N'golo Kant茅 Going Home in his Mini after UCL Semi Final win 馃ぃ

video credits to @chelseafc.awaydays on IG


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  • Azmi Hakam
    Azmi Hakam13 dagen geleden

    He can easily lift the Mjolnr

  • alex Pamei
    alex Pamei24 dagen geleden

    If u pour beer or champagne or alcohol in my car i swear i won't take it lightly. It is so disrespecting.

  • Francesco Boi
    Francesco Boi28 dagen geleden

    Citando Sacchi "l'umilt茅" Altro che panucci

  • Juliana scott Melody
    Juliana scott MelodyMaand geleden

    If this is Nigeria they will kidnap him 馃槀

  • John Munro
    John MunroMaand geleden

    Let's face it, a black guy driving a Land rover through Chelsea is going to get pulled over A LOT by the Sweeney. Best stay under the radar.

  • I McMillan
    I McMillanMaand geleden

    Never understood why you'd want a super car living in most parts of England. A mini is a way better option.

  • Safety sharon
    Safety sharonMaand geleden

    Simpanse player

  • josef habbels
    josef habbelsMaand geleden

    Many here say him driving a Mini is a sign of humbleness. I say it is a sign of cleverness. This is London we are talking about.

  • Montana Chiraq
    Montana ChiraqMaand geleden

    The most iconic mini in world

  • Anggiat Martua
    Anggiat MartuaMaand geleden

    Alcohol ? Wtf fans

  • Laeeq Kamaldien
    Laeeq KamaldienMaand geleden

    Why would they spray his car with alcohol in ramadan if his Muslim?? That's disrespectful bro, you know the man does not indulge

  • Amareto
    AmaretoMaand geleden

    Respect the guy. He doesn't drink, so it's disrespect to pour alcohol beverage to his vehicle.

  • basith ibrahim
    basith ibrahimMaand geleden

    Kante 馃憤馃槑馃敟馃敟

  • MNR 4U
    MNR 4UMaand geleden

    Very humble player....mini cooper only....salutte this player....have 2 heart

  • Matthew Lin
    Matthew LinMaand geleden

    Impossible to hate this guy.

  • Peter Udoka
    Peter UdokaMaand geleden

    The epitome of humility.

  • The Chuckness
    The ChucknessMaand geleden

    Do we need to sing "NNNNNNN'Golo Kante parapapapa" like 2018?

  • Andy la ROCHA
    Andy la ROCHAMaand geleden

    Gut wenn ein Mensch seinen Boden unter den F眉ssen nicht verliert in diesem Gesch盲ft! !

  • Alex Pivooo

    Alex Pivooo

    Maand geleden

    Just text in English wtf

  • Alex Pivooo

    Alex Pivooo

    Maand geleden

    I like the idea of commenting in German so that no one understands anything 馃槀

  • Tokky Tim
    Tokky TimMaand geleden

    One of the best players in the game deserves more money than any player in that dressing room. Should be drinking a range not a mini

  • Leon8 Chereau
    Leon8 ChereauMaand geleden

    Ilove this is man 馃懆 馃憤

  • aseyeseait
    aseyeseaitMaand geleden

    N'golo is a legend

  • Th谩bo M.
    Th谩bo M.Maand geleden

    He ain't scared of thugs robbing him , he doesn't havea security

  • Cotioras Silviu
    Cotioras SilviuMaand geleden

    He drives a mini,this guy is epic!馃槀馃槀馃槀馃挭

  • RJinks87
    RJinks87Maand geleden

    This man doesn鈥檛 get the respect he deserves. Not a big time Charlie, humble, worked hard in his career, carries many other team mates who are lauded as amazing even though they can only do what they do because of him, all round good egg

  • N star Brum
    N star BrumMaand geleden

    Now that鈥檚 what you call budgeting

  • Daniel Paul Bangura
    Daniel Paul BanguraMaand geleden

    If humility was a human in our current life, I'll say this man is that human鉂

  • MacVek Beatz
    MacVek BeatzMaand geleden

    He is a muslim and he knows his priorities in life #freepalestine

  • Denzil Foster
    Denzil FosterMaand geleden

    I'm West Ham fan and this guy has consistently been the stand out midfielder in the country for five years. If Lampard's dismissal can be reduced to a single decision it was his ridiculous treatment of N'golo. For reasons known only to Frank he repeatedly left Kante out of the starting line up, even when he was fit. There is no one else in the entire Chelsea squad who does more work, covers more ground, wins more tackles and breaks up more of the oppositions play. To coin a Bondism, Nobody does it better, and that includes Declan Rice!

  • Playground070
    Playground070Maand geleden

    Can't hate this man.

  • vander monke
    vander monkeMaand geleden

    what potato was this filmed on

  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman
    Mujeeb Ur RahmanMaand geleden

    Kante is a legend 鉂わ笍

  • Dawit Micheal
    Dawit MichealMaand geleden

    You can鈥檛 hate this player

  • willy deezle
    willy deezleMaand geleden

    That Mini Cooper Countryman may costs you millions in my country Tanzania

  • Luca Matoke
    Luca MatokeMaand geleden

    It's hard being Ngolo Kante. People that love you block your way to say hello

  • Tha Stud
    Tha StudMaand geleden


  • R90 GTI
    R90 GTIMaand geleden

    Doesn't get any more Chelsea than someone spraying a bottle of champagne.

    MIHAI PINTEAMaand geleden

    That guy spraying champagne over his car whiele leaving 馃ぉ what a LEGEND

  • Simir Philip
    Simir PhilipMaand geleden

    Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 馃挴

  • Mendez Best
    Mendez BestMaand geleden

    So proud of Ngolo Kant茅, my Muslim brother.. Plays the game the right way and stays humble.. He's a shining light and perfect example to the young players coming through..馃挴馃挴馃挴

  • Michael
    MichaelMaand geleden

    Most likeable guy in the premier league

  • Alexandru Muntean
    Alexandru MunteanMaand geleden

    If he鈥檚 not winning the golden ball this year,I鈥檓 not watching football anymore ( I鈥檓 Real Madrid fan)

  • Diana Arthur
    Diana ArthurMaand geleden

    That's my African brother 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃嚞馃嚟

  • Blarg42
    Blarg42Maand geleden

    As a Spurs fan, I don't envy Chelsea for anything..not their manager, their $$$ or even their trophies..Except for Kante, that guys a pure legend.

  • Achilles
    AchillesMaand geleden

    His car is mini but he is certainly not a mini

  • Donschningo
    DonschningoMaand geleden

    why they are celebrating ? they havent won anything

  • Abdelilah
    AbdelilahMaand geleden

    I don't know if it's the best tribute from a supporter than putting alcohol on a Muslim's car.

  • Caterina Denice
    Caterina DeniceMaand geleden

    The Mini will probably drive Kant茅 when they reach the highway.

  • Melly Youngest in charge
    Melly Youngest in chargeMaand geleden

    If you want to go to heaven, be like Kante

  • 7stiano
    7stianoMaand geleden

    I saw somewhere trincao driving his Lamborghini after 3-4 months in barca Meanwhile wc and premier league winner kante drives a mini馃槀 Respect 馃憫

  • c k
    c kMaand geleden

    Kante was amazing, always is. Deserves gold.

  • A R7
    A R7Maand geleden

    What a player鉂

  • Cheshire Red
    Cheshire RedMaand geleden

    Very modest from Kante. I believe Ole Gunnar Solskjaer drives a mini too!

  • Nasim Amin
    Nasim AminMaand geleden

    Those who disliked him not even human馃槩

  • polarwei脽
    polarwei脽Maand geleden

    In which world is a mini cooper s slow and cheap?

  • The Success Story with Mike
    The Success Story with MikeMaand geleden

    Ballon D'or should be split into 4 categories that is Strikers Midfielders Defenders and Goal Keepers. On Mid fielders definately definately Kanye will get. Infact he must get overall

  • Esseker Osijek
    Esseker OsijekMaand geleden

    Kante and Milan Badelj drives Mini

  • Ra
    RaMaand geleden

    I love Kante and have loved him since his Leicester days and I hope he wins the FIFA player of the year and all individual awards there are. But pls he didn't destroy Madrid. Zidane killed Madrid with his tactics . Kante finished them off and buried them.

  • Cram with Cam
    Cram with CamMaand geleden

    Can you afford a mini though? I know I can鈥檛

  • nayyski
    nayyskiMaand geleden


  • Ngoc Phan
    Ngoc PhanMaand geleden

    He be thinking they are there for someone else

  • Almightyz 12
    Almightyz 12Maand geleden

    You dont stay rich by spending.

  • San Ki
    San KiMaand geleden

    Kante fucking deserve these cheers ! My hero !

    MUKIIBI JOSHIMaand geleden

    Am sure he works harder than the mini he drives

  • JC H
    JC HMaand geleden

    Most loved man in all of football. Not a single bad thing to say about him. Love from the states

  • Abdirahman
    AbdirahmanMaand geleden

    A moment of silence for those who put alcohol on his car Cause he is muslim

  • Ahmad Mazli
    Ahmad MazliMaand geleden

    Please respect Kante as a muslim! Don't celebrate with beer!

  • Khaled Mezouar
    Khaled MezouarMaand geleden

    That's so disrespectful from the fans knowing that he's a Muslim and during Ramadan pulling that bottle of alcohol in front of him and doing that

  • Lion lion
    Lion lionMaand geleden

    A bit rude to spray his car with alcohol considering he鈥檚 a devoted Muslim. Show some respect

  • TRaul7
    TRaul7Maand geleden

    I'm dissapointed he didn't jog home 馃槶馃ぃ馃ぃ beast

  • Ferrys Life
    Ferrys LifeMaand geleden

    Everyone loves kante 馃挅

  • adesuyi abbey
    adesuyi abbeyMaand geleden

    Kante what a humble player 馃憦 馃檶

  • Adham Ahmad
    Adham AhmadMaand geleden

    Driving Mini in Malaysia means rich people

  • Sikke Kok
    Sikke KokMaand geleden

    Great guy, but Arjen Robben rides his bicycle to his work

  • Liam Addis
    Liam AddisMaand geleden

    I鈥檓 a city fan and love the way he plays

  • Abdul-Fatai Agboola
    Abdul-Fatai AgboolaMaand geleden

    Kanye Vs Mini - Marathon, only one winner

  • Myth M
    Myth MMaand geleden

    I mean nothing is funny.. , wtf is this world, should he be driving class G or Lamborghini ?

  • jalil essanaa
    jalil essanaaMaand geleden

    both goals made by kante, top performer, top human. Not a stupid guy like penaldo or pessi. Respect kante and happy ramadan

  • Patrick Alfred
    Patrick AlfredMaand geleden

    He deserves all the cheers 馃嵕馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

    DARIUS-PETRU SALEMaand geleden

    I love Kante he is much underrated and so gold black french player. Better than Umtiti

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  • Steve Phillips
    Steve PhillipsMaand geleden

    I'm from leicestershire and we miss him !! Haha well done Chelsea tho 馃憦

  • M. Sami
    M. SamiMaand geleden

    I Love Kante so much even if i hate Chelsea so much. Gooner here

  • Robbie Dehora
    Robbie DehoraMaand geleden

    He is just a beautiful man .

  • Hausi
    HausiMaand geleden


  • Jayson Greenfield
    Jayson GreenfieldMaand geleden

    Great little man kante is. So humble and passionate but a beast on the field

  • Genius Tutor MR YICHO
    Genius Tutor MR YICHOMaand geleden

    Kante the best.

  • Jason Booysen
    Jason BooysenMaand geleden

    Very humble

  • Deniz Atakan
    Deniz AtakanMaand geleden

    Humble like Tyga and 6ix9ine馃槏

  • Mr Mike
    Mr MikeMaand geleden

    His parents must be so proud of him! Top geezer

  • aushinski made it
    aushinski made itMaand geleden

    Kante is the best player in the world 馃寧



    Maand geleden

    Better than Umtiti

  • Edis Mokhtasi
    Edis MokhtasiMaand geleden

    Stupid rent boys spraying there own Muslim Player with alcohol while it鈥檚 Ramadan smh

  • Dalibor
    DaliborMaand geleden

    What a player Much love for N'golo from Serbia 馃挭

  • Gowitheflo 1993
    Gowitheflo 1993Maand geleden

    Since Makelele i didnt see a real CDM until now with Kante! One of the best CDM in history

  • dusekboss
    dusekbossMaand geleden

    Fotbal IS great

  • Look Again
    Look AgainMaand geleden

    Hold the front page!

  • Daniel Amone
    Daniel AmoneMaand geleden

    These are the same fans who refused to let a black man on a train. Now there treating another black man likes he's king.

  • Muhammad Alfarizi
    Muhammad AlfariziMaand geleden

    Player without hater's, we love u kante 鉂わ笍

  • Herres010
    Herres010Maand geleden

    Probable the car was laughing because kante started the car.

  • JJ Ryan
    JJ RyanMaand geleden

    Kinda cute he uses a Mini