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From the glossy sheen of its coat to the iconic slope of its face, the sight of an Arabian horse is sure to amaze. They are one of the most renowned and striking horse breeds in the world, with a distinct history and origins.

As the breed is so ancient, the exact origins of the Arabian horse are shrouded in mystery. The earliest reports of the Arabian horse can be traced back to 2500BC, where pictures of the ancestors of this breed were painted onto rocks in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Bedouin people historically favored these horses, and that love is the main reason the genetic purity of the breed has been maintained for so long. In the Islamic world, the Arabian horse is revered throughout history, in legends, and sacred texts.

Bred for endurance in harsh desert climates, the Arabian is small, almost dainty, in structure with a distinctive head and high-set tail. Purebred Arabian horses have coats in black, gray, and roan, but never in colors that carry dilution genes, such as buckskin or palomino.

Modern-day Arabians can be found across the world and excel in a variety of disciplines, such as racing and show jumping. They are particularly good at competitive trail and endurance riding due to their superior stamina.
It is said that the Arabian studbook on Jorvik dates back to Jarlaheim’s founding, when Jon Jarl, impressed by the speed and grace of these “desert dancers,” added them to the royal stable.

So if you’re looking for a highly intelligent companion that never ceases to impress, you’re sure to find a friend in the Arabian horse.

★ Where can I get the Arabian?
You'll find them over at Goldspur's Farm.
The black variation will be available in Fort Pinta for a little while before joining its friends over at Goldspur's Farm.

★ How much is it?
950 Star Coins.

★ What level do I need to be to get one?
Level 7.
The Black variation will be available from Level 1 as long as it's in Fort Pinta, when it moves to Goldspur's Farm it will require Level 7 like the rest of its buddies!

★ Which colours can I choose between?
Grey, Black, Bay, Palomino, Dapple Grey, Liver Chestnut and Chestnut Rabicano!

★ Is there anything else I should know?
When pressing Spacebar from standing still, this horse will rear up and walk on its hind legs!

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