NBA "999 IQ" MOMENTS showcases some of the smartest plays in NBA History. It includes players such as LeBron James, Chris Paul, LaMelo Ball, Stephen Curry and many more basketball geniuses!

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  • KingSwish
    KingSwishMaand geleden

    Who is your guys' favourite player in The NBA 🤔

  • Legend


    21 uur geleden


  • Mihailo Pasic

    Mihailo Pasic

    2 dagen geleden


  • Minitunen3D


    2 dagen geleden


  • Arda


    2 dagen geleden

    Furkan korkmaaaaaaaaz

  • Vivan Nigam

    Vivan Nigam

    2 dagen geleden


  • Life Talks
    Life Talks4 uur geleden

    So, every full court pass is 999+ iq.. ight!

  • Ryan Ericson
    Ryan Ericson5 uur geleden

    0:22 nice to know you're a bronsexual this didn't fake anyone out bruh

  • Ashford
    Ashford2 dagen geleden

    is it just me or ben looks like kyle

  • onidemoni
    onidemoni3 dagen geleden

    Disgusted by how little cp3 plays there are in this. If i think about a smart player its cp3 and that one play that was in there was not even good lol he does plays like that 5 times a game like what

  • Lorenzo Paul
    Lorenzo Paul3 dagen geleden

    Damn CP3 in the thumbnail but no clips???

  • Jameel Batarseh
    Jameel Batarseh4 dagen geleden

    Most of these are just flashy passes not IQ plays

  • JDeLorenzo D
    JDeLorenzo D5 dagen geleden

    2:55 worst uniforms ever?

  • BankShot BasketBall
    BankShot BasketBall5 dagen geleden

  • simp
    simp5 dagen geleden

    0:01 who also thought that it got blocked?

  • Davyd Lima
    Davyd Lima6 dagen geleden

    4:33 Jesus... He gave this pass with desgust

  • The Tiger Den Podcast
    The Tiger Den Podcast6 dagen geleden

    3 mins in and less than half of these clips are what i'd call high IQ moments. i mean some definitely are, but, weird choices bro.

  • Wilor360
    Wilor3606 dagen geleden

    999+ IQ

  • Jerome Robinson
    Jerome Robinson7 dagen geleden

    7:14 how is that 999 IQ it's literally just a pass lol

  • Scarrexisreal
    Scarrexisreal7 dagen geleden

    I'm gonna say it. LaMelo's spin wasn't that impressive.

  • SτellRאツ
    SτellRאツ7 dagen geleden

    why after watch this i destroyed my friends who block all my shots on 3 vs 1 i do what i waanted to do with them: All types of dunks, Almost all type of layups, Jumpshots, Threes we were playing to 150 points idk why.

  • Dioris Isaac Peña mateo
    Dioris Isaac Peña mateo7 dagen geleden

    esto es una mierda

  • sloppystreamer
    sloppystreamer8 dagen geleden

    man if i hear one more toxic poop ad ima loose it

  • John Arvan Ablen
    John Arvan Ablen8 dagen geleden

    Campazzo’s vision 🥶

  • Drew Coleman
    Drew Coleman8 dagen geleden

    Jamal Murray literally did the 2k spin back

  • Mario Decierra
    Mario Decierra12 dagen geleden

    I've already watched 80% of the content from your previous videos

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan12 dagen geleden

    All of these plays in NBA r AWESOME.

  • Rega Ton
    Rega Ton12 dagen geleden

    3:07 me fake dying in front of a school shooter

  • Cristopher Palma
    Cristopher Palma13 dagen geleden

    3:07 😂

  • -Maxten
    -Maxten13 dagen geleden

    4:00 draymond cant shoot so i literally thought it was gonna be a fake shot to actual pass lmaoo

  • First Wave

    First Wave

    10 dagen geleden

    He can make some

  • -Maxten
    -Maxten13 dagen geleden

    3:10 i first saw paul pierce do that, good move

  • truth truth
    truth truth14 dagen geleden

    Where is Nikola Jokić? his basketball IQ is probably the best in NBA

  • Kapci Yunus
    Kapci Yunus14 dagen geleden

    For me the best player is lebron

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey14 dagen geleden

    Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ..

  • Dimljeni losos
    Dimljeni losos15 dagen geleden

    It hurts me to see no assists from Milos Teodosic

  • Will Woods
    Will Woods16 dagen geleden

    man i dont like Trae Young all that much, but he does some things here and there that are alright

  • James McAllister

    James McAllister

    14 dagen geleden

    looks like his team has a good chance to win a playoff series this year

  • Zidane F
    Zidane F16 dagen geleden

    no one has ever had even 300 iq if those guys could read they would be upset

  • breme
    breme16 dagen geleden

    Bruh that first play I thought Luka got blocked LMAO

    MARQUISE X ELLIS17 dagen geleden

    I mean come on. Who has better iq than westbroo- -Lebron walks in What was I saying?

  • Balto J
    Balto J17 dagen geleden


  • Jay X.
    Jay X.17 dagen geleden

    2:26 that's actually a travel

  • JasTheKariol
    JasTheKariol17 dagen geleden

    If you want to see above "999 IQ" go look for a video with Ginobili's passes.

  • LLight
    LLight17 dagen geleden

    There is a lot of players that i like

  • LLight
    LLight17 dagen geleden

    Trae young or Blake griffin or buddy heild idk

    SADIE ROMENS17 dagen geleden

    I love how when there Faked out they don’t even try to block the ball or when they pass out to the three point line the defense just stays where they are

  • coco
    coco18 dagen geleden

    When you have a low iq everything looks high iq

  • Ivan P.T
    Ivan P.T19 dagen geleden

    this video is disrespectful to russell westbrook. Only one highlight showcased in the video smh

  • Rhyllie Albania
    Rhyllie Albania19 dagen geleden

    7:18 Dunk & Catch

  • Konstantin Gots
    Konstantin Gots19 dagen geleden

    It’s tricky, no look passes Nothing about IQ

  • Scenico Studio
    Scenico Studio20 dagen geleden

    This isn't as much high IQ plays as it is extremely athletic plays.

  • King Kwam
    King Kwam20 dagen geleden

    someone did that to me thinking they're so good but then when they ran across the court to go for a layup i got the chasedown block

  • 1458 MAMA
    1458 MAMA20 dagen geleden

    That's done cheese

  • César Dumur
    César Dumur20 dagen geleden

    that's at least 255331253 IQ

  • 00cool11
    00cool1120 dagen geleden

    poveri americani

  • Max Thweatt
    Max Thweatt20 dagen geleden

    i’m watching this with 999k views

  • Joseph Adinya
    Joseph Adinya20 dagen geleden

    I so love basketball

  • serenitydrummer
    serenitydrummer21 dag geleden

    How are you gonna do a high IQ moments video and not include anything from Manu Ginobili?

  • Aram Sarkisyan

    Aram Sarkisyan

    2 dagen geleden

    I guess that's a video work more recent plays

  • Pim Warga
    Pim Warga21 dag geleden

    Plumlee lowkey a dimer

  • Jackir Erioa
    Jackir Erioa21 dag geleden

    missing abotu half of jokics career

  • xc z
    xc z21 dag geleden

    I am from Taiwan.

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L22 dagen geleden

    more like "flashy passes"

  • icydaddy
    icydaddy22 dagen geleden

    "he doesn't see it he feels it" couldnt of said it better

  • Marta alves
    Marta alves22 dagen geleden

    Lebrom is Albert Einstein of basket hahaha

  • Switch out
    Switch out22 dagen geleden

    3:36 listen carefully and u will hear someone say fuck

  • H G
    H G23 dagen geleden

    la melo overrated af with that clown spin just the fake shot would be enought what a clown ballet dancer

  • Bucks
    Bucks23 dagen geleden

    9:45 AYO they gotta be sayin shit like this on purpose

  • Seven4life
    Seven4life23 dagen geleden

    the person who says random shit over these games just said "he really does have a good stroke, and he gets it up quick." i know he is talking about basketball, but why the fuck is his mind so virgin?

  • Seven4life
    Seven4life23 dagen geleden

    1:45 thats a FOUL. he hit stephs tricep which caused him to miss the handle. what bullshit that is

  • Bryson Reed
    Bryson Reed24 dagen geleden

    Jesus loves you and is always there for you have faith in him

  • fortnite oronge justice
    fortnite oronge justice25 dagen geleden

    Wen devin booker made that play it sounded like the swish happens before the swish

  • Sleep Well
    Sleep Well25 dagen geleden

  • Garrett Dawson
    Garrett Dawson26 dagen geleden

    5:19 underrated play

  • Tobias Harpur
    Tobias Harpur26 dagen geleden

    High IQ plays in basketball look like regular soccer plays

  • Smart Moves
    Smart Moves26 dagen geleden

    You missed the best one kawhis no look steal

  • Gerald Andaya
    Gerald Andaya26 dagen geleden

    World record 900 iq....

  • Suprxme Meme
    Suprxme Meme27 dagen geleden

    Half of these are just lucky passes

  • Parker
    Parker27 dagen geleden

    LeBron slowly circled the ball around himself and passed it to a wide open Kuz in the corner because of terrible defense. Nobody was faked out. It's the right pass, but where's the 999+ IQ? I coulda made that play lol

  • Kevin Mantilla
    Kevin Mantilla27 dagen geleden

    luka MAGIC

  • Sam
    Sam27 dagen geleden

    Get well soon Jamal

  • Guitarisforgrins
    Guitarisforgrins27 dagen geleden

    0:27 offensive foul

  • prod. Hammy Sosa
    prod. Hammy Sosa27 dagen geleden

    nah Luka is a wizard with that shot fake / super smooth assist behind his head. that boy was created in a lab confirmed lol

  • Mythic LCK
    Mythic LCK27 dagen geleden

    Kawhi Leonard

  • Ignacio Vincenti
    Ignacio Vincenti27 dagen geleden

    ARGENTINA ARGENTINA, vamos Facuuuu

  • LilChedda
    LilChedda27 dagen geleden

    3:59 why did he the announcer say curry in an indian accent lol.

  • SomeNewJonas
    SomeNewJonas27 dagen geleden

    These are cool. But a more fitting title would be "tricky NBA plays from 2018-2021. Don't expect to see geniuses like Pete Maravich, Manu Ginobli or Magic Johnson here because...well...I wasn't born yet."

  • Senju
    Senju28 dagen geleden

    This is why I love the game of basketball

  • Rediet T
    Rediet T28 dagen geleden


  • Victor V
    Victor V28 dagen geleden

    1:35 Curry aint lose that dribble lmao thats a foul

  • Kao
    Kao28 dagen geleden

    6:18 fakku

  • Janis Vaitkuns
    Janis Vaitkuns28 dagen geleden

    In passes, I see Jason Williams at all! JW the Best!

  • ViniloEnfermos


    26 dagen geleden

    That's what I was about to comment.

  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams28 dagen geleden

    Lebron looked like that bodybuilder dude playing pickup that surprises the shit outta everyone

  • Rami Crack
    Rami Crack28 dagen geleden


  • carlsong643
    carlsong64328 dagen geleden

    Creative passes = 5head apparently

  • MyDreamIsToTravelTheWorld
    MyDreamIsToTravelTheWorld28 dagen geleden


  • DrZebra
    DrZebra28 dagen geleden

    Overall terrible picks for 999 IQ moments. Maybe 10% of these clips qualify.

  • Hillary Mathers

    Hillary Mathers

    15 dagen geleden

    Was about to say that..exactly my point.

  • RockWei
    RockWei28 dagen geleden

    Mason Plumlee is hell of a good player

  • Demi Owoeye
    Demi Owoeye28 dagen geleden

    make* not naje

  • Demi Owoeye
    Demi Owoeye28 dagen geleden

    They naje baskbetball looks so easy my favourite basketball player is John Wall

  • Big Big
    Big Big28 dagen geleden

    He has a nice stroke and he gets it up quick

  • not brennan
    not brennan29 dagen geleden

    9:44 is it just me of does it sound like........ never mind

  • Tyler Hernandez
    Tyler Hernandez29 dagen geleden

    I though Luka got blocked xd

  • IronMayne99
    IronMayne9929 dagen geleden

    Regular announcer: "So and So pulls a jumper, it's good!" Hornets cracked out announcers: "IT'S A LAYUP! IT GOES IN! IT GOES IN! WOOOOOW WHAT AN AMAZING PLAYYYYOHHHHMYGAWWWWWWWD HORNETS UP 7 TO 5 WITH 11 MINUTES TO GO IN THE FIRST HOLYMOLYYYYYYY!!!!!!"

    TRISTEN RODRIGUE29 dagen geleden

    None of these were IQ plays they were just great passes just saying

  • Franck Henri Philippe Kassa Dekassa Devumby
    Franck Henri Philippe Kassa Dekassa Devumby29 dagen geleden

    4:40 iconic

  • IAm Atlas
    IAm Atlas29 dagen geleden

    IT was on the Lakers?