Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

An egomaniacal super villain struggles to maintain control of his evil organization after it is bought by a multinational tech company, all while juggling the needs of his demanding family. Watch Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K May 21, only on Hulu.

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  • CmPuke101
    CmPuke101Dag geleden

    supermega brought me here

  • rzcrow
    rzcrowDag geleden

    Checked the 1st ep... Painful to watch tbh.

  • eli tooley
    eli tooley2 dagen geleden

    Any one know the song at 1:35

  • GTK474
    GTK4742 dagen geleden

    STAR Original

  • 100% real No fake
    100% real No fake3 dagen geleden

    Que wea el misrra

  • VLR Volt
    VLR Volt3 dagen geleden

    hulu more like disney+

  • Ta Pov
    Ta Pov4 dagen geleden

    He sounds like he from Minecraft story mode

  • Kebz


    2 dagen geleden

    He is.

  • tomtesting99
    tomtesting995 dagen geleden

    3 2 1 and cancelled

  • André Faust
    André Faust6 dagen geleden

    I guess now marvel can take a dump and people will thumb up ...

  • Luckyducky
    Luckyducky7 dagen geleden

    Ah Goldberg’s narrator

  • JacksonTheBFDIFan67
    JacksonTheBFDIFan677 dagen geleden

    M.O.D.O.K Mental Organism Designed Only (for) Killing

  • JacksonTheBFDIFan67
    JacksonTheBFDIFan677 dagen geleden

    I thought this will be in Disney+ Star

  • BFU
    BFU8 dagen geleden

    Me when I realize Adam F. Goldberg is the VA for MODOK: _don't think it... don't stay it...._ *I'M TWISTED UP INSID-* (yes I know I'm not funny)

  • Bernardo Kampff
    Bernardo Kampff8 dagen geleden

    Wonder Man is a pretty obscure character... I feel like this is the only time i've seen him appearing in anything besides the comics...

  • Josh Benjoe
    Josh Benjoe8 dagen geleden

    Starting Patton Oswalt as the Title Role

  • Jeez_us_christ
    Jeez_us_christ9 dagen geleden

    Robot chicken 😂

  • J J
    J J9 dagen geleden

    This is their version of the Harley Quinn show

    ARMAND ANDRIEU9 dagen geleden

    the part where modok is a kid is just so sad ;(

  • Ender Slayer
    Ender Slayer10 dagen geleden

    1:43 when you redeem a code but it says the code has already been redeemed

  • Nova Knight
    Nova Knight10 dagen geleden


  • Ethan Pease
    Ethan Pease10 dagen geleden

    What's the song?

  • Wes Johnson
    Wes Johnson10 dagen geleden

    Jesus loves you 😮👍😮

  • Kealii Park
    Kealii Park11 dagen geleden

    Modoc kinda sounds like Jessie from minecraft story mode

  • EvanPlaysAnyGameOK
    EvanPlaysAnyGameOK11 dagen geleden

    I can’t wait to watch it

  • Narvey's World
    Narvey's World11 dagen geleden

    The season finale tho... 💔

  • Stefano Porcu
    Stefano Porcu11 dagen geleden


  • My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message
    My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message11 dagen geleden

    Can we please get some shows that are actually good. This isn't inappropriate funny, it's just dumb funny which isn't funny unless you're a little kid. Or if you are literally just an idiot. The animation makes it seem like it should be that inappropriate type of funny but it just isn't. Nothing is funny anymore imo

  • Schreiber Ecko
    Schreiber Ecko11 dagen geleden

    Iron-Man watches Bake off and doesn't binge... love it;o)

  • Trench Man
    Trench Man11 dagen geleden


  • NotRen
    NotRen11 dagen geleden

    Oh man, I've missed Oswalt's voice. I'm glad he stars here, he's incredibly good at voice acting, MCSM Jesse's voice somehow fits on MODOK...

  • Misael A. Husin
    Misael A. Husin12 dagen geleden

    M.O.D.O.K: Marvel version of future SpongeBob. 🤝🏻

  • Mustard Bottle
    Mustard Bottle12 dagen geleden

    Saving this for myself 1:21

  • Alex Hughes
    Alex Hughes12 dagen geleden

    the ads for this show pain me

  • Magnan Imus
    Magnan Imus12 dagen geleden

    Ben Shapiro got his own cartoon series?

  • Mason Barton
    Mason Barton12 dagen geleden

    0:46 Rocket: WHOA, LANGUAGE!

  • Zevonic Df
    Zevonic Df12 dagen geleden

    Is hulu is in South Africa

  • Brody The Brick Builder
    Brody The Brick Builder12 dagen geleden

    Doesn't anyone remember that Patton Oswalt (the voice of MODOK), portrayed Eric, Billy, Sam, Thurston, and Ernest Koenig in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

  • stitches
    stitches12 dagen geleden

    And this is why The Avengers game had Modok as the villain. Convince me otherwise

  • CDeX-Ra
    CDeX-Ra12 dagen geleden

    That 8chan guy got all that publicity from the Q-anon documentary, now this dude got his own show.

  • Chill Corner
    Chill Corner12 dagen geleden

    mmm.. jesse?

    V FOR VENDETTA13 dagen geleden

    Modok vs supermán

  • Gear, Stuff and Things
    Gear, Stuff and Things13 dagen geleden

    All 800 or so of you who Thumbs Downed this are cynical asshats

  • SDB
    SDB13 dagen geleden

    This was surprisingly good! can't wait for season 2.

  • Esteban Araya Porras
    Esteban Araya Porras13 dagen geleden

    Robot chicken... but with money? Cool ☺️

  • Declan Huber
    Declan Huber14 dagen geleden

    This is probably one of the most accurate portrayals of Modok I've ever seen

  • P1mpDaddy Be4r
    P1mpDaddy Be4r14 dagen geleden

    I hope this doesn't turn out like hardly Quinn and they make the super heros the bullies

  • Guilherme Yamamoto
    Guilherme Yamamoto14 dagen geleden

    Can't believe it's not Robot Chicken

  • Blackwingk
    Blackwingk14 dagen geleden

    *raises hand and is about to say something.........*........sigh

  • R A
    R A15 dagen geleden

    Would love to watch this if lil patrick oswalt woke a$$ wasn’t voicing … gtfoh

  • Belac .Howard

    Belac .Howard

    14 dagen geleden

    Lol don't knock it till you try it, I thought it would be bad too and I ended up wanting a second season. Plus what does him voicing an animated character have to do with the show?

  • provokedRobin 60
    provokedRobin 6015 dagen geleden

    Patton Oswalt is a genius

  • dr.chumpus wumpus
    dr.chumpus wumpus15 dagen geleden

    "only on Hulu" Disney + a month later: hippity hoppity, half of hulu's selection is now my property

  • GTK474


    2 dagen geleden

    It's called STAR



    9 dagen geleden

    Well hulu is owned by disney so….🤷‍♂️

  • gantarat1


    10 dagen geleden

    @SDB Disney+ Hotstar



    11 dagen geleden

    You dont want to face the eldrich abomination that is the house of mouse

  • SDB


    12 dagen geleden

    @oGzLegendZ All this time i thought Hulu would be their streaming site for all of their adult themed content. Didn't think they'd allowe mature content on Disney+, but...thats good to know.

  • kevvy
    kevvy15 dagen geleden

    0:02 is it just me or does young MODOK sound like MatPat

  • johnnyboy
    johnnyboy15 dagen geleden

    Wait, this is produced by Marvel?? But made by Robot Chicken??? Wow I'm in heaven

    SHARK TURTLES15 dagen geleden

    does M.O.D.O.K sound like jesse from minecraft storymode to anyone or is it just me?

  • Val Mid
    Val Mid16 dagen geleden

    Whose the better family man; *Thanos or MODOK?*

  • David Guy
    David Guy16 dagen geleden

    just finished watching the show. loved it. more, please :-D

  • Chiang Kai-shrek
    Chiang Kai-shrek16 dagen geleden

    looks like dogshit, thanks

  • JMO


    16 dagen geleden

    It's not bad it's actually pretty good. The first episode was okay but kinda cringe but I'm on episode 5 and I genuinely enjoy it.

  • Will Quill
    Will Quill17 dagen geleden

    Seems dope

  • Norman Haggett
    Norman Haggett17 dagen geleden

    Is this a Robot Chicken sketch? Because I feel like it was made on Robot Chicken. Or Oh Yeah Cartoons where they made a bunch of seven minute cartoons and then made a full animated shows out of a few of them. Or maybe It's like Celebrity Deathmatch?

  • JMO


    16 dagen geleden

    Not made by Robot chicken or for them

  • Zizzy Zebra
    Zizzy Zebra17 dagen geleden

    and modok voice has to be Jesse from Minecraft story mode l

  • Sam Z
    Sam Z18 dagen geleden

    What song is this? Need to know can't find it

  • Granger Kitson

    Granger Kitson

    17 dagen geleden

    Semi-charged life

  • Jeaustin Nuñez
    Jeaustin Nuñez18 dagen geleden

    This is Marvel's response to DC's Harley Quinn

  • Micah Williams
    Micah Williams18 dagen geleden

    MODOK has a daughter?? How?? ?

  • Joscar Guzman
    Joscar Guzman18 dagen geleden

    Love it

  • LJK401
    LJK40118 dagen geleden

    I'm kinda sad this isn't in the MCU considering we're probably never getting MODOK in it so this would be the perfect opportunity to put such in such a ridiculous villain in a way that fits

  • Chicken Noodle Gamer
    Chicken Noodle Gamer18 dagen geleden

    This show looks really bad

  • Belac .Howard

    Belac .Howard

    14 dagen geleden

    Lol don't knock it till you try it, I thought it would be bad too and I ended up wanting a second season

  • JMO


    16 dagen geleden

    It's pretty good but, starts off cringe.

  • Granger Kitson

    Granger Kitson

    17 dagen geleden

    It’s really good 😂

  • Agent Other
    Agent Other18 dagen geleden

    Not only was Patton Oswalt an agent of shield now he’s the notorious super villain Modok he is really getting great deals with marvel

  • Zizzy Zebra
    Zizzy Zebra18 dagen geleden

    modok: doing nothing person: walks in the door DOo dOo DOo DoO has me dying xD

  • Afro Sam R Eye
    Afro Sam R Eye18 dagen geleden

    is it patton oswald who voices modok?

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker18 dagen geleden

    So, his daughter is going to be MODAM? Just do Superia allready.

  • Severus Snape

    Severus Snape

    18 dagen geleden

    No it is melissa

  • juanqm07
    juanqm0719 dagen geleden

    No esperaba nada de esta serie pero resulto ser algo muy entretenido de ver 10/10

  • Thomas Stuart
    Thomas Stuart19 dagen geleden

    The writing is surprisingly good.

  • mind flayer(blue shadow alpha)
    mind flayer(blue shadow alpha)19 dagen geleden

    This show was so good waiting for the next episodes

  • thatdumbgoblin
    thatdumbgoblin19 dagen geleden

    It's weird seeing "Jesse" from MCSM cursing

  • Black Lycan
    Black Lycan19 dagen geleden

    I love patton oswalt

  • Gabriel V Pena
    Gabriel V Pena19 dagen geleden

    Jesus christ, who would watch this

  • Bargerland


    19 dagen geleden

    Jesus christ would watch this.

  • Stefan Mironov
    Stefan Mironov19 dagen geleden


  • Preston Roster
    Preston Roster19 dagen geleden

    what music is called in trailer

  • David John Aquino
    David John Aquino19 dagen geleden

    Doo do doo do do do doo

  • Onyeche Onobu
    Onyeche Onobu19 dagen geleden

    I’m just shocked to see Wonder Man in anything

  • Shin Fuker
    Shin Fuker19 dagen geleden

    Song's name?

  • Ronald Marcano
    Ronald Marcano20 dagen geleden

    It's no surprise Modok is full of himself. He is bigheaded.

  • Jeremy Cheng
    Jeremy Cheng20 dagen geleden

    Atrocious stop motion, not watching. Why isn't this live action? Glad it's not set in the MCU.

  • Tony Morales
    Tony Morales20 dagen geleden


  • Diana Ram.C.
    Diana Ram.C.20 dagen geleden

    Tired of the same voice actors... Being new ones in 🙄

  • Zachary cc 7 2
    Zachary cc 7 221 dag geleden

    You are grounded copyrighted by robot chicken

  • _The _Gatekeeper_
    _The _Gatekeeper_21 dag geleden

    Mental Organism Desgined Only For Killing Modofk

  • Hilary Banks
    Hilary Banks21 dag geleden

    This is going to be amazing

  • David Castro
    David Castro21 dag geleden

    name of the song please

  • Deniz Bircan
    Deniz Bircan21 dag geleden

    not sure if i can keep watch this, i dont like this animation style and not sure how to feel about this story

  • YourAverageCanadian
    YourAverageCanadian21 dag geleden

    he looks like mr electric

  • derek buzze
    derek buzze21 dag geleden

    this show looks garbage and great at the same time

  • Lilah Robles
    Lilah Robles21 dag geleden

    So I saw an article saying this was Marvel’s attempt at Venture Bros., but this, to me, looks like Marvel’s attempt at DC’s Harley Quinn, because Marvel and DC always go at each other, amiright?

  • Wolf
    Wolf21 dag geleden

    is this made by the guys from robot chicken

  • Benratbag1997
    Benratbag199721 dag geleden

    I want to see MODOK in the MCU!

  • 381ER
    381ER21 dag geleden

    Ropot chicken style , aber so was von schnecht da hättest ihr lieber so nen Animations style verwenden sollen wie in den alten Nijna turtles Folgen oder einfach mit richtigen Menschen , es ist langsam echt zum kotzen was so rausgebrscht wird corona hin oder her andere bekommen es ja auch auf die Reihe , diese stop and go scheiße da bekommt man nen anfall was denkt ihr denn warum sich ropot chick nie richtig durch setzen konnte und genau deswegen wir diese serie auch kein Erfolg haben

  • Interlokutor
    Interlokutor21 dag geleden

    that is gross............ I love it

  • AZRY 93
    AZRY 9321 dag geleden

    1:29 - 1:34 i keep repeating that part its so hilarious !

  • EvilBrainFromOuterSpace
    EvilBrainFromOuterSpace21 dag geleden

    I’m watching the first episode now but in confused. If the characters enormous head is a trait of the character why did they use Patton Oswald real life head to body ratio.

  • Coulter Gill

    Coulter Gill

    15 dagen geleden

    @seronymus no he didn’t

  • LJK401


    18 dagen geleden

    @seronymus Assmad MDE fan

  • seronymus


    19 dagen geleden

    Patton Oswalt killed a woman

  • Beanpole 08
    Beanpole 0822 dagen geleden

    Is Hulu called STAR in Britain