Marvel What If Trailer - New Multiverse Avengers Team Explained and Easter Eggs

Marvel What If Trailer 2021. New Multiverse Avengers Team Explained, Marvel Phase 4 Trailer Easter Eggs, New Iron Man Suit and New Loki Episodes ►
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Covering new Marvel What If Trailer Footage, New Multiverse Avengers Team Explained. Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs. What If Episodes, Marvel Zombies Trailer, Zombie Captain America vs Winter Soldier. Captain Britain. Black Panther Guardians of the Galaxy crossover. Black Panther 2 Teaser and Kilmonger Returns. And New Iron Man Armor.

There will be 10 Episodes What If Season 1. And 10 Episodes in What If Season 2. Future seasons will also incorporate newer marvel phase 5 movies like Fantastic Four, X-Men and beyond!

I'll do more Shang Chi, Spiderman 3 and Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs videos as we see more from them in the new movies and Disney Plus Series. Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki Episodes are the next place that will happen later this year. We'll get more Shang Chi Trailer videos, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer and Marvel Phase 4 Trailer videos soon.

More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. Loki Episodes coming after Falcon and Winter Soldier. And We'll get more Spider-Man 3 No Way Home soon! Venom 2 Trailer and videos for all the Spiderman Movies next year.

Loki Episode 1 with Tom Hiddleston will release next, now that Falcon and Winter Soldier is finished. New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer. Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer and Eternals Trailer!

More Loki Episode videos coming soon! New Venom 2 Trailer maybe this week as well!

Avengers Endgame Wolverine vs Thanos Clip via

Marvel Theme Music via Marvel Studios
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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency AwesomeMaand geleden

    Here's my new Marvel What If video and Multiverse Avengers Team Explained. Post all your predictions in the comments! Episodes coming this summer. Here's my new Doctor Strange 2 Wandavision Deleted Scene video too!



    17 dagen geleden

    symbiote sup reme



    17 dagen geleden




    17 dagen geleden




    17 dagen geleden


  • James Jeffery

    James Jeffery

    18 dagen geleden

    @Leonardo Jake definitely, been watching on flixzone for years myself =)

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan HughesDag geleden

    I wanna see a what if ultron fought thanos

  • Dara Coll
    Dara Coll7 dagen geleden

    Iron man has a sakaarian suit (was leaked in a Lego set)

  • jms0313
    jms03138 dagen geleden

    What if... none of these characters exist

  • jms0313
    jms03138 dagen geleden

    How convenient

  • Madthew
    Madthew11 dagen geleden

    Do you think they'll cover the nazi hydra captain america?

  • Carl HIRST
    Carl HIRST17 dagen geleden

    I want 40K Universe NOW!

  • King Ali
    King Ali22 dagen geleden

    We need more Iron Man! I hope he’s a main player on the show

  • Conrad Salaiz
    Conrad Salaiz22 dagen geleden

    The thing about the idea of a Multiverse (or Parallel Universe), the decision(s) or event(s) are changed slightly with different outcome not. the person completely.

  • Mystic BB
    Mystic BB22 dagen geleden

    What If... Tom Cruise was Iron Man

  • lorddarthstar
    lorddarthstar23 dagen geleden

    Adam Warlock was the living infinite gauntlet

  • Charles Weese
    Charles Weese23 dagen geleden

    Doc strange becomes dormamoo after he beat him

  • Charles Weese
    Charles Weese23 dagen geleden

    That's Thor's cape that Ultron is wearing

  • Pavel Luna
    Pavel Luna23 dagen geleden

    WHAT IF...The Silver Surfer worned Doctor Strange instead of the Hulk?.

  • Dylan Regan
    Dylan Regan23 dagen geleden

    If tchala goes with ravengers then kill monger becomes black panther ...

  • Emoghene Gaius
    Emoghene Gaius24 dagen geleden

    I feel this is somewhat a build up to the beyonder

  • Spencer Welch
    Spencer Welch25 dagen geleden

    Actually in What if...? (volume 2) there was a x-over Called Time Quake which ran from issue 35-39, in which Uatu assembles people from the diff universes to fight Kang. What if...? (volume 1) had 47 issues ran from 1977-1984 What if...? (volume 2) had 115 issues and ran from 1989-1998

  • zero
    zero25 dagen geleden

    So... more like Exiles than What If.

  • Fabio Riccardo
    Fabio Riccardo25 dagen geleden

    So they are basically adapting the exiles/web warriors/avengers forever concept..

  • Dom
    Dom26 dagen geleden

    im going to be honest. if i don't get my "what if spiderman had a cape" Episode by season 2, I'm going to lose it

  • mattgamer100
    mattgamer10026 dagen geleden

    0:44 why when I see that image I get a vibe that scene looks good enough to be on the cover of GTA SA or GTA V, must be design but does anyone else get what I am saying?

  • luis sandoval
    luis sandoval26 dagen geleden

    I can’t wait!

  • Vandar Tokare
    Vandar Tokare26 dagen geleden

    The animation is giving me Iron Man: Armored Adventures vibes

  • Graham Smith
    Graham Smith26 dagen geleden

    This What If Version of Thor looks like Chris Jericho 😂

  • Excellent Atom
    Excellent Atom26 dagen geleden

    I wonder how Ultron gets the Soul Gem. Does he have to sacrifice himself in the Vision body maybe.

  • Michael Leamon
    Michael Leamon27 dagen geleden

    Unbelievably cool

  • Dan DeParis
    Dan DeParis27 dagen geleden

    Nice to see that Marvel finally didn't go super cheap on animation quality. Some of their other animation projects are really, really subpar in animation.

  • brokenbracket
    brokenbracket27 dagen geleden

    I'm only 34yrs old, but man, I hope I live long enough to see the very end of the Marvel Franchise. There's so much content tho, they could make movies for the next 40, 50yrs.

  • Mind of a Dark Horse
    Mind of a Dark Horse27 dagen geleden

    So it kind of like the Exiles comic.

  • CJ Holloway
    CJ Holloway27 dagen geleden

    What If... ???? FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Drew Jennings
    Drew Jennings28 dagen geleden

    How cool would a what if episode was the animated earths mightiest heroes avengers vs the mcu avengers

  • Brian Daleske
    Brian Daleske28 dagen geleden

    MY OWN IMAGINED STORY IDEA TO CONSIDER ADDING TO THE (WHAT IF) MARVEL STORIES SHOWS: Now I can imagine the possibility in another dimensional realm (TONY A. STARK) has a cousin, and I imagine his cousin is four years younger than him, and not only that I imagine that after TONY had died his cousin got inspired to become a hero, and to add I imagine his cousin’s full name is (JAMES HOWARD GOLDEN). In addition I imagine that (JAMES H. GOLDEN) is 4% smarter than his cousin (Tony Anthony Stark) & not only that more open minded to the existence of magic, and I can imagine that he later earns the right to become the new IronMan, and so he becomes more involved with the AVENGERS once he is the new IronMan.

  • Nate
    Nate28 dagen geleden

    Black Panther in space will be epic.

  • Neda Yusufi
    Neda Yusufi28 dagen geleden

    I would want to see a "What if Avengers wasn't founded so X-Men fought Thanos" episode in future

  • Dream Wisley
    Dream Wisley28 dagen geleden

    After this, I will be officially avengerd out.

  • hambone2186
    hambone218628 dagen geleden

    Maestro version of the Hulk would be awesome

  • Rico Swave
    Rico Swave29 dagen geleden

    What's the thumbnail about, is that like a force field suit that Tony made?

  • MaryClare Okonkwo
    MaryClare Okonkwo29 dagen geleden

    I want to see Natasha as a Winter Soldier/Bucky type character

  • wrathsin13
    wrathsin1329 dagen geleden

    dr strange looks like he's wearing dormammu's colors

  • Nigel John
    Nigel John29 dagen geleden

    The essence of the Original "What If", has been lost, that is truly missed, as there can be an infinite amount of stories that answer infinite amount of questions.

  • WhiteStripesFann
    WhiteStripesFann29 dagen geleden

    I didn’t realize Chris Jericho was Thor in a multiverse.

  • MTaylor1371
    MTaylor137129 dagen geleden

    Let's see the one where the XMen stumble through Uatu's domain on the moon, and Wolverine gets swapped with Conan.

  • Jadon Miles
    Jadon Miles29 dagen geleden

    Disney has a MASSIVE future that unless they go bankrupt they will not be stopped

  • Noah We’re going to Istanbul
    Noah We’re going to Istanbul29 dagen geleden


  • Noah We’re going to Istanbul
    Noah We’re going to Istanbul29 dagen geleden

    Does what if? Have any affect on the future of the mcu. Like what is the point of making the series

  • Ruufus De Leon
    Ruufus De LeonMaand geleden


  • Dwight Hardwick
    Dwight HardwickMaand geleden

    I remember the What If comics. The saddest one was What If Susan Richards Had Died? So I’m ready for these stories!

  • William S.
    William S.Maand geleden


  • veggiet2009
    veggiet2009Maand geleden

    I betcha if T'Challa is taken and becomes Star Lord, then Kilmonger is free to take over and rule Wakanda and become Black Panther. If T'Challa goes into season 2 of What If, I would who might step in to voice the role??

  • Loutzenheiser
    LoutzenheiserMaand geleden

    They can get really wacky with this. I'm looking forward to what they come up with.

  • anthony smith
    anthony smithMaand geleden

    sounds like the Exiles

  • Tucker White
    Tucker WhiteMaand geleden

    Give us the Dr. Doom we deserve

  • Mak Manaman
    Mak ManamanMaand geleden

    great, more anglosaxon supremacy

  • Diedrel Laster
    Diedrel LasterMaand geleden


  • Mudinabowl
    MudinabowlMaand geleden

    i think the new Doctor Strange is if he wasn’t stopped when reading the book and opened the Dark Dimension

  • ronald white
    ronald whiteMaand geleden

    Thank - you .

  • Verxoul Link
    Verxoul LinkMaand geleden

    5:36 like thor having a hammer? Iron man an energy sword? Cap a shield? Thanos armor?

  • Paulo Eduardo Flaminio
    Paulo Eduardo FlaminioMaand geleden

    "Dark" Dr Strange would be nice to be actually Symbiote Supreme.

  • travis graham
    travis grahamMaand geleden

    The halting religion timely welcome because parcel hemodynamically reduce versus a material soldier. real, rabid bolt

  • Pinches Panochas
    Pinches PanochasMaand geleden

    *3:09** Yes It's Randy's Donuts In Inglewood LA But U White People Gotta Be Real Careful Cuz This Is Literally In The Heart Of The Hood, A Lotta Mexicano Eses N Black Bloods Out Here, Just Come N Be Respectful At All Times N Don't Go Alone At Night N Take Ur Shit To Go Cuz Y'all Non-Hood Civilians R Just Tourists🤷🏽‍♂️💯*

  • Eric Palmer
    Eric PalmerMaand geleden

    So many questions about Black panther(star lord) if he was taken as a kid how does he still have the accent as an adult? If he was taken into space as a kid, how is he in Wakandans clothing? Did he go back to get clothes? 😂 someone help me

  • Matthew Sams
    Matthew SamsMaand geleden

    I hope the do a big age of apocalypse show or season... they could take it in crazy directions

    BLASTERMaand geleden

    Nobody cares about the MCU anymore. It’s over. It peaked in 2017. That’s it.

  • glen harper
    glen harperMaand geleden

    Lookin forward to the marvel zombies

  • gjsncr
    gjsncrMaand geleden

    What if... These multiversal Avengers show up in Multiverse of Madness?

  • StöMpëR 510
    StöMpëR 510Maand geleden


  • Craig Spencer
    Craig SpencerMaand geleden

    How 'bout Gamora-Thanos vs. Hela?! 👀🔥👍🏽👌🏽🤩❤ #GuardiansOfTheMultiverseForever ✊🏽 I'll try to remember, Charlie, that I heard ot here first: That the What If series can lead into MCU Secret Wars #MakeMineMarvel

  • Karan Gera
    Karan GeraMaand geleden

    I knew The Watcher would show up. Brother Stan Lee would be proud.

  • h3ticgam3r303
    h3ticgam3r303Maand geleden

    deadpool,hulk and wolverine

  • max lumley
    max lumleyMaand geleden

    I would like an infinity warps type episode but with diffrent combis

  • jabari khanya
    jabari khanyaMaand geleden

    looks like Black Widow has Falcon's wings from Winter Soldier

  • pancho villa
    pancho villaMaand geleden

    Goofy ass animation 😂

  • Theuniverselgamer
    TheuniverselgamerMaand geleden

    Who is that Dr who lol at the beginning

  • 𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖘
    𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖘Maand geleden

    💫 hey, first time here! ✨🙀

  • Person Person
    Person PersonMaand geleden

    8:48 no RDJ 🤔🤔🤔

  • Nick Courtney
    Nick CourtneyMaand geleden

    Pleas make bad batch breakdown videos Charlie!

  • James Colley
    James ColleyMaand geleden

    That’s definitely NIGHTMARE VS DR STRANGE 💙💙💙💙

  • 6gun Beauford III
    6gun Beauford IIIMaand geleden

    I have over about 20 "What if..." comics including What if Elektra had lived I should probably go back and look at all the different ones I have and sell them. They're just sitting in their plastic sleeves in a box somewhere

  • Pat Star
    Pat StarMaand geleden

    What if...Marvel was not bought by Disney...

  • Noel Mendez
    Noel MendezMaand geleden

    My favourite issue is what if Conan, The Barbarian, came to the modern world. He mugged a man on the Subway, threw away hundreds of dollars of paper money and kept a few dollars in coins.

  • Sol T
    Sol TMaand geleden

    4:28 Howard!? 😳

  • Pedro Aller
    Pedro AllerMaand geleden

    Wow hearing Chadwick was so nice

  • Niels Quaade Jensen
    Niels Quaade JensenMaand geleden

    Party Thor = Bro'r

  • Anthony Early
    Anthony EarlyMaand geleden

    I wanna win

  • Enzo Nanapat
    Enzo NanapatMaand geleden

    Bro i gotta give you that editing of wolverine and thanos. Loled at the multiple snaps 😂

  • Selaphiel V.
    Selaphiel V.Maand geleden

    I still love how my city LA is so famous everyones like i VISITED IT cool bro i see movie scenes everyday x.x

  • Blakdog333
    Blakdog333Maand geleden

    Strange was extremely "disheveled" in the movie.. knackered, frost bitten and hand-fucked.. The cartoon has a 5'o'clock shadow and what seems like a bit of dust on his face!?!?

  • Blakdog333
    Blakdog333Maand geleden

    Female Thanos? ....of course. ....sigh*

  • Blakdog333
    Blakdog333Maand geleden

    Don't Blame The Watcher... Watu the Fuck!? He would know better!

  • Blakdog333
    Blakdog333Maand geleden

    Killmonger a role model!!??? Black Quill? Female Capt Britain?? Ponder the Question.. What The Fuuuuuuuck Disney!!?????

  • Kevin D
    Kevin DMaand geleden

    I to see spider-punisher

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha ItachiMaand geleden

    What if spiderman managed to take the gauntlet off in infinity war.

  • ABN
    ABNMaand geleden

    Pulled all my what if comics out of the basement and my granddaughter says what's in all these boxes pop pop. . I said, yours but you can't have them just yet. 11 more years to go when she graduates. Plus all the other various comics including only DC's Batman.

  • Charles Philip Adams
    Charles Philip AdamsMaand geleden

    Ultron isn't alive though. Much like Vision he is just an advanced Artificial Intelligence. How could he control the Infinity stones? If an android could snap its fingers and use the gauntlet then Tony could have made one of his A.I. robots do the same thing and he wouldn't have had to die.

  • Chuck Smith
    Chuck SmithMaand geleden

    How you gonna skip the fact that T’Challa is talking to Howard the Duck

    INFO INFOMaand geleden

    Marvel Zombie ....... jedino pravo zlo dolazi iz zloglasne knjige Necronomikon ex mortus oni su trebali kao Bogovi gospodar Odin I gospodar Thor da se bore protiv toga a ne da se preobrazavaju u to jedini izvor pravog zla kao svojevremeno u starim brojevima Marvel serije Solomon Kejn susretao se mnogo puta sa tim Srebrni letac je jednom dospeo iza jeke zvezda i susreo se sa gospodarem tz Kljucar cuvar prostora naseg sveta i Ktulu'a ,mislim da nije zgodno pretvarati Avengers u zombije nisu u pitanju glupavi zombi vec uzasna opasnost drevnih svetova ,sto se tice glasovnih mogucnosti u okviru nove crtane serije Mark Hamill njegov glas vredi cuti jer izuzetne glasovne mogucnosti u okviru mnogih ranijih radova ukljucujuci i Joker su pokazale da je on savrsen za Marvel

  • Nitethrasher
    NitethrasherMaand geleden

    Can't wait to see this! Looks exciting!

  • Emergency Awesome

    Emergency Awesome

    Maand geleden

    Us too!

  • Henry Nguyen
    Henry NguyenMaand geleden

    my brain hurts

  • Lostboy1
    Lostboy1Maand geleden

    It sounds like the new What If series will play out like the Exiles Comics. What if? Was always singular one shot stories that sometimes showed what happened when heroes failed or villains won, or events played out just a little bit differently. Then the Exiles was a team together from broken and destroyed realities, who were struggling to help fix other broken or realities about to break, in the hope that they could fix their home realities and go home. It started with Blink and Morph from the Xmen Age of Apocalypse Event! Later bringing onto the team Sabertooth from that reality! The Time Broker would give them a mission and they would have to find a way to do it, or that reality would become toast. I’m excited to see where they go!

  • Liam Davies

    Liam Davies

    Maand geleden

    Peggy Cap was an Exile late in the series

  • Lostboy1
    Lostboy1Maand geleden

    There was a dark what if story years ago that I loved. Peter Parker after having been bitten by the radioactive spider had been struggling for years to find a “Cure” for what had happened to him, because while it gave him spider powers, it was slowly trying to change him and his young son into something not quite human. As the son was starting to develop his spider powers and begin to show signs of his eventual dark metamorphosis, he resented Peter for spending so much time in the lab trying to find a cure instead of spending more time with him. They both had to drink blood like a spider as the metamorphosis began to take effect and after Peters son webbed up Flash Thomson’s kid (who was constantly bullying Peters kid) Flash Thompson beats Peter to death with an angry mob and destroys the cure! The story ends with Peter Parker’s son enrolling at the Xavier Institute for gifted youngsters!