Most impossible moments includes missed shots???

  • Srishti hehe
    Srishti hehe13 dagen geleden

    I don’t know a thing about basketball, but this is so entertaining

  • Judee Marco
    Judee Marco13 dagen geleden

    Why do this dude always add 1:05

  • BM crush gaming
    BM crush gaming13 dagen geleden

    7:49 the announcer is. A mavs fan

  • Frizzy Drazzy
    Frizzy Drazzy14 dagen geleden

    Jesus Loves Yall and is the way to Everlasting Life 🤍

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller14 dagen geleden

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  • hermy
    hermy15 dagen geleden

    3:13 buy a pair of jordans, get a jordan's skill free

  • NBA2 K gameplay
    NBA2 K gameplay16 dagen geleden

    5:08 it’s Stephen that would never almost impossible

  • WarZinG
    WarZinG16 dagen geleden


  • Tai Huynh
    Tai Huynh16 dagen geleden

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    DOOTSCOOT16 dagen geleden

    They forgot harden and LEBRON game winners in gsw home. Those are legendary three point game winners. How u forget those

  • Milton Harper
    Milton Harper17 dagen geleden

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  • mary smith
    mary smith17 dagen geleden

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  • Cunning_Club_391
    Cunning_Club_39118 dagen geleden

    Half of the buzzer beaters are away. I wanna hear the crowd’s hype

  • Tony Gozina
    Tony Gozina18 dagen geleden

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  • Drowz
    Drowz19 dagen geleden


  • eagsdgsg dsfsets
    eagsdgsg dsfsets20 dagen geleden

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  • Vlady Antonio Garay Leyva #14 2-B
    Vlady Antonio Garay Leyva #14 2-B20 dagen geleden

    3:17 el meteor jam de kagami de kuroko no basket

  • Chilli_boy07 TV
    Chilli_boy07 TV20 dagen geleden

    1:10 u can see at the scoreboard it said end of regulation but when kawhi made it they just put it at final lol they thought he will miss

  • Marlene Williams
    Marlene Williams21 dag geleden

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  • Jimmy Darby
    Jimmy Darby21 dag geleden

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  • Nomer gaming
    Nomer gaming23 dagen geleden

    11:05 I like how green and curry is shouting and Durant is just like :/

  • Yolo Boy
    Yolo Boy23 dagen geleden

    Repent and get right with GOD before it’s too late, Transfer your trust from yourself to the Savior

  • LegitCool Gaming
    LegitCool Gaming24 dagen geleden

    The Russ one I cried I was so happy he got his 42nd triple double, broke the record for most triple doubles in a season, and a buzzer beater to win the game

  • King JuLs
    King JuLs26 dagen geleden

    Bossing pashoutout kay Patricia Gaylle Mendoza.

  • Huang Jack
    Huang Jack26 dagen geleden

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  • 武蔵 門
    武蔵 門27 dagen geleden

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  • Udzi3
    Udzi327 dagen geleden

    This got recommended after Clint Capela’s shot yesterday 👏

  • Ethereum Chan
    Ethereum Chan27 dagen geleden

    so is no one gonna talk about the coach that looks like he has crooked teeth in the thumbnail?

  • 武蔵 門
    武蔵 門28 dagen geleden

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  • Mason Nguyen
    Mason Nguyen28 dagen geleden

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    Huang Jack28 dagen geleden

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  • Julianver macaraig
    Julianver macaraig29 dagen geleden

    So koll

  • Julianver macaraig
    Julianver macaraig29 dagen geleden


  • Young Harp
    Young Harp29 dagen geleden

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  • Dawson DeBrusk
    Dawson DeBrusk29 dagen geleden

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  • John Cena
    John CenaMaand geleden

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  • Precise plays roblox
    Precise plays robloxMaand geleden

    Bruh this never happens to me shm😑🏀

  • Rxiden
    RxidenMaand geleden

    WAIT STOP Jesus died on the cross for you turn to God before it’s to late.

  • Alguém qualquer
    Alguém qualquerMaand geleden

    LeBron doens't know the meaning of the word impossible hahaha a real monster and for me the best player of ALL TIME

  • Alguém qualquer

    Alguém qualquer

    28 dagen geleden

    @Luke "FOR ME"

  • Luke


    29 dagen geleden

    No no no and no

  • Craft
    CraftMaand geleden

    2:20 I watched this when in 2018 playoffs when I started watching basketball and man I was so pissed my raptors missed all of those shots. But then again, I didn't care after a few days because I wasn't like a super basketball fan.

  • Huang Jack
    Huang JackMaand geleden

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  • Arnel Mortel
    Arnel MortelMaand geleden


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    joe steinerMaand geleden

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    Malina BewasMaand geleden

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  • ㅇㅇㅇㅇ
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  • MrTwenty20video
    MrTwenty20videoMaand geleden

    Nice compilation! 😎

  • Belinda Myers
    Belinda MyersMaand geleden

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  • Tate Ihuhwa

    Tate Ihuhwa

    Maand geleden

    This makes no fucking sense😂

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    Austin BerryMaand geleden

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  • Lucille Kelly
    Lucille KellyMaand geleden

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  • Mason F
    Mason FMaand geleden

    3:19 a air jordan

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking ParkerMaand geleden

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    Cleta AustinMaand geleden

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  • Jake Crichton
    Jake CrichtonMaand geleden

    Jesus is Lord Believe in Him the Son of God awesome vid

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    papui budooMaand geleden

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    Diana DavisMaand geleden

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    Footsite SneakstwoMaand geleden

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  • Islam Allahveisi _ اسلام اللە‌ويسي
    Islam Allahveisi _ اسلام اللە‌ويسيMaand geleden

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    zas nmjMaand geleden

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    Anthony PhungMaand geleden

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    Matrix EseeMaand geleden

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    Jeff brewerMaand geleden

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  • David Taivairanga
    David TaivairangaMaand geleden

    0:34 How did that shot even count? ain't that a back court violation right there? The shot was cool but that little situation there man, that can't have counted. smh

  • David Taivairanga

    David Taivairanga

    26 dagen geleden

    @thedudeguy121 oosh my bad I forgot dat actually counts true tho. Shots g, I totally forgot bout that haha

  • thedudeguy121


    Maand geleden

    Backcourt Violations (Rule 9-12.5) - This rule states that “A pass or any other loose ball in the. front court that is deflected by a defensive player, which causes the ball to go into the backcourt. may be recovered by either team even if the offense was last to touch the ball before it went into. the backcourt.”

  • Dorian Dajka
    Dorian DajkaMaand geleden

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    Tai HuynhMaand geleden

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  • Ockins
    OckinsMaand geleden

    the Kawhi impossible shot was lit

  • furei gogao
    furei gogaoMaand geleden

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